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anti-nucleaRist bloG #242/  24 Mar 2019 No, the chem-Trails Sleaze Weather is not a Jihad against US-idiot Making

anti-nucleaRist bloG #242/  24 Mar 2019

No, the chem-Trails Sleaze Weather is not a Jihad against US-idiot Making


The chem-tRails sleaze-Weather is manufactured mid-Air. Chrned-out from spouts w.i. each Aerojet. Are we not lucky to receive such “tRashing of air-water-land and human bods”? No. The “Inonizationing is good for Dept-of-Offense. That is debatable! There is no respect for the US-military and NSA carrying-out an offensive measure against US-citizens, w.o. informing us 21 years ago, when the pRogram started. In fact, there is no scientific reproof of ‘how harmful inciting the Ionisphere, the uppe-stRatosphere, and the photo-sphere’ of this planet will be helpful to the purpose of transposing natural for plastic platitudes, unless for digression of the US-constitution—further than what the wArs-wArrings illegalities have done, since 1950. Fact is the debate has been curtailed by shallow implications that ruining the Ionisphere will not occur. Show us belated! No, that has not occurred, nor been done by any the four Socialists parties, either.         “R”



There has been considerable interest in the possibility the mysterious 0.9 Hz ULF signal observed by the ELFrad group is a result of HAARP broadcasts. I have been monitoring HAARP for sometime and noted a number of similar characteristics between the HAARP broadcasts and the dates, times and pulsing of the ULF signal. The name HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) would imply its major function is the creation of high-frequency or shortwave signals.

Nonetheless, one of the main purposes of HAARP is the generation of powerful ULF/ELF/VLF signals as stated in both the original design patent and in their list of ongoing research activities. For those researchers using sensitive ULF/ELF receivers or magnetometers for seismic correlation studies it would be useful to know when HAARP is generating ULF signals and then subtract those signals from your data set. Unfortunately, HAARP does not notify the public of the varied dates, times and frequency, or nature of modulation of its transmissions. So you would need to determine that for yourself.


HAARP transmits primarily on 2 frequencies: 3.39 MHZ and 6.99 MHZ. The multiple transmitters have the capability, under computer control, to quickly change to any frequency between 2.8 and 10 MHZ. Early tests have demonstrated this capacity. But the crossed array circularly-polarized dipole antennas have been “cut” for maximum Effective Radiated Power at the design frequencies.

Most radio amateurs would quickly recognize the shortwave radio propagation characteristics for the HAARP frequencies since they are adjacent to the 40 and 80 meter ham bands. This means the signals can be heard quite well at night over long distances since they reflect off the smooth F layer of the ionosphere and may bounce or skip clear around the world. During the day time the sunlight disrupts the D, E and F layers and the long distance capability of those frequencies from 1 to 10 MHZ is lost.

In March 1997 and again March 1999, HAARP performed listener reception tests, with mostly ham radio listeners, using CW morse code signals at a specified time and date on both 3.39 and 6.99 MHZ. In the March 1997 test, most listener reports show strong signals from the second F layer skip along a line from northern California to Toronto, then very little or no reception along the line from southern California to the New England states, but strong reception again along a third F layer skip line from Texas to the Carolinas.

The resonance amplifies into the atmospheric-Levels that surround our planet. Again, how do we know what is damaged of the molecular-Structure w.i. those lamination-atmospheres. How much moisture is displaced by what moisture-Consistency levelers? What and when were those measurements attended? How were the results able to connect w Scandinavia research group; and, w Russia research group? What do ionospheric-Heaters do, if not heat “atmosphere”? Is all this question is, was for a pillaged  pRopaganda-Machine. The specific gRavity of new “nano-Weapons: technology” DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FIELD TESTED on indigent publics in this country nor any other. The US-military has too gotten w the “military-Hegemony” exorcism and abuses the premises of involving others! As Immanuel Velikovsky (alongside Car Jung) has stated, “mankind is his own worst enemy”. [see:

“Wal Thornhill: The Saturn/Earth Connection and Our Place in the Universe | Space News”  ]



In the March 1999 listener tests, with the then much higher power output, there was “minimal-but-readable” to “very-strong” reception in all of the US and Canada along with strong signals in Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and central Europe. Even though HAARP sends most of its 110 MW of power straight up in the air, there are still enough megawatts leaking off the side lobes and going around the world to make HAARP one of the “big boys” on 40 and 80 meters.

By June 2000 HAARP has again increased its power levels. The increased reception around the world of the 1999 test compared to the 1997 test is due not only to the increased transmitter power but also the increased plasma density of the ionospheric F layer as we approach the solar sunspot maximum in the year 2000. So world-wide reception of HAARP on short wave may drop in succeeding years.

During normal operation throughout the year, HAARP transmits on either of its frequencies with a loud 6.25 second pulse, and with either a 15 or 30 second space between pulses. When listening for the pulses they are easy to distinguish. The sound of the pulse is something like a blowtorch, modulated by the sound of a 10-ton fully loaded Mercedes lorry falling off the Chunnel train half-way to Paris. Once you have heard the HAARP pulses they are instantly recognizable.

