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anti-nucleaRist bloG #24/ 15 Feb 2009 Desperately seeking progressives w.o. sleaze

anti-nucleaRist bloG #24/ 15 Feb 2009

Desperately seeking progressives w.o. sleaze

apeco © 2-05-10

tO u-S peace-People and, what’s a freedom-World… not the new-Rome?


Bombs kill people, but somewhere are empire troops and military-hegemonic disciplines, all of which remain inane and inhumane. Following thru with invasion after invasion. Continuing to do such is Pres. Ohh-bomb-bah. Unjustly for-we-the-People as a struggle to find democracy becomes lifelong and not living within peace confines. The codification without discourse grows like tumors awaiting decades to be removed. Another cancerous growth, another war-monger/ autocrat-Leadership Executive office making rules instead of leading by laws and lasting practice. An enterprise without a backbone that has adjunct that heed was born to make excuses and practice lies and war-Chaos, with as little a human regard for the people here at home as possible. The mass killings that each invasion carries thru to fruition w machinations for loss of ‘sum’ intellect. Does he even know what grass-Roots protest, activism, toil against tyranny and despotism is? Did the executive disorder-Office before him, and that before g-Enron. They’re all-the-same. All “plutocrats” for not from my solicited mannerisms, not the enmity of Constitution would not allow such invasion, such black-Army, such torture, such CIAs insubordinations, such illegal “nuclear-Molecularism” uses, or any such abusives. He’s proven that “rip-Off” is okay because others before perpetuate the empire, time and head-space lacking, again, like the others! In other words, the war-Laureate is another decadent politician.


One thing firsthand, in these writings on the imperialism cause that “not-so-Depleted-Uranium: 238” has never received an answer back, from illegal uses so resplendent, because you as denizens want to remain a lacking backbone. Fear is malaise is a fascist condition. Imperialism is fascist. American corporative, big-Business, offshore hedge-Funds, illegal markets, illegal black-Armies, these are imperialist! As markets and resources are ripped-Off from each nation invaded. You are so appeased by the arrogance-of-Wars that you do not have words to share or words-of-Wisdom from being dissenters against the tyranny-Gate of bases overseas, or black-Armies of wall-street is the economy. Vancouver Olympics, civil-Society left out of the process, by “cookie-Stamped” deifice. Imperialism by corporate verdict for profits-Monopoly: imperialism. All the latter is the conditionalism, that of conditonalizing the populous to live with despair, not democracy, laws or purposeful interactions. Imperialism for despair or fear in depravity, that all is “imperialism” for empires are built upon imperialist contentiousness, and predicated upon lies to the people for tax-Paid by the populous. The we-the-People, populous is no longer seen with anti-Democracy of the speak-out and be against tyranny allowing that dissent has been heard or unlawfulness excised oNLY remains the question, after the Quest.


Dissent is scare, and no longer reported, too. The heavy trippe is not your only outlet, as-the-People, but where the tyranny is mainstays you unjustly. That plague is imperialism. But that you’re damned-lazy about not capitulating, that’s loss of republic heard from oligarches thru the technocratic methods which they continue to assuage in “the plutocracy” that dictation to you maintains the military-estate. That the oligarchs do not explain that treason-to-Law is not warranted is not heard from them. That’s imperialism. Does the artist become his loan to society or his “ego” w.o. trippe-Out! Fear guides your ennui in a causticity of neglectful-Excesses, but you’ve not motivated with the artists, writers, dancers, enough to abrogate words of tyranny that include “imperialist-cognitions” for all to understand justly, how bad the neo-Cons principles for nothing is. The unrelegated conditions are “the conditionalism of spite” tyranny-against-the-people’s will for peace via war after war after war after invasion after invasion without your vote for invasion nor use of tax-Monies allocated for state education and state highways and state fresh-water, and state cleaning the air by planting billions of eco-System: trees. The tyranny is imperialist but their taking over the realms for money used instead to going thru invasions, building and continuing to allow black-Armies and black-technology—as seen by “drones-Technology” is tyranny. Secretized, not voted by congress; wars-warring is illegal; there is no real need for tyranny; the plutocratic-Estate is that of the imperialist-Method.


