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anti-nucleaRist bloG #237/ 10 Mar 2019: chem-tRails garbage-Sleaze weather whiteness…Undeclared-Wars, butt-holds

As I’ve stated before, the structure of “peace” is to have that, adding now Universally, writing w.o. ailments is not assured but there are needs and pre-thinking to abjure not forgetting that peace is for all, too. We can strive for peace, we can protest against wArs-wArring and call that our peace-Effort(s). The word-term: up-against the Wall, does not pertain to Wal Mart, solely. That wordage, does not assure any ole thinGy-Bop will be remembered, or does that mean that thinking is one aspect of mental process. While, another aspect factoring is meditative state, or proscribed mental reconnoiteuring. Having a condition of peace, is what we shall need to have, but that Wall is the non-Surrendipity of “plutocracy”. That is and ought be our collective-Aim, to rid injustices of egomaniacal “plutocracy-technocracy-oligopoly” as all that matter is lies, deceits, ultra-Propaganda, police-State, corrupt voter machines.                 “R”

“FRIDAY, Feb. 1, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Head and neck cancers among a group of first responders to the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks are significantly higher than expected, a new study says.

Rutgers University researchers found that diagnoses of these cancers increased 40 percent in a group of WTC workers and volunteers over a four-year period.

The findings suggest there are emerging health risks among those first responders that require ongoing monitoring and treatment, according to the study.

“This excess occurrence in head and neck cancers is plausible since first responders inhaled debris clouds containing many known carcinogens,” said study author Judith Graber. She’s an associate professor in Rutger’s School of Public Health and a researcher in the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute.

Image of firefighters and volunteers have high incidence of cancers from toxic dust clouds at Ground Zero

“In addition, these carcinogenic exposures might add to or increase the effect of known personal risk factors for some head and neck cancers, such as tobacco smoking, heavy alcohol use and oral HPV infection,” Graber added in a university news release.

Graber’s team compared the incidence of head and neck cancers from 2003 to 2012 among 73 first responder workers and volunteers enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program with the number of expected cases based on the N.J. State Cancer Registry. (The health program involves nearly 34,000 in all).

They found a 40 percent increase in diagnoses of head and neck cancers among first responders between 2009 and 2012, according to the study. The results were published recently in the International Journal of Cancer.

Since cancers develop over time, the findings of significant excess cancer in this period “point to a newly emerging trend that requires ongoing monitoring and treatment of WTC-exposed persons,” Graber said.

The findings stem from a two-year study examining whether WTC first responders were at greater risk of human papillomavirus (HPV)-related throat and tongue cancer because of their Ground Zero exposure. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded the study.

The most notable increases were seen in throat cancers often associated with HPV infection, but not in mouth and nasal cancers.

The study also found that head and neck cancers were most common among first responders who were over 55, white, or members of the military or protective services and involved in rescue and recovery and maintaining the perimeter after the terrorist attacks.”

Today, is the 8th year since 11th Mar 2011 in Daiichi’s 3X-meltdowns. The diabolical Sept. 11th 2001, was to me and my observatio0ns on and of “nucleaRism” a day to atone that “Directed-energy: weapon” had been used, aiming u.s.a. anecdotally irresponsible for abusing, the privilege of knowledge for “anti-NucleaRism” or propaganda is ploy and partial to coverups for moribund “paranoia-Deceits”.  I knew from first observation via live televised broadcasts, that NSDU-238 would be involved and that the Dept of Energy should place all personnel, in full, protective, anti-Radionuclides ‘clothing’. Especially w masks as “asbestos” also causes cancer. Even D.E.W. cannot eradicate nano-Particles of NSDU-238. There would be more than health-Insurance to allot for paying and payments to medical-Doctor’s. Inc.       “R”

