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anti-nucleaRist bloG #238/ 14 Mar 2019: where those Reports of chem-tRails garbage sleaze-Weather


What can we state “is our own Waging” unless we are american-Socialists (party) regarding the abuse that chemicalizing and Ionizationing have done—the past 20.93 years.  The chem-tRails are UN-announced, yet 21 years next month (April). Socialists are not doing this chemicalizing for neo-Liberalist banks, to add Ionizationing of uppe-Stratosphere. How come capitalists destroy like ownership-of-air, and water is theirs merely not drinkable, nor fit for humanoids. Keep conifer-forests natural but fertilize gRowing monthly such as trees around your home ought be.   “R”

I, for one, am very concerned w the chemicalization of our air, land, water. The fact is that Monsanto wants further to develop an apologist group of negligent apologist-Progressives, such as those who helped elect Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy! I’d not want GMO CONIFERS planted upon heavy-metal dEAd-10 million acres as all was necessary was for USDA –not to be bought off–but provide 10,000’s of placements of ‘parasite WASPs larvae’. Did they? NO.

Here is a good cross link to what happens in making the poor poorer, and the landed productive, non-Productive…”   “R” 24 May 2014

Monsanto and the Bio-Tech Conglomerates: Sowing the Seeds of Famine in Ethiopia

by pRof Michel Choussudovsky, Global Research, May 23, 2014
Monsanto and the Bio-Tech Conglomerates: Sowing the Seeds of Famine in Ethiopia



               Daiichis’ are killing lots People & NSA for dRones killings

The Daiichis have made the Nipponese nation-State into what the Oligarchs both here and there are doing. When the need to protect people from Radiation is “not written into the fist clause for building an NPP” IM-punity reigns freely for capital gains of the enrichment plutocratic UN-kind/UN-toward. The mean being interviewed is in Radiation-disease capacious amenity, as are the Untold number of civilians living w.i. the geo-map he shows. This, we knew when we protested in 1977, that the more NPP’s one nation has, the larger the digression from accomplishing defensive needs.           “R”

 “Fukushima disaster: Tokyo hides truth as children die, become ill from radiation – ex-mayor” 

RT News: April 21, 2014 08:30–28:46 mins…


When I visited Afghanistan—1980-81 3X criss-crossing the mountainous state—the geography was all we knew, yet hard to get bye going the desired and discernable directions, because Ahmad Shah Massoud, was the protector I literally heard his voice and intonations—muffled though they were. The people did not need the Oligarchic-Interventions, and I will point the finger and flip the bird to new-Rome ameRs who say this was good ‘diplomatic gesture” because the slaughter by dRones has surmounted 3,000 in Afghanistan and 3,000 as well in neighboring countries.

The new-Rome must be arrested, put in jail and the innocent people in jail released for their being IM-pugned against—which was what the Unfurling of NSA really was.         “R”

“A report published by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) found that at

least 555 victims of US drone strikes have been civilians. The BIJ found that at least 8 drone strikes have targeted mosques and madrasas, killing an average of 2.7 civilians per strike.

Together, the US and Britain carried out at least 1,000 drone strikes in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2012, according to the BIJ. A report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghan-istan (UNAMA) found that drone strikes account for a third of all civilian deaths from air strikes, and that civilians deaths from drone bombings increased threefold from 2012 to 2013. NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) forces occupying Afghanistan killed at least 3,000 Afghan non-combatants in 2013, UNAMA found.

The US drone war against the population of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), which has killed at least 3,000 people, has also been enabled by extensive NSA surveillance of northwest Pakistan. ..

A report issued by Pakistan’s government confirmed that at least 94 children have been killed by US drone strikes in the FATA. The BIJ found that drone strikes ordered by the Obama administration have killed at least 273 civilians in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.”

US Collecting All Cell Phone Calls in Afghanistan 

By Thomas Gaist, Global Research, May 25, 2014 WSWS…


Jeju Island is being invaded by Samsung’s hired Koreans, for the need to destroy the traditional ’fishing lands and beaches’ in headway for a Diego Rivera type base to dumb-Fool China into war—same as Porochenko Oligarchs and neo-Fascist may yet be the promulgation. I protested there in 1977 and again in 1980, en-route to Siberia, studying Siberian tigers and doing my ‘underground thing-Bop’. One does not have to wonder after the new-Rome’s graft for obesity of planets valuable landscapes and invaluable Ecology!        