There is no such adjustment that you cannot adjust for tyranny any longer. The tyranny-gate of impractical-Imperialism exists in-a-cog! Not to motivate with others is against the freewill to stave the “tyrannical-Excesses”. Maintaining that fear is not the answer,. The oligarchs are predicating that fear is needed. To fear is but pathetic-ness, and yet you keep reading or should be defining, but not relating, by not communicating with others. This should not be. Dissenting is the outlook of that exchange! The last “invasion” with the recent 20,000 military-Troops deployment into Haiti, another imperialist invasion of Haiti. That the continuation of the removal of Aristide in 2004 was happening, a tyrannical havoc of rote against that nation-state not by the state-dept, but by the u-s Pentagons. Not by Defense built-in mechanism, but by tyrannical risk-assessment. And that the last adventure of don’t help the people in need post-Quake: trauma, only allowing tragedy, was so much uncouthful “imperialist-doctrine” to maintain imperialism, and death. Imperialism is not needed. We-the-people do not need imperialism!


The tyranny of civil-Rights taken by bureaucracy has been around since 1950’s with that of the plutocracy “expose`”. Human Rights has been around since 1948, the tyranny-Gate expose`s of invasion coupled with bases overseas, and debtor nation statis has been since 1989, NSDu-238 tyranny since 1991. But there is no longer a Howard Zinn to grant to you the stories or the improvements upon history’s gloats to extract justice for all? Since the movable force is to eradicate “tyranny-Gate” because news-Reportage, the gloat of corporate bought-off resplendency is autocractic-Corporatism, not to suggest that tyranny is merely engrossing, engorging, costing the people, that a new economy is needed, not only to be named “wall-Street” because oligarchy-is-Empire’s quest, now exists more in the cocoon!


The following was chosen almost at random because the people have much better choices when peace is not obsequious, and we-the-people, look around:


*“Jill Stein, candidate for Governor of Massachusetts ( replied:


“The sobering message in President Obama’s State of the Union speech: Help is not on the way. His prescription is a stiff upper lip for America’s families struggling with double digit unemployment, home foreclosures and record un-insurance; for students facing brutal college debt and scarce job prospects; for ordinary citizens facing the threats of unending war and a planet warming faster than the worst scientific predictions…


On health care, the President issued this invitation: “… if anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses, let me know.” Has he forgotten? He was describing the attributes of single payer health insurance…


It was good to hear the President decry the Supreme Court decision to put our elections up for sale to the highest bidder, even if his concern may be partly in preserving Democratic Party financial advantages. Unfortunately, the President will be a poor spokesperson for legislative integrity as long as he continues to praise highly flawed bills written by and for powerful moneyed interests.

It is up to the Green Party to provide the vision that America so desperately needs if it is to prevent Wall Street from cannibalizing our economy and destroying our planet. Despite the rhetorical flourish, President Obama is seeming more and more unequal to the task. Hope for change is now officially dead. From here on, we need to talk less about hope and more about organizing. Let 2010 be the year that democracy begins its recovery.”


Sheldon Schafer, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois’ 18th District, ( notes that:


“President Obama’s talk about green energy and a green economy has turned out to be lip service. He could have turned that around during his State of the Union speech by announcing that he no longer backs the cap and trade scheme and will instead seek emissions reduction mandates, and by demanding an end to the mountaintop coal removal that is devastating West Virginia and other states and feeding climate change. Unfortunately, the actions of the U.S. delegation at the Copenhagen negotiations in December indicate that Mr. Obama is compromising on the real steps necessary to curb climate change…”


Lynne Williams, candidate for Governor of Maine ( wrote:


“President Obama has realized that the American people are tired, upset, out of work and deeply in debt. But his solution appears to be to continue unlimited funding for war… Obama will not cut homeland security, so while we’ll still be poked and prodded at the airport, there may not be adequate staffing in the air traffic control system to safely manage our plane once it’s in flight. There could be cuts to public transportation, the arts, and other “non-essentials”…Programs supporting R&D and enrollments at post-secondary educational institutions could also be threatened.


