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anti-nucleaRist bloG #252/ 13 May 2019 Tyranny isn’t fRee, anarchy isn’t fRee, What about Life

anti-nucleaRist bloG #252/ 13 May 2019
Tyranny isn’t fRee, anarchy isn’t fRee, What about Life


tyRanny is lotsa “anarchyism” and anarchists may want to fight that idiopathic. However, where and when revolution is necessary, the doing couples w the pronounced supplement of idiopathic and amalgamated full-Bore: knowledge. Pardoning the anarchist-Soldiers who shot and killed old-folk, children, women, raped girls is that why the US- military-Hegemony is sooo strong and pat themselves on their collective backs? Not testing for pTSD nor allowing that NSDU-238 is a nuclear-Molecular: weapon, that works (accrues) mighty differently than thermo-NucleaR: blasts. The aerosolization of and from NSDU-238, seems too well ‘used’ as dis-Information not to disclose the contaminationings aspects, not prospects sooo much, from “chem-tRails: Ionizationings” toxicity. How come? When will we get a US-congress that actually listens and acts in accordance to social-Conditions instead of oligarchic-Conditionalism?        “R”


“A Pro-government forces are developing their steady advance on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical militant groups in northwestern Hama. After a series of heavy clashes, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF) established control of the villages of Hawijat Sallah, Jamasiyah, Shari’ah, Bab Al-Taqa and several nearby points.

The advance came amid a high number

of Syrian and Russian airstrikes that targeted terror infrastructure in the provinces of Hama and Idlib. Another factor, which contributed to this tactical success is the participation of Russian military advisers.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led forces carried out several counter-attacks employing their artillery, anti-tank guided missiles and suicide bombers, but failed to push the SAA, the NDF and the Tiger Forces back from the recently captured positions.

According to pro-government sources, a total of 40 militants were killed in the clashes. Pro-militant sources continued claiming that pro-government forces had suffered large casualties, but there are little evidence to confirm the provided numbers.

In northern Aleppo, the Turkish-backed militant group, the Hamza Division, shelled the government-held towns of Nubl and al- Zahraa from the occupied region of Afrin. The group’s media wing claimed that these attacks were a response to the SAA advance in northwestern Hama.

At the same time, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and multiple groups from the Turkish- backed National Front for Liberation formed a joint operations room to coordinate their efforts against the SAA in northwestern Hama and southern Idlib.

These developments confirm that the separation of the so-called moderate opposition from the terrorist in northwestern Syria has once again failed and these groups continue to cooperate and coordinate their efforts against the Damascus government.

The US-led coalition and its Syrian proxies conducted night live drills near the al-Tanaf garrison on May 11. The drills involved the US High Mobility Artillery Rocket System deployed in the area. Such drills were repeatedly conducted in the area during the last two months. They serve as a signal that the US is not going to withdraw its forces, which block the movement along the international Damascus-Baghdad highway.

Russian and Syrian efforts to evacuate the nearby Rukban refugee camp achieved limited results only evacuating around 8,000 civilians only from the area of the humanitarian catastrophe created as a result of the US occupation of this chunk of southeastern Syria.”



‘southfront’ 13 May 2019

 https:// militants-defense-is-slowly-collapsing-in-hama- province/




There has been the imperialism-for-Wars ‘rudeness of disgusting nonsense’ instead of listening to foreign government and United Nations directives, as we-Americans became pRoscriptive of measures to have US-military, our-tRoops is becoming of the penchant floundering w the imperialist methods of colonialism, in 1913. That remains, today, as the US-admin and military has never been invited to incursions w.i. Iraq, let alone Syria, the offensiveness is illegal and interpreted as plutocracy’s quest in the Levant! Here in the u.s.a., Mejico, Canada, we-People are evermore hard-pressed to have normal workers respond knowing, due the immature nature of “wArs- wArring: pRopaganda” a model of fascism exists for nobody but Oligarchs and plutocrats and Technocrats, damn to all other attitude w.o. aptitudes on and of “governmental-Accountability”.        “R”


“Russia has to obtain the means of protection against hypersonic weapons before such hardware is developed by other nations, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, said.

