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anti-nucleaRist bloG #248/  01 mAy 2019: MonitoRing our-Universal admonitions for Ecosocialism – nuclear-Molecular is nUkiEmOLe dot oRg

anti-nucleaRist bloG #248/  01 mAy 2019: MonitoRing our-Universal admonitions for Ecosocialism

anti-nucleaRist bloG #248/  01 mAy 2019

MonitoRing our-Universal admonitions for Ecosocialism


Whether you read fast or more cadenza-lie, the fastidious length of my bloGs are longer because of multi-anachronistic collusions against not speaking-out, And, not stating what Ionizationings are as the cRux of climate-Warfare: warm-ups and chem-tRails utilizing “experimentalist “directed-eneRgy weaponizing as never imagined by peaceful-Humanity. That is sooo what, to the nobodys’ of plutocracy! And, as Amy Goodman is a gRace for womens’ repatRiations, she is also a nobodys’ i.e. that of not exposing the cRime, the corruptions, the allegiance to false-Alert or ‘god-Ole georges-Enron won’t speak to us is he overly involved as the neo-con’s surreptitons are” too!           “R”


“AMY GOODMAN: Can you share your analysis of President Trump? You have lived through so many presidents. Explain President Trump to us and assess the massive response to him.

NOAM CHOMSKY: Well, Trump is—you know, I think there are a number of illusions about Trump. If you take a look at the Trump phenomenon, it’s not very surprising. Think back for the last 10 or 15 years over Republican Party primaries, and remember what happened during the primaries. Each primary, when some candidate rose from the base, they were so outlandish that the Republican establishment tried to crush them and succeeded in doing it—Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum. Anyone who was coming out of the base was totally unacceptable to the establishment. The change in 2016 is they couldn’t crush him.

But the interesting question is: Why was this happening? Why, in election after election, was the voting base producing a candidate utterly intolerable to the establishment? And the answer to that is—if you think about that, the answer is not very hard to discover. During the—since the 1970s, during this neoliberal period, both of the political parties have shifted to the right. The Democrats, by the 1970s, had pretty much abandoned the working class. I mean, the last gasp of more or less progressive Democratic Party legislative proposals was the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act in 1978, which Carter watered down so that it had no teeth, just became voluntary. But the Democrats had pretty much abandoned the working class. They became pretty much what used to be called moderate Republicans. Meanwhile, the Republicans shifted so far to the right that they went completely off the spectrum. Two of the leading political analysts of the American Enterprise Institute, Thomas Mann, Norman Ornstein, about five or 10 years ago, described the Republican Party as what they called a “radical insurgency” that has abandoned parliamentary politics.


Well, why did that happen? It happened because the Republicans face a difficult problem. They have a primary constituency, a real constituency: extreme wealth and corporate power. That’s who they have to serve. That’s their constituency. You can’t get votes that way, so you have to do something else to get votes. What do you do to get votes? This was begun by Richard Nixon with the Southern strategy: try to pick up racists in the South. The mid-1970s, Paul Weyrich, one of the Republican strategists, hit on a brilliant idea. Northern Catholics voted Democratic, tended to vote Democratic, a lot of them working-class. The Republicans could pick up that vote by pretending—crucially, “pretending”—to be opposed to abortion. By the same pretense, they could pick up the evangelical vote. Those are big votes—evangelicals, northern Catholics. Notice the word “pretense.” It’s crucial. You go back to the 1960s, every leading Republican figure was strongly, what we call now, pro-choice. The Republican Party position was—that’s Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, all the leadership—their position was: Abortion is not the government’s business; it’s private business—government has nothing to say about it. They turned almost on a dime in order to try to pick up a voting base on what are called cultural issues. Same with gun rights. Gun rights become a matter of holy writ because you can pick up part of the population that way. In fact, what they’ve done is put together a coalition of voters based on issues that are basically, you know, tolerable to the establishment, but they don’t like it. OK? And they’ve got to hold that, those two constituencies, together. The real constituency of wealth and corporate power, they’re taken care of by the actual legislation.