For monitoring purposes the receiver audio can be set very low. Each of the pulses begins with two, short but very strong, sine wave multi-frequency tones which are about 20 db above the main pulse. With the receiver audio set to a minimum background hiss, the “beep-boop” sound of the pre-pulse tones can be easily heard and let you know HAARP is transmitting.



The EISCAT Scientific Association is an international research organisation operating three incoherent scatter radar systems, at 931 MHz, 224 MHz and 500 MHz, in Northern Scandinavia. It is funded and operated by the research councils of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, China, the United Kingdom and Germany (collectively, the EISCAT Associates.)


A high power transmitter and antenna array operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The transmitter is capable of delivering up to 3.6 million Watts to an antenna system consisting of 180 crossed dipole antennas arranged as a rectangular, planar array.


Because coRpoRations have Wall street under control, why do the neo-Liberalist Banks need off-shore accounts when the fanatic-penataGooons cannot balance those annual accounts? May we thus assume, when plastic-Skies makes for less moisture, that gMOS will be rearranged for a more finite usurpation of and on byproducts? Or, shall we assume that foods, too will be plastic and the federal-Government will never re-Forest those “what’s let forests” now burned, because of acid-Rains weakening, purposefully allowed by whomever yet to be canonized in courtroom ‘pRoceduRals”? Yes. Which is caused thru “aluminum-Oxide” representing the tRuth, but not allowed the cRux of the issuances for plutocracy to remain “the new-Rome”? Tax earnings from sales of tRansactions, as well as higher for earnings. Oligarchs are psychopaths, too—fortunately or not!


The HIPAS (HIgh Power Auroral Stimulation) Observatory is an ionospheric heater, which can radiate 70 MW ERP at either 2.85 MHz or 4.53 MHz. located 30 miles Northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska, in the small community of Two Rivers. It is located at: 64° 52’ 19″ N latitude and 146° 50’ 33″ W longitude and operates year-round. The HIPAS Observatory is operated by the UCLA plasma physics laboratory.


The Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, located near the small town Vasilsursk about 100 km eastward from Nizhniy Novgorod (geographical position 56.13° N / 46.10° E) in Russia, is a laboratory for ionosphere research. Its ionospheric heater, similar to the American HAARP, is capable of radiating about 190 MW, effective radiated power (ERP) on short waves. This facility is operated by the radiophysical research institute NIRFI in Nizhny Novgorod.

The frequency range of the heating facility is from 4.5 to 9.3 MHz. The facility consists of three 250 kW brodcasting transmitters and a 144 crossed dipole antenna-array with dimensions of 300 m x 300 m. At the middle of the operating frequency range (4.5 — 9.3 MHz) a maximum zenith gain of about 260 (~24 dB) is reached, the ERP of the facility is 190 MW (~83 dbW).


“The 430 MHz radar transmitter at Arecibo Observatory was built in 1962 by Levinthal Electronic Products, which became Radiation at Stanford, as original equipment for the observatory. The transmitter operates at a fixed center frequency of 430 MHz with a maximum transmitted bandwidth of 1 MHz. Two Litton L-3403 or L-5773 klystrons operate in parallel as a balanced amplifier, with a 90-degree power splitter at the input and a high-power 90-degree combiner at the output, to provide a maximum total peak pulse output power of 2.5 MW. Power is delivered to the antenna platform cia 1,500 Ft. of WR21000 waveguide. Am infinitely variable power splitter on the platform provides transmitter power to feed antennas in both the Gregorian dome (a feed horn) and the carriage house (the line feed). This allows dual beam operation, which could have been called “dual radar” operation, as it is equivalent to two radars pointing in different directions. The maximum duty cycle is 6% so the maximum average output power is 150 kW.”


What is the hypocrisy “to save this planet” when all that is wrong is what has been off-shoot of fascist-Money: system. Do we need another war you can characterize, to prove that heating the Ionisphere is not radical opprobrium to control the consorts yet known and UN-known alluding to those involvements? That may be a total necessity to HALT the “perishing the planet platitude” which has never been indicated by saving “time and space”. What is experimental and what is not released as Universal knowledge? Other than generalized contexts that the planet is globally warming. Where then, has “defense” been? The US-military is as offensively aggressive, especially in Kosovo (1999) w their usages of NSDU-238 in what has been called the 79-days wAr.             “R”


Ionospheric Heaters Around the Globe

geoengineeringwatch January 14, 2013




I actually find that propaganda is actually so staid that the enumerations should be discussed openly. However, the Universality is basic to all Humanoid needs, and the amenity too, ought remain Humanoid, not plastic falsity, fake news, mouthless psycho-pathology of nonsense word-Usages. The generality-as-conditions of aberrations known is re-known Conditionalism. Whereas we-Humanoids have the knowledge to eradicate poverty w.o. goods introduced, and we have the research capabilities to instill the “personal-Defense” from discourse-offs is not merely metaphysical. Thereupon, humanity ought wake-up and configure that natural-Herbs on our foods is not merely salt and pepper. The problem for us, we-Socialists is what is the vulnerability level, and how will any equilibrium be watched as we must be aware, cautious, and defensive of Life w or w.o. “health-Medicare” providing the proviso’s of defending for ourselves.  Diplomacy was an important state and we-People’s function, before 41-years ago!      “R” 


“MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Western countries, including the United States, began dismantling the international legal framework when NATO decided to launch airstrikes in Yugoslavia in 1999, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“This is when notions began getting mixed up and the Americans decided to destroy the international legal framework and replace it with some rules that the order should be based on. The Western countries are now increasingly referring to a ‘rules-based order’ instead of calling on everyone to adhere to international laws,” Lavrov said in an interview for a documentary at a Russian broadcaster NTV.