Bix Speaking about Jeju 

2013 10 22


When you are inside Syria, you are considered a guest when you are w those w whom an identity and purpose have been gRanted. This is the old way of peoples movements that left Syria where the geography had been from Neanderthal, from Arrata movements, from Irons people expansions, of the millenniums—since 250,000 BCE—at least. Much can and ought be known of megalithics structure buildings, as well as how were they constructed; and, by whom?        “R”

“The Syrian conflict influences not only the balance of power in the Middle East, but also strategies and military programs of the powers involved.

There is no secret that over the past years the Russian Armed Forces have used Syria as a test ground for some of its newest weapons and equipment, from cruise missiles to modern aircraft, and then have employed the gained experience for an extensive modernization of its forces.

In own turn, Israel seems to be found a way to exploit the “Russian threat” narrative and a complicated situation on the Syrian battle ground as a tool to promote own weapons and equipment.

Israel Aerospace Industrie (IAI), Israel’s prime aerospace and aviation manufacturer, which designs and builds civil aircraft, drones, fighter aircraft, missile, avionics, and space-based systems, released two promo videos, which could be considered as a clear example of this approach.

One of the videos is dedicated to the Mini Harpy tactical loitering munition. The weapon is said to be combining capabilities from IAI’s two previous flagship loitering munitions, the Harop and Harpy that have both the ability to lock on to radiation-emitting threats like radar with man-in-the-loop electro-optical guidance. According to IAI, the weapon is electrically powered, weights 45 kg and carries a shaped charge weighing about 8 kg. However, one of the most interesting things is that the Mini Harpy promo includes an animation showing how the weapon destroys an apparent Russian all-altitude surveillance radar 96L6, which can be used in both S-300 and S-400 air defense systems, something what has never happened in reality.

In another video, this time promoting the Barak-8 air defense system, the Israeli defense contractor demonstrated animated versions of Ka-50 attack helicopters and Su-27 fighter jets as enemy targets, which then were destroyed. The Ka-50 Black Shark serial production was halted in 2009 and the attack helicopter is now more in service with the Russian Armed Forces. The Su-27 is still in service with the Russian military.

“One of the videos is dedicated to the Mini Harpy tactical loitering munition. The weapon is said to be combining capabilities from IAI’s two previous flagship loitering munitions, the Harop and Harpy that have both the ability to lock on to radiation-emitting threats like radar with man-in-the-loop electro-optical guidance. According to IAI, the weapon is electrically powered, weights 45 kg and carries a shaped charge weighing about 8 kg. However, one of the most interesting things is that the Mini Harpy promo includes an animation showing how the weapon destroys an apparent Russian all-altitude surveillance radar 96L6, which can be used in both S-300 and S-400 air defense systems, something what has never happened in reality.

In another video, this time promoting the Barak-8 air defense system, the Israeli defense contractor demonstrated animated versions of Ka-50 attack helicopters and Su-27 fighter jets as enemy targets, which then were destroyed. The Ka-50 Black Shark serial production was halted in 2009 and the attack helicopter is now more in service with the Russian Armed Forces. The Su-27 is still in service with the Russian military.

These videos go in the course of the Israeli government narrative, which has repeatedly threatened to destroy S-300 air defense systems, if they are being employed against its aircraft attacking Syria. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) also released two videos showing destruction of Russian-made Pantsir-S short- to medium- range system operated by the Syrian military.

The IDF shunned delicately a shot down of its modernized F-16I jet by a Syrian S-200 missile in February 2018. Probably, this is bad for business. Despite this, all the aforementioned Israeli actions are mainly designed to display the alleged Israeli military superiority and advantages of its weapons and equipment.

To achieve this goal, Tel Aviv is openly exploiting a relatively soft position of Russia towards Israeli actions in Syria and Moscow’s readiness to cooperate with all sides to defeat terrorists and put an end or at least de-escalate the conflict. It is also apparent that a part of the Israeli leadership works to show that this Russian approach is a sign of weakness.

