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anti-nucleaRist bloG #244/ 11 Apr 2019: Fascist America Military-Hegemony on-the-pRowl

anti-nucleaRist bloG #244/ 11 Apr 2019

Fascist America Military-Hegemony on-the-pRowl


That I’ve heard theirs is a legacy of making power into a staid “Defense” maintains the dept-of-Offense on the arrogance of not needing presidential decrees for invasion, seems to have been the neo-Cons thru Bush and thru Cheney. The corporate media went along w merely Cheney was in charge by not stating the obverse, that supremacy is more outta control than the consorting to not have “defense” but to maintain a passion for power over that of decree in special-forces to maintain. Was this a way to abstain from supremacy is power or that falsity relegates known lies to propaganda anyway? Was the supremacy a tRippe for allotments in political hands-on by intel-Gence over that of whom cares for de-stabilization because intel-Gence can be waylaid as necessity? Neither, since supremacy is that of “destabilizations”. Notice this states that destabilization had to be overlooked if supremacy is not to be discussed, also!


“The Trump administration, which made promises to rein in Washington’s un-necessary wars, has not only expanded the US’ covert and lethal drone program, but has taken the covering up of its civilian death toll to a whole new level.

Like most of the battlefields opened more widely under the Obama administra-tion, Donald Trump ramped up airstrikes against the infamous Al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia approximately two years ago. And, like most drone wars expand-ed under Obama and dramatically widened under Trump, the details of this covert assault are continuously swept under the rug, particularly when it comes to civilian casualties.

The Pentagon has openly said that its airstrikes in Somalia have killed zero civilians.

Yet, recently, an Amnesty International investigation into just five of the strikes carried out since March 2017 by both manned and unmanned reaper aircraft found that the strikes resulted in at least 14 civilian deaths, with instances of eight civilian injuries as well. In total, the US has carried out more than 100 strikes in Somalia since 2017.

Read more

Obama was a smiling murderer, says Ilhan Omar… then tries to backtrack Oba-  ma was a smiling murderer, says Ilhan Omar… then tries to backtrack.

Amnesty has made it quite clear that the attacks have violated international humanitarian law, and may amount to war crimes (remember, they have only assessed five out of over 100 so far). Weirdly enough, the New York Times piece introducing this report failed to mention that last point, even when Amnesty mentioned it very early on in its release (though, that being said, the Times did slip a half-hearted attempt at adopting a moral and legal stance near the end of the article, noting that “critics have claimed” drone warfare “could also result in war crimes.”)

Not to worry though, when approached for comment by Amnesty International, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) repeated the claim that no civilians have died in American operations in Somalia. So, that’s that then.


The US military truly is an amazing, benevolent force for good in the world, isn’t it? It managed to ramp up its airstrikes in Somalia after the US president signed an executive order in March 2017 declaring southern Somalia an “area of active hostilities.” It conducted more airstrikes in Somalia than in Libya and Yemen combined. Just in the first few months of 2019 alone, it has already carried out 24 strikes on Somali territory, compared to only 14 in the whole of 2016, prior to Trump taking office. In 2018, US airstrikes killed 326 people. And yet, not a single civilian has died or been injured. Remarkable.

One such strike on the hamlet of Farah Waeys in Somalia allegedly killed mem-bers “or affiliates of Al-Shabaab,” according to AFRICOM. Those affiliates, however, were actually two civilian men, as well as five women and children who were injured. Another strike killed three local farmers in the early hours of a morning in November 2017, who were resting after working all night digging canals. AFRICOM even admitted it carried an airstrike in the region on that same morning.

If we thought that it was hard to monitor US-led covert wars in the Middle East and Africa before, it seems to have gotten even worse under Trump. Just recently, Trump allowed the CIA to keep secret how many civilians are killed in its airstrikes outside of war zones. As it transpires, a law passed by Congress making it compulsory for the Pentagon to publicly report civilians killed in its operations applies to the Pentagon only, and not the CIA drone program.”