READ MORE: NATO Press Office Refuses to Address Trump’s Idea to Make Brazil ‘Official’ Ally

The minister remarked that the international laws came about as the result of talks where consensus was reached, whereas “rules are being invented by the Westerners themselves.”

“That is when it started, 20 years ago,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Lavrov voiced the belief that NATO’s actions in Yugoslavia had been motivated by Washington’s desire to move closer to Russian borders, apart from other things.

“Washington had a temptation to place the global situation under its total control… and to solve all the emerging problems in such a way that could enable its domination in all the regions across the world. Among other things, the Yugoslavian story was certainly linked to the NATO desire to move to the east, closer to the borders of the Russian Federation… The further development of the events proves that it was in fact like this,” the minister said.

READ MORE: US Opposes Israeli F-16 Sale to Croatia Due to Yugoslavia Wars — Scholar

He added that Russia had done everything it could to prevent a “catastrophe.” According to Lavrov, Russia’s initiative played a key role in formation of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe mission monitoring the situation in the region, most importantly in Kosovo.


The Russian Foreign Minister also recalled that Russian and UK servicemen had prevented a “bad scenario” when they met in Yugoslavia. He praised the professionalism that the two countries’ military forces had showcased back then.

Lavrov expressed regret that the West had not learned any lesson from the events in Yugoslavia and was continuing to carry out operations against sovereign states, which results in hundreds of thousands of casualties.

“The West has not in fact learned any lesson from it, and I doubt that it actually wanted to learn… Soon after 1999, a decision was made in 2003 to intervene into Iraq under the made-up pretext that Iraq allegedly had chemical and biological weapon,” Lavrov added.

Syrian refugees arrive at the Pearson Toronto International Airport in Mississa-uga, Ontario


Yugoslavia a ‘Warning’ for Canada’s Multicultural Mosaic – Journo

At the conference in Rambouillet, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, which are permanent members of the UN Security Council, were strongly in favor of using force against Yugoslavia and were supported by Canada and the Netherlands, the foreign minister said. Russia and China spoke out against this, and so did Argentina and Brazil.

NATO’s 1999 strikes were carried out in Yugoslavia, made up of Serbia and Montenegro at the time. Albanian separatists from the Kosovo Liberation Army were engaged in an armed conflict with the Serbian security forces. NATO’s bombing campaign, which took place between March 24 and June 10 in 1999, was not approved by the UN Security Council.

According to Serbian authorities, about 2,500 people died, while some 12,500 were injured.”


The tantamount insult, Life w disparagements of trusting the rhetoric-Lines of empire’s Bourgeoisie opprobrium the Imperium has been building, or erecting, yet another “fence”. They disguise the use of this line to maintain capitalist-Totalitarianism. Thus, plutocracy is maintained, and they are heralded by theirs is the propaganda-Machine. I recanted again and again, that this is NOT americanism, to state the least being my travels were a constant of tRavails. Seems to me that Lavrov has already proven himself as a spokesperson of the Russia-people: state. He definitively, has his facts straight on the bully-Clyneton invasion by bombing that was as asinine as gHW’s “Highway of death”. The two are similar in scenario. Lavrov’s defining is succinct for foreign-Policy to a world being bought by E.U. is N.A.T.O. which is paradoxical in many “US intel-Gence aspects” such as Operation Gladio, to place bully-Boy’s criminality in fact, while the u.s.a. Bourgeoise plays tickle-my-belly.

There is a host of other trysts that the neo-Con’s tried to pretext, to maintain getting the “bush crime family members” into the World tRade Center (NY City) apparatus, where the NY Control center for F.E.M.A was locate. Building #7 will never be the same due the inclusion of Zionist-Fascist and oligarchs asserting they’re at helm in neo-Liberalist Banking.         “R”


“West Began Dismantling Int’l Law When NATO Bombed Yugoslavia – Lavrov

© AP Photo / Jerome Delay” ‘sputnik news’ Europe 10:06, 22.03.2019




DARPA fits my timeline of control by US-military apparatus, when ‘civilian’ scientists were purposefully canned (released) from service for defense) and we-People lost control to military-Hegemony nuances. This more-than-Gestural disdain, led yet another factory-Plan of soldiering into empire for no relief from war. The boomer generation was warned, then (1956-57). We were not justly told, the military is taking over and here is D.A.R.P.A. We were set nearer a precipice of state-control and state pRopaganda, too! Those 1950’s lead into 1978 and US has been at wArs-wArrings since then. The neo-Con’s sought to control that idiopathic. DARPA was to be the new “industry of intel-Gence” as georges-Enron sooo inadeptly proviso’d in 2001 and 2002. What is the history. We do have a much different History when one digs into :indigenous battles and how they had been forced to live on the marches” to having to werk beside “pesticide-Machines” and pig-out weeds 12-to 6-days a week, to nobody is planting confer saplings, because the neo-Liberalist controls on Real Estate and big-Pharma’s consorting to give you a medication that merely does 10-percent the task of worthiness.        “R”