Putin reminded that Russia is so far the only country in the world in possession of a hypersonic weapon, referring to the successful test of the Avangard glider earlier this year.

“But we also have a perfect understanding that the world’s leading nations will develop such weapons sooner or later,” Putin said.

The state-of-the-art Container radar system, which was introduced in Russia last year, provides coverage over most of Western Europe and the Middle East. But the means to repel “potential threats from the air and from space” must be developed further, he said.”


Russia must have hypersonic defense before others get such weapon systems – Putin

published time: 13 May, 2019 18:17 459247-putin-hypersonic-defense-sooner/




My take on the buildups of militaries in Syria is that Turkey, Russia, Libya ISIS, is that terrorism inserts, and is thus supported by US-military: fanatic-penataG000ns in support of jihadi-Radicals. The support is prompted by U.A.E., by Saud’s, by Bahrains (partly) by E.U./N.A.T.O. as “globalism” is support for US-dollar as otherwise N.A.T.O. when neo- Liberalist: Banking/W.T.O. is first and foremost backing of the plutocratic-Realm. The other fact is that Russia does not push for N.A.T.O./E.U. and that portends to Syria being “destabilized” and US-state-Diplomacy does not have to be useful for peace-Overture, this keeping the United Nations in the lurch, helps maintain US-supremacy adjuncts over E.U. Oligarchs investments, order of shadow-Governance and Oil-industry w governance such as ”operation-Gladio-B” continuing in Turkey to maintain anti-Kurds and tRumpeteR support of iconoclastic spending for war after war.        “R”


“Western-supported ISIS/al Qaeda and western-supported neo-Nazis are two sides to the same Imperial coin.

They are the product of the West’s moral degradation, its disdain for international law, and its anti-Life core. A rotten apple by any measure.

Imperial strategies driving these proxies are also similar. Whereas the West created and supports ISIS/al Qaeda[1], it presents them as “enemies”.

The terrorists serve as fake humanitarian pretexts for invasions even as they serve as proxies to destroy target countries even before the invasions and the economic warfare are firmly established. Imperialists always need scapegoats, and the Western-supported terrorists also serve this function. Governing agencies fabricate Islamophobia by presenting the “Muslim” terrorists as enemies even when these terrorist behaviours are far removed from Islamic teachings.

‘No clear-cut profile’ of a foreign fighter

The so-called “Caliphate Project”[2]is a CIA project. NATO and its allies support the terrorists in Syria who are carving out territory in resource rich, strategic areas of Syria.  All of this has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt for years despite the widespread ignorance of Western populations who are trained to accept CNN and Defense Department messaging as the truth.

NATO and its allies use the Western-empowered and supported neo-Nazis[3]in Kiev, rotten fruits of the 2014 Western coup against the legitimate Ukrainian government, in a similar fashion. In this case, Russia is the scapegoat, even though the coup preceded Russian involvement that opposes the Western crime scene near its borders.

The neo-Nazi counterpart to the so-called “Caliphate Project” would be the “Reconquista” project. Max Blumenthal explains:

Foreign Azov volunteers are driven by the call of the ‘Reconquista,’ or the mission to place eastern European nations under the control of a white supremacist dictatorship modeled after the Nazi Reichskommissariat dictatorship that ruled Ukraine during World War II. The mission is promoted effusively by Azov’s chief ideologue, Andriy Biletsky, a veteran fascist organizer who leads the Social National Assembly in Ukraine’s parliament. Biletsky’s assembly has pledged to outlaw interracial contacts and vowed “to prepare Ukraine for further expansion and to struggle for the liberation of the entire White Race from the domination of the internationalist speculative capital.”[4]

Erasing the Truth and Fabricating Fake Narratives

So, like the CIA Caliphate Project, the Reconquista project advances imperial designs against Russia, Empire’s real target.