Cancers Rise 40% Among 9-11 First Responders  9-11 tRuth by Staff – 01 Feb 2019


We live in a cage, one that is disharmonized by Gaza Strip and the other side of nowhere. Like, the buildings of Oligarchic america’s downtowns of ultra-staRkness. tRapped we are not wanting to be! Haunted by caging we are crippling ourselves not to eradicate usury of “ionizing thru chemo-tRails” this, past 21-years. We are heretics when we allowed this spate, whether we defined for ourselves or our others defined for us. They, the others are not the paragons of Plutocracy. Whereupon, we must regard the plutocratizing elements as the wAr-mongering sleaze-Apparatus that never abates and gRants peace take hold, takes front seat and never allows elementus to fill death syndrome such as “nucleaRism” remains, but has been, and continues.           “R”

“Twenty women and a child were killed in the late hours of March 9 as a result of a series of airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition warplanes on residential areas in the district of Kushur in the northwestern province of Hajjah.

The Yemeni al-Masirah TV said that the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes destroyed five civilian houses. Ambulances were also targeted by coalition warplanes.

“Warplanes of the Saudi-American aggression targeted the ambulances in Talan, in Kushur, preventing them from reaching the victims,” al-Masirah’s reporter in Hajjah said.

The Saudi-led coalition has not commented on this new incident so far. However, the al-Arabiya TV confirmed that coalition warplanes carried out several airstrikes on Kushur in the late hours of March 9.

According to the UAE-based channel, the airstrikes were meant to support Saudi-backed tribes, who are trying to break the Houthis’ siege on their positions in the area of Hujur, next to Kushur. Last month, the Houthis tightened their siege on the area.

This was the second massacre by the Saudi-led coalition in Kushur this week. On

March 8, twelve civilians were killed when Saudi-led coalition warplanes pounded their house in the center of the district.

Despite the high number of civilian casualties, the Saudi-led coalition backers in the West are yet to take any measure to stop the airstrikes on Kushur.”

The gReedies: house of Saud, Oil coRpoRations, exist to massacre Yemens people, while the Kurds have no state and the US-hegemony transspells there is not dissonance for “Liquid Natural Gas” from 1974 to present. While the war-Machine and u.s.a. technology suffers a duress, not to mass manipulate change of refining for the onslaught of methane-Releases that many thinking people feel, is to be not oNLY methane bubbles and mass releases. But, methane-Hydrate nano-Releases, or 20-times more concentrated methane molecules found deeper into arctic structure of planet below methane and below arctic-Ocean. That oNLY a massive construct of nano-Technology and a massive understudy of molecular-Protection of humans werking that so-called “regional disspellation”.

Peace does not mean allowing monopoly to aggress against the people of this planet. Ecosocialism has been at the fore of this idiopathic, since before 1974. The we-Boomers transcend, best, is my experience to share—Universally. What else could the “chartreuse-Vests” be worthily representing as well as R-O-N-G phooel. After-all, chartreuse is a French derivative word. Methane refined “once” apprises LNG. Support fRench wurkeRs. Support “professionals-Proletariat” too.

Are the Houthi’s fighting against tyranny of the rogue-Empire and the fascist oil egomania, so-called monarchy? Those supportive of mono-Poly: Oil industry, ought be overtaken by a strong coalitions of socialist-Parties, to provide for a common Defense against “fascist-Plutocracy”. Otherwise, why is the u.s.a. not pent into americanism?



‘southfront’ 10 Mar 2019

{southfront needs your readership, but above all, due to my need for two major suRgeRies, I’m outta funds the past 3-months. Please DONATE to them, as one can see the past 5-years since Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy’s Sunday use of dRones that he was bought by that insidious fascism…}


The rogue-Empire, is a faux-Sate, one predicated on presidential interferences of so-Called “news-Media” as fascist as they were becoming by getting behind the raw-Goon. The tRumpeteR heralds “fakery” as in faux, or ‘fake news not so elemental, please notice the ubiquity’ which he ought state as his papal-type decree of the forsaken “fakery”.  He does not fake his plutocratic mannerisms.  Really, he, as Bully Clyneton ought have supported “health-Medicare” instead of illegal-Bombings, Unconstitutional invasions, mass murdering of populations of US-military bases, as superior tyranny onslaught against us. Of course, that onslaught is connected to chem-tRails sleaze-Weather, but no reports. Fakery.         “R”

“During the past few days, Venezuela was suffering a major blackout that left

the country in darkness. The crisis started on March 7 with a failure at the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which produces 80% of the country’s power. Additionally, an explosion was reported at Sidor Substation in Bolivar state.