The problem of this behavior is that it seems that the Israeli military occasionally falls in the trap of its own propaganda. This leads to IL-20-like incidents when hostile Israeli actions led to the shot down of the Russian intelligence plane and Moscow responded by a series of public steps to ensure safety of its troops and the most important opted to deliver the S-300 to the Syrian military and establish a united air defense network in the war-torn country.

The further Israeli actions of this kind may eventually lead to the another round of escalation in Syria and once again put the region on the edge of a hot regional war.”


‘southfront’ 14 Mar 2019

** southfront needs my donation this year, sooo you who read my bloGs ought to support me by donating $5-10-20-50.00 for a reportage cause that the whole world’s people need. Do not read my werks and not share what we need for fReedom-Sake is not rip-ofs.         “R”

“According to the Russian channel, the drills took place 20km northwest of the US-occupied 55km zone around the town of al-Tanaf. The US-led coalition and its proxies maintains a large base in the town, blocking Baghdad-Damascus highway.

Several photos released by the Ministry of Defense of Russia show infantry units, main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery participating in the drills. Several warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) also took part.

RT said that the drills were designed to maintain the SAA’s combat capability. However, the drills can be also considered a warning to U.S. forces occupying al-Tanaf.

U.S. troops were supposed to withdraw from al-Tanaf as a part of the pullout from Syria. However, President Donald Trump’s u-turn allowed the Pentagon to keep 200 personnel there. This led to much anger from Damascus, especially that the al-Tanaf base is besieging more than 40,000 civilians in the nearby al-Rukban camp.”

Halt the fooking US-military wArs-wArring machine. Syria is yet a sovereign-State. De-stabilization and military-Bases everywhere is hypocrisy to lawful abiding, and not a realm for

fascist-corporatism.    “R”



‘southfront’ 15 Mar 2019



A non-abbreviated anti-Cultural phrase: “the money has always got to come from somewhere” seems, odiously to not have been removed from the invasion of Europe, the pacific-Islands, and firebombing, I suggest due to insta-Paranoia. In order to kill more people “overseas” and not have to pay the death burial fees, the u.s.a. relies upon plutocracy to keep from allowing a nation to move forward into peace. Only 73 years. Wow, slowness is dizzying pace.      “R”

“The comptroller who arrived at the figure, Dov Zakheim, was a primary author of the infamous Project for a New American Century manifesto of September 2000, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” This detailed a manic plan for US military domination of the world and re-ordering of the Middle East, observing that this process might require a “new Pearl Harbor” before Americans were willing to pay the costs.

And what was Zakheim’s explanation for the missing 2.3 trillion? His testimony to the House Budget Committee (July 11, 2002) begins as follows:

MR. ZAKHEIM: First of all, I should say that very often, although the numbers seem large, it’s not because we really don’t know what happened with the transactions. The problem has tended to be that we just didn’t record them properly…

Right. Money never disappears off the face of the earth. It always ends up somewhere. It’s just the destinations sometimes are not recorded properly.

The pattern of sweetheart deals and dubious accounting is depressingly familiar, but it is now pushing the entire system to bankruptcy and achieving a scale that would be impossible to hide, were it not for the distraction of permanent crisis. This scale of plunder also cannot function unless the key political front men get their cut.

Moving back down to a more retail level, this 2004 piece reveals how yet

another lesser-known member of the Bush clan reaped profits from the “War on Terror” and the lies about “weapons of mass destruction.”

Meet William Bush, uncle to George Jr.


The following was published March 5, 2004 by

Uncle Sugar

How the WMD Scam Put Money in the Bush Family’s Pockets


Why did George W. Bush insist–with such fanatical certainty, despite the well-established, clearly-stated doubts of his own intelligence services–that Saddam Hussein was hoarding a vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction? Why the insistence on this pathological disassociation from reality, which led directly to the death of thousands of innocent people? Why did he tell such lies, such cynical lies, such horrible lies, lies dripping blood, lies breeding more lies like rats on a plague ship?

That’s easy–because his family was making money from it.”

“We’re not talking here of the family’s well-known association with the Carlyle Group, the world-bestriding “private equity” firm whose massive war-machine holdings have been so greatly engorged by Bush’s sack of Baghdad. True, Carlyle has long been a profitable Bushist perch: Papa George was an eager bagman for the firm, cruising the globe with his plutocratic partners–like the bin Ladens–for insider contracts, secret buyouts and lucrative “privatizations” of public services. Even the L’il Pretzel himself was parked on the board of one of Carlyle’s companies when he was at loose ends between scamming the shareholders of Harken and bamboozling the voters of Texas.