So, if you look at the legislation under Trump, it’s just lavish gifts to the wealth and the corporate sector—the tax bill, the deregulation, you know, every case in point. That’s kind of the job of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, those guys. They serve the real constituency. Meanwhile, Trump has to maintain the voting constituency, with one outrageous position after another that appeals to some sector of the voting base. And he’s doing it very skillfully. As just as a political manipulation, it’s skillful. Work for the rich and the powerful, shaft everybody else, but get their votes—that’s not an easy trick. And he’s carrying it off.


And, I should say, the Democrats are helping him. They are. Take the focus on Russiagate. What’s that all about? I mean, it was pretty obvious at the beginning that you’re not going to find anything very serious about Russian interference in elections. I mean, for one thing, it’s undetectable. I mean, in the 2016 election, the Senate and the House went the same way as the executive, but nobody claims there was Russian interference there. In fact, you know, Russian interference in the election, if it existed, was very slight, much less, say, than interference by, say, Israel. Israel, the prime minister, Netanyahu, goes to Congress and talks to a joint session of Congress, without even informing the White House, to attack Obama’s policies. I mean, that’s dramatic interference with elections. Whatever the Russians tried, it’s not going to be anything like that. And, in fact, there’s no interference in elections that begins to compare with campaign funding. Remember that campaign funding alone gives you a very high prediction of electoral outcome. It’s, again, Tom Ferguson’s major work which has shown this very persuasively. That’s massive interference in elections. Anything the Russians might have done is going to be, you know, peanuts in comparison. As far as Trump collusion with the Russians, that was never going to amount to anything more than minor corruption, maybe building a Trump hotel in Red Square or something like that, but nothing of any significance.

The Democrats invested everything in this issue. Well, turned out there was nothing much there. They gave Trump a huge gift. In fact, they may have handed him the next election. That’s just a—that’s a matter of being so unwilling to deal with fundamental issues, that they’re looking for something on the side that will somehow give political success. The real issues are different things. They’re things like climate change, like global warming, like the Nuclear Posture Review, deregulation. These are real issues. But the Democrats aren’t going after those. They’re looking for something else—the Democratic establishment. I’m not talking about the young cohort that’s coming in, which is quite different. Just all of that has to be shifted significantly, if there’s going to be a legitimate political opposition to the right-wing drift that’s taking place. And it can happen, can definitely happen, but it’s going to take work.”


Chomsky: By Focusing on Russia, Democrats Handed Trump a “Huge Gift” & Possibly the 2020 Election”

‘dem now’ April 18, 2019




What is going-on is going to HAVE TO BE HALTED. Lasers, plasma-Guns, Ionizationings for weather-Warfare, not for “defense w.o. a permittance: pluralistcally” by not secret-Votes? The geoengineering from US-platitudes: plutocracy, is morosely extensive, and purveys fascism-Extent as though the word was merely not propaganda. As we know, the national-Forests in Wyoming and in coloRadie were decimated by acid-Reins onslaughts prior to that INCREASE of “chemicalizationings” which, again, purposefully brought weakening of the collective: coniferous-Botany to an immune-Deficiency spasm of rage. And response to rage is what happened. The once-Bountiful forests of the western expanses of continental-USA were post-Haste decimated “after” those onslaughts of black-Spruce forests across northern north-Americas.               “R”


“In regard to difficult to accept and unpleasant truths, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo images shown below were captured from NASA satellite sources, they are truly alarming. These images provide shocking and undeniable proof of the ongoing global climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management assault on our planet and its life support systems. Highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals that are systematically sprayed into our atmosphere from jet aircraft as part of the geoengineering / solar radiation management (SRM) programs, are manipulated with extremely powerful radio frequency signals. These signals are transmitted from countless locations around the globe from various types of transmission platforms (ionosphere heater installations like HAARP, SBX radar, NEXRAD, etc.). The impact of the microwave transmissions on cloud formations is profound and highly visible (square cloud formations are created under some scenarios).

In the series of NASA satellite images below, many variances of radio frequency cloud impacts can be observed. The degree to which the ongoing climate engineering/climate/intervention/weather warfare is disrupting Earth’s atmosphere and life support systems is already beyond catastrophic and rapidly escalating all over the globe.”


“NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof of Climate Engineering”

16 Jan 2019 posted by Dane Wigington




Hmmm, good for you, “chem-fookeRing tRails: garbage” in various sizes of onslaughts, always toxic to the human-Body! Dane and “R” agree, the conclusions of “Ionizationing” cannot be rationally concluded, the chemicals are inherently contaminating to Humanoids. I extend, in my analysis and defining, their plutocratic-Immediacy to fascist aplomb of the rightwing political takeover that extends 900-to-1,000 US-military bases around the planet in order to circumsize the breathe of naturalness into the genie-Bottle of chemicals and Radionuclides are not-sooo-good-for-us even on a Sunday! I prided myself in supportive measures, doing pilgrimages to where Dane Wigington was living in both, 1990 and in 1993-coming northbound from Chico, bitchen-Cal.                     “R”


“Can populations be convinced to re-prioritize their time, efforts and energies, if they become convinced that their very lives depend on it? Should fighting for the future of our children, and the web of life on which their futures depend, be a top priority? Does such a question even need to be asked or answered? Our combined efforts could yet make a difference, but we must rise to the occasion now, not later. We must reach a critical mass of awareness with the population in regard to what is unfolding, this is the first and most critical leap in the right direction. Share credible data from a credible source, make every day count.”


“Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 6, 2019, #191”

April 6, 2019 54:44 mins. posted by Dane Wigington


See also:  my 2-pages posted @   AND




I prided myself in 1957, by knowing that the IPB (international peace bureau) was a civilian organization which heralds back 1891, as “our boomeR” start!  That was a fight-for-Life i.e. that of we-Humanoids. The chem-tRails are not my “health-Medicare” defending me from Radio0nuclides cancers and sordid-Rexes of toxicities found in gMOS as well as fRactuRing, where methane-Releases contaminate water and are allowed to seep back into the deep-Cisterns as though those were “always-Filtered” atoms. I do not believe giving freehand to OSHA people overworked, under-staffed, under-tRained and who hardly identify w we-People whether as american-Socialists as should be, or as merely “bought”: hirelings. The tRains on the foist continental-Railway line, are not coming thru my township, on my un-Paved gRavel road, altho they sound that much “noise”. They are not using LNG, for sure, which is being allowed to not be refined for tRansport-Utility and commute services, because too much invention does not cut into “Oil-Reserves” anyway-How!


People, we are not even half-way to acknowledging how much we know of the disastrous: fascist-Extent that neo-Liberalism combined to Imperialism has brought us to confide, altho the boomer-Generation is yet the more populous of generations, as we get older, why. Do oRganic gRapefRuits, smell better and taste-Better even when disseminated by chem-tRails? Yes. How many parts per million mo0leculaes? Who has those measurements. Whether or not atoms cannot be measured, molecules sure as heck have been i.e. measurements for teleologic-Purposeful studies. Do we need government complicitness and complacency to do their jobs? Do we need to fire ‘all’ and tRain-to- hire others? Yes, of course. Like speaking-out that zionist-Fascism is the basic political-Party of plutocracy in Israels, should they also have control of the IDF, because Israels has no “constitution”. They are some kind “of idiopathic: religious-States”. Does that mean US-admins must give away “Billions-dollars #3.3 this past year to those fascists? That cRonyism became just-such a political-Stat of the neo-Con’s is because lies they, the Jewish people of Judaism, are not the oNLY “semites” when there are all “told” 14-total: tribes. Yes.                    “R”


“On the 12th of March 2019 a press conference was held in the IPB ́s headquarter in Berlin Office. The aim of the event was to present to the German press the various events and demonstrations being organised to mark the 70thanniversary of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), which will happen on the 4th of April 2019.

The press conference was hosted by the “No to War – No to NATO” network. Kristine Karch and Lucas Wirl, Co-Chairs of the international network, attended the press conference, together with Reiner Braun, Co-President of the IPB and member of the coordinating committee of “No to War – No to NATO”. They were also joined by Alexander Neu from the German leftist party (Die Linke), Member of the German Parliament.

During the press conference, speakers presented the various actions planned in Germany and internationally on the occasion of the NATO’s anniversary. Subsequently, they elaborated on the importance of opposing the alliance’s demand to receive 2% of member states’ GDP, its confrontational politics and policies, and its ever- expanding global involvement. Lastly, speakers presented to the press a few alternative strategies for a cooperative and common security policy, marked by the effort of demilitarisation in lieu of accelerating the international arms race…


During the event, prominent members of the German peace movement spoke about how the world would look like if NATO ceased to exist: presenting these imaginary scenarios, they talked about possible paths for the dissolution of the military alliance and the social and economic benefits that it would generate.

