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anti-nucleaRist bloG #254/ 25 May 2019 Bourgeoisie My Country no-wRongs is Degenerate Middle-Class Lacking

anti-nucleaRist bloG #254/ 25 May 2019

Bourgeoisie My Country no-wRongs is Degenerate Middle-Class Lacking


This one feature of americanism is as much a hardship of internment of and for foreign-Policy directives by the u.s.a. state-Dept who are sitting upon needles of threaded dRead to lose house and weld “Bourgeois status” w yet more insincere, very-Arcane Un-discipline. The cosmic unawareness is tied to too much tRident power is US-military killing. Whether that is molecules of chemicalizationings, invasionary-Service personnel, or return-Product person-hood demised thRu pTSD. The Bourgeoisie cannot lead, but they hype and attend professional-sports and gamble w usury injustices. Gamble. How can anybody buy in factual-analysis in the Turkish forensic that having massacred the aRmenians, they are afraid of non-Prejudices against Kurds. They are very much like Jewish people who do not answer that being zionist-Fascist, the social hype is NOT tRype. In other words, money is the ruler and edifice is religion support above all not knowing who is killing who.       “R”


“As cultural workers, unionists and academics working in Toronto and Canada, we strongly condemn the continuing harassment and sentencing of academics and students charged by the Turkish state with “propagandizing for a terrorist organization” (Article No. 7/2 of Turkey’s Anti-Terror Law No. 3713). Over two thousand academics in Turkey signed the Academics for Peace statement, “We will not be a party to this crime,” which criticized military actions in the Kurdish regions of the country.

So far, 141 academics have received prison sentences ranging 15 to 36 months (for sentences of less than 2 years the verdict is suspended for a period of five years during which the defendant is to refrain from committing further ‘crimes’ – a sentence of political silence). Of these decisions, 37 are being appealed, with Professor Füsun Üstel, of Galatasaray University in Istanbul, recently being the first among them to be decided, with the 15 month prison sentence handed down serving as a dangerous precedent. More than a 1000 signatories are still awaiting their cases to be decided with increasing sentencing risks for their trials.

We call upon the Turkish government to immediately suspend the trials of all signatories to the Academics for Peace statement, “We will not be a party to this crime.” We call upon the Turkish authorities to immediately exonerate Professor Üstel and the other 141 academics sentenced to prison for exercising their rights of citizenship to petition the government.

We express our solidarity with the academics and students who are targeted by the regime in Turkey for exercising their freedom of speech and academic freedom and we call upon academics around the world to use all available means to support them, including freezing academic collaborations with complicit higher education institutions and universities that deliberately target academic freedom. We call upon the Canadian government and Parliament to intervene on their behalf and to provide permanent stable funding for ‘Scholars at Risk’ programs at Canadian universities.

Below are the cases of three Turkish intellectuals currently being tried on ‘crime of conscience’ in Istanbul and Ankara. The Socialist Project offers our solidarity and support for these vicious and arbitrary attacks on these peacemakers seeking an alternate and just future for the Turkish and Kurdish peoples.

— Socialist Project Steering Committee”


“Peacemakers and Academics Facing Prison in Turkey”

International Relations Labour•  March 24, 2019  •  Socialist Project Steering Committee and Fikret Başkaya




The degeneracy of fascist-Dictums, the machination of machinations ad valorem, means that Universalism was stepped aside for domino-Theoretic of destabilizing and destroying infrastructure after “infrastructure’ would allow gHW Bushwhacky to send as fascist to the chief shid-ski helm of US-republic and make that into the rogue-Empire, sooo that the word-Term: new-Rome would not be used. The histrionics of central-America as guerilla-Warfare trained, goons from the school-of-Assassins where Howard Zinn and I met in center of approximately 5,500 people gathered at gates and entering to get arrested. The instRuctioning was at “The CIA School of Assassination at Fort Bragg” North Carolina, near Fayetteville.      “R”


“The Japanese fishing community and watchdog groups have raised alarms over government plans to dump over one million tons of highly contaminated waste water from the three devastated Fukushima nuclear reactors into the Pacific Ocean.