History of DARPA with Jimmy Dore”

rt news ‘world according to Jesse’ 27:10 mins. pub. time: 9 Mar, 2019 08:08




The asinine “Conditionalism of neo-Con’s u.s.a.” took the criminality of “bully Clyneton” to the hilt, because Clinton was already in consort w the Mena airport murders, as well as in touch w gHW Bushwhacky, regardless remain innocuous, intel-Gence. They both profited, but we, publics, do not have reports on gHW’s earnings from illegalities, as those were buried in tax (evasions, is suspected) losses from Oil companies investments in and around Houston, the oil-Center of US-capital. The bully-Boy routine was to funnel illegal donations into the Clinton Foundation, whereas Hillary could not have moved from Arkansas state to New York state, and won the US Senate seat—otherwise. Where does that money come from, if not taxes withheld each payroll check for werking classes. Did bully-Boy ever extol his manner, while in office, or afterward in interviews, was to provide more money to werkors in Unions, rather than Oligarchs who run unions?      “R”


“Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali says his country must return to the Arab League, calling on the 22-member regional organization to reconsider “its wrong decision to suspend Syria’s membership.”

“The Arab League needs Syria because it cannot function well without it. The organization has violated its charter by suspending Syria’s membership in the organization,” Arabic-language online newspaper Elnashra quoted Ali as saying on Friday.

He added that the Arab League made this decision under pressure from the United States and Europe.

“It has become clear that many Arab countries noticed that they have an interest to resume their diplomatic ties with Syria and to return the country to the organization,” Ali said.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on February 3 that his country will eventually return to the Arab League, stressing that the Damascus government will never surrender to blackmail or accept conditions for the restoration of its membership to the regional organization.

PressTV-‘Syria to return to Arab League without preconditions’

The Syrian deputy foreign minister says his country will not accept any preconditions for its return to the Arab League.

“Those who are trying to ignore Syria or to impose conditions for its return to the Arab League will not succeed, since Syria will not surrender to blackmail and is not primarily concerned with anything other than its domestic problems,” Mekdad said.

He added that certain anti-Syria decisions are being made by some Arab states on the instructions of extra-regional powers.

PressTV-Tunisia urges Arab League to restore Syria’s membership Tunisia’s foreign minister has called for the restoration of Syria’s membership in the Arab League.

The Arab League suspended Syria’s membership in November 2011, citing alleged crackdown by Damascus on opposition protests. Syria denounced the move as “illegal and a violation of the organization’s charter.”…”


Arab League must re-evaluate Syria membership suspension: Ambassador”

Fri Mar 15, 2019 05:16PM




The concern, ‘are we more vulnerable now, or will vulnerability o-u-t no-one rules another because the paranoia is the whole human-Race, may not perish in this life-Form we know now. Yes. Heating our atmospheres won’t change DNA, but the survival-Rates of Homo Sapiens may become the impoverishment as shown by the semi-Inofficious platitudes of those states doing and doling-out “chem-tRails garbage-Sleaze: weather” as an edifice as well as deifice. Whereupon, we need a new-Officiousness. Not another Conditionalist analog of might surpasses correct concerns for and of, humanity. Not more and further chem-tRails garbage-Sleaze: Ionizationings for destitution as dire-Straits pRopaganda. While chem-tRails Ionizationings are pRone to bathe the whole maim the whole planet in aluminum-Oxides, platitude.

Factual indemnities was foundation-Laid in past before that 1998 occurrence. The real putrifaction we may state was in usages w public non-Disseminations on and of NSDU-238. Nothing regale, however a garbage-Sleaze: test. Thus, in that manner plutocRats could not be blamed for hypocrisy—one may say. No. plutocrats cause and never recant. They are why one does state “in order to be rid the chem-tRails: garbage-Sleaze, orm-D that in the air—w.o. causing more, not less Toxicologic despicability. Cannot be done! Yes.



“After weeks of youth protests against Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s attempt to seek a fifth term in office, the working class is emerging as the leading force in the struggle against the National Liberation Front (FLN) regime. Strikes have spread to mass transit, auto, education and the critical natural gas sector, as millions march demanding the fall of the regime.

The movement in Algeria is at the heart of an international resurgence of the class struggle and of political opposition among workers. In France, deep anger against President Emmanuel Macron has erupted independently of the unions in the “yellow vest” movement, amid a strike wave against European Union (EU) austerity stretching from Portugal to Berlin. Teachers’ strikes across the United States, the maquiladora strikes in Mexico and strikes across the Maghreb are being organized via social media, against the union bureaucracies.

