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anti-nucleaRist bloG #23/ 14 Feb 2009 Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy is not moving to a higher-Consciousness

anti-nucleaRist bloG #23/ 14 Feb 2009

Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy is not moving to a higher-Consciousness



There is a very good to believe that Timothy Geithner never should have been appointed; that Pres. Obama is outta-the-Loop; that the disjoiners point to the lack of the elitist-Politics of the u-S as once-Waz: republic, now is empire, does haplessly not have an iota of foreinstance, to be in leadership other than “multi-Nationals”! Nor does the resonance of 9-s;ash-11 UN-equaled in implosions and murders and no one’s arrested on the insider’s—but, where is that campaign? Wars mislead by misleading executive-disorder officer’s are anarchists, as they maintain “chaos-Theory: continuous-War, use of NSDU-238” goodness is what will kill us all!                   “R”


“The assertion is absurd. All reactors emit radioactive carbon, along with numerous other “hot” isotopes. Massive quantities of greenhouse gasses are spewed into the atmosphere during the mining, milling and enrichment of uranium fuel. The reactors themselves emit huge plumes of heat directly into the air and water.

Nukes perform poorly in hot weather, which is precisely when they’re supposed to help with global warming. Reactors in both France and the US have been forced to shut because the rivers into which they dump their waste heat have exceeded 90 degrees Farenheit.

Still more greenhouse gasses have been created with the partial construction of the proposed Yucca Mountain waste dump in Nevada, which has already cost the public $11 billion. If it ever opens—it’s not yet licensed, and many say it will never be—Yucca could cost $60 to $100 billion. Even then it couldn’t reason handle the waste from the new reactors the industry wants to build—or even all the spent fuel from the old ones now in existence.

Yet the industry wants Congress to give the industry essentially a blank check for loan guarantees to the tune of $25 billion in 2008 and $25 billion more in 2009, with countless billions more still to come down the road.”


“Nukes Are Back and So Are We” by Harvey Wasserman October 18, 2007 by



Pres. Hamid Karzai is more familiar w the governing sources of tribalism that command the prescience of the Pashtun-Peoples—of that which the Taliban-Hats are prescient-Rebels! Karzai is or is not scorning women, as the Taliban-Hats? He’s not acting as his life is 5-lanuages in an inertia fluency, unparallel’d by non-Committed extension of state-Dept to language and cultural support, rather than thumb up act of armed warrior-Worship—counter-INsurgency u-S penataGooons. The righteous teens and I’ve got a better way to stay alive killing civilians is not instructed, but “hype: regarding not a word of peace may be scene in deaths lookin’ like nite-time “death-Squads”!


Renew-Rome leaderships is becoming to “militaryized” as aggrandizement after INvasion and aggrandisement has produced drone’s usages, post NSDU-238 uses—they are pollute radionuclides, aerosolized to microns, dust-Scatter, shooting at shadows, no! The acting as though religion were every-Think-tank method of how-to-Sell “heroin” while everyone who needs “hashish” cannot get-the-Stuff is idiopathic of men who abuse women for the privileges of controllable leadership—w or w.o. duress, why care about the finer more intricate “gender”! That the u-S Diplomats are hardly acknowledging that an “ethnicity” is in disparagement, is to say, not their need because the militaryized is aggrandizement, soooo therefore the citizens do not need would be to say & speak the truth. N.A.T.O. has nothing to do in asia, bull-Shid-ski. Where is the United Nation’s capacity is the non-passive manner to cut the infernal u-s military-Machine: off. Soooo cut-Off by the u-S Pentagons, the United Nations is put down egregiously by u-S white-Bigots, or Oligarchs and technocrats. They’ll be followed by the white-Supremacists. When askance is needed in terms of social-Support from the we-Peeps of once-Waz: republic, where is the voice-of-America heard by us?