The London Telegraph reported last October that Japan’s “plan to release the approximately 1.09 million tons of water currently stored in 900 tanks… has triggered a fierce backlash from local residents and environmental organizations, as well as groups in South Korea and Taiwan fearful that radioactivity from the second-worst nuclear disaster in history might wash up on their shores.”

Making matters worse, Greenpeace issued a report last January 22 slamming the dumping plan, reminding readers that Tokyo Electric Power Co. or TEPCO—owners of the destroyed reactors—admitted in 2018 that its water decontamination system had never worked. The Telegraph noted, “[T]he Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) has consistently failed to eliminate a cocktail of other radioactive elements, including iodine, ruthenium, rhodium, antimony, tellurium, cobalt and strontium.” Further, “In late September [2018], Tepco was forced to admit that around 80% of the water stored at the Fukushima site still contains radioactive substances above legal levels…” the Telegraph said.

The South China Morning Post reported, “Despite the much-vaunted ALPS plant… TEPCO has confirmed that levels of strontium-90 are more than 100 times above legally permitted levels in 65,000 tons of water that have already been through the ALPS system.” Some of the “treated” waste water still has strontium-90 concentrations 20,000 times the allowable limit.


Japan’s fishing community was outraged about the dumping threat during a series of public hearings last year that were designed to convince skeptical observers that pouring more radiation in the Pacific is a good idea. The magnitude-9 earthquake, and the tsunami it caused on March 11, 2011, left more than 27,500 people dead or missing in northeast Japan and triggered the largest oceanic radioactive contamination in history.

Fukushima’s contaminated water continues to flow into the Pacific at a rate of around 2 billion Becquerels a day, Japan Times reported on March 29, 2018.

Dumping Radioactive Water Poisons Fish

Since Fukushima’s meltdowns began in 2011, there has been regular news of seafood contamination. As recently as Feb. 2, the Japan Times reported that cesium-137 far above Japan’s legal limit was detected in fish caught off Fukushima. According to the local Fishery Cooperative Association, skate that were caught over 180 feet deep were found with 161 Becquerels-per-kilogram of radioactive cesium-137, exceeding the allowable limit of 100 Bq-per-kg.

Cesium-137 from Fukushima has been found in fish in the US and Canadian waters. The Haida Gwaii Observer in Queen Charlotte, British Columbia reported March 16, 2018 on a study by Simon Fraser University. Author Krysztof Starosta discovered that cesium-137 “levels found in both the salmon and soil samples remained below Canada’s safety guidelines, posing minimal health risk to B.C.’s salmon and human populations.” The use of the word “minimal” by Starosta is not a scientific term of art. “Minimal” means there is some risk, especially considering the cumulative effect of eating contaminated fish over many years.

“You can’t say there is absolutely zero risk because any radiation is assumed to carry at least some small risk,” said Delvan Neville of Oregon State University’s Department of Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Health Physics. The Oregon Statesman Journal reported on Neville’s 2014 study which found that cesium-137 from Fukushima in albacore tuna caught off Oregon’s coast had tripled since the three meltdowns. In 2012, albacore and blue fin tuna caught off the west coast, were also found contaminated.

Until 2018, TEPCO repeatedly claimed, and news reporters often noted, that its “advanced [ALPS] processes had reduced the cancer-causing radioactive contaminants” such as strontium-90, iodine-129 and ruthenium-106 in the water “to non-detectible levels.”…”


This report above is absolutely sickening—about as sickening as the fascist-Elites/ cIAS destabilizing central-Americas, then iraq-Lands (phases 1 & 2 in cahoots w US-military and N.A.T.O. starting wArs in Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, in Yemen (2007-08) via dRone-Weddings, then, allowing destabilizationing in Somalia, in Syria, in Libya, in Latvia, in Ukraines, meanwhile nobody arrested for bringing the utility-Usgaes “directed-Energy weapon on 11 Sept. 2001, due the infirmed nature of indolence of black-Ops, deep-State, and psy-Ops allowed to run anarchistically-fRee. Let alone NSDU-238 used in 1991, to empty the dirty-Uranium: 238 stored on spot of NPP’s in u.s.a. while Chernobyl: reactor-2 buildiing has a new sarcophagus being constructed @ $10-billion and thee illegal wArs-wArring maintains military-Hegemony as methane-Release will coax Ionizationing to a new-Useless disposition of-Despicability is being allowed to follow the bombings of WTC and penataGoons building.