The FLN will give nothing to demands for jobs, a better future and the end of the dictatorship of the capitalist clique around Bouteflika. Backed by Paris and the other imperialist powers, it has suspended April 18 elections, aiming to keep Bouteflika in power until it can halt the protests. Nearly a decade after workers’ uprisings toppled imperialist-backed dictators in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011, new international revolutionary struggles against capitalism are being prepared.

The lesson of the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings is the need for a Trotskyist revolutionary vanguard in the working class. Without this, despite heroic struggles by millions of workers, middle-class pseudo-left parties like Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists (RS) and Tunisia’s Workers Party (PT) were able to block a working class seizure of power in both countries. At each step in the revolution, they advanced the lie that imperialist-backed military juntas or Islamist parties would grant national democratic reforms, politically disarming the working class and enabling the ruling class ultimately to restore the old dictatorships.

The eruption of a working class movement against the FLN is a historic vindication of the International Committee of the Fourth International’s (ICFI) struggle for Trotskyism. The petty-bourgeois “left” insisted that the FLN’s coming to power after the 1954-1962 Algerian independence war against France proved that neither working class struggle against capitalism nor a Marxist vanguard party were needed to build a democratic and even a socialist society. Today’s movement of Algerian workers demanding jobs, social equality and democratic rights against the FLN explodes this lie.


The Algerian war was a heroic struggle, costing hundreds of thousands of lives and defying French imperialism’s resort to mass torture and repression. In the 1962 Evian accords ending the war, however, Paris handed power in Algeria not to the working class, but to the FLN. While it inscribed a pledge to build socialism in Algeria’s 1963 constitution, the FLN was a bourgeois party. It based itself neither on workers’ committees in the workplaces nor on the expropriation of capitalist property.

But petty-bourgeois anti-Marxist groups, such as the Pabloite renegades from Trotskyism led by Michel Pablo and Ernest Mandel, hailed the FLN. Having split from the Fourth International in 1953, which opposed their attempt to liquidate the Trotskyist movement into Stalinist and bourgeois nationalist parties, the Pabloites promoted the FLN as one of many movements that would supposedly replace the Fourth International. These ranged from Castro’s guerrillas, who took power in Cuba in 1959, to the capitalist regimes that emerged from the partition of India imposed as part of formal independence from Britain in 1947.

Pablo claimed the Algerian war was “the living permanent revolution, which from a united anti-imperialist national struggle is transforming itself irresistibly into a profound social revolution in the quest for its true nature and achievement—as a proletarian and socialist revolution.” On this basis, he accepted a position as an FLN advisor, until he had to flee General Houari Boumédiène’s 1965 coup that ousted President Ahmed Ben Bella.

The ICFI alone fought to elaborate a socialist perspective for proletarian revolution in Algeria. Against advocates of an unprincipled reunification of the ICFI with the Pabloites, led in the United States by Joseph Hansen, the Socialist Labour League (SLL), the ICFI’s British section at the time, defended Marxism and Trotskyism. In 1963, the SLL wrote:

Hansen made great play of the SLL’s condemnation of the Evian agreement between the Algerian government and French imperialism. We said this was a “sell-out.” Hansen said that here was an ultra-left mistake, showing failure to recognize that at least Evian included national independence and should be welcomed as a victory. We proceeded from an analysis of the class tendency which has asserted itself through the FLN leadership in arriving at a compromise with French imperialism, preventing the Algerian people from going on to win their own revolutionary demands. Those who concentrated on the “victory”… only helped Ben Bella to deceive the masses, and turned the energies of socialists towards alliances with the bourgeoisie rather than the construction of an independent revolutionary party.

Nearly 60 years later, this analysis and Leon Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution, the perspective underlying the October 1917 revolution in Russia, has been confirmed.

…none of this can be accomplished on the basis of a nationalist program: rather, the struggle for socialism requires a decisive turn to the international working class.”


The pushiness for time is not space-Time demiocRacy-puRpose for Oligarchs-Realm, as they can and will be defeated—by plutocracy. Is this what we-People are afraid? No. is the Bourgeoisie afraid. Of what? Fear, butt-holds, as autocrats are ascendant but NOT always supported by fascists nor plutocrats—more or less—by Technocrats This where do the progressive fascist-Righties fit and configure? Weld, the relentless rip-offs of monies, financial-duress, and movement of whatever a straightening their criminal-Ilk cannot surrender. They do not support werkoRs, but do support oligarchic surrendering in eager to mediocre-Leadership.          “R”


The working class enters into struggle in Algeria”

WSWS 13 Mar 2019




The resbits from continuous wArs-wArring have happened, since April 1978, but not surreptitiously. Laws are NOT made to be bRoken, contrary to hype-tRype. Speaking-out is a democracy-Purpose. There has not been an antagonist/pRotagonist discussioning much more than in plenary sessions of socialist-Parties, although we know that the fanatic-pentaGooons would have to dole that out five-Times over. My concerns are when will we best be encapsulating that in “theatre-Performances” as I know that I’ve done that little in my public-Poetry, since 1969. The main reason to extoll in altruism is that the DARPA serves as protagonist, or that pRopaganda comes first not wAr-Invasions. This should have been “proved-Publicly”. Yes.       “R”


“Chelsea Manning—who has taken a brave and principled stand against the attempt to frame up Assange—was jailed on March 8 on civil contempt charges for refusing to testify before the secret grand jury. Judge Hilton cruelly sentenced her to jail indefinitely knowing full-well that she had already served seven years in prison—including long stretches in solitary confinement—even though she is recognized throughout the world as a courageous whistle[-]blower and defender of the truth.