America will never again be strong until it is again at peace. President Obama and Congress don’t need to “reinvent” government. They simply need to return control of the government to its rightful owners, the people of this nation.”…”


WE-the-Peeps wanted a different “phooel” in 1974. What we had was “oil is the best Lubricant” and that ‘oil-as-Fuel is the worst polluting hydrocarbon associated to the industry-Takeover by riddance of street-cars, trains-Transportation (continental and statewide–in 1930’s 1940′ & 1950′). Saddam Insane was no Hitler but g-Enron was as close to Stalin as “military-hegemony” has gotten. But, then, may be that Ohh-bomb-bah will surpass his recondite demeanor, sooner…activists’ integrity with Universal Meaning.


Getting’ into urbanity of urban-Life I’m not doin’, but getting’ use to healing, as opposed to pains continuing again for the third ‘bout’ is a reprieve. We’re goin’ to miss the direction of Prof. Howard Zinn. He did not like the term “Howie” so much so I’ll not abuse his demeanors, because he far exceeded his weigh-ins of self introspection. Evidently, the last two years were his freeing that weight from his shoulders, that bombings from 30,000 feet had definitely caused him chagrin, after chagrin. A dispassioned PTsD occlusion of that formulation was intertwined in his written/published and spoken public speeches. He’s not the concerned en Voce` as I am, not the conversationalist as “the we-boomers” but definitely in person he “was” the conversationalist, hitting on stats and acknowledgements that offers the cleansed slate notes to partake. He was a giant of an activist. I’m finding my geographical-distance had improved from that “Existential alacrity”?


Jay Coglan of Nukewatch New Mexico was on DEM Now yester, and as my fidelity of his being apportioning to nuclear-Molecularism: theoretics, education onward written litany, has taken a toll on the toilsome measures that we-Boomers have both gone thru as activists’. The new nuclear premise for new expenses to do new “thermonuclear-Weapons” has side-stepped the old-Issues of the oldest nuclear-weapon, that of NSDu-238 in the second-Place, since not-so-Depleted-uranium was discovered “first”. That 1943 was when Manhattan Project began, and uranium-235 was going to be scattered, but did not become aerosolized did make sense to secretized 1971 thru 1983 “studies” on how nuclear-Pollution does best when needing to be contained i.e. don’t bother to clean-Up those sites, yet?


This akin what SOA activists which is parallel what Michael Marriotte and John LaForge as “nuclear-Molecular-activists” speak-out against pollution is not only hardship, not only prescience, not only egregious form of secrecy of cIAS black armies or that Dept. of energy is focused on aggression as impermeable without ever accomplishing question of “military-Hegemony”. What’s that? The syndrome of direct-Action and direct cop’s beating on anarchists supported by activists is schizoidal. Why the schizzed are that way is because the “paranoia from the hierarchical-Oligarchs” non-useful psychology and not empathic philosophical-Therapy. My protests were proceeded for years in training sessions as psycho-Therapeutics: training, which is partly where the “we-Boomers” had started in 1966 w U-C counselors dropping out, the psychologists weighing-in. This was not my ‘college-Psychologist’ counseling against over-study—nor stress which was a word allotably transmuted but around the corner. The University counselor’s were not moral psychologists, and there weigh-Ins were semi-Appellate to semi-transparent in 1970 @ UC Davis. The we-Boomers found that. The gloss-overs occurred and continued, which was paradigm of technocrats wanting us not to go forward, not wanting to goad toward positiveness, or demeanors of socio-polity without knowing at least why we became Existentialists, until whatever? We knew that as good-students we could attempt to lift ourselves over thresholds of “violence” because non-Violence could be stronger.