Why should the rest of the world sit candidly bye as useless militarizationing allows ur-238 to waft about and Daiichi’s daily releases continues to accumulate in all of the oceans of world’s currents?         “R”


“Fukushima Continues to Plague Pacific Ocean Fishery”

John LaForge Spring 2019 Nukewatch Quarterly 02 Apr 2019




Good gRief is there more? Weld. Lookey here, we-People do not get a plague from Radionuclides contamination, but we cannot forget that manipulation by cancers is hospitalization operations under a non-Existent “health-Medicare: Act of 1961” ohh, wow. Fact is this, the methane-Releases will increase the nitrogen from 80% (2001) to known 81% and that demeans the value of Oxygenate in the air mixed w chemicals is going to be “new-Improved”?             “R”


“TAKOMA PARK, MD — The legacy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster will continue indefinitely, creating long-term problems for human health, radioactive waste management and the environment:

Around 1.09 million tons of radioactively contaminated water — used to cool the destroyed reactor cores as well as groundwater flowing across the site —  is being stored onsite in growing tank farms, which are now at capacity. Absent other options, Japanese authorities are looking to dump this radioactively contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean, a move strongly opposed by Japanese fishermen, ocean protection groups and the worldwide environmental community.

 In an effort to downplay or dismiss the health dangers of radiation exposure, the Japanese government has ended financial benefits to Fukushima evacuees, putting economic pressures on these families to return to the region, even though it has not been — and cannot be — adequately or effectively cleaned up and made safe for human habitation. According to noted physicist, Dr. Bruno Chareyron, who has conducted field measurements in the area, “The radioactive particles deposited on the ground in March 2011 are still there, and in Japan, millions of people are living on territories that received significant contamination.”

 In order to justify the return of evacuees and claim the region is now safe, Japanese regulatory authorities have raised the allowable radiation dose from I milisievert per year to 20, an unacceptably high rate that is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. This policy has been cited by a UN Special Rapporteur as having “potentially grave impacts on the rights of young children returning to or born in contaminated areas.”

 Plans by Tepco and the Japanese government to begin removing melted reactor fuel in 2021 are fraught with risk and uncertainty since little is still known about its condition and there is no safe, permanent radioactive waste management plan in place.


The Japanese government plans to hold two events — softball and baseball — in the Fukushima Prefecture during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a public relations maneuver to “normalize” the situation. However, in addition to unacceptable radiation exposure doses, particularly from hot spots, the discovery of radioactive particles of reactor fuel debris in the area, including uranium and cesium, would put both athletes and spectators at risk.

 The implications for returning populations to the Fukushima region come with dire warnings from the health findings in Macaque monkeys who have lived there continuously. The monkeys have been found to have bone marrows that are producing almost no blood cells, and mothers are giving birth to babies with reduced brain sizes. With a 7% difference in DNA with humans, these outcomes are alarming.

 Scandals surrounding the ill treatment of workers at the stricken Fukushima plant, many of whom are migrants and already low-income, continue. UN human rights experts found these workers to have been exploited and their health willfully jeopardized, with workers coerced “into accepting hazardous working conditions because of economic hardships, and the adequacy of training and protective measures.”

 Despite widespread public opposition in Japan, the Abe government continues to try to restart nuclear reactors. However, only nine of the 42 still operable reactors are back on line (out of 58 originally). The government has instead turned its attention to the nuclear export market, but this took a serious hit when Toshiba’s Westinghouse nuclear division went bankrupt two years ago and Hitachi withdrew from two new nuclear power plant projects in the UK in January 2019.”