The unsealed documents shine a light on the desperate measures to which the US government has resorted in pursuing a legal pretext to prosecute Julian Assange. It also exposes the fact that Chelsea Manning has been the target of an endless campaign of intimidation and conspiracy in violation of her democratic rights.

In Manning’s legal filing of March 1, “Omnibus Motion to Quash Grand Jury Subpoena,” it is explained, for example, that a primary objective of the grand jury questioning is to prove that she made “false or mistaken” statements during her 2013 court-martial trial.

The document states, “Given the prosecutor’s unwillingness to disclose information to Ms. Manning that would help her evaluate the risks of testifying, she must assume that the grand jury is a ‘perjury trap’ or even worse, a subterfuge for another military prosecution.” Such an entrapment, the motion argues, would violate her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

The document also elaborates further on the First Amendment basis for Manning’s refusal to answer questions before the grand jury. Manning’s lawyers write, “First, there is a likelihood that this grand jury to be used expressly to disrupt the integrity of the journalistic process by exposing journalists to a kind of accessorial liability for leaks attributable to independently-acting journalistic sources. This administration has been quite publicly hostile to the press, and there is reason to believe that this grand jury may function to interfere profoundly with the operation of a free press.”

In other words, the Trump administration intends to make examples of both Manning and Assange and threaten any future journalists who report the truth about the crimes of American imperialism and its criminal military and intelligence operations around the world.


…Manning’s motion also exposes the fact that federal prosecutors are using the

grand jury mechanism in a wholly unconstitutional manner. They write, “Furthermore, it is possible that this subpoena represents an effort on the part of the FBI or another investigative agency in collaboration with government prosecutors to compel by grand jury process testimony that would otherwise be inaccessible.”

In violation of her legal rights, the FBI attempted unsuccessfully to question Chelsea Manning in 2010 while she was at the Quantico military brig in Virginia. Federal authorities are now attempting to use their power to compel testimony that was otherwise off limits to them.

Finally, and most significantly, Manning’s motion to quash the grand jury subpoena exposes the fact that she has been subjected to massive unlawful electronic surveillance in violation of her First Amendment rights.”


Unsealed documents shed light on state conspiracy against Chelsea Manning

by Kevin Reed 22 March 2019




This person mS Manning is as bRave as Assange and myself. When you read my wRitten published 4-Volumes you’ll find that I’ve related on “nucleaRism” for 67 years, now. I live in a cold-wate:r aRtes storage cabin, and commute at least 114 miles for food-gas-hardware-mechanics and chats w acquaintances who never ask pertinent questions from factual standing that they’re read, discerned and admonish I need more into my website. I am single, and musing when a dentist will not commute by teeth sentence. I had joined w OTR tRukken, to find-out what american-Steel is, industrially. Thirty-thRee-years later I retired to re-gRoup and not gRope. As one may have discerned already, I have maintained that “american-Socialism: party” is a good socio-Polity for coloRadie. Maybe not.       “R”


“Put simply, the patent describes a method using a radio beam aimed at the ionosphere where shortwave pulses from 1 to 3.6 MHZ are applied to “heat” the electrons in the ionosphere. Then the antenna is turned so as to align with the magnetic field lines in the magnetosphere, and ELF waves (in the audio range) are applied which then drive the hot electrons upward into the magnetic bottle of the magnetosphere where they remain trapped. The purpose is to enhance the number and density of hot electrons in the magnetosphere so it will become more radio reflective. Some of the beneficial reasons for making the magnetosphere into a radio reflector are listed in the patent. Of course, none of the military uses for a radio/radar mirror out at several earth diameters above the surface are listed.

The main advantage of the unique placement of HAARP in Gakona, Alaska is by placing the transmitter directly below the auroral electrojet where the magneto-sphere intersects the ionosphere, the magnetic field lines there are nearly vertical. Then both operations described in the patent can be performed simultaneously and without moving the antenna. Thus the shortwave pulses heat the ionospheric electrons and the powerful ULF/ELF component of the pulses shoots the electrons up into the magnetosphere at the same time. There are several other ionospheric heaters like HAARP in operation around the world. But facilities such as Arecibo in Puerto Rico and VOA Delano in California are too far away from the auroral electro-jet to accomplish both these functions.

Thus one of the primary research activities at HAARP is creating the enhanced reflectivity magnetosphere and then bouncing radio signals off the mirror to determine how well the mirror is working. This depends on how many hot electrons are injected into the magnetic bottle of the magnetosphere. To get the most electrons injected, you need to have just the right ULF/ELF signal.