These are morose, more than insidious, unlawful as heck, and like the word “bullshit” not at all composted. How come? Whether you think/feel I shall disavow my neighbors because they are a-Hole supercilious and that means never a peep of words that news does not avail because the oRpoRate-Sleaze is psychopathic, then give yourself a break. Eat shit, as the indigestion that does cause may help “de-cloud your pea-bRains”.


“Furthermore, defence officials have said under anonymity that the CIA and the Pentagon’s efforts in places like Somalia are heavily intertwined anyway, often “piggybacking” off American military posts or US-backed militias. The potential for the US to lie to us through its teeth due to this arrangement is astounding, to say the least.

As far back as 2015, four former US Air Force servicemen wrote an open letter to Barack Obama warning about the effects of drone warfare, calling it a “recruitment tool” for groups like ISIS. They advanced the crazy notion that the killing of inno-cent civilians has acted as one of the most “devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world.”

At a press briefing in New York, the servicemen also revealed that drone opera-tors would refer to children as “fun-size terrorists,” and justify their killing with the phrase that they were “cutting the grass before it grows too long.” Some drone operators even flew their missions while impaired by drug and alcohol abuse.”


The narrative as placed and put-backwards into print is negligence for thinking that “scientific evaluation of psychopaths cannot be accomplished” for lawful abiding. Or, that any abiding is most likely that punitive measure for both pRopaganda and Impunity. Be that their subjectivism avails oNLY there gReedy little neo-Liberalist ‘paws’. US-military-Hegemony makes tRash outta consequences pertaining. All.


“The American war machine killing civilians helps Washington’s enemies “spin false narratives?” If anything, I think America’s insistence on blowing up Muslim people, left right and center, with zero accountability or compensation of any kind, makes it very easy for its so-called enemies to spin narratives that are one hundred percent grounded in the truth. Why would they even need to lie?”

““The Trump era has made clear just how vulnerable policy limits are and how dangerous it is when a president claims legal authority to kill in secret. In 2017, Trump lifted a key policy constraint limiting lethal strikes to ‘high-level militants’ who pose ‘a continuing and imminent threat to Americans.’ He also reportedly declared that parts of Yemen and Somalia were exempt from the meagre remaining limits. The result? The United States is killing more low-level suspects, regard-less of whether the government has reason to believe they pose a threat to the United States.”

The US is not even at war with Somalia, yet somehow there are at least 500 US   troops stationed there, with a further 6,500 spread out over the African continent. The US has even hired private contractors to supply proxy forces in the country. Even the Guardian reported at the end of last year that the ramping up of US airstrikes were not really changing the situation on the ground in Somalia, as the terrorist group continued to strengthen its grip on the country.”


“We did not expect the world to be silent’: US continuing to kill civilians with impunity”

Darius Shahtahmasebi, 04 Apri 2019 rtnews




What most comes to mind is the empire is on a mad “power-trippe” because the US-military can profess that supreme militarism has never been reached, as lies go or as tRuths of pertaining to power has both been adept and adapted. Whereas due the psychopathy this is yet not as close to what supremacy has meant in terms of making all insufferable gain, bargains w.o. “choice”. The structure for mercenary guerilla types, that were turned loose on central-Americas 1978 thru 1988, was a supercilious amalgamation of lies impermeate for propaganda, but power is supreme. That remains and indigestion to us citizens who had awaited as long as possible, a defense mechanism w.o. cIAS and N.S.A. on their power-tRippe to reach supremacy, too! The destabilization polemic remains in a fascist-State and the structure of client-State Israel lauds that accomplishments asking for more “financial-Assistance” not to waylay expansions of so-called suburbs while again and again “mowing the lawn” shoot-to-kill innocent civilian-Palestines in Gaza, the world’s largest open-Air prison.


“On 29 August 1949, the Soviet Union conducted its first nuclear test, code-named ‘RDS-1’, at the Semipalatinsk test site in modern-day Kazakhstan. The device had a yield of 22 kilotons.