“Eight years after triple meltdowns and explosions at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, major problems remain and many impacts are yet to manifest Beyond Nuclear Press Release”

‘beyond nuclear’ March 7, 2019




Tumult and turmoil at home? No. The bourgeois-Ubiquity wants to rampage? Yes and no, because they do not admit that. How about any mention of the word “peace” has that happened to stop the flows into the pacific-Ocean? Ought to be utilized, as well as total-Phytoremeditions: industry, needs to set into high ‘gear’. That since the nuclear-Molecular is molecular and this is the molecular-Age. Scary enough! When one releases that food is being contaminated fRom chem-Trails and Ionizationing cannot preempt by fore of forest internments w methane-Release. They can but molecularly, the three-Reactors need be turned-off. Will I.S.I.S be needed on the nipponese-Archipelago? Meanwhile in Syria, ISIS and “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)” and their “allies”. Of course, Ukraines has been de-stabilized by Oligarchs of the new-Rome, sooo that N.A.T.O. can be used post: operation-Gladio-B. A true catalyst for worldwide-Revolution has been presented, again and again, as both american-Socialism and socialists in all those destabilized countries must put-out for capitalist-Totality, or no fun there.        “R”


“3 US service members were killed in an ISIS suicide bomber attack on a joint convoy of the US-led coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near Manbij in northern Syria on March 9, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed.

A suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device reportedly exploded near the convoy on a road in the outskirt of the town.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) also reported that the suicide bomber targeted two vehicles of US and SDF forces, but said that only two SDF fighters were injured in the attack.

Less than two months ago, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself inside a restaurant in Manbij town center killing four US personnel. This was the biggest casualty of the coalition since the beginning of its operation in Syria.

The US-led coalition and the SDF have not commented on the March 9 incident yet. Both sides avoid reporting such attacks, unless US personnel are injured or killed.

On the same day, a US air assault force carried out raids against ISIS cells near al-Azbah in northern Deir Ezzor and Tabqah in western Raqqah. According to local sources, the US unit supported by several helicopters arrested a group of local ISIS commanders and explosive experts.

Such developments confirm earlier assessments that despite formal statements by the US-led coalition and the SDF about a defeat of ISIS in northeastern Syria, this area is in fact full of ISIS cells and their supporters. The flow of ISIS-linked persons from the Euphrates Valley as well as the discriminatory policies of the Kurdish-dominated SDF towards the local Arab population are among the factors contributing to the growth of such security problems.

In the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert, ISIS cells attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the town of al-Sukhnah. The terrorists injured one SAA soldier and captured 3 others. Following the ISIS attack, Russian and Syrian warplanes delivered strikes on detected ISIS positions in the Homs desert. Clashes were also reported near al-Dubiyat.

The captives were reportedly moved towards ISIS hideouts on the edge of the

US-controlled area of al-Tanf. The US-led coalition prevents SAA operations there by striking any pro-government units, which attempt to enter the area. This situation does not allow the SAA to conduct a comprehensive security operation in the desert area, which would allow putting an end to ISIS presence there.

During the weekend, the Russian Aerospace Forces hit weapon depots and fortified positions belonging to militants in Idlib, including Mintar, Frikeh, Tell Khatab, Saraqib and Khab al-Subul. The strikes were delivered in response to the continued violations of the ceasefire regime by militants in southern Idlib and northern Hama. On March 8, Turkish forces started conducting patrols in the Idlib demilitarized zone, which a declared goal to prevent ceasefire violations. However, it seems that this convinced militants that they should not fear a military operation by the Damascus government and they continued their attacks.”



‘southfront’ 11 Mar 2019




The life of Syria, where “anti-Muslims” as propagated by georges-Enron admin and followed by shadow of Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy admin doing the same “pRejudice is as close to fake-PatRiotism” as any ole dead tRee killed from acid-Reins caused by chemicalizations for Ionizationings. Wars are fRee, because they engender spite, not fReedom, but death. Not Life!       “R”


“The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has imposed control of the strategic town of Qalaat al-Madiq in the northwestern Hama countryside, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and several other sources reported on May 9.

According to pro-government activists, the SAA entered the town under an agreement with local leaders there, who were apparently fed up with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies. After securing the town, the army advanced in its vicinity and captured several towns, including al-Tuwayni in the west and Kirkat in the north.