Empire’s end-game is world conquest, a New World Order of fascist totalitarianism. Those controlling the levers of power must deceive domestic populations because the impoverishing “project” is toxic to Life itself. No reasonable, critically-thinking population would ever accept it.

A first step to countering this world-encompassing disease would be a NATO

 Exit[5]campaign. NATO is the deceptive umbrella under which these diabolical

machinations are thriving.”


I see that what is being countenanced regarding ISIL (the Levant is a rich history and as I’ve also mentioned Aratta is also our universal history going back to 4,500 B.C.E. there ought not be a disconnect because of the intel-State. The Azov brigade is as sadistic as I.S.I.S. has been and as they egoistically display themselves. Yet, the precursors people of the Sumers were from Aratta, is not senseless. Are I.S.I.S and Azov-bRigade senseless or merely murderous, because the cIAS have been precursors of masse` murder and senseless murder is minor in comparison, on the arrogance-Scale of murdering for public suppression, alone not to let-off the fear-Syndrome? Yes. Hauteurs of capitalism may just not be enlightened by hauteurs of naming for support of invasions that destroy and maintain oppression thru intent of oppressing “people in iraq-Lands, and what of Afghanistan”? Now.      “R”


“ISIS/Al Qaeda in the Middle East and Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazis”: Two Sides of the Imperial Coin”

by Mark Taliano Global Research, April 08, 2019




Do the people of A.T.T. because the Universal contexts are hard sought and therefore in conservative-Politics coveted and covered-up? Who knows? The Bourgeoisie of the u.s.a. have been supporting the intel-Gence by being bought-Off and allowing pRopaganda to be covetous for the promulgation of pRopaganda-Machine is merely, well kept secrets of how to “not-Decontaminate the planet since 1943”? NucleaRism does not need be positive reinforcements of the overtures that “lies are better than no significance at all”. The power-tRippe of Oligarch is for formulations of these radical-Right murdering “antipathic-Regionalism” and as far as I can intimate, for Conditionalism to spread sooo that US-military-Hegemony does stay its neutering cultural: psychopathic “course”.       “R”



“This has been a call from civil society for a few years now, bred out of frustration that ATT meetings are more preoccupied with administrative matters than the problems caused by the arms trade that the Treaty sets out to address —and particularly, flagrant displays of non-compliance that are eroding the Treaty’s impact and external credibility. Some states have defended this approach to business by pointing out that it is a “new” instrument, not “mature” enough to withstand harder or politically sensitive discussions about compliance.

It is true that to be effective, treaties require significant infrastructure, resources, and institution-building. It is also true that to be effective, treaties needpolitical will to demonstrate that they have teeth—by changing practice and policy, and through unbiased application of their provisions.

To an extent, a turn to substance is occurring. The system of working groups and sub-working groups allows for concrete and at times, detailed and sometimes even interactive exchanges on a range of issues related to Treaty universalisation and implementation. For instance, the sub-working group on Article 5 is moving toward adopting a Basic Guide that would assist states parties with establishing of national control systems. The process of creating that guide and reviewing its contents has required interaction and sharing about existing practices and real challenges. The sub-working group on Article 11 may organise a meeting to discuss actual or suspected instances of diversion. The Working Group on Treaty Universalisation session included presentations from newer states parties in which they described obstacles that they faced in ratifying or starting to implement the ATT that prompted reactions from other states that are encountering similar challenges. The meeting of the Working Group on Transparency and Reporting enabled frank sharing about the practical issues that states are encountering with reporting—ranging from discrepancies between the suggested template and their own record-keeping practices or in trying to collect the necessary data across departments and ministries.


Thematic focus areas, now becoming an annual tradition in the ATT meeting cycle, are a good mechanism for generating substantive discussion on either synergistic topics like the 2030 Agenda in 2017 which was then mainstreamed into Working Group discussions the following year; or actual Treaty provisions like diversion in 2018 and currently, gender and gender-based violence (GBV). There has been a noticeable progression in the depth and breadth of what is being said in the working groups and preparatory meetings about gender and GBV and a move away from somewhat abstract support for an abstract concept of “gender” to concrete suggestions for incorporating a gender perspective in ATT implementation.