Since then, the government has been struggling to solve the crisis with varying success.

President Nicholas Maduro says that the blackout is the reason of “the electric war announced and directed by American imperialism.” According to Maduro, electrical systems were targeted by cyberattacks and “infiltrators”. He added that authorities managed to restore power to “many parts” of the country on March 8, but the restored systems were knocked down after the country’s grid was once again attacked. He noted that “one of the sources of generation that was working perfectly” had been sabotaged and accused “infiltrators of attacking the electric company from the inside.”

Communication and information minister Jorge Rodriguez described the situation as “the most brutal attack on the Venezuelan people in 200 years”. He also described the situation as the “deliberate sabotage” on behalf of the US-backed opposition.

In own turn, the US continues to reject claims accusing it of attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even claimed that Washington and its allies would not hurt the “ordinary Venezuelans.” According to him, what’s hurting the people is the “Maduro regime’s incompetence.”

“No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro,” Pompeo wrote in Twitter, adding that “Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness.” Unfortunately, the top diplomat did not explain how wide-scale economic sanctions imposed to wreck the country’s economic should help the “ordinary Venezuelans”.

The State Department attitude was expectedly supported by US-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido, who recently returned to country after an attempt to get more foreign support for US-backed regime change efforts. Guaido accused the “Maduro Regime” of turning the blackout during the night in a “horror movie” with his “gangs” terrorizing people.

Another narrative, which recently set the mainstream media on fire, is the alleged Cuban meddling in the crisis. According to this very version of the event, “forces of democracy” were not able to overthrow the Venezuelan government because its political elite is controlled by Cuban intelligence services. President Donald Trump even said Maduro is nothing more than a “Cuban puppet.”

Taking account already existing allegations about the presence of Hezbollah and Russian mercenaries in Venezuela and an expected second attempt to stage US aid delivery provocation on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, it becomes clear that chances of US direct action to bring into power own political puppet are once again growing.

The February attempt to stage a provocation failed and make a final step toward a regime change by force failed after it was publicly revealed that the US-backed opposition was intentionally burning “aid trucks” to blame the Maduro government. Furthermore, the military backed Maduro, and the scale and intensity of protests across the country were not enough to paralyze the government.”

The blackout in Venezuela was likely meant to bring the country into disorder

 and draw off army and security forces. Therefore, an attempt to stage a new provocation to justify a foreign intervention to overthrow the Venezuelan government could be expected anytime soon.”

Destabilizing is bullying, and eventually the super-Monopoly rogue empire will fail, as we each are in debt due the technocrats being pushers of superlatives. The state is a debtor-Nation. That override on and of our deficit is not merely $21 tRillion, but wars will never pay for the mass-Killings, multiple states total-Destruction. Where was the peace parade and millions supporting these concepts. Now peace goes into first gear. May be we’ll not need “puppet-Guaido” to be our puppet here in u.s.a. for us to fodder and garner support to change to LNG and be rid Ionizationing” as an offense tool of plutocracy. Most puppets of  US-destabilizations become dictators of Oil-monoPoly and state mono-Tony.        


Venezuela Blackout: Cyber Attacks, Sabotage And Mighty Cuban Intelligence

‘southfront’ 12 Mar 2019


My definition of “nucleaRsm” is not a shallow and thus semi-Perturbable conceptualized ‘forum’. The very amenity that “nuclearism” has been overly-Conceptualized is highly tauted in  Anarchy iSn fRee: buy your own wAr  ought not be the stress of ‘Chemotherapy and hospitalization needs’ and usages. Also, the “cosmic-Pronouncements of nuclear-Molecular” must be noon-Egregious, therefore necessary definitions and widening of proportions w.i. the universe.            “R”

