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anti-nucleaRist bloG #236/ 09 Mar 2019: US Military Mealie-Mouse in Syria, chem-tRails sleaZ-Weather

Many of us have not been reconciling that 7-contiguous, US-military-Hegemony wArs-wArrings is not worthy of war-Activities daily reports, for we: american-Socialists to read. Specifically, to a certain extent those humble people ought do the following: register complaints w.i. their community, keep connected w anti-War socialism thru the concurrence of actions, provide inputs on news that features no reports such as egregious-Extent coRpoRate-sleaze too big to report facts, and relate to building a written basic-History for self-Knowledge. We must relate to those weapons, tactics, geomorphics areas in those seven over-Involved confrontations, summarily. Check yourselves o-u-t.

“On November 28, Russian air-defense forces deployed intercepted and destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) near the Russian Hmeimim airbase in the province of Lattakia, according to local sources.

The intercepted UAV was probably an armed UAV launched by militants in a fresh attempt to attack Russian personnel and aircraft deployed at Hmeimim. The resumption of UAV attacks on Russian facilities in Syria is another sign of the wanng influence of the de-militarization agreement on Idlib province. It’s highly unlikely that radical militants are going to abandon their hostile approach anytime soon if a military operation to punish them is not launched.

Cells of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) continue their successful attacks on Turkey-led forces in the area of Afrin. On November 26, 4 members of the Hamza Division militant group were killed and 2 others were injured in an explosion of a YPG-planted IED on the road between the city of Afrin and the town of Basuta.

On the same day near the village of Gubele, the YPG destroyed a vehicle of another militant group, the Levant Front with an anti-tank guided missile.

On November 24, YPG members killed 2 Sham Legion fighters and destroyed their vehicle near the village of Birj Heyder.

Successful YPG operations in Afrin show a significant gap in the security system established by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed militants in the area.

On November 28, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the US had started establishing the first of its observation posts along the Syrian-Turksih border. The first post is reportedly located near Bir Ashiq in northern Raqqah.

With this move, which was announced by Secretary of Defense James Mattis last week, the US is in fact seeking to prevent a possible Turkish military operation against US-backed Kurdish factions in northern Syria.”

The profundity of wars, illegal-Invasions is scare-Tactics but aggression. The US-state-Dept has never proposed a simple “treatise” basically to instill “independence” for all Kurdish people. The reason is simple and that is: simpler to weaken any peoples via state-Paranoia, which does not speak generally of drifts into propaganda-Whirls—that by NSA, fanatic-penataGooons, and plutocracy incorporated Oligarchs. The Kurds are basically a finer people, since Turkish oIigarchs resolve nowhere by acceptance of dictatorial-Methods: light! The stasis of neo-Liberalism has meant elected a-Hole US-presidents who are bought by anarchyist presentments, and that continues a dichotomy of superficiality, but maintains “corporatist: munitions and NRC credo-gReedy excesses”. Who else would

need such? Not the we-People of course.           “R”



Are there other reasons to not have “defense-Structure” we must ask, because the question exists and is parsimonially, like a celebration by Bourgeoisie and coRpoRatists who do not rule, but allow “plutocrats” do that—which plutocracy does, as I’ve explained the past 50-years. The US-military’s wArs-wArrings are aggression. Thus, the dept of Offense or hegemonyites; organizing-Center, based inside plutocracy-Sheen of paranoia and propaganda. Like the olde-Rome, this, the new-Rome destabilizes and deteriorates the eco-Zones of planet’s Ecology–almost beyond any but wars and war-materiels for death-Syndrome’s continuations.            “R”

“The 3BK-21B High Explosive Anti-Tank Fin Stabilised (HEAT-FS) projectile is part of a round designed for Soviet and Russian tanks. As with all 125mm ammunition in this family, it is comprised of two parts – a projectile assembly and separate charge. This ammunition can be fired from T-90, T-80, T-72, T-64 and T-62 tanks with a 125mm gun.