During the meetings held last week, states and observers had a lot to say on this subject, in response to the working paper prepared by the current A TT president that sets out possible actions for states parties to endorse at the CSP5. Some urged better coherence with the Women, Peace and Security Agenda or relevant human rights instruments. Others encouraged applying a gender perspective to Treaty articles beyond Article 7.4, which is the provision on GBV. Support exists for developing further guidance on implementing a gender-based violence risk assessment alongside acknowledgement of the value of existing work in this area. There was discussion about understanding what gender-based violence is in the ATT context, where and how to find data to make an assessment, and support for gender-disaggregated data collection. Two side events and a new working paper from the International Committee of the Red Cross generated additional dialogue, details of which can be found further in this edition.


It’s evident, therefore, that there is an appetite for dialogue and talking about substantive matters alongside administrative or procedural ones, and that good things are happening. Yet, there is an elephant in the room that cannot be ignored and all the welcome packages, thematic panels, and guidance documents in the world won’t obscure forever the fact that the ATT is not stopping the arms transfers that it is supposed to. On-going transfers to Saudi Arabia have tragically become the go-to example and would have been an ideal test case for the Treaty’s strength. There are other examples too: in advance of the fourth states parties conference in 2018, one organisation highlighted transfers of concern to the Philippines, Nicaragua, Cameroon, and Israel.

The act of assisting states parties who lack control systems or struggle with diversion because of porous borders is important—but it is not only those states parties who need to comply with what they’ve agreed to. At the time of its negotiation, ATT detractors warned of the potential for discriminatory application and that the Treaty would benefit major arms exporters, not limit them. Arms Trade Treaty supporters need to do better to prove critics wrong and not allow genuinely important implementation assistance in certain areas to become a smokescreen for inaction in other areas.”


ATT Monitor, Vol. 12, No. 3 Editorial: Room for improvement in the room where it happens

by Allison Pytlak | Reaching Critical Will of WILPF httpreachingcriticalwillorgimagesdocumentsdis armament- foraattmonitorattmonitor121pdf-1091281? e=c1f3ee6f29




Are women important? Or not? The weigh-ins are that women, morosely more than men, may need physical-Checkups and attentive- Care more often. I have not seen any medical approaches in the ”american-Socialists” websites nor coRpoRate sleaze that supports chems-tRails and weather-waRfaRe” yet! The birds are not looking for the disappeared insects, the tress are in bloom, the chem-Trails weather-waRfare continues. How come? The unions can be relegated to coRpoRate-bowing middle-Management, but how come. What we’Re facing is imminent demise, when we cannot”captuRe”. That takes lotsa planning and lasts dues, butchering w all “tRaining-sources” should also be “unionized. There is a much longer weighing-in and on this “what is the catharsis” dilemma, yet. No. The catharsis has been here since 2014. That the answers came w.i. the context is nothing new, altho notable that id-Al will be when all socialist-Parties coalition regarding.       “R”


“Denisovan predecessors likely split from their Neanderthal relatives at least 400,000 years ago. And while the Neanderthals fanned out across Europe and the Middle East, Denisovans spread through Asia, eventually breeding with ancestors of modern humans of Asian descent. By doing so, Denisovans left their genetic fingerprints in Homo sapiens for generations to come—providing additional clues to learn about their kind.

Among the genetic differences distinguishing those diverse groups were ones with tell-tale signs that the splits between populations occurred deep in the past. Interbreeding between H. sapiens arriving from their African homeland and other ancient humans inserted tidbits of DNA from those archaic relatives that are passed from generation to generation to the present. Today, non-African populations have up to two percent Neanderthal DNA, some of which is beneficial and help human immune systems guard against infectious disease.