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 had prompted Joseph Stalin to order the development of nuclear weapons within five years. The young nuclear physicist Igor Kurchatov was charged with leading this project.

It was no coincidence that the RDS-1-device bore a close resemblance to the U.S. ‘Fat Man’ bomb dropped on Nagasaki, as Soviet espionage had managed to obtain details about the U.S. Manhattan Project and the ‘Trinity’ test on 16 July 1945. The Soviet device was therefore also a plutonium-based implosion device.

RDS-1, the first of 456 Soviet nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site.

The fallout from the nuclear test drifted to the northeast, reaching the region of

Altai Krai. Traces from it were also detected by the United States, altering it to the fact that its monopoly on nuclear weapons had been broken, which was public confirmed by U.S. President Truman on 23 September 1949 and a day later by the Soviet Union itself.

Within a few years, the Cold War nuclear arms race was at full steam. In 1951, the United States exploded the first thermonuclear device in the ‘George’ test, to be followed two more years later by the Soviet Union with the RDS-6 test. Until the end of the Cold War, the United States would conduct 1,032 nuclear tests, the Soviet Union 715.

Crater at the Semipalatinsk Test Site

The Soviet Union conducted 456 of its tests at the Semipalatinsk test site, with severe consequences for the local population, including high cancer rates, genetic defects and deformations in babies. Read more on the effects of Soviet nuclear testing.”



Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov, “Father of the Soviet Atomic Bomb”


The stats on development of nano-Weaponry and no allowed “health-Medicare” must be stopped if we-People are to HALT invasions and concentrate on nano-Phytoremediati-ons and that includes “chem-tRails: nano-Molecularizations” already transposited upon the planet as necessity for ONLY “Ionizationings of atmospheres w.o. explanations to us. The planet is losing. The we-People are losing. Why is that sooo negative, and not ever replete? We share be able to manufacture a new-Planet sometime in the “not-so-Incomplete: Future”. What will spiteful-Excess not cost us, butt-Holds?


“Russia’s Foreign Ministry criticized NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for mentioning Joseph Stalin in the same breath as Adolf Hitler and ISIS, as “enemies of freedom.”

In his address to a joint session of the US Congress on Wednesday Stoltenberg made a case for greater defense spending for NATO countries, stressing that “in an ideal world, we would not need to spend any money on defense, but we do not live in an ideal world.”

Hitler could not have been stopped with peaceful protest. Stalin could not have been deterred with words. ISIS could not have been defeated with dialogue.

That is what Stoltenberg said, emphasising NATO’s importance for Europe and the US.

People in Norway are “burning with shame” from Stoltenberg’s words, as the Red Army played a significant part in the country’s liberation from Nazis, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said, pointing out that Stoltenberg himself is Norwegian.

The leader of the Russian Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, went further calling Stoltenberg “provocateur” and reminded him that the Norwegian govern-ment collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

“Mr Stoltenberg may have forgotten that his country collaborated with Hitler, helping him oppress Europe and the Soviet Union,” Zyuganov said.

In October 1944, the Red Army freed Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway, from the German forces. Nearly 2,900 Soviet soldiers died in Norway during the conflict.”


‘Burning with shame’: Russian FM slams NATO SG for likening Stalin to Hitler, ISIS”

‘rtnews’ pub. 4 Apr, 2019 14:59




The dysfunctionality of remunerative-Polity is reprehensible to the socio-Political tendency of multiple-Parties as establishment for maintenance of human-Rights. As we-People have known NSDU-238 usages by the new-Rome and the holdings of other nucleaRist states, as we have also known the lies and deceits of Sept. 11th 2001 pertain to the glossover of the first, the most formidable introduction of the third “heinous nuclear-Molecular D.E.W.” as prescribed by black-Ops and zionist-Fascist coRpoRatists who staged behind scenes the intimacy that usages would be proscriptive w deaths, those of first-Res-ponders, and those of innocents, and those of “moral-Defense obseravtionists” such as myself, now decades outta my patterns of professionalism.