It is important to note that in this case the name of the complete round – 3VBK-17 – appears to be used for two different projectile assemblies, the 3BK-21 with a copper liner, and the 3BK-21B with a DU liner. For this reason, it should not be assumed that every 3VBK-17 round contains DU. Earlier rounds, such as the 3BK-18 (pictured), were made with steel liners

Unlike most other DU weapons, the 3BK-21B is not a kinetic energy penetrator. HEAT rounds utilise a shaped explosive charge which detonates very close to the target. The cone shape in the charge concentrates the explosion, and the metal lining the cone is heated up to a state of superplasticity and forms into a jet of metal, moving at an extremely fast speed, which then punches through armour.

The earlier projectiles for this type of ammunition had a steel lining. The 3BK-21 was first produced in 1980, and the 3BK-21B in 1982. The former apparently performed better against rolled homogeneous armour, whereas the 3BK-21B apparently performed better against complex advanced armour materials. It is not clear what material properties of DU have informed the choice of material.”

“Soviet 3BK-21B HEAT-FS Projectile for 125mm 3VBK-17 round” International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

{southfront needs your readership, but above all, due to my need for two major suRgeRies, I’m outta funds the past 3-months. Please DONATE to them, as one can see the past 5-years since Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy’s Sunday use of dRones that he was bought by that insidious fascism…}


What about suppression, that gets to me is “disinformation, misinformation, and devaluation of human-Integrity via oppression of “health-Medicare” since 1961, passage of Medicare Health Act. Why oppress that which is necessary, first? Plutocracy is very simple. Plutocrats do not need to define their “structure” never an intimate one unless into “expose`s”.          “R”

“Health Concerns Remain

  Concern about the health effects of depleted uranium is not limited to over-

seas countries. The Defense Department’s contention that depleted uranium has not been shown to affect health adversely and therefore doesn’t need to be cleaned up is contrary to its own rules for handling it. Those rules mirror the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s treatment of depleted uranium as an environmental hazard and danger to public health. Federal regulators have shut down some U.S. nuclear weapons and uranium processing and munitions plants, found to be contaminated by depleted uranium.

Billions of dollars are being spent on its cleanup in the United States. Depleted uranium, or U-238, is a toxic, heavy metal byproduct of uranium enrichment that gives the world uranium suitable for use in nuclear weapons and reactor fuel. It is also used in munitions, ballast for airplanes, tank armor and other products. It has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

  In 2002 at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Md., researchers found that even though the alpha radiation from depleted uranium is relatively low, internalized DU as a metal can induce DNA damage and carcinogenic lesions in the cells that make up bones in the human body.

  Depleted uranium was first used widely in combat in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The material in armor-piercing munitions ignites and burns on impact at temperatures of several thousand degrees Celsius. While burning, tiny particles, or dust, of uranium oxide aerosol are created.

Wind can carry these considerable distances.  Since 1991, the cancer rates in Iraq have risen sharply in areas where depleted uranium was used, according to Iraqi medical studies reviewed by scientists from other countries. In addition, more than 230,000 of the 697,000 U.S. soldiers who served in that war have filed disability claims for various maladies, the majority of which fall under the broad category of gulf war syndrome.

  With many of the causes of these illnesses still eluding researchers, several lawmakers, at the urging of veterans groups, pushed for legislation to study depleted uranium further, to see if there is a connection with gulf war and other wartime illnesses. It called also for cleaning up depleted uranium munitions firings.

  In the Republican-controlled Congress, the measures quietly died this fall inside the House Health Subcommittee. Congress and three presidential administrations have either remained silent on the dispute or have dismissed the environmental and health concerns raised.

  Council Urges Ban

  U.N.-related organizations, citing studies showing more cancers and birth defects among civilians and soldiers in countries where depleted uranium munitions have been used, have pressed for more studies and a ban on their use until the effects are better understood. The Council of Europe, Europe’s oldest inter-governmental organization of 46 nations, has called for a ban on the production, use, testing and sale of munitions containing depleted uranium or plutonium.”