But Neanderthals weren’t the only human relative with which H. sapiens interbred after they trekked out of Africa some 64,000 years ago. Most people of Asian descent carry some amount of Denisovan DNA, but it’s particularly high in Melanesians, whose genomes are up to six percent Denisovan. It’s thought that the ancestors of modern Melanesians met and mated with these ancients en route to their island home.

To dive deeper into this legacy, Cox and his team sequenced 161 genomes from 14 island groups across Indonesia and New Guinea. They combined this data with 317 genomes from around the world and compared all of the data to genomes from both Neanderthals and the Altai Denisovan. As they lined up the ancient Denisovan DNA with the Denisovan bits of modern Papuans, the team expected to see just a single spike, where modern Papuan DNA clustered. Instead, it split into two strikingly separate peaks.”


Geomorphics is what I call the episodes of discovery that adversary interbreeding was “planned” by a Hominid that had brains enough to configure breeding was a weigh-in realizable. These Denisovans were thinkors. Now their ancestral-tRailings, have been found in several archipelago’s of southeast-Asia. “In 2018, Browning and her colleagues identified two waves of Denisovan interbreeding with modern humans” which is not so contrary to the adversarial missions of we-People in the Contaminated: world, today.      “R”


Multiple lines of mysterious ancient humans interbred with us” national geographic, science & innovation, by Maya Wel-Haas published 11 Apr 2019


[[Modern DNA suggests that the Denisovans were surprisingly diverse—and may have been the last humans other than Homo sapiens on Earth].




This Venezuela “capitalist-totalitarian fascist-Wind” inside u.s.a. politics are totally outta order. They’re the admin and cRonies of the deep-State, are inordinate to power and powermongering, which basically is violence against laws and tReaties. The 99% do not believe the shenanigan’s which does take time away as well as from getting rid the electoral-College and having “health-Medicare”.          “R”


“United States security forces have broken into the Venezuela embassy in Washington Thursday and have taken the four remaining members of the Protection Collective, Code Pink organization announced. The announcement was confirmed by the activists’ lawyer, Mara Verheyden-Hilliard.

Such action violates several articles of the Vienna Convention and breaks international law.

RELATED:’War Drums Are Beating’:

Jesse Jackson Brings Food to Venezuelan Embassy Protectors

teleSUR reporter Jorge Gestoso on site outside the embassy says there are security service, federal agents and dozens of D.C. police officers heavily armed at the back entrance of the embassy. According to Gestoso the authorities dressed in military gear took up position in the embassy’s basement where there are no surveillance cameras. This allowed U.S. authorities to make the arrests out of the site of the public and the media. them.”

International law expert, Jose Pertierra, speaking exclusively to teleSUR from Washington said this tactic of trying to remove the protectors via the basement by U.S. authorities is being done “in order to avoid a war of images where they can have police act without the public seeing Pertierra adds that this security force operation violates international law that prohibits a hosting nation from invading the sovereign territory of another country’s embassy.”


US Police illegally invade Venezuelan Embassy arrest 4-remaining Activists” 16 May 2019


“Carbon dioxide levels did not top 300 ppm in the 800,000 years before the industrial revolution, according to USA Today. A study in April used computer models to confirm that carbon dioxide levels today are the highest they have been in three million years. The study also showed that current levels would be at around 280 ppm if it weren’t for the burning offossil fuelsby human beings, leading to climate change.

The last time carbon dioxide levels were this high was 5.3 to 2.6 million years ago during the Pliocene epoch, when beech trees grew in Antarctica, temperatures were three to four degrees Celsius warmer and sea levels were 20 meters (approximately 65.6 feet) higher.

Holthaus wasn’t the only one to respond to Saturday’s news with alarm. “Thinking about Mother Nature today,” Founder Bill McKibben tweeted. The C02 levels recorded at the Mauna Loa observatory reached 410 ppm for the first time in May of 2018, USA Today reported. Charles David Keeling took the first reading at the volcanic observatory in 1958, and his son Ralph Keeling has continued the work following his father’s death. The so- called Keeling Curve documents the rise in carbon dioxide over the last 61 years, upwards from an initial reading of 313 ppm in March of 1958, according to TheIndependent.