The list of speakers included Reiner Braun (Co- President of IPB), Wolfgang Gehrcke and Alexander Neu (members of the Left Party and, respectively, former member and member of the German Parliament), Lucas Wirl (Co-Chair Person of the international network “No to War – No to NATO“) and the writer Christiane Reymann.”



IPB-Newsletter-March-2019-1-1 (4-03-19).pdf


As anomalous “weather-WarfaRe” continues w 21 years of chem-tRails, and 42 years of “Ionispheric-Heaters” how realizing are you? Are your neighbors? Are the scientists who do not speak out against “nuclear-Molecularizations” from (not-so-depleted uranium-238) NSDU-238 as well as “damnable medical-Doctors” who ought to have been proponent, since 1957, when civilian-Scientists were cast-Aside to allow “intel-Gence: hypothecary”?  What am I saying as an Ecosocialist; as an american-PhilosopheR; as a pRofessional-pRoletariat, an american-Socialist presenter? There have been gReat needs of concern since the raw-Goon and M. Thatcher amalgams forwarding military expenses thRu the rooves onto “weather-WarfaRe”! The pRofessional-pRoletariat’s ought to erase what medical-doctors lies-deceits, usuries on eyeball enchantments hypersensitizing; on NSDU-238 must not have been investigated since the interstellar-Space protons and electrons form together to formulate ‘neutrons’!


As James Corbett has stated recently, “the choir does need to exist”! I am a thinkor because facts do enhance where the catharsis may have been purposefully or not overridden. Today’s fact is that I have ‘not overlooked’ that D.E.W.  is as harsh as NSDU-238 usages and US-militaryism, backbone of the propagated for protecting D.E.W. as a need for  surreptition in the first place. Altho 1991, known but not released as a new “Mustang automobile” whereas via non-Usages, research and Development for masse` murdering or secretizing, because the weapons do masse` murder and do “nuclear-Molecular: radionuclides-Contaminations” when until Sept 11th 2001. That the Horribilus Rex first sample example came upon a world scene as guys in caves of Afghanistan not afghan-Nationalists of the warlords and worldwide capitalist-Crime enterprise. Nonetheless, committed capitalist cRonyism, crimes against Humanity for the excuse-Making of u.s.a. neo-Cons movement.      “R”


“7 September, 2017

Today, September 7th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes four secret documents from the Protego project of the CIA, along with 37 related documents (proprietary hardware/software manuals from Microchip Technology Inc.). The project was maintained between 2014 and 2015.

Protego is not the “usual” malware development project like all previous publications by WikiLeaks in the Vault7 series. Indeed there is no explicit indication why it is part of the project repositories of the CIA/EDG at all.

The Protego project is a PIC-based missile control system that was developed by Raytheon. The documents indicate that the system is installed on-board a Pratt & Whitney aircraft (PWA) equipped with missile launch systems (air-to-air and/or air-to-ground).

Protego consists of separate micro-controller units that exchange data and signals over encrypted and authenticated channels:

» On-board TWA are the ‘Master Processor’ (MP) and the ‘Deployment Box’. Both systems are layed-out with master/slave redundancy.

» The miss[i]le system has micro-controllers for the miss[i]le itself (‘Miss[i]le Smart Switch’, MSS), the tube (‘Tube Smart Switch’, TSS) and the collar (which holds the missile before and at launch time).

The MP unit receives three signals from a beacon: ‘In Border’ (PWA is within the defined area of an operation), ‘Valid GPS’ (GPS signal available) and ‘No End of Operational Period’ (current time is within the defined timeframe for an operation). Missiles can only be launched if all signals received by MP are set to ‘true’. Similar[l]y safeguards are in place to auto-destruct encryption and authentication keys for various scenarios (like ‘leaving a target area of operation’ or ‘missing miss[i]le’).”