But last year, Papa retired from the firm, heading off into the sunset to wallow in the government swag that Junior had pumped Carlyle’s way–$2.1 billion in 2003 alone. While he doubtless still has “interests” in a number of Carlyle’s shady deals, the old man is through with the higher hustlerdom. No, today we’re dealing with Pop’s brother, William, uncle of the current president.

William Bush is a director of Engineered Support Systems Inc. (ESSI), a supplier of high-tech military goods to–well, to the highest bidder. Just last year they sold $13 million worth of advanced radar gear to upgrade Communist China’s fleet of fighter jets–you know, the kind that force down U.S. spy planes with such aplomb. This is just par for the family course, however; William’s brother, Prescott Jr., is head of the America-China Chamber of Commerce, while Pretzel’s brother Neil is in bed with the son of former Communist chieftain Jiang Zemin.

But helping arm a dictatorial regime that tyrannizes its own people, invades its neighbors and actually possesses large stockpiles of WMD is just a sideline for Uncle Bill. (Although, again, it’s a family tradition–after all, it’s what Papa George did for years with his special little friend, Saddam.) Mostly, Bill’s ESSI does boffo box office with nephew Georgie’s Pentagon and that new family investment opportunity, the Department of Homeland Security. And this is where those phantom Iraqi WMDs–so maniacally hyped by Junior–come in, investigator Margie Burns reports in the Prince George’s Journal.

Among its many wares for the “warfighter” (the firm follows current Pentagon usage in replacing the ancient and honorable name of “soldier” with this nerdy adolescent jargon), ESSI markets a “Chemical Biological Protected Shelter System” unit–a mobile shed that can provide a non-contaminated area for command centers or field hospitals during a WMD attack. In the very first week of George’s war, with the TV generals warning every hour of impending bioterror doom hurtling toward the troops, Uncle Bill’s boys raked in $19 million for a shipment of CBP units, an ESSI press release reports. This was on top of $44 million worth of the anti-WMD units ordered during Pretzel’s panic-mongering before the war.”

“Now what would have happened to Uncle Bill’s bottom line if George had told the truth?

ESSI is also profiting from panic-mongering on the home front. Last summer, while Georgie bounced the “threat level” up and down, ESSI bagged a fat Homeland Security contract to begin developing a fleet of mobile emergency communication centers for use in the event of a biochemical terrorist attack by the CIA’s old Afghan jihad employees–now better known as al Qaeda. As long as George keeps those colored lights going–and the ex-CIA gang do their duty with the occasional bit of ooga-booga here and there — Uncle Bill will keep gulping that “threat level” gravy.

Overall, ESSI slurped up an estimated $380 million from the Pentagon alone last year, not counting the China deal and an extra $26 million dollop from Saudi Arabia–that other famous bastion of freedom and democracy–to service its Royal Air Force.

And so it goes, on and on, the great wheel of grease. Bush’s bellicose policies–obviously based on the Scriptures: “There shall be war, and rumors of war”–foment a never-ending cycle of blowback and revenge, of fear, instability and global militarization. (Indeed, cosmic militarization: a whole armada of new “space weapons” programs are now in preparation, Wired reports.) But this is the kind of moral chaos the Bush-Walker clan has always profited from, as Kevin Phillips shows in his devastating new history, American Dynasty.

In revolutionary Russia, the Bush-Walkers did business with Reds and Whites; then they helped arm the Nazis and the Allies. His descendants arm China and threaten it–as always, making money both ways. The nature of the customer doesn’t matter: king, communist, nazi, sheikh, warlord, poobah, it all comes down to this: are they open for business?

So did George Walker Bush attack Iraq just so his uncle could shift a little product? No. But for generations, he and his family and their silky ilk–the higher hustlers, in search of easy money–have used bloodshed, hatred and deceit to turn public policy, and public treasuries, into engines of private gain. War profiteering is inevitable, inescapable–even laudable–in the waking nightmare of corruption and death they’ve helped foist upon the world.