“The average growth rate is remaining on the high end,” Keeling, who directs the Scripps CO2 program, said in a statement reported by The Independent. “The increase from last year will probably be around three parts per million whereas the recent average has been 2.5 ppm. “[It’s] likely we’re seeing the effect of mild El Niño conditions on top of ongoing fossil fuel use.”

Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions reached a record high in 2018 of 33.1 gigatons (Gt) of the greenhouse gas, up 1.7 percent from the year before, according to the most recent calculations from the International Energy Agency.”


 As we know, methane is not an organic “fossilized phooel” but this an eRathe phooey, because the molten interior (whether or not eRathe is not hollow) is 90% cleaner burning because. This is why the adversity for weather-Warfare is weigh-ins off-base as well as propaganda for coRpoRate earnings—the sleaze that demeans value ought be defacing the planet’s resources by not giving back the global- village intake. This ought mean that socialism and Ecology is first and foremost. However, the elites/ coRpoRate sleaze are paranoid and fascist. They do not allot there are other political parties, such as gReen Party and Constitution party. Besides the american-Socialists are coalitioning w four socialist parties u.s.a. alone, but along International-Lines which is why the penataG000ns are as fanatical ever, not alone unjustly power-mongering!       “R”


“CO2 Levels Top 415 PPM for First Time in Human History

Olivia Rosane May. 13, 2019 10:49AM EST co2-levels-top-415-ppm-2637007719.html




“Warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition carried out a series of airstrikes on the Yemeni capital of Sanaa in the early hours of May 16.

The Saudi-led coalition claimed in an official statement published by the al- Arabiya TV that the airstrikes targeted “legitimate military targets,” including

bases, workshops and ammo depots of the Houthis. The coalition even hinted that the airstrikes were a response to the recent drone attack on Saudi oil facilities.

“What the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias have done by attacking strategic facilities in the Kingdom is a major violation of the international, humanitarian law … Whish raise to the level of war crimes,” the coalition’s statement reads.

The coalition claimed that its airstrikes  were carried out “in accordance with international humanitarian law.” However, Yemeni sources revealed that the airstrikes targeted heavily populated areas in Sanaa.

According to al-Masirah TV, 6 civilians were killed and 72 others were injured as a result of Saudi-led coalition airstrikes. Two of the injured civilians Shuk al-Nuaimi and her sister Oksana al-Nuaimi were identified as Russian citizens.

Mohamad Abd al-Salam, head of the Houthis delegation to the Yemen peace

talks, condemned the aerial attack, calling it “an example of military and political failure” of the Saudi-led coalition.

“The standards that the world deals with the situation in Yemen with are animalic and barbaric standards, not humanitarian … We are not waiting for the standards of a world governed by the policy of selling and buying,” Abd al-Salam said in a phone call with al-Masirah.

The high number of casualties in Sanaa will likely further complicate the situation in Yemen for the Saudi-led coalition and its main backer, the U.S., which has not commented on the new airstrikes, so far.



“New wave of Saudi Airstrikes Kills and Injures 77 including russia Civilians in Sanaa

16 May 2019

 https:// injures-77-civilians-including-russian-citizens-in- sanaa-18-photos/#promo




Hey, I love eating gaRbage, the best next to shid-ski on the dinner-Plate, too! That stuff is not even good enough to be rid of cancers. Rite? Ohh weld, just keep-on-hiking the mTNS, don’t get lost, and know what temps are, altho you have no “saplings” like 300-

count to plant each day! Like, Allen Ginsberg, did imply but not say directly to me, “I do not want a family, offspring, the nuclear-Weapons are enough to handle”.  My catharsis of single because of NSDU-238 was contiguous to that nomen—until I was 35, changed my mind that offspring comes from a collective-Engendering, one of travellor-Spiritus.        “R”