Syrian Army Enters Qalaat Al-Madiq, Secures Its Surroundings (Map)

Click to see full-size map

Qalat al-Madiq, which has some of the highest positions in northwestern Hama, is considered the main entrance for the entire region, commonly known as the al-Ghab Plains.

Earlier this year, HTS attacked the Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sham Movement

 in Qalat al-Madiq. The terrorist group killed and injured many people in the attack and expelled some of the local fighters. This may have played a role in the locals’ decisions to reconcile with the Damascus government.

Now with Qalaat al-Madiq under its control, the SAA will likely develop its operation to capture the entire al-Ghab Plains. Such an advance could secure the Russian Hmeimim airbase on the Syrian coast and civilian areas in northern Hama, which are usually shelled from al-Ghab.”



‘southfront’ 09 May 2019




There is no “disposition” that states we-Americans must support blind-Patriotism disguised as either “school-of-assassinations-Consorts” nor US-military prompted by deep-state fascism for control of military outputs via wAr after wAr, after wAr, after wAr? Is there? No. Do we have responsibilities to ourselves, first and foremost, as primary is “halting the Ionizationing as we may wholly find that is “interfering w the electrosphere of the whole-Planet and definitively that is precisely what is bebng done as “aspect-Ionizationing” asserts physical-Control and imbalances have been set-up for no apparent reason other than militarizationings of interstellar atmospheres. Weld, let us see universal-Healthcare and not the one-Party: ubiquitous-System. The planet couples w other bodies thRuout solar-System, why not beyond, w electromagnetic-Dynamics.         “R”


“”Sometime in the early Fifties … assassination became an instrument of U.S. national policy.  It also became an important branch of our invisible government, a sizable business, and a separate technology involving weapons and devices the ordinary taxpayer paid billions for but was never permitted to see, except perhaps in the technicolor fantasies of James Bond flicks.” –Andrew St. George, journalist for Life magazine, cited by Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation

“Young people often ask me whether I would recommend that they apply for a job at the CIA.  I used to say, ‘Only if you have high degrees of integrity and courage.’  Now I tell them that when they are asked to sign the secrecy agreement, they should emulate President George W. Bush by adding a signing statement — the same kind of disclaimer the President issues when he signs legislation.  Theirs might read, ‘None of the above shall be construed as impinging on the undersigned’s duty under U.S. and international law….'” –Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, Time magazine, 1 May 2006

“A great deal of the success of the CIA is due to its ability to attract patriotic, good soldiers who believe in the general rightness of what they do, and then insulate them through compartmentalization from the heavier activities.” –John Stockwell, former CIA Chief of the Angola Task Force, The Praetorian Guard: The U.S. Role in the New World Order

“Everything is compartmentalized in the government.  You’re given an order:

‘OK.  You’re going to take this from point A to point B.’  That’s all you know.  You don’t know the big picture.  You’re just operational, at operational level, doing things that you’re made to do.” –Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, relating his experience as a U.S. Navy SEAL, interviewed on the Opie and Anthony Show, 8 April 2008

“A need to know operation is central, not only to the CIA, but for organized crime or anything else.  The information is imparted to individuals on a need to know basis.  If you try to inquire, just one time, if you show some curiosity, just one time, as to what is going on, then you won’t be around.  You’ll either be dead, or you’ll be ostracized.  Not only is it isolation from top to bottom, but latterly as well.” –Chaucey Holt, CIA contract agent and Mafia associate (also identified as one of the “three tramps” photographed in Dealey Plaza), interviewed by John Craig, Phillip Rogers and Gary Shaw for Newsweek magazine, 19 October 1991


“We were conditioned by childhood experiences to believe that these were noble and right things to do — defending our country from the evils of this, that, and the other….  At the lower levels in the CIA, they keep the conditioning going — the cover stories.  You don’t talk punk talk, you don’t talk goon talk, you don’t send a cable to headquarters saying, ‘send me out an assassin to knock off somebody.’  If you did, you’d get put down, you’d get reprimanded.  It’s all very high minded.  There is some doublespeak and at a certain level, operations are killing people — certainly.  But, especially for the younger officers, they keep the myths going.” –John Stockwell, former CIA Chief of the Angola Task Force, in a lecture given at American University entitled, Secret Wars of the CIA, 3 November 1989