My concerns have been plenty, but not presupposing. Ha. Any ole Plutocracy is

plutocratic until law, lawyers and socialists “protesting for human-Integrity” pan onto our rights, as Universal Declaration of Human Rights, passage 10 Dec 1948, sooo designated for all of us. Get behind the passage, the actual written document. What then does “american-Socialism: party” have that is their: technocrats-oligarchs-corporatists have that we do not want? Answered this above and below—in the following—regarding Radionuclides.           “R”

Weapons Dust Worries Iraqis pub. on Mon. o1 Nov 2004 by the Hartford Courant—

Weapons Dust Worries Iraqis Provisional Government Seeks Cleanup; U.S. Downplays Risks

by Thomas D. Williams


The overall “human-Strength: condition” like my left hand getting aRthRitis from a disease known as pseudo-Gout, has not brought sexy women to my coldwater cabin here in 6,653 feet chelated-Icy chem-tRails sleaZ weather, never discussed on teevee, any. None. How come? Do we not need weather to maintain chemicals imbalances from US: fanatic-penataGooons dumpages into the chem-tRails sleaZ-corridor? THE ONE THAT I HAVE LIVED BENEATH, may have given me extra injuRies. Un-planned ones.           “R”

“Less than two months ago, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself inside a restaurant in Manbij town center killing four US personnel. This was the biggest casualty of the coalition since the beginning of its operation in Syria.

The US-led coalition and the SDF have not commented on the March 9 incident yet. Both sides avoid reporting such attacks, unless US personnel are injured or killed.

On the same day, a US air assault force carried out raids against ISIS cells near al-Azbah in northern Deir Ezzor and Tabqah in western Raqqah. According to local sources, the US unit supported by several helicopters arrested a group of local ISIS commanders and explosive experts.

Such developments confirm earlier assessments that despite formal statements by the US-led coalition and the SDF about a defeat of ISIS in northeastern Syria, this area is in fact full of ISIS cells and their supporters. The flow of ISIS-linked persons from the Euphrates Valley as well as the discriminatory policies of the Kurdish-dominated SDF towards the local Arab population are among the factors contributing to the growth of such security problems.

In the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert, ISIS cells attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the town of al-Sukhnah. The terrorists injured one SAA soldier and captured 3 others. Following the ISIS attack, Russian and Syrian warplanes delivered strikes on detected ISIS positions in the Homs desert. Clashes were also reported near al-Dubiyat.

The captives were reportedly moved towards ISIS hideouts on the edge of the US-controlled area of al-Tanf. The US-led coalition prevents SAA operations there by striking any pro-government units, which attempt to enter the area. This situation does not allow the SAA to conduct a comprehensive security operation in the desert area, which would allow putting an end to ISIS presence there.

During the weekend, the Russian Aerospace Forces hit weapon depots and fortified positions belonging to militants in Idlib, including Mintar, Frikeh, Tell Khatab, Saraqib and Khab al-Subul.”


‘southfront’ 11 Mar 2019


First of all, on 11 Mar 2011, the sleaze-Factor, should have be divulged alongside: Hurricane Katrina (2005), Typhoon Haiyan, 11 Nov 2013.  See: “Super Typhoon Haiyan Thousands Dead Philippine Typhoon Death Toll Could Reach 10,000  619 views. These tolls on “UN-natural destructive not-noRmal” weather patterns can be accomplished because not enough anti-Sleaze persons are calling for RADIONUCLIDES measurements to be actual, anywhere and everywhere the world over.

Mainly, I state this because national reasoning can determine, not oNLY who the guilty patrons of Plutocracy are, but soo there is a record backed by other measurements i.e. more than one associate and not merely a single, corruptible, bureaucratic, govern-ment agency. In other words, where have nuclear-Molecular molecules gone from NSADU-238 usages, from military pRactices, from the ‘three-Daiichis’ and from Chernobyl, as well as Pacific islands, and all around land-mass Japan and pacific-Shores and rainwater atop the whole of Pacific ocean. Otherwise, there is nowhere else to start since “phytoremediations” have been pushed aside by nucleaRism-Paranoia.              “R”

“TAKOMA PARK, MD — The legacy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster will continue indefinitely, creating long-term problems for human health, radioactive waste management and the environment:

+ Around 1.09 million tons of radioactively contaminated water — used to cool the destroyed reactor cores as well as groundwater flowing across the site —  is being stored onsite in growing tank farms, which are now at capacity. Absent other options, Japanese authorities are looking to dump this radioactively contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean, a move strongly opposed by Japanese fishermen, ocean protection groups and the worldwide environmental community.