Passive ways were ugly-Scape or connotations of negativism. The active-Sense was not a tangential essence to be belatedly context, but now there was the context and content! Much of my life is urbanity. Whether traveling or finding a place to camp-out-Back, or the woods on edges of towns or by cool and peaceable rivers picking-Up: litter, my Ecology principles touched not having the camera and film, then? I never liked that needful omission, nor having to miss classes on training for psycho-therapy. However, my “encounter-Therapy” got me started w rev-Paul, Allen Ginsberg’s becalming mantra’s, and Daniel Berrigan’s activisms—all different than my own! I learned to protest because direct-Action made sense for non-Violence. My own was becoming “activist: non-Violent” not passivist-Libertarian, pacificist without words communicating how, why, the new-Rome?


I did not have all-Facts: in, by 1977, regarding the irresolution(s) on “plutonium-wastelands” but the stupendous sizes of industrial “nuclear-Wastelands” had beamed me up to maintain. Allen Ginsberg’s poetics and his commensurate following-Thru was not reconciliation to spiteful excesses, nor were Noam Chomsky’s words immediate to successful thought-completion. The philosophers of Existential and Zen were not passionate, but compassionate. The certain-Specifics onward backwards excesses of dumpage(s) of “highly toxic: rad-Actives” meant that one could configure the accruals of being anti: nuclear-Molecular was because the educational background not been protested enough for contextual completion. The compendium and societal connubial redress of “positive-Thought” was not heir-Resplendent, before “plutonium” was known by the public as well as rad-Actives waylaid governances conniving with big-Business, then. Forms of authority was not only “housing-authority” but the critique by which formulation of used: non-Usage and highly “irradiating” those intense atoms are i.e. not were. They “are” hot, and they were separated, or they “are” hot and they are yet hot after useful priority to a lowered “isotopic-range” post-Use? Dig.


This was simple, non-Corruptible “mind-stuff”! The fluff, however goes along w.o. explanations on teevee. People who flocked to teevee, sugar-salt-Fat, returning veterans who kept lying to others, as well as themselves, may or might not have been told by civilians of community. What are those nuclear-Atoms doing via “nuclear-Molecularism”? What affinity to educational value was “polluting” is as similar as “oil is useful lubricant and making-plastics” but hydrocarbons are the worst for oxygenate when recognizing that those oil-Fuels are the most “polluting”. So, why is nuclear-Isotopic exposure not “pollution” which is what we were maintaining since the fifties as that “task” against tyranny called “plutocracy”?


Father Carl Kabat, has become another growth—bacterial, cancerous, techncratic? No, but is proceeds with awareness, because he’s a ploughshares-Activist, a codification of Daniel & Phillip Berrigan’s non-assuaging engrossment(s) of the Establishment. Non-Violence is impartial to these mostly leftist-Catholic priests or Catholic lay-Persons. Doing a “civil-Disobedient: act” is partial to there being firsthand, a human attached cognizance or what has not been accepted to entreaty as knowledge parsimony, or not what cannot be accomplished. The same educational-standards yesterday are not included in educational thoughts today or education has a broad-base why is that not predilection because “educational-Standards are/were lacking”.


What they do is exclude “people” in an oligarchic-Fashion, as unjustly as the autocrats/oligarchs do. They are shadows of in-Humanity writ large for meager paralysis of courts lacking measures of “democracy-Purpose”. They are morose-heroes! They have become a wonder-mere in visual-Acuity premised. We who protest and kept not wanting to be beat-Up by “fascist-Cops” were hardly mentionable to their news-Media “ayes” but we were listened “to” inordinately, because we all went to non-Violence: peaceful; protest and we all understood Ghandi and MLK jr. But they did not go w Mahatmas Ghandi or Allen Ginsberg’s pronouncements or Muslims-Rights or too many Protestant activist doings. These folks are impart of analog changing to digital accommodation. The Catholic Church’s fading, failures of the “economic-Scene” called “system” too much W.A.S.P. but not enough flexability, for all “the we-Boomers”. Those that were not students (university & high-School) were included in the summary “overtures of victimization”—and, that would be all-of-us universally included. Some women protestors in 1970’s and 1980’s described their doings as “they just were”.