“It’s called in the intelligence lexicon, ‘plausible deniability.’  If they [CIA hired guns] perform actions that might embarrass the United States government, they can be denied [as being employed by the government].” –William Leary, Merton Coulter Professor of History and winner of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Studies in Intelligence Award, interviewed in the documentary, Air America: The CIA’s Secret Airline

An aspect of plausible deniability was even incorporated into a popular 1960’s American TV show:  “The American television series Mission: Impossible premiered in September 1966 on the CBS network.  Most episodes began with the leader of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) getting orders from a hidden tape recorder and an envelope of photos and information which explained the mission.  The tape always began with “Good Morning Mr. Phelps/Briggs”, explained the situation, and ended with “Your mission, should you decide to accept it”, with a brief explanation of the goal of the mission, along with a reminder that “as always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.” –Wikipedia

“A lot of times you really didn’t even know what the project was.  You were told to go to a certain place and accomplish a certain thing.  And if you didn’t have a need to know, you didn’t ask any questions.” –Allen Cates, CIA pilot discussing Black Ops in the documentary, Air America: The CIA’s Secret Airline

“Any of the contrived situations described above are inherently, extremely risky in our democratic system in which security can be maintained, after the fact, with very great difficulty.  If the decision should be made to set up a contrived situation, it should be one in which participation by U.S. personnel is limited only to the most highly trusted covert personnel.  This suggests the infeasibility of the use of military units for any aspect of the contrived situation.” –part of a 1962 declassified Pentagon document, code named Operation Northwoods, describing how pull off a false flag black operation, under the U.S. democratic system, without being exposed.”


Lookey, we know that militarizing the whole-World is fascist-Totalitarian: capitalism!

We also know that the planet is totally “UN-defending from interstellar-Impacts, but even moreso, from any CME assault, AND all sordid types of “electromagneticism” which to my thinking-Cap is the reason behind Ionizatitoning, but militarizing that ”spate” first. The above report as not some arrogated need for more propaganda, that much is for sure.   “R”


“The CIA School of Assassination at Fort Bragg”





This is what the oligarchs-Elites have done utilizing u.s.a. intel-Gence bureaucracies, and the Bourgeois-Society.    “R”


“Clashes near Libya’s capital intensified on Tuesday (May 21) as fighting for besieged Tripoli raged on for the second month.

The eastern forces of Haftar’s Libya National Army (LNA) launched an assault on Tripoli in early April and are bogged down in southern suburbs by fighters loyal to the UN-backed government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj.

Libya is on the brink of a civil war that could “lead to the permanent division of the country,” a top UN official warned the Security Council on Tuesday as he urged the world body to stop countries that were fueling the conflict with weapons.

Fighting in the battle for Tripoli has killed at least 510 people, forced 75,000 out of their homes, trapped thousands of migrants in detention centers and flattened some suburbs, according to the United Nations.

(Source: Reuters)”


“Clashes intensify in besieged Tripoli”

‘press-tv’ Tue May 21, 2019 09:17PM




The ubiquitous-Nature of the u.s.a. oligarchic-Plutocracy is to maintain the egregiousness-Extent, because no discussion on and of “nucleaRism: has been allowed by the deep-state. The versimilitudes of deep-state relies upon neo-Liberalism maintaining off-Shore illicit dealings whereas tax-fRee is evasioning.     “R”


“During the Gulf War the United States deliberately bombed Iraq’s water system. After the war, the U.S. pushed sanctions to prevent importation of necessary supplies for water purification. These actions resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians many of whom were young children. Documents have been obtained from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which prove that the Pentagon was fully aware of the mortal impacts on civilians in Iraq and was actually monitoring the degradation of Iraq’s water supply. The destruction of civilian infrastructures necessary for health and welfare is a direct violation of the Geneva Convention.

After the Gulf War, the United Nations applied sanctions against Iraq, which denied the importation of specialized equipment and chemicals, such as chlorine for purification of water. There are six documents that have been partially declassified and can be found on the Pentagon’s web site at These documents include information that prove that the United States was fully aware of the costs to civilians, especially children, by upholding the sanctions against purification of Iraq’s water supply.