“The fires in California, Canada, Portugal, Tennessee and other places were nothing like normal wildfires. About 100 of them (in California in 2017) started at one time in the evening when it was cooler outside (yet the officials still blame it on climate change). Also, in many places, the fires burnt in straight lines and squares. Other anomalies are that the fires jumped from one house to another without touching the lawns in between the houses, burnt cement and metal, but not plastic or wood in some cases and burnt hardly any trees (even pine trees), but burnt structures and cars that were next to those trees. Also, despite the news reports of strong winds, the roads and sidewalks looked pristine as if someone swept them. As can be seen in videos below, the fires came from the sky as there were no burnt paths between the burnt structures. I am not saying that no trees burnt, but not the ones around the houses and buildings that were burnt. Is it possible that not all of the DEW attacks were at the same frequency?

If you take your time to go through all the videos, articles and documents on this page and consider that there have been no media reports of another country attacking us, (especially when they’ve been itching to drag Russia into a war with us); you will be hard-pressed to deny that it was the U.S. government who was behind it or at least complicit with it.. You’ll also see how that the United Nations already planned an Agenda 30 megaregion development zone in Santa Rosa before it was set to fire and that the areas being burnt match where the Agenda 30 megaregions map shows plans to build smart cities and no-people zones in the future. What better way to build a megaregion smart city than to first burn down all of what is already there? You can learn much about Agenda 30 on the Agenda 30 page of this site.”


Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Submitted

by Mark M. Administrator Posted on Nov. 24, 2018 Categories Economy




Again and again, since 1973 and 1974, in our Berkeley CA plenaries and meetings against “nuclearism” the tenets that David Kreiger yet, postulates, are the same enamora-ments. How come? Is he partly a wizard at recollections, or did he not protest at all the nuclear-Facilities, one after the other as I had done starting, in 1968? NucleaRism is a philosophy of US-hegemony. Does he explain what he had observed during those years 1981-to-1983 at Livermore Labs? Or, 2000 at Los Alamos for the anti-Nuclearist 20-years gathering there? Yes, there, no not at Livermore. No one spoke-out and against NSDU-238, leading-up the asinine gHA Bushwhacky masse` murder “Highway of Death” as what was not fully understood, yes. I did and many others. But, we were small circles and out plenaries were hushed by hawkish factions that said US-military is upholding the traditions of masse` extermination of two atomic-Weapons. Yeah, those were bad, a Reality that awe anti-nucleaRists should fathom as cultural-Fact again and again, which we truly do.


The U.S.: fanatic-penataGooons has full knowledge of all three-Weapons usages. Are they holding back, David Kreiger does not state. There are many other “peace-Associations” who do not expose nuclear-Weapons as all nuclear-Molecular News reporters of national esteem do not state. Do they withhold facts or not delve into factuality. NSDU-238 has existed since March 1943. What is history when facts are inconsistently designated not usable while three-weapons are all “aggressor-stance: weaponry”? This is a malignant “fallacy”.


“The most stunning and frightening truth about the nuclear age is this: Nuclear weapons are capable of destroying civilization and most complex life on the planet, yet next to nothing is being done about it. Humanity is flirting with extinction and is experiencing the “frog’s malaise.” It is as though the human species has been placed into a pot of tepid water — metaphorically with regard to nuclear dangers and literally with regard to climate change — and appears to be calmly treading water while the temperature rises toward the boiling point. In this piece, I focus on the metaphorical pot of heating water, heading toward a boil, representing the increasing nuclear dangers confronting all humanity.

Disconcertingly, there is virtually no political will on the part of nations in possession of nuclear arsenals to alter this dangerous situation; and, despite legal obligations to negotiate in good faith for an end to the nuclear arms race and for nuclear disarmament, there is no major effort among the nuclear-armed and umbrella countries to achieve nuclear zero. While the non-nuclear-armed countries have negotiated a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and are working to bring this treaty into force, those countries that possess the weapons and those sheltering under their nuclear umbrella have not supported the new treaty.