+ In an effort to downplay or dismiss the health dangers of radiation exposure, the Japanese government has ended financial benefits to Fukushima evacuees, putting economic pressures on these families to return to the region, even though it has not been — and cannot be — adequately or effectively cleaned up and made safe for human habitation. According to noted physicist, Dr. Bruno Chareyron, who has conducted field measurements in the area, “The radioactive particles deposited on the ground in March 2011 are still there, and in Japan, millions of people are living on territories that received significant contamination.”

+ In order to justify the return of evacuees and claim the region is now safe, Japanese regulatory authorities have raised the allowable radiation dose from I milisievert per year to 20, an unacceptably high rate that is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. This policy has been cited by a UN Special Rapporteur as having “potentially grave impacts on the rights of young children returning to or born in contaminated areas.”

 + Plans by Tepco and the Japanese government to begin removing melted reactor fuel in 2021 are fraught with risk and uncertainty since little is still known about its condition and there is no safe, permanent radioactive waste management plan in place.

+ The Japanese government plans to hold two events — softball and baseball — in the Fukushima Prefecture during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a public relations maneuver to “normalize” the situation. However, in addition to unacceptable radiation exposure doses, particularly from hot spots, the discovery of radioactive particles of reactor fuel debris in the area, including uranium and cesium, would put both athletes and spectators at risk.

+ The implications for returning populations to the Fukushima region come with dire warnings from the health findings in Macaque monkeys who have lived there continuously. The monkeys have been found to have bone marrows that are producing almost no blood cells, and mothers are giving birth to babies with reduced brain sizes. With a 7% difference in DNA with humans, these outcomes are alarming.

+ Scandals surrounding the ill treatment of workers at the stricken Fukushima plant, many of whom are migrants and already low-income, continue. UN human rights experts found these workers to have been exploited and their health willfully jeopardized, with workers coerced “into accepting hazardous working conditions because of economic hardships, and the adequacy of training and protective measures.”

+ Despite widespread public opposition in Japan, the Abe government continues to try to restart nuclear reactors. However, only nine of the 42 still operable reactors are back on line (out of 58 originally). The government has instead turned its attention to the nuclear export market, but this took a serious hit when Toshiba’s Westinghouse nuclear division went bankrupt two years ago and Hitachi withdrew from two new nuclear power plant projects in the UK in January 2019”

Eight Years after triple meltdowns a & explosions at Fukushima Daiichi …

Beyond Nuclear, Press Release 07 Mar 2019


How can we-Humanoids keep predicating that wArs-wArring are good for our Souls? How can we even want a Bourgeoisie that predicates circumstances do not happen but that tyRanny often as apparent as the Bourgeoisie is not the professional-pRoletariat? What then, does the pRoletariat do, that never begs standing side-by-side w the pRoletariat? Do humanoids want to kill to go live in as yet an UN-discovered solar-system? What do we challenge to werk forth, when the struggle is always paid to enlist death, death-Squads, to add more squalidness to the pTSD military-Code? Are we now affirmed that deceitful lying  does not gain tRust “Universally”?      “R”

“Nothing is moving in the foundations of physics. One experiment after the

other is returning null results: No new particles, no new dimensions, no new symmetries. Sure, there are some anomalies in the data here and there, and maybe one of them will turn out to be real news. But experimentalists are just poking in the dark. They have no clue where new physics may be to find. And their colleagues in theory development are of no help.

    Ten-thousands of wrong predictions sounds dramatic, but it’s actually an underestimate. I am merely summing up predictions that have been made for physics beyond the standard model which the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was supposed to find: All the extra dimensions in their multiple shapes and configurations, all the pretty symmetry groups, all the new particles with the fancy names. You can estimate the total number of such predictions by counting the papers, or, alternatively, the people working in the fields and their average productivity.

    They were all wrong. Even if the LHC finds something new in the data that is yet to come, we already know that the theorists’ guesses did not work out. Not. A. Single. One. How much more evidence do they need that their methods are not working?

    I am afraid there is nothing that can stop them. They review each other’s papers. They review each other’s grant proposals. And they constantly tell each other that what they are doing is good science. Why should they stop? For them, all is going well. They hold conferences, they publish papers, they discuss their great new ideas. From the inside, it looks like business as usual, just that nothing comes out of it.

…  Sabine Hossenfelder is a Research Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies where she works on physics beyond the standard model, phenomenological quantum gravity, and modifications of general relativity. If you want to know more about what is going wrong with the foundations of physics, read her book Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray.”