Remember that NSDU-238 was first used by IDF in Sinai desert, destroying 241 Egyptian tanks. Second time was insidious-Usages under gHW Bushwhacky of Bush crime family, in 1991, but that “Directed Energy Weapons” were odiously used on Sept 11th 2001 by people arrested and never tried and accomplices who atoned for others knowing by a spate of 25 murders of those persons who maybe had no idea of whole black-Ops shadow governance extractions by neo-con’s and others. We, the people of americanism are, by no mean “lucky” that we have not arrived at getting that comprehension or complacency attested.            “R”


When you are listening to HAARP the sound of the blowtorch is the string of pulses from two pulse generators heating the ionosphere, but slightly out of sync with each other so there is a beat frequency between them which changes numerous times and generates the ULF signals. The continuous sweeping through the ULF/ELF range is the sound of the 10-ton Mercedes lorry falling off the Chunnel train. The purpose of the research is to determine which ULF/ELF sound is most efficient. So sometimes the researchers will fill that lorry with a flock of Welsh Sheep and other times they might try a load of Scotch Rye Whiskey. And one time it sounded like a load of Window Workers from Holland. I can tell by listening they have not yet determined which sound is most efficient at producing a shell of relativistic particles, Welsh sheep, Window Workers or Whiskey. But as do all good researchers on long term government grants they keep trying.


Since the early days of radio, in the age of Nikolai Tesla, it has been known the earth has a natural electromagnetic resonance. If a radio signal is sent out from point A it will then travel around to the opposite side of the planet, the antipode at point B, and then continue to travel around back to point A. If a new signal is sent at the same time the first signal arrives back, then the two will add together and seem to resonate constructively.

To calculate that resonant frequency is simple. Take the speed of the radio waves (speed of light), and divide by the distance traveled (circumference of the earth). Then 186,000 mi/s divided by 24,000 mi results in 7.75 /s or about 8 Hz. This is called the first Schumann Resonance of the earth. It is assumed radio static from large lightning discharges follow this pattern and can be heard on a ULF radio receiver as overlapping random ringing damped waves at 8 Hz.

If you take your receiver and tune below the Schumann Resonance down to about 0.9 or 1 Hz you will hear static from yet another resonant source. The cause of this Alfven Resonance is a complete mystery. It would imply there is some other path radio waves can follow which has a round trip path 8 times the size of the earth. Or it may mean there is a medium through which the radio waves travel which is 8 times slower than the speed of light. It might mean a combination of the two. It can only be a change in the speed of light or a longer distance traveled. As yet no one knows.”


I Amy not want to tRavel tRavail, again, as studying chem-Traisl significantly never vacates time for “directed-Energy: weapons” vacuous study? We know we cannot tRust implementations by fascist-Zionists and fascist-Oligarchs. They’re not americanism. Weld, then what did you think of the muledEers in town lifting their legs on the corner of your cabin squirting chen-tRails laced uRine would do for you? As for us, ever? Answer: I think they’d leave a ‘chem-tRails: stain’.     “R”


Ionospheric Heaters Around the Globe

geoengineeringwatch January 14, 2013




The latest, most recent attempt by cIAS and neo-Con’s to de-Stabilize the economy of Venezuela has been halted, because the socialists are no fools w installing oligarchs who do not know how to lead we-People. What I’ve heard since childhood is: ‘empires disgust, Wars hype the disservice’. The word-Usage of hype or hyper-attenuation, came to fruition w much “communications regarding” free-speech movement on the UC-Berkeley campus, as I started my gRad studies (between sophomore and junior years of Liberal aRtes college.  I was fearful we would not learn enough and that prompted me to join hands in 1969 thru 1971 w the affinity group: Revolution Now i.e. w.o. affinity there would be no gRoup. Those two times into gRad-Studies were my cautions to not overstatement, nor to hear others do that much and purvey the incorrect incidents. We, who were into nucleaRism, never allowed first-Use as Defense, and mutually assured-Destruction as “policy-Worthy” because peace would have to be tempered was many as three tReaties. The INF was the last whereas, the CTBT never got signed.       “R”


“Over the past week, millions of Australians have sought, via vigils, petitions and social media posts, to voice their revulsion and outrage at the massacre of 50 Muslims at two New Zealand mosques.

Adding to the shock and concern is that this terrible crime, one of the worst acts  of fascist violence since World War II, was carried out by a young man, Brenton Tarrant, 28, who was born and bred in Australia.

By contrast, while feigning sympathy for the victims, the entire political and media establishment is desperately denying any responsibility for creating the social conditions and political climate for such atrocities.

In a speech last Monday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an end to “mindless tribalism.” While appealing for an end to “hate, blame and contempt,” his sole purpose was to insist that there was no link between the Christchurch attack and Australia’s notorious record of demonising and incarcerating refugees.

Morrison claimed that “legitimate policy debates” about “border policy” and slashing the migration intake were being hijacked by “tribalists” of both “the left and the right.” Tarrant had “rightly been denounced” for exploiting concerns about immigration to justify a mass killing, but “equally” anyone must be denounced if they seek to connect government policy to “racial hatred.”