The primary document is dated January 22, 1991 and is titled, “Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities.” This document predicts what will take place when Iraq can no longer import the vital commodities to cleanse their water supply. It states that epidemics and disease outbreaks may occur because of pollutants and bacteria that exist in unpurified water. The document acknowledges the fact that without purified drinking water, the manufacturing of food and medicine will also be affected. The possibilities of Iraqis obtaining clean water, despite sanctions, along with a timetable describing the degradation of Iraq’s water supply was also addressed.

The remaining five documents from the DIA confirm the Pentagon’s monitoring of the situation in Iraq. In more than one document, discussion of the likely outbreaks of diseases and how they affect “particularly children” is discussed in great detail. The final document titled, “Iraq: Assessment of Current Health Threats and Capabilities,” is dated, November 15, 1991, and discusses the development of a counter-propaganda strategy that would blame Saddam Hussein for the lack of safe water in Iraq.

The United States’ insistence on using this type of sanction against Iraq is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention was created in 1979 to protect the victims of international armed conflict. It states, “It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless, objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population such as foodstuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installation and supplies, and irrigation works, for the specific purpose of denying them for their sustenance value to the civilian population or to the adverse Party, whatever the motive, whether in order to starve out civilians, to cause them to move away, or for any other motive.” The United States, for nearly a decade, has “destroyed, removed, or rendered useless” Iraq’s “drinking water installations and supplies.”

Although two Democratic Representatives, Cynthia McKinney from Georgia and Tony Hall from Ohio, have spoken out about the degradation of Iraq’s water supply and its civilian targets, no acknowledgment of violations has been made. The U.S. policy of destroying the water treatment system of Iraq and preventing its re-establishment has been pursued for more than a decade. The United Nations estimates that more than 500,000 Iraqi children have died as a result of sanctions and that unclean water is a major contributor to these deaths.”


Weld. I shall place blame upon saddam-Insane for mass-Muredering, for surrendering to the US-military bases buildups, as he either knew or did not know of NSDU-238. One must ask in the currents of american-Disconboobulation, does social-Justice demean peace & Justice or anti-Socialism is patriotic-Farce? Neither. The needs for socio-Polity has cow-towed to principles eradicated by the one-Party: parody, and at same time, not allowed american-Socialism context spoken and allowed in journalism as a parallel to imbecility, too! Whereupon, follow-up questions are prescient. Like does peace & Justice demean socialism or allow all “socialist” parties in u.s.a. to have a candidates convention? Would four “socialist-Parties” in u.s.a. allow the communist party to speak but not place a candidate upon voting candidate-vote? Much, as is expressed and explained above, would need re-Determination by bureaucrats, would that not?        “R”


“The Secret Behind the Sanctions: How the U.S. Intentionally Destroyed Iraq’s Water Supply”

Author: Thomas J. Nagy The Progressive–September 2001    AND


The pre-Planned wArs-wArring continues as the sham, that they and their idiopathics have always been. While, the dynamic of american-Socialism is already Ecology and nucleaRism. Ecosocialism is not Conditionalism which has replaced “determinism” the thought processes of technocracy and Oligarchs/Elites. They were deterministic and anti-Existentialist. Today however, we view their despotic, chaotic, militarist tendencies of the plutocracy as those features being continued by roguish-Rude: offensiveness. Does the proletariat understand “nucleaRism” as a byproduct of peace & Justice as well as Universalism due need for human-Rights is a socialist-Tenet.

Whereupon, where does peace couple w Ecosocialism, that ought couple to “socialism as a movement”? One thinGy-Bop I have found is that nucleaRism has not negated socialism. Ecology and socialism must move forward w pRoletariat justice as peace and as Ecology, to bring down the bourgeoisie-Society that flounders as well as flaunts truth and honesty. Not admonishing bureaucratic-America has defeated both proletariat and pRofessional-pRoletariat is thus, not peace, not Justice.  How can they not be american-Socialists, not democratic-Socialist: tendency, remains discernable?       “R”


fRom the heart of itinerant-Thinking, the peace-Warrior


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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