The feminists never spoke of these “male” counterparts” because many women became “thieves” for their cause of N.O.W. and made amens for lesbianism. That organization negligence without ‘apology’ aside, the lacking pulse of integration dropped-Off with the fragmented-Politics that characterized some sense of organizational-Needs overblown. No money no matter, too. Not 1,000’s, but hundreds. Yet I wonder, why the “feminists” have never spoken-Out regarding the males dutifully being gargoyle’s on the “nuclear-molecular” when no educational-Standards discussed the intrepid associations, the tepid dissolutions of “direct-Action” permeating the Establishment’s technocracy w.i. truths cognitions did not flounder. I found that by 1977, too many “activist-persons” that they were turned inwardly their self-Self: directions. Not oNLY the ‘Self” of discretions “we-Boomers’ became more remiss, but? Lots of male-Homophiles were not of the women were jogging sentiments of protectionism, and lots of men bicycling, and lots of Yogurt became useful with fresh fruits, and moribundly, but slowly, the co-Ops turned to “organics” and health—alas, where’s universal-Medicare from 1975 V-C-L’s end to today’s dementia of historic connotations. The increase in Buddhist studies took-in dropouts from anti-War, but there were not spokespeople for “social-Responsibility—in the straight newspapers—no anti-war in the nGO’s ever-so-much.


Speaking of the so-called “labor-Market” disassociation from integrating with afro-Amers turned morosely to anti-Latinos. This “boredom” was a cognizant “extant” that people had not connected to anti: nuclear-Molecularism, as well as humanist doctrines never quite turned toward litany within “nuclear-Molecularism”? Then, because the splits in homosexuality /lesbianism became self-Evidenced, the movements integrated and the very nature that “COINTELPRO” never admonished became the first post V-C-L societal angst of trippe-Dictums to surpass, as elites were into more immoral conservatism—being who were technocrats got autocracy mixed into military-Hegemony, for the continuation of “empire-Building” from the midst of 1965 thru 1978. Maybe the werkors did lots to integrate, because many times, the help we-Activists got in Amarillo came from trukkors or laborers fed-up w the exorbinancy of “federal-Spending” that the onward military: war-Materiels/ munitions was as un-Necessary as killing 3 million Vietnamese and indigenous southeast-Asians, was immorally akin “paranoia” than any other “empire” event i.e. the next war that would subtract further the educational-Basics and imperialism against “peacemakers/non-Violent: protests”?


I knew the computer-World was on it’s way, that methods of social-Reconciliation would or could be dealt as my specifics for educational warnings, say, in teaching “poly-Sci”– at a University as Howard Zinn was doing—or as nuclear-molecular-Structured course of Ecology on the wanton disrespect for planet and humanity. Or “semantics’ akin to what Noam Chomsky was instructing in “linguistics” at M.I.T. Both had set me straight, as activist-Thinkors we all are to be. That peace-is-democracy an apportioning of Ramparts in Boston near the secular-Universities, and the above extrapolations, are/were not passivist inculcations!


The support-Groups, however were much smaller, since the anti-War scene was geographically enmeshed with the dropouts/transients/humanists of the Haight-Ashbury: scene, or post beat-Bohemia, that were basics of rudimentariness to non-Excess, which Existentialist & Zen basics of “philosophical-Temperances” that included Herbert Marcuse, Bucky Fuller, Linus Pauling, Alan Watts as other, professional-Activists, speakers of public identity, encapsulating the catharsis of humanity coupled to demographics of the world’s populous, which the we-Boomers had ensconced. The universal-Force of “social-Responsibility” spoke in non-Placations, too? Howard Zinn bore-down upon that “social-Responsibility: movement”. Many others led themselves to the F.R.E.E.Z.E. to a non-Fragmented coalition w S.A.N.E. What may have been a positive-Force, however, non-Governmental Organizations did not have many writers or many Historians, but slowly evolving they patched the quilt-werks of our multiple-Society in need of integrating “thinking” as well as staving “over-Specializations”? They, the people of nGO’s who had couthful Institute considerations had much in the weigh-In of Universal Declaration of Human Rights—and, still do, altho being pushed around by government-Funded nGO’s in Afghanistan in the 1980’s was yet another side of this austerity.