“The Afghan president called on world leaders attending the conference, including Joe Biden, the US vice-president; Nicholas Sarkozy, the French president; Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and Nato members, to support his proposal.

[video-source noted]… US and Afghan support for Karzai wanes

Mark Seddon, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Munich, said: “There will be people here who say that the Taliban are engaged in terrorism, how can you talk to them?

“What is being talked about here in Munich is a strategy that gets everybody on board.

“But having listened to the German defence minister, the senior US personnel and the Afghan president, you get the impression they are some way from getting to an agreed strategy.”

Widespread anger

Karzai’s appeal comes in the wake of a string of attacks across Afghanistan by resurgent Taliban fighters.

Two US soldiers, an Afghan policeman and a translator were killed on Sunday when a roadside bomb they were trying to disarm in the southern province of Helmand exploded, the Afghan interior ministry said.

Speaking at the conference, Richard Holbrooke, the US special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said that a new approach is needed to address Afghanistan’s security concerns.

“It is like no other problem we have confronted, and in my view it’s going to be much tougher than Iraq … It is going to be a long, difficult struggle,” he said.

“What is required in my view is new ideas, better co-ordination within the US government, better co-ordination with our Nato allies and other concerned countries, and the time to get it right.” …”


“Karzai urges Taliban reconciliation” Aljazeera dot net 2-08-09 NEWS CENTRAL/S. ASIA



The news-Media became “the military-Media” in bits ‘n pieces, as the “inter-Nay” transformed our local of consensus to what forum or formulatives of reportage are the most truthful, where appendaging was not allowed by older sources, and that those were “weigh-Of: course” in the first sense of tangents. That is well remembered. But, what were those points of the not-so-Amiably larder of the establishment’s cow-towing and not condoning may be seen by utilizing where history was—back when? These eighteen-Points are worthwhile and expedite the two-Most: amenities necessary. The other is that “the NGO’s” organizing the anti-War marches and demonstrations, have not released those speeches given, that therefore there is not a broader base goin’ back to 3-15-03, let alone 1991, and 1983. That 26-years of “un-Declared: wars” is not exponential to any but “war-is-not-Diplomacy” as more than overture counter-INsurgency to bring terror from Amers to the whole rest of the “large, quite-Large” world.             “R”


“I just watched the season opener of “Wide Angle” on PBS…What shameless propaganda and obvious PR maneuvering for Dubya, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz’ nasty little war plan! What a travesty of journalism! What an assemblage of hearsay and unexamined assumptions! What a monumental piece of arrogance! How much lower can PBS stoop?… Could you possibly concoct anything more one-sided? You should call the series “Right Angle”—and I don’t mean “correct.”

… Last night, PBS kicked off a new television series called “Wide Angle” with a documentary on Iraq. Hosted by former State Department spokesman James Rubin and featuring a documentary titled “Saddam’ Ultimate Solution,” the program should be renamed “Narrow Myopic Angle”.

The show was a disservice to Americans seeking to understand a very serious national discussion on whether or not to invade Iraq. Please call PBS to express your outrage. If we cannot demonstrate political power in the face of such horrendous propaganda then we will lose the national debate, thus leading to war.”


The Narrow View of “Wide Angle”: An Open Letter to PBS” by Wallace Schultz July 13, 2002 by “



Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy has not gone to any extent of the left that supports “a coalition” of politics thru resources of “human-Rights, anti-War, pro-Reduction nuclear-Weapons & halt of all-Uses/exports of NSDU-238” for Ecology-is-the-Planet”. He’s disguised himself w rhetoric of “status-Quotient” that he could parabled w re-eneactments from the BAILoUT rather than forward “cash man” to the trash-file. NDIC and meanings of proper SEC accountability would have been sufficient, if, not whether he stood to not-Allow: foreclosures, but not to ask for repayment, too! The rite to reinstate “ownership-Plans” thru government’s accountability capability “hardened, broadened” by accountants going to werk to end crookedness in crime-Scene, the Wall Street’s getaway by the right-hand man instead. No “mortgage-Bank, no federal-Reserve, no disbanding of large-Banks who lost, no jail time to those 2,000 offenders” cronyism from 9-s;ash-11 vents regale charm of plutocracy, instead. All he’s done is continue the “war-Footing: basis” and never never-Mentioned bring the 737-Overseas bases H-O-M-E! Such covetous is akin a tay-Toe on the hemhorroids, too! The supple egregious elites bought him out long ago, I told my friend rev-Paul Sawyer, don’t vote war-Monger, they don’t know Reduction of thermo-Nuclears, let alone halt export of NSDU-238 and start clean-UPs.               “R”


“During the 2008 election, Obama co-opted huge portions of the Left and its infrastructure so that their allegiance became devoted to him and not to any ideas.  Many online political and “news” outlets — including some liberal political blogs — discovered that the most reliable way to massively increase traffic was to capitalize on the pro-Obama fervor by turning themselves into pro-Obama cheerleading squads.  Grass-roots activist groups watched their dues-paying membership rolls explode the more they tapped into that same sentiment and turned themselves into Obama-supporting appendages.  Even labor unions and long-standing Beltway advocacy groups reaped substantial benefits by identifying themselves as loyal foot soldiers in the Obama movement.


… the main reason that Obama is having trouble is that there is not a popular left movement that is agitating for him to go well beyond where he would even ideally like to go. Sure, there are leftwing intellectuals like Paul Krugman who are beating the drums for nationalizing the banks and for a $1 trillion-plus stimulus. But I am not referring to intellectuals, but to movements that stir up trouble among voters and get people really angry. Instead, what exists of a popular left is either incapable of action or in Obama’s pocket.


But Krugman’s larger point is correct:  Republican groups demand from politicians support for their beliefs.  By contrast, as Judis describes, Democratic groups — including (perhaps especially) liberal activist groups — now (with some exceptions) lend their allegiance to the party and its leader regardless of how faithful the party leadership is to their beliefs.  That disparity means that there is often great popular agitation and political pressure exerted from the Right, but almost none from the Left (I’m using the terms “Left” and “Right” here in their conventional sense:  “Right”  being the core of the GOP and “Left” being those who most consistently and vigorously opposed Bush’s foreign and domestic policies).”


“Obama and Liberals: A Counter-Productive Relationship” by Glenn Greenwald February 13, 2009 by



Big corporate Banks buying –Out smaller corporate-Banks is still corporatism being paid for by tax-Monies when “bankruptcy-Laws” could have handled “insolvency” APPRoPRIATELY? Not having the insolvency attenuated in a disciplined and disciplining-Fashion, is the problem, not the stupid-BAILoUT. That the subprime was goin’ down was prescient five years ago when Indy-Mac hit the ground. The proceedings toward “globalization” not that a globalism was continued thru the auspice of control via “UNdeclared-Wars” but by the IMpunity, that form of indignancy that the populous does not vote! The penataGooon’s leash on Congress; the executive-Office not a liaison w enough in government other than 16 “intel-Gence” concerned agencies needing lost of “funds from derivatives-Banking! Hardly, from the private sector that mooches the congressional funds including Social Security, the one that is solvent.


The “and-Thensome” Conditionalism, that george-Enron cathected from PR studies during his A.W.O.L. rendezvous w disourtesy to the people, the public be damned, led the country down the wrong-Path, was because Richard Cheney could make more billions for the elites to control the corporatist method of the 1913 Federal Reserve-Act– yet UN-surPaSSED, for IMpugning, if ever there was a symbolist virtue in Language—that would be in Philosophy that is structured, not hang-Loose by congress-People not on vacations sooo put-options and an ILLEGALWAR WILL APEND the system of governance! The monetary-System, was the “system” that Haight-Ashbury movement was all about, you know small business and sociology w.o. stoicism. That and the “establishment”, for which blacklash, rightwing, reactionaryism, has kept us into “war-Theory” since 1983 or raw-Goon-O-mics [raw-Goon will suffice]! Don’t loose your job, house and/or pension w.o. knowing-the-Truth, anyhow? Get rid of Geithner, he’s an elitist, and an autocratic, as bad as Paulson, and bin-Dingy himself—useless all, too! Get the Congress to dump the federal-Reserve “system” entirely. Renewal not accentuate the anti-Normative past!               “R”