All nine nuclear-armed countries boycotted international negotiations on ban-ning and eliminating nuclear weapons. In addition, each of these countries is in the process of modernizing its nuclear arsenal, thereby wasting valuable resources on weapons that must never be used, and doing so while basic human needs for billions of people globally go unmet and unattended. Despite this unjust and deplorable situation, most of the 7 billion people on the planet are complacent about nuclear weapons. This only adds fuel to the fire under the frogs.


In the nuclear age, humanity is challenged as never before. Our technology, and particularly our nuclear weapons, can destroy us and all that we hold dear. But before we can respond to the profound dangers, we must first awaken to these dangers. Complacency is rooted in apathy, conformity, ignorance and denial — a recipe for disaster. If we want to prevail over our technologies, we must move from apathy to empathy; from conformity to critical thinking; from ignorance to wisdom; and from denial to recognition of the danger. But how are we to do this?

The key is education — education that promotes engagement; education that forces individuals and nations to face the truth about the dangers of the nuclear age. We need education that leads to action that will allow humanity to get out of the metaphorical pot of heating water before it is too late.

Education can take many forms, but it must begin with solid analysis of current dangers and critiques of the lack of progress in stemming the dangers of the nuclear age. We need education that is rooted in the common good. We need education that provides a platform for the voices of the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We need education that makes clear the instability and dangerous nature of nuclear deterrence. We need education that challenges the extreme hubris of leaders who believe the global nuclear status quo can survive indefinitely in the face of human fallibility and malevolence.

We need education that can break through the bonds of nuclear insanity and move the world to action. We need the public to speak out and demand far more of their leaders if we are to leap from the pot of heating water, avert disaster and reach the safe haven of nuclear zero.”


“Humanity Is Flirting with Extinction”

by David Krieger, 02 Apr 2019 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation




The fallacies of the new-Rome are continuous and contiguous w humanity-Destructiveness. The words that comes to my mind are these: un-Abashed, antagonistic, molecularists, abnoRmal, especially the latter, as bonds w nucleaRism have been boundless and reprehensible to all but wAr-Materialism and pRopaganda-Post. The fallacies of usages of “nuclear-Molecular: weapons” was not placed into the hands of superficial-Anarchyists, sooo why do they have that prerogative, anyhow?


“I’ve found interest in NSDU-238 being covert transport from Port of Houston, in TX–for decades, now. The fact was truth the involvements by JSOC operatives w.i. NATO. However, the CIAs suspected mission continues in Europe thru the rekindling, as reported by Sibel Edmonds–whistleblower on Sept 11th 2001. My concerns are that of operation-Gladio B. Wow, checking that is a report w today’s date.


One finite end was the Boston Terror and how that was covert CIAs in the new-Rome. checkout…       “R”


“BFP BREAKING NEWS: Boston Terror, CIA’s Graham Fuller & NATO-CIA Operation Gladio B-Caucasus & Central Asia”

by Sibel Edmonds 27 Apr 2013


The following is why I have explained to you readoRs, fellow american-Socialists, and boomer-generation born “bought idiopathics” because not merely Ecology concern and Ecosocialism is the extent. My tRavels started when I was 15.5 years, as I was absorbed by what “scientific-Evaluations” did not express-concern nor concentrate w volition into the manner of extents beyond edifice and codifice. Thus, by 1983, I had covered extensively by hiking the whole north-Americas continent, and going east-West and west-East viewing w camera’s and binoculars the flatness arrays of reservoirs ‘n winds, but of mountainous regions socked w coldness and gRanite-Surrenders. As Dr. Helen Caldicott has stated many occasions “I Love this Planet…” which she and I both find our adherences holding deepening meanings. Altho, she has not yet excised D.E.W. and that is her innocuous morbidity.