There were many pre-1980’s author, mostly of the exchange into Buddhism rather than the furtherance of zen-Existentialism. The people went into neurotic anti-Human: communications, and they snubbed history as an extrapolation of why the republic was to fail due the military costs, and then become how a “debtor-nation; state” could not focus upon hegemony when becoming of “the new-Rome”. The loose ends were zoned in its progress toward “Ecology” co-opting for eco-System discussion and the morose “one-party: dispellation” that the Plowshares-People had seen, foremost and maintained upper-hand.


The populous lost the people: we-the-Peeps endemic with the failure of fragmented politics in becoming “progressive-Lefte: politics” because politics was learning about 6-7-8 parties, any who coalesced into dEMS for selfish reasons after the socialist-Movements of mid 1930’s was parceled into intelligence for war-making and propagandizing, too! What had kept the intelligentsia attached to pronounced needs of labor-Unionized and organized from within was becoming enmeshed by investment-Banking backing white-Racist and religiosity for the hegemon of “emphatic-Insouciance: the thermo-Nuclears” all-the-while the research was furthering development of NSDu-238 for usages of which not a single public or known “governance’d plenary-Session” had been discussed? Probably by then, the retirement-Market interest-Rates were falling, and wages were stagnating, too! Many authors became published in the 1980’s. This was partly “renaissance” and partly ‘treasonous to the focal exasperations which relied upon “non-Integration” and which relied upon what others could relate or more intimately, ‘tell-Them”.


The geographics were the morphic-of-exchanges in the socio-Polity developments that turned the two-party Establishment: system on its own-Act? No “ecology” pronouncements were allowed post end of “fragmented-politics! Like a subduction-Zone scientific evaluation, and scientific-reproof, and scientific-Cosmology were “radiation-Source: products-in-Intellect” but not “educationally well-Adapted. However, I cannot recollect someone giving a scientific analysis @ Oak Ridge or Nevada test-Site who said “ban-the-Bomb: symbol” does not exonerate us from not being here, today? The scientists were not too much socio-factual, in regard to labor’s needs of finite educational-standards updated and up-Grade. Retro-graded was of course, what an a-Hole raw-Goon had wanted for the u-S templates of military-hegemony in 1983. The black-Army was formed, and remains in secret, as was the black-CIAs bases that became “torture-Rendition” when obvious enlightenments would have sufficed for furthering “interstellar” space-Explorations w the Saturn-V rocketry necessary for further solar-System explorations. However, to not be any factuality but interred six-feet under the demise of the two-party: system starts, then, or policy continuations toward “debtor-nation came along faster by lack of appeasement from the olde, defunct “republic” laws. The insult of megalo-Mania turning inward, becoming the new-Rome, also starts then, as 1983 seemingly both military-Hegemony and NSDu-238 intertwine.


Raw-Goon & his admin never mentioned “peace-movements’ and “democracy-as-purpose” let alone “reduction and de-Alerting of nuclear-Weapons” besides keeping secretized the implications for “war-Theory: continuous warring” was being steeped. That the meanings, recycling-Adversities of NSDu-238 were never forgiven in the athletics locker-Room, or politically in 1991 gOPS rule of Executive, the gOPS did not have a majority in Congress—neither House! The books lists of the 1980’s radiation-subsequences were expanding like the universe-of-Radiation we knew then was, like only four-rays and inert-gases of radiation. Black matter and black-Energy was not yet discovered. The populous had discovered, progressively thru Chicanos challenging of the lacking “intelligence of intimating” the self-Officious needs of libido becoming not alter-ego’s chosen path in staving the identity of the Id in relationship to “ego”? This social characteristic was to be calming the patriotism missing not warranted. Domed-out was an art’s construct! That NSDU-238 was used “offensively” was fascist plain and pure.