This attempt to wall off refugee and immigration policy from the murders committed by a self-proclaimed “ethno-nationalist” is utter hypocrisy. There are palpable connections between Tarrant and the bipartisan regime of “stopping the boats,” detaining asylum seekers indefinitely and vilifying Muslims, which has been pursued for decades by successive Australian governments, Liberal-National Coalition and Labor alike.

Australia’s anti-refugee “model” has long been hailed by the far-right networks to which Tarrant proclaimed allegiance in his manifesto, railing against “Muslim invaders.” Among the most avid admirers of Australia’s brutal policy have been the far-right Donald Trump and the leaders of fascistic parties across Europe, including the Lega’s Matteo Salvini, who is now Italy’s deputy prime minister, Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose People’s Party attacks Muslims and refugees, and the neo-fascist French National Rally’s Marine Le Pen.


Tarrant himself was born in 1991, the year that the Hawke-Keating Labor government became the first in the world to mandatorily detain all asylum seekers, a regime now being replicated by the Trump administration and governments all over Europe. The same government, working hand-in-glove with the trade unions, unleashed the global program of deregulation and privatisation that demolished the jobs and conditions of workers across Australia, including in regional towns, such as Grafton, where Tarrant grew up. Labor’s condemnation of refugees as “queue jumpers” was part of a conscious policy to divert and divide the working class as this social assault escalated.

In the same year, the Labor government also rushed to join the US in its first invasion of Iraq, initiating decades of militarism aimed at reasserting the global hegemony of American capitalism. Australian troops have been on the frontline of every bloody US war since.

That is the political climate that shaped Tarrant’s views. For three decades, Australian governments, Coalition and Labor alike, have stoked nationalism, militarism and xenophobia to divert the rising discontent produced by falling real wages, the destruction of full-time jobs and decaying public services and infra-structure.

Morrison himself has been in the forefront of anti-Muslim scapegoating. As immigration minister from 2013 to 2015, he led the military-based “Operation Sovereign Borders” to repel refugee boats and reinforce the previous Labor government’s policy of incarcerating asylum seekers, many of whom have fled the US-led wars in the Middle East.”


“Australian PM seeks to cover up political roots of fascist attack in New Zealand”

by Mike Head  23 March 2019




The Oligarchs in u.s.a. politics as elsewhere, ought desist from fascist-Complementing by not-supple measures of rip-off anyone and everyone who needs “health-Medicare” was symbolized to a beyond nominal-Extent, by the technocrats-PlutocRats of u.s.a. non-constraints of “really, they want a coup” and how did they pay, never mentioned”. When we never stop hearing the Oligarchs in Russia were purposefully investing in US-Wall Street and helped finance “multi-Nationals investments burgeoning”? Wild, but those of us american-Socialist: party found that parity was oligarchs got a purposeful boost from lies by the fanaticism of the verbal agreement w US-diplomats and ex-Soviet leadership Gorbachev, in 1991. No way Jose`. The lies were purposefully the grotesque analog of coverups to continue the deceits perpetrated by operation-Gladio and to instill N.A.T.O. as the chosen military-Arm of Europe, transpositioning as European Union needed american” simple military-Diplomacy. Hype, notice, I did not sate “state-Department” diplomacy backed by US-Congress.            “R”


“Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced on Wednesday that the U.S. Government is withholding US$5 billion dollars from Venezuela, which are meant to purchase supplies to manufacture medicines.

RELATED: Venezuela Announces Arrival of 7.5 Tons of Medicine

“A tremendous effort is made so that free and quality health reaches all the people, to be able to bypass all the aggression of Donald Trump’s government”, said President Maduro during an official act to relaunch the national pharmaceutical industry, one of the main focus points of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda.

The ceremony took place in the Jipana Robotic Warehouse in the state of Miranda, the largest of five warehouses built with the support of China to improve the distribution of medicines and medical supplies for the entire National Public Health System. The other four depots are located in Barinas, Lara, Aragua, and Anzoategui.

Jipana Robotic Warehouse in the state of Miranda, the largest of five warehouses built with the support of China. Photo: @PresidencialVen

The Venezuelan President also announced that next week several tons of medicines and active ingredients will arrive from Russia, adding that soon a plan for the production, distribution, and import of medicines with the World Health Organization (WHO) will be launched.

“Venezuela has to cover at least 70 percent of the internal needs in terms of active ingredients and medical-surgical equipment”, affirmed the head of state. To lead the fully renewed national pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Henry Ventura was appointed as executive secretary.

In addition, a private-public alliance was presented with Farma Laboratories, a private company with the capacity to produce 30 million units annually of anticon-vulsants, hypertensives, flu, and diabetes medicines. While the vice presidents of Economy and Social, Tareck El Aissami and Aristobulo Isturiz, respectively, will install a meeting with private and public sector representatives to establish the system of costs, prices, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products.”


My own recollection from 1977 and 1981 visits into Venezuela was that living next to Colombia would be a hardship, paradoxically because of the u.s.a. needfulness to abrogate afro-Amers to indentured to prisons slates that Oligarchs did for their plutocracy.      “R”


Venezuela: US Withholds $5B for Medicine

pub. 20 Mar 2019 telesur English


Remember empire-Wars are good for killing others– be an asshole


A voice from the vOID, the peace-Warrior


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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