The “electric-Universe” as this scientific-Extent has enumeratedly-Pronounced since 1988, has been most informative to those early stages w my second cousin Gerald Pollack, who has furthered w.i. the reach of Velikovsky’s knowledge and the host of a score ‘others’ scientists, who like my exasperated “self-Self” have needed specifics not mathematicals w nowhere discernings as consonants of  tRuths.


“Earth’s geology and weather is a result of capacitance in Earth’s electric circuit. Forget anything you’ve been taught about geology. It’s wrong — provably wrong — from evidence you will soon see.

We are taught to associate geology with billions of years of “tectonic forces” is actually the result of capacitor discharge across Earth’s crust and atmosphere. The Earth’s own electric circuit electroplated, etched, and arced to form the land, patterned by the Earth’s electric field.

The first evidence of Earth’s electrical formation is provided by the landscape — all you need do is look at it. In this series of articles, you will be shown features created by electric winds. The challenge is to believe your eyes and take a serious look at the theory behind it.

If you need laboratory proof, look at any welding process, crystal fabrication, or electrochemical process where slag is produced. Rocks are manufactured without millions of years of pressure and temperature if electric current is applied. Electricity, even in small currents, can produce temperatures and pressures that exceed that of the Sun. Rocky outcrops, boulder fields, quartz veins, gravel beds, sweeping slopes, triangular flat-irons, volcanic fields, canyons and river beds, all display the effects of electrical diffusion and the secondary effects it produced….

In the atmosphere, it takes form as clouds. Clouds should be regarded as aerial crystals because electrically, they form identical to crystals with a nucleation, aggre-gation, and diffusion process that expands condensation in the atmosphere the same way crystals grow.

The liquid crystal growth of clouds will organize into rotating storm systems as a result of capacitance in Earth’s circuitry. In effect, Earth stores energy as a build-up of charge in its layers of crust and atmosphere. Then it dissipates the built-up charge in violent winds, lightning, and downpours. Storms are predictable phenomena of capacitor charge build-up and discharge across a partial plasma layer. Vortex winds, updraft winds and downburst winds, anvil clouds, mumatus, meso-cyclone, and tornadoes are all displays of energized cold plasma in a capacitor’s electric field.

Because these forms are fractal, they repeat their predictable forms wherever the electrical process that forms them is present. What changes from case to case are the elements in the circuitry — impedance, dielectric, voltage, degree of ionization, and polarity of plasma. Just as no two snowflakes ever match, they still follow identifiable patterns of crystallization which is fundamentally a process of charge diffusion. Like-wise, the variables in the environment create chaos that never produces identical results but the electrical processes, circuits, and fractal patterns they form remain the same and are identifiable.”


The Eye of the Storm, Part 1”

by  Andrew Hall sschirott 31 Mar 2019 thunderblogs




The facts belie the issue that excuses makes a decent case of spying! Since when? This is an extortion sanctimony used as embarrassment of Ecuador diplomacy, failures to account that normal doctor’s do medicine and should have been allowed as should Julian’s uses of and for internet, altho he had no eavesdropping electronics. There never were assurances that the US-admins would not ask or buy-off “extraditions’ rights. The facts do belie these recent surveillance and breach of security, the veribund electronic audio and spy-camera’s surveilling w his meeting w attorneys. Julian was not allowed to step outside after seven years of confined disposition to seek necessary medical-Attention. Why this brundage w the law in disfavor of human-Dignity and human-Rights?


“AMY GOODMAN: Julian Assange’s U.S. attorney, Barry Pollack, said, quote, “It is bitterly disappointing that a country would allow someone to whom it has extended citizenship and asylum to be arrested in its embassy. First and foremost, we hope that the UK will now give Mr. Assange access to proper health care, which he has been denied for seven years. Once his health care needs have been addressed, the UK courts will need to resolve what appears to be an unprecedented effort by the United States seeking to extradite a foreign journalist to face criminal charges for publishing truthful information,” Barry Pollack wrote. That’s Julian Assange’s U.S. attorney.