However, the empire own’s your embodiment of nowhere is nothing like invasion after invasion of central-American and Haiti, the Carib: nation-states abused by the privileges of boring the publics of u-S with propaganda? Because we do know that the libido takes care of the Id’s need to identify the Id. The id-Ignominy of publishing a scientific inquiry, pushed SANE/FREEZE off the social-movement list just when abhorrence(s) by SOA were being “ultra-Utilized” thru raw-goon’s death-Squad methods of adding armaments and advisers schooled @ Ft. Bragg’s SOA. Colombia leftist guerilla’s turned to providing less for the people and more for communism by making “cocaine-Sales” as morosely as “opium-Heroin; Taliban-hats” coupled with the “pashtu-Language” makes Afghanistan and Pakistan (same tribe, same language, same derivative) into the format of exterminations that were started with the Pentagons decisions in using “napalm & fire-Bombing of civilians in Germany then Nippon” during overtures of eradicating civilians in 1945’s wars of terror. Who else would have known of these “military-hegemonic: consequences” if none other than gHW Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, all appointed under Gerald Ford’s admin (1975) of “military-Excising: premises” because Henry Kissinger was being pushed to military-Diplomat at large, replacing elements in intel-Gence of cIAS intimacies and Dept. of State’s reconciliations thru viable “diplomatic means” less the tendencies” w.o. expediency to assassinations, torture, abuses of nation-States for ‘technocracy-to-expand and other such as eradication of USAID in 1998 by Bully Clyneton? Dig.


Thus, the books of the 1980’s were partly read to be re-Administered in a hand-me-down fashion, but facts of “nuclear-Molecular” were not expanded in our sardonic communities, so that society-at-large suffered. A multiple estate of Fate, a fate, that was also being squeezed for SOA abuses and non-parallels proceeding an upper-method, hypothecary, compiled into NSDu-238 uses of abuse by 1989 decisions pre-empting 1991, first use of nuclear-Weapon “number-One”! How did maintaining the cold-War idiocy become the assuasive-Condition of using another “nuclear-Weapon” or what was to become the persuasion via economic takeover? Was NSDu-238 as well as Executive office disorder was no surety, but a hemp-Rope wet-Knot tightening around the people’s wills for peace-Byproduct, not assuaged although premising making surety less than aggravated. And, no, not the hegemon-Spartan or the new-Rome’s ascendancy. The illicit use was illegal, although the populous was neither informed of what a half-Life of “so-called ‘d-U’ was” nor what plutonium was or was not mixed into the first: half-Life of 4.44 billion years, nor that 5-Isotopes is the common-denominator, nor that theirs was ultra-Abhorrent due the “aerosolization-Aspect” nor that peace has been pushed into an ice-age if de-Alert, never-mentioned of thermo-Nuclears was not prescient to NPT (19070), in ABT signage (1979) and then CTBT of 1980 never nearing completion of “assuage-task” since then, not even until, today.


The CTbT should yet be signed by the insubordinate to laws Senate, but the other House is as bad as the Judicial branch is neo-Con in lawlessness, enterprise.


We-the-peeps must enterprise to halt the making of this “NSDu-238: nuclear-molecular, munition” that was first invented prior to “device-amending, which became the toe of looking forward to killing more civilians back in the WW-Two: the big-One? Those “atomic-Weapons” killed 235,ooo civilians, and u-S POW’s. The only people running astutely the people’s progress-reports were intelligentsia, is at least a usury of fact. The populous turned their backs on the fascist-Elementus entity enterprising to take over with corporate-law of 1880. The outmoded and outdated can be controlled by socialized methods of socio-polity i.e. federal-Reserve Act 1913, yet not passed in vote, statute non-Abiding! Whether or not the thermo-Nuclears are a Gawd and NSDu-238 a Bible, does not demean what can encapsulate my interests of concern, here! Those prodigies-of-Belligerence have been around too long for non-Violence to be a weakness, although totality of “elites-Autocracy” is akin a method of preserving ‘technocracy” at all costs. The universal element of truths found in making “faking-Purpose” is technocracy. What counts for humanity is that democracy makes peace? Dig.


HALT U.S.D.A. doing nothing in coloRadie, the radionuclides POet


* Green Party of America “quotes”…


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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