“The Abnormal Stagnation of Physics”

Unread post by JHL » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:12 am 

…A physicist confirms Thornhill on the insurmountable problem of physics as a wrong-headed habit instead of a valid scientific pursuit.


Need a major medical operation? There is no food money left for you, nor transportation to be driven 225 miles one-Way were the tests not overly apparent and normal budget prohibitive. Prof. Noam Chomsky, stated in talk 09 Nov 2018 [(KGNU), Noam Chomsky Video Conference – November 9th, 2018 – KGNU—youTube 5,908 views] that currently Sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont, is very similar to Pres. Eisenhower (1957) in as much as making statements hardly radical, as today’s coRpoRate-Sleaze oligarchs maintain an adversity as perverse to laws and human-Rights. I agree, but would include were I speaking that conceptualized statement, that our “Universal politics” should not become stagnated by entropic-Plutocracy. Pres. Eisenhower did disguise “nucleaRism” and did not define nor refine his definition other than egregiousness-Extent, which have been the start, then of and on that hypothecary for intrigue.      “R”

“The United Nations recognizes healthcare as a human right. Last year, former

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon denounced the American healthcare system as “politically and morally wrong.” Ki-moon belongs to a group known as The Elders founded by Nelson Mandela and funded by Sir Richard Branson and musician Peter Gabriel, a group of older wise statesmen and stateswomen around the world determined to tackle global crises during their remaining years and unafraid to take on the capitalist system. Among their initiatives is global universal healthcare, and the US has been an enormous roadblock to reaching that goal. [2]

The US’ healthcare system is a public economic failure, benefiting no one except

the large and increasingly consolidated insurance firms at the top that ultimately supervise the racket. The entire system is another example of the moral deterioration that fuels the inequality plaguing the nation for the past three decades.

Our political parties have wrestled with single-payer or universal healthcare for decades. Obama ran his first 2008 presidential campaign on a single-payer platform. His campaign health adviser, the late Dr. Quentin Young from the University of Illinois Medical School, was one of the nation’s leading voices calling for universal health coverage since 1986. Among the 35 most developed OECD nations, 32 have some form of universal healthcare systems. However, past efforts to even raise the issue have been rapidly attacked and falsely discredited. The fact of the matter is that a huge army of private interests are determined to keep the public enslaved to private insurers and high medical costs. The failure of our healthcare is in no small measure due it being a fully for-profit operation. Industry and older corporate rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans argue that a single-payer or socialized medical program is unaffordable. However, not only is single-payer affordable, it will in the long-term save over $2 trillion annually. It will end bankruptcies due to unpayable medical debt. In addition, as we outline below, universal healthcare, structured on a preventative model, will reduce disease rates at the outset.

During a private conversation with Dr. Young shortly before his passing in 2016, he conveyed his sense of betrayal at the hands of the Obama administration. Already in his 80s when he joined the Obama team to help lead the young Senator to victory with the promise that America would finally catch up with other nations, he sounded like a defeated man. Dr. Young shared how he was manipulated, and that Obama held no sincere intention to make universal healthcare a part of his administration’s agenda. During the closed-door negotiations that spawned the weak compromised bill known as Obamacare, Dr. Young was neither consulted nor invited to participate. In fact, he stated, he never heard from Obama again after the election. The record shows that the principal parties meeting with the Obama administration were from the insurance and medical industries. It is they who created Obamacare. It was left to the charismatic and charming Obama to offer this up to the public as a spectacular victory.

Today the pharmaceutical, HMO, and insurance industries, as well as medicine’s most prominent professional associations, medical schools and Wall Street firms comprise a powerful cartel with its tentacles wrapped around the throats of politicians and federal health agencies, determined to refashion healthcare in its own rapacious image. Obama’s domestic promises and accomplishments, including Obamacare, were anemic at best. The policies he enacted only further muddied the waters with esoteric taxes, shortsighted giveaways, and bureaucratic hurdles. Meanwhile, the physical and mental health of the nation continues to erode.”

“The US’ Healthcare System is Predatory – It’s Time for Universal Medical Coverage”

Richard Gale and Gary Null, Progressive Radio Network, February 12, 2019

                         a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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