“Vault 7: Projects—Protego”

7 Sep 2017




Consensus science is not science, and science is not consensus…define mass and Energy! That today, D.E.W. has been found to be irresponsible p and parody for Nothingism, makes rational-Introspection all-the-more-pertinent. I use the correlate actual philosophy of covetous for Nuclearism, which covers-up for people being bought and supposedly knowing everythinGy-Bop, Conditionalism. First of all, I am going to assume that the “pRoject for a New American Century” adumbrated those tenets of weaponry “uppe front”. Project next-Millennium, was for all intent puRposes, bought by Bush crime family as backward-Enough propaganda ploy. Obviously, not “odiously”. There are far too many post hours work-wirk-work-werk persons spending space-Time in bars having beers w.o. conversations those which have more than appellate, “I sweated, today” exigency polemics. How many discuss the molecules of plastics are known and renown as “plastispheres” contaminating all-Waters: the whole planet-eRathe. Whatever do the dRunks on sidewalks in metro: little-D, discuss? Morosely how to get a ticket for a “gladiatorial: sports-Game where ‘pRofessional-Players are paid millions dollars per year. How come—both? Do those pros ever discuss american-Socialism w just such aplomb as found here in my ever-so-little righteousness?          “R”


KEITH STEWART: It’s kind of a standard joke that oh, in Canada it would be nice if it was a little warmer. The problem is the rate of change. We haven’t historically– well, in the geological record climate has changed a lot over time– but we’re trying to pack change that usually take 50,000 to 100,000 years into 50 years. Because we’re burning fossil fuels and sort of increasing the greenhouse effect trapping heat, which it then causes a whole bunch of other changes. You might think oh, a little bit warmer that would be nice, but you’re also changing rainfall patterns. You’re going to have drought in some places. You are going to have more wildfires, the kinds we’ve seen in B.C. and Alberta the last couple of years where people literally couldn’t breathe. Walking outside in Vancouver was like breathing eight packs, smoking eight pack of cigarettes. In urban areas, one of the warnings in the report is we’re going to see even more flooding. In particular, the kind of flash flooding which in one incident here in Toronto back in 2013, we saw $960 million worth of damage in a couple of hours. We saw street cars under water. People had to be rescued from the GO train by boat. These kinds of severe impacts– the heat waves, the droughts, the wildfires, the flooding– these cause enormous damage to our economy, they cause enormous damage to our health, and we’re only seeing the thin edge of the wedge here.

When you look at this report, a big part of the message in the report is: what the future looks like depends a lot on what actions we take today. In their low emissions scenario, if Canada warmed about one point seven degrees, it would warm by another two degrees, that’s bad because it would have a whole bunch of negative impacts. The negative impacts by far outweigh the positives. In the high emissions scenario, the one we’re actually on the path to right now, they’re talking about warming by six degrees in Canada, on average even more than the far north, by the end of the century. That would make agriculture basically impossible in large chunks of the prairies. They say oh, you can just move further north. Well a lot of places in this country you move further north, they don’t have soil to be able to support agriculture. Here in Ontario, we have this thing called the Canadian Shield. It’s all granite. You can’t grow crops there. And similarly, forests which are suited for one climate system, can’t move themselves north 50, 100, 200 kilometers in the space of  20 years.”


Today is not a mono-Tony, day. Today is full circle realization that 360* cannot  become a 380* enumerative of non-Plutocracy appeal—fortunately! I shall state the exactment! Scientific, today is Reconsideration on electric-Dynamics, the plasma cosmology hypothesis plasmoid at center of Milky Way electromagnetics moving via charged paRticles. As such this does affirm that “electromagnetic-Kinetic: energy will propagate expansions into hyper-Space transport, as soon as “egregiousness-Extent” is curtailment policy for american-Socialists. Couple mono-tony to mono-Poly, as even white police-Pole: persons, had to be variegated into majority. Not always good, but what are stats on overwirk coupled to murdering afro-Amers as per too many hours awake, not sleep deprived but conditionalizing depRavity.           “R”


 “Canada is Warming at Twice the Rate of the Globe, Says New Report”