“Cosmic abundance of elements

For many years, since the 1930s, a large number of scientists have been occupied with determining the abundances of the elements and their isotopes in the objects comprising the solar system, and with accounting for the abundance patterns observed. In fact, spectroscopic measurements show that the abundances of elements in stars vary and that there is no single applicable ‘cosmic abundance’ pattern.Closer to home, there are major differences in abundances of the elements in the various planets that orbit our hydrogen-helium dominated Sun. The terrestrial planets, including the Earth, are relatively depleted in the potentially gaseous or volatile elements (hydrogen, helium, carbon and neon) and are dominated by elements of low and even atomic number (oxygen, magnesium, silicon and iron). On this scale, uranium – the abundance of which in the Sun is only 10 -12 that of hydrogen – is an exceedingly rare element. Furthermore, measurements of oxygen isotopes in meteorites show that the solar system as a whole is not homogeneous in terms of isotopic ratios. All these variations point to a conclusion that multiple sources were involved in the production of proto-solar system material.

Where did uranium come from?

Cosmochemists have been concerned not only with patterns and secular trends of abundance of the elements in galaxies but also with the origins of abundance anomalies in particular stars and with theories on the synthesis of different nuclei to account for these observations. According to these theories, the Earth’s uranium was produced in one or more supernovae (“An explosive brightening of a star in which the energy radiated by it increases by a factor of ten billion … A supernova explosion occurs when a star has burned up all its available nuclear fuel and the core collapses catastrophically.” – Oxford Dictionary of Physics). The main process concerned was the rapid capture of neutrons on seed nuclei at rates greater than disintegration through radioactivity. The neutron fluxes required are believed to occur during the catastrophically explosive stellar events called supernovae. Gravitational compression of iron (the island of nuclear stability, incapable of further exothermic fusion reactions) and sudden collapse in the centre of a massive star triggers the explosive ejection of much of the star into space, together with a flood of neutrons. Remnants of hundreds of supernovae have been found.

More recently, a second theory has proposed that uranium is created during the merger of two neutron stars. Neutron stars are very dense, with a teaspoon of neutron star material having a mass of the order of 5 billion tonnes. When two such bodies come close together the intense gravitational forces cause them to violently merge, giving off gravitational waves and producing huge amounts of heavy elements, such as gold, platinum and uranium. So, we know that the Earth’s uranium was produced through one or more of these processes, and that this material was inherited by the solar system of which the Earth is a part. We might further ask how long ago this synthesis of uranium occurred. Given the present day abundances of U-235 and U-238 in the various ‘shells’ forming our planet, a knowledge of the half-lives of these isotopes, and the age of the Earth (c 4.55 billion years) – known from various radiometric ‘clocks’, including those of the uranium-to-lead decay chains.

We can calculate the abundances of U-235 and U-238 at the time the Earth was formed. Knowing further that the production ratio of U-235 to U-238 in a supernova is about 1.65, we can calculate that if all of the uranium now in the solar system were made in a single supernova, this event must have occurred some 6.5 billion years ago. This ‘single stage’ is, however, an oversimplification. In fact, multiple supernovae from over 6 billion to about 200 million years ago were involved. Additionally, studies of the isotopic abundances of elements, such as silicon and carbon in meteorites, have shown that more than ten separate stellar sources were involved in the genesis of solar system material. Thus the relative abundance of U-235 and U-238 at the time of formation of the solar system:

cannot be inverted to a ‘single stage’ model age,

is essentially an accidental and unique value, and

reflects the input of the explosive debris of many progenitor stars.”

What conceptualized over-looked postulate, may have been perceived as long ago as 4,500 BCE in Arratta i.e. today, Ukraines. That, the cosmos is Cosmic uranium particles, as those exist everywhere in uncertain amounts, is yet another good and gReat reason to underscore “nuclear-Molecular” measurements wherever archaeological digs do not pertain to “UN-reported NSDU-238 usage vicinities, yet needing extensive measurements.        