Christophe Deloire, the head of Reporters Without Borders, tweeted, “Targeting Assange because of Wikileaks’ provision of information to journalists that was in the public interest would be a punitive measure and would set a dangerous precedent for journalists or their sources that the US may wish to pursue in future,” unquote.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted, “Images of Ecuador’s ambassador inviting the UK’s secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of—like it or not—award-winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books. Assange’s critics may cheer, but this is a dark moment for press freedom.” That is the tweet of Edward Snowden.

We begin today’s show with Renata Ávila, a member of Julian Assange’s legal team.


Renata, thank you so much for joining us. This has just taken place, the arrest, the dragging out of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorean Embassy by the Metropolitan Police in Britain. Can you tell us what you understand are the grounds for his arrest and why the Ecuadorean Embassy allowed the British police into the embassy to do it?

RENATA ÁVILA: Well, thank you for having me, Amy, and thank you for all the solidarity that you’re showing as a journalist. Unlike you—I’m outraged, like on top of all of this going on, I have seen the lack of class solidarity from journalists all over the world, and that is making the situation worse.

First, the arrest, it breaches international law at so many levels. And as a Latin American, I can say that I’m ashamed of this blatant disregard for the most—one of the—which is a tradition of Latin America of providing and defending the institution of asylum. What happened next, it is what we suspected since Michael Ratner was leading the defense of Julian Assange back in 2010, that this was what we predicted, and it happened as we predicted it.

The Swedish case was nothing else but an excuse to secure the arrest of a journalist in a Western democracy—so-called democracy. So, it was confirmed by Scotland Yard that his arrest is not connected with a bail breach; it is connected with the extradition request. And Swedish authorities had just now a press conference in Sweden, in Stockholm, and they confirmed. It was not consulted with them. It is not related to the Swedish case. It is an extradition requested by the U.S. Justice Department.”

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks Arrested in London; Faces U.S. Charge Related to Chelsea Manning Leak”

‘dem now’ 11 Apr 19




“LIVE: Wikileaks Editor in chief holds press briefing on Assange’s “new criminal case” 27,929 views Ruptly Streamed live on 10 Apr 2019  { Ruptly is live from London on Wednesday, April 10, as Wikileaks Editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson holds a press briefing on a “new, unexpected, criminal case involving Julian Assange”, alongside the former Consul of Ecuador to London, Fidel Narvaez, and human rights lawyer ​and barrister Jennifer Robinson. }




Ecuador PM Moreno shows he is a cRook who did not continue progress by Correa admin, and did turn face for neo-Liberalism banking and a-Hole oligarchs into fascist ways and means! The UK-government is adjudicatedly and propitiously latent to involvements against Julian, as Ecuador. Impugning against Julian Assange has been the tasks of rightwing elements in Sweden, in UK, in Ecuador, in U.S.A speculative measures as well.


“WikiLeaks founder and Australian whistleblower Julian Assange has exposed the crimes of the US and other Western nations and now a crime has been committed against him by his arrest, says veteran British politician and broadcaster George Galloway…

WikiLeaks said the Australian computer programmer is wanted by the US government for publishing classified documents related to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that were leaked by American whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

George Galloway

Galloway said Assange’s arrest was a big crime against someone who had always exposed big crimes through his website WikiLeaks.

“I’m very shocked…Julian Assange is a friend of mine, more importantly, a friend of truth, a friend of the people. He exposed great, great crimes and now another great crime has been committed against him,” he said, adding, “Shame on the Ecuadorian government, shame on the British government and shame on those that let this happen.”

Assange’s mother also reacted furiously to the arrest, calling Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno a “dirty, deceitful, rotten traitor” who allowed the UK to nab his son after withdrawing his asylum status in the embassy.”


Assange ‘exposed great crimes’ by US government: George Galloway”

press-tv  Thur Apr 11, 2019 02:53PM


 a voice fRom the vOID, the peace-Warrior


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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