20 Apr 2019 Greenpeace Canada analyst hopes study serves as a wake-up call for Trudeau government.


The indigenous-Americans of Canada pRoper and borderline aspecting, ought know that the monarchy waylaid “defense for all” about as pRospectously oRiented as US-military not having defense, but having merely, the simplest “forum”. Propaganda, as much as we american-Socialists are into not having anarcho-Syndicalists, become anarchists whose dReams are never interrupted by communist-Stalinist: dictatorship-bRutalities that murdered 26-million persons. More than likely, police-Officers do not have historic-Studies on we-People of north-Americas, let alone in u.s.a. 50-states where that should be indebtedness to not making identity mistakes into purposeful habituations. The fact is that integRationing is the better side of american-Socialists, anywhere on Nordic-Americas continent. As far as foreign-Policy is concerned toward u.s.a.-Socialists, we do not trust nor entrust to capitalist-Totalitarianism, because—define further the above!                     “R”


“DALLAS GOLDTOOTH: What we’re seeing right now with these executive orders is nothing but an act of aggression against the authority for states to protect their homelands or protect the residents of their state and the lands within the borders of those states, mainly targeting the Clean Water Act. Really, what Trump wants to do is take away the states’ abilities to enforce environmental regulations against pipeline projects or other infrastructure, fossil fuel projects, and take and give that power solely to the federal government. You know, this is—it’s kind of absurd that, you know, Trump, being a representative or the figurehead of the Republican Party, is wholeheartedly endorsing an ideology that the federal government has a final say over what happens within the borders of a state and that the state has very little recourse to address these issues. The other—there are just two executive orders, so that was the first one.

The second one really specifically talked—focuses on the cross-border—the border crossing of pipelines. In this regard, we’re talking about Keystone XL. I know Enbridge, Enbridge Line 3, was also one of those pipelines that had to deal with crossing the border from Canada to transport tar sands oil. And really what the president is trying to do, and he did this a couple weeks ago by approving Keystone XL a second time, is saying that he, as the president, has the sole power to approve these projects, and is encouraging the State Department to say—to act only as advisers to the president to sign these projects.

And there’s something really—something really insidious and dangerous about this, that is just a part, a continuing part, of Trump’s legacy for overreaching his executive powers, is that the president has stated that because he is the president, he is not a federal agency, therefore he’s not beholden to any environmental regulations that federal agencies have to follow, in particular the National Environmental Protection Act, parts of the Clean Water Act. You know, he’s saying that, “As the president, I actually am—I don’t have to follow those, because I’m not a federal agency.” And that’s very, very dangerous precedent to start here, especially as we look towards a rapid expansion of fossil fuel development in this country at this current moment and what we’re trying to fight against in the protection of Mother Earth and the sacredness of the land itself.


NERMEEN SHAIKH: And, Dallas Goldtooth, could you talk about, in fact, some of the efforts that states have been making to resist, block these pipelines, in Pennsylvania, for example, and elsewhere?

DALLAS GOLDTOOTH: Yeah. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a lot of states become more aware about the dangers of fossil fuel infrastructure projects and the risks that they pose to drinking water and to clean air. I think, on the big picture, we’re seeing a greater understanding about how these projects lock us into more fossil fuel development, and therefore add to the climate chaos that we’re seeing with the increase of greenhouse gas emissions. And so you’re seeing some states, like Pennsylvania or even New York, who are taking steps to address that by putting moratoriums on fracking development or having a more stringent process or a more stringent evaluation of pipeline projects and their impacts, whether it’s very specific or cumulative impacts on climate overall. And one of those examples that the president has referenced specifically is how New York state has used the Clean Water Act to to halt the continuation of the Constitution pipeline in that area.

On the flip side, we’re also seeing states who are trying their very hardest to increase fossil fuel development in their areas. And one way that they’re doing that is to suppress the ability for common, everyday citizens to publicly protest against them or to use their First Amendment rights to speak out against these projects’ impacts on their communities.”


“Dallas Goldtooth: Hold Banks Accountable for Financing Climate Chaos & Violating Indigenous Rights”

‘dem now’ 22 Apr 2019

        w.o. surreptitions of the inordinate UN-kind,

                         the peace-Warrior


Tags/ Canada warming, at Twice rate, of Globe, Dallas Goldtooth, hold Banks accountable, for financing climate, chaos, violating, indigenous-Rights, Prof. Noam Chomsky, democratic party chaos, Vault 7: Projects—Protego, IPB Newsletter March 2019, Geoengineering Watch, global alert news,



"R" Addison

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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