The Cosmic Origins of Uranium (November 2016)

World Nuclear Association (circa

Mar 2019)


The Ecology group helped me identify geography as eco-Zones of Ecology, but theorized on the superlatives of waste I had designated upon joined hands w the group. Amongst utilizing my integrity for mannerisms that were defined by scientific premises of “nucleaRism” I sought those both: positive and negative factors which correlate. En route I met hundreds of resourceful and often time, renown individuals—but not Unfortunately, american-Socialists other than David McReynolds, until 1977. However, intellect in asking those correct discernables were questions either presorted, known, or totally sordid i.e. w.o. reproof. Prof. Chomsky spent two full days UN-winding my ways of intellect in suspect disconnections and misconnections. Foreign policy was his instigation, but my peregrinations were strong; and, not misguided, as he is in the MIT presentation.        “R”

 “Noam Chomsky – History of US Rule in Latin America

Dec 2009 1:14:52 mins. (thru 46:27 on rap) 290,235 views yTube ‘socialist worker’

“History of US Rule in Latin America; Elections and Resistance to the Coup in Honduras – Professor Noam Chomsky PhD. Filmed by Paul Hubbard at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 12-15-09…”


What is sooo gRotesque about the seven-Wars, as well as not being declared, as well as US-military was oNLY going to be ascertainable counter-Intelligence in 2004, where and when NSDU-238 was used, knowingly as supra-Radionuclide of “dirty” other radio-Isotopes of ur-238, in Fallujah, Iraq: phase #3 (american or US-military hegemony) invasion. Get rid of wArs-not peace; get rid of US-military-Hegemony. Find the weigh-ins of foreign-Policy as nation of once-Waz.      “R”

“On March 5, the Russian Defense Ministry released stattelite images showing the situation in the Rukban refugee camp, which is located in the US-occupied part of eastern Syria, near the US military garrison of al-Tanf.

The released pictures allow to see the real living conditions in the refugee camp.

A waste deposit is located in close proximity to the living accomodations.

A notable part of the camp is tents and sheds, which means that no conditions allowing a permanent residence of thousands of people have been created. This is an especially acute problem during the winter.

No subsistence warehouses or meal stations are being observed.

Food and other goods can be get only in pop-up markets controlled by militants.

The Russian military said that US-backed militants are preventing civilians from leaving the site. It said that the Rukban area is no more a refugee camp. It’s a reservation area with hostages.

The Russian side pointed out that the US military is opposing to the evacuation of civilians and spreading rumors that they will be presecuted by the Damascus government. US-backed militants demand notable sums in USD from people who want to leave the camp.

At the same time, the statement added that about 35,000 people have declared

their readiness to return to the government-controlled area. About 28,300 of them are going to return to the province of Homs, about 2,800 – to the province of Deir Ezzor, about 1,600 – Damacus province, about 1,600 – Hama province and 1,200 – Aleppo province.”

These reports, should have been what the u.s.a. NGO’s in Fukushima should have tried to get accomplished Mar 12th 2011 in Fukushima pRefecture, and w.o. causing mayhem, needed to accede to the Phytoremediations and Radionuclides measurements everywhere on the Archipelago, and into the shores and depths and ocean’s current’s themselves. The we-americans let themselves d-o-w-n by not participatory negations of the “kindness-Sort”. Accomodations for people forced into refugee-Statuses, must be reconciled truths and, of course, not beadings and temper-Tantrum death-Syndrone psychopathy.        “R”


05 Mar 2019 ‘southfront’

                    A voice fRom the vOID, the peace-Warrior

Tags/ nation of once-Waz, Noam Chomsky, History of US Rule, in Latin America, head and neck cancers, among first responders, between 2009 and 2012, Cosmic Origins of Uranium, ur-238, in Fallujah, Iraq: phase #3, Rukban, Russian Defense Ministry, scientific premises of nucleaRism, Anarchy iSn’t fRee: buy youR own wAr, Venezuela Blackout, Cyber Attacks, Sabotage, Saudi-led coalition, airstrike kills, 20-women, chem-tRails, garbage-Sleaze, weather whiteness,

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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