“But if you think $2 trillion is already huge, our latest estimates at RGE Monitor (available in a paper for our clients) suggest that total losses on loans made by U.S. financial firms and the fall in the market value of the assets they are holding will be, at their peak, about $3.6 trillion. The U.S. banks and broker-dealers are exposed to half of this much, or $1.8 trillion; the rest is borne by other financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad.

The capital backing the banks’ assets was just $1.4 trillion (last fall), leaving the U.S. banking system some $400 billion in the hole, or close to zero even after the government and private-sector recapitalization of such banks. Thus, another $1.4 trillion will be needed to bring back the capital of banks to the level it had before the crisis, and such massive additional recapitalization is needed to resolve the credit crunch and restore lending to the private sector.

These figures suggests the U.S. banking system is effectively insolvent in the aggregate; most of the U.K. banking system looks insolvent, too, and many other banks in continental Europe are also insolvent.

There are four basic approaches to a clean-up of a banking system that is facing a systemic crisis: No. 1: Recapitalization together with the purchase by a government “bad bank” of the toxic assets; No. 2: Recapitalization together with government guarantees–after a first loss by the banks–of the toxic assets; No. 3: Private purchase of toxic assets with a government guarantee and/or–semi-equivalently (a provision of public capital to set up a public-private bad bank where private investors participate in the purchase of such assets–something similar to the U.S. government plan presented by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for a public-private investment fund); No. 4: Outright government takeover (call it nationalization–or “receivership” if you don’t like the N-word) of insolvent banks, to be cleaned after takeover and then resold to the private sector.”


Nationalize Insolvent Banks” by Nouriel Roubini   



This past week the $50 billion rider for new-Nuclear and “dirty-Cleansed: coal” was abandoned by the House ‘vote’ not the Senate. The gOPs thought they had more billions to waste in schema’s due to lack-the-Tax-Monies now not-so-available. There is no base for outcry any worse than 26-years of un-Declared wars continuing! However, the gNEP plan of $50 billion from 1-31-06 under george-Enron admin is yet to be PEIS halted. The public input and petition acknowledgments to halt that $50 billion goes until 3-16-09. The formula for reprocessing and enrichment that is not disclosed, is the feature of how “NSDU-238” is made, from reprocessing isotopes w uran-236 already w.i. as well as plutonium-240. Basically, a “total-HALt” to NSDU-238 will be a future for renewal of american-Diplomacy of the support the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—now 4-points of law under our Constitution needs as reappraisal! The needs for parsimony in relegation of needs to veterans to cover all atomic-Radiation & nano-Chemicals exposure is the healthcare that any service-Persons should have thru the Vet-Admin, which currently is being held-Back by Pentagons/dept-Army since 1992. This discussion should be parable to each and everyone saying “DAILY’ war-only-leads-to-more-Warring, to his or her neighbor. Or, the empire has won your dirty-NSDU-238, harbinger of lies, hardly a soul, flatulence paradigm.                   “R”


“The key to recycling is being able to reuse materials while reducing pollution, saving money and making the earth a safer place. On all accounts, nuclear recycling fails the test.

Nuclear Recycling and the Environment

In order to recycle uranium and plutonium in power plants, spent fuel has to be treated to chemically separate these elements from other highly radioactive byproducts. As it chops and dissolves used fuel rods, a reprocessing plant releases about 15 thousand times more radioactivity into the environment than nuclear power reactors and generates several dangerous waste streams. If placed in a crowded area, a few grams of waste would deliver lethal radiation doses in a matter of seconds. They also pose enduring threats to the human environment for tens of thousands of years.