“Communities around the United States are facing grave threats to their health due to toxic Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) — highly toxic “forever chemicals” used to make thousands of products including Teflon pans, fast food wrappers, and fire fighting foam. PFAS chemicals harm nearly every part of the body, including increased risk of developing cancer, thyroid problems, and kidney damage.1 Exposures during pregnancy and childhood can permanently impair children’s health and development.1

It’s up to them, the EPA and the military have been moving at a glacial pace to address the crisis and water supplies for as many as an estimated 100 million Americans may contain PFAS.2 People with no water contamination are exposed to PFAS because they are used in dozens of common household products including carpeting, rain gear, microwave popcorn bags, even dental floss! It’s in so many things, you can’t memorize a list and avoid them all — we have to address the root of the problem and stop PFAS uses.

More than 20 bills have been recently introduced in the House and Senate that would take important steps to reduce PFAS emissions into the environment, disclose pollution from industrial sites, and speed assistance for those who have been harmed by PFAS exposure. This includes communities in 43 states who drink contaminated water as well as military veterans, firefighters exposed at work, and farmers and ranchers who’ve lost their livelihoods due to unusable water supplies.

Together we must close critical loopholes on toxics and change the way we review chemicals before they are allowed to poison people and our environment.”


Sierra Club, Denver CO 16 May 2019




Iron may be a “religious-State” but nowhere near that of “no-constitution:Israels”.

The bull-Boy Clyneton theoretic of dictatorial-Methodology bets keep Oligarchs aspiring

toward plutocratic-extreme to dissuade autocrats from takeovers. These Oligarchs are not the next-Best; thematic, however! I wonder why ole-Boy Clyneton, merely did not want to continue tongue w neighbors and not become “millionaire” of striped-Stat.       “R”


“No War against Iran.
Defending the Iran nuclear deal. Preventing another US warfare.

The International Peace Bureau calls for worldwide protests against the planned war.

Governments worldwide, particularly the EU and the UN, must explicitly and unambiguously call on the US to end the collision course with Iran. They must clarify that they will not support any military action by Trump against Iran.

Despite the 18-year-long war experience in Afghanistan, despite the destruction and the impoverishment of an entire region through wars in Syria, Libya, Mali, Yemen, and the war in Iraq since 2003, the US government is threatening to prepare the next war against Iran. The U.S. military build-up in the Middle East must be stopped immediately.

Currently, a rationale for intervention is being developed– similar to the lies and deceit that preceded the invasion of Iraq. The dispatch of US warships and bomber squadrons in the Middle East as well as acts of sabotage against shipping in the Gulf region have be taken seriously and must be perceived as a wake-up call. The International Peace Bureau stresses the need for all NATO Member States to declare that US bases in Europe cannot be utilized for attacks against Iran, and that the US air force will not be granted any over flight rights in the EU.

It is of utmost importance to keep defending the nuclear deal with Iran, Russia, and China against the unilateral termination by the US. It is indispensable to respond to arbitrary US-sanctions with effective counter- measures in order to protect and maintain trade with Iran.

The International Peace Bureau encourages the world’s peace movements to fight for peace, isarmament, and international cooperation in the Middle East.

Florence and Berlin, 16 of May 2019”


IPB Statement—No War Against Iran ipb-statements/ipb-statement-no-war-against-iran/


                       fRom a soul w a Consiousness, the peace-warrior


Tags/ IPB Statement, a nuclear-Molecular: weapon, No War Against Iran, Syria war Report, southfront, Russia must have, hypersonic defense, ATT Monitor, Vol. 12, No. 3, Editorial: Room for improvement, Multiple lines of mysterious ancient humans, US Police illegally invade Venezuelan Embassy, CO2 Levels Top 415 PPM, for First Time, Saudi Airstrikes Kills and Injures 77, Sierra Club, Denver CO 16 May 2019, hauteurs, lies are better,



Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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