Chris Floyd is a columnist for the Moscow Times and a regular contributor to CounterPunch. His CounterPunch piece on Rumsfeld’s plan to provoke terrorist attacks came in at Number 4 on Project Censored’s final tally of the Most Censored stories of 2002.”

“$2.3 trillion missing and counting” 

by Staff – August 28, 2005

–note: the data and the murders, connected to 11th Sept 2001 (Bush family cRimes, inc.) can also be given a memory nudge, here:

Jeb Bush’s 9/11 Problem: Huffman Aviation

by Staff –Sept. 10, 2015  …

+ Another interesting search for indemnity-Records was this: Secret Service–No Rec-ords of Cheney’s Arrival in PEOC by Aidan Monaghan – May 7, 2008


As the schemazoidal Tendentiousness, on “failure-Destabilization” looks like failure “Iraq: three-Phases” looks like invade Yugoslavia and not admit, looks like invade LIBYA AND NOT PROFFER any compensation, nor reparations in Yemen for such asinine drone murders in a foreign-Nation. What a gook ole tRumpeteR really is? Hey, buy a fence to keep 3,500 refugees from US-military counseliing “assassins and destabilization corps” soldiers. The tRumpeteR’s remarks have, again and again, been shown to be pretext for and of a racism, not a law-Abiding, beckoning a syndrome of backlash and monopolization by military edict, whether on tRillions are accounted in Defense budgetors hands is far-Gone and misspent, or merely fascist-Edict.

There are feigning money-Control people backing the guy, but they do not have a word for reforesting 10.5 million acres (WY & CO) while chem-tRails and Ionization is never mentioned as “poisonous and Radionuclides”.  Providing “mis-Information” that mosques’ bombings and Synagogue bombings “does not mean the definition of anti-Semites” is merely anti-Zionism, fascist and racist. However, not mentioning by Democracy Now reporters that “anti-Semite is also Arab peoples” as all who are semitic-Peoples should have supported by speaking-out, means that US-military policy does not allow “actual-Europeans” to be heard. Never mentioned there! Who is this “tweet-Happy” chauvainist, leader, who cannot support by language as well as word-Usages, then attempts, constantly to destroy u.s.a. social-Fabric of integrationing?        “R”

“The birds once numbered in the millions but the most recent estimates from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service places the population at between 200,000 to 500,000.

The 2015 plans capped years of negotiations involving government, industry and advocacy groups. They were intended to prevent grouse from being listed as a threatened or endangered species. Such a designation could have brought severe limitations on grazing, energy development and other activities across the bird’s range, which covers some 270,000 square miles.

Under President Donald Trump, Interior Department officials have vowed to lift obstacles to drilling. Grouse protections have long been viewed by the energy industry as an obstacle to development.

Steed said the broad revisions to the Obama-era plans were meant to move beyond what he called a “one-size-fits-all” approach under the old rules. He said the changes give more flexibility to land managers and states concerned about balancing economic development with protections for the bird.

“Our intent was not to throw out the plans, but to make them better respond to the needs on the ground,” Steed said. “We’re doing that in a very careful way to ensure that the bird’s protections are still in effect.”

The new plans are expected to remove the most protective habitat designations for about 13,000 square miles of public land. Those areas, considered essential to

the species’ survival, were a centerpiece of the Obama policy.

The Trump administration also would drop some requirements to prioritize leasing for oil and gas outside sage grouse habitat and allow for more waivers for drilling.

Opponents are expected to challenge the changes in court. Brian Rutledge with the Audubon Society said the changes will make it harder to stop the long-term decline of sage grouse by giving oil and gas companies access to crucial grouse habitat.

“It’s a free for all, based on prioritizing fossil fuel extraction over any other use of the federal landscape,” Rutledge said.

But state officials including Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, signaled their support of the changes.

“We look forward to working with the BLM and our local communities to move important conservation measures forward to protect greater sage grouse in Colorado,” Polis said in a statement.

In Wyoming, one of the most important remaining strongholds for the species,

Republican Gov. Mark Gordon said the changes would “provide predictability” for economic development while conserving grouse.”

Trump Admin Will Ease Oil And Gas Rules On Sage Grouse Lands

by Associated Press 15 Mar 2019

                                        a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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