In Europe reprocessing has created higher risks and has spread radioactive wastes across international borders. Radiation doses to people living near the Sellefield reprocessing facility in England were found to be 10 times higher than for the general population. Denmark, Norway, and Ireland have sought to close the French and English plants because of their radiological impacts. Discharges of Iodine 129, for example, a very long-lived carcinogen, have contaminated the shores of Denmark and Norway at levels 1000 times higher than nuclear weapons fallout. Health studies indicate that significant excess childhood cancers have occurred near French and English reprocessing plants Experts have not ruled out radiation as a possible cause, despite intense pressure from the nuclear industry to do so.”

“Nuclear Recycling Fails the Test” by Robert Alvarez July 7, 2008 by Foreign Policy in Focus



Diplomacy starts @ home, and expands outwardly, but into community, then county and environs, then eco-Geography and maybe nation-State before “the-Feds” whose ergonomics is not supposed to be diametrically opposed. The need to protect the banking-Monetary: system, is basically trade is not aggrandising the manufacturing w.i. the nation-State. The wars dishevelment is not entirety separate from the amounts of monies spent and expended on first “arms-Sales” so that any “energy-Dept/war-Dept” monies are grossly in neglect “total-Amounts” of pejorative-Significance. Trade is all the wont of “OIL INdustry covetous in Usury”! The attitude is amplified, and multi-Natio0nals see the mid-Ocean vents knowing where the lack-of-accountability ‘faults” like vacating in Big Business compromises.


This in and of the measure of feds is about $one-Trillion per year—does not include the costs of “two-Undeclared: wars” nor the study on the amounts of pollution-in-Tons of hydro-Carbons, nor “NSDU-238 hoof-Print” in Iraq, nor Kosovo, nor Afghanistan, nor Bosnia. Diplomacy should have “halted” the $3 billion armaments giving to Israel last September, when Israel started to close down borders of Gaza and bomb the enclave already heavily-Embargo’d but illegally “blockaded”! What jerks we have running the executive-Branch are too similar to the jerks operating the legislative-Branch, and the proceedings of what Alberto Gonzalez and Karl Rove did under george-Enron admin are hardly in redemption to the Judicial Branch! Try to look at the level of corruption parabling this concurrence of connotations in discussion between two “economic” experts, below:



“Because it’s not leading to recovery at all. It’s now up to $12 trillion. It’s a giveaway to the banks, to the creditors, without a single penny for actual debt reduction. And I had thought that at least half a percentage point, $50 billion, was going to be to write down troubled mortgage debtors, but it turns out that not a penny of mortgage debt is going to be written down. When the banks have lent more money than a mortgage owes, with 38 percent, the government is going to create its own debt to come in and make up the difference, so the debt is going to continue to grow exponentially, and it’s way beyond the ability of the economy to pay. If people have to pay the amount of debt that they have now, there won’t be any money to buy goods and services, companies will not sell as much, they’ll invest less, they’ll hire less, and they’ll continue to downsize.


… Because it’s not leading to recovery at all. It’s now up to $12 trillion. It’s a giveaway to the banks, to the creditors, without a single penny for actual debt reduction. And I had thought that at least half a percentage point, $50 billion, was going to be to write down troubled mortgage debtors, but it turns out that not a penny of mortgage debt is going to be written down. When the banks have lent more money than a mortgage owes, with 38 percent, the government is going to create its own debt to come in and make up the difference, so the debt is going to continue to grow exponentially, and it’s way beyond the ability of the economy to pay. If people have to pay the amount of debt that they have now, there won’t be any money to buy goods and services, companies will not sell as much, they’ll invest less, they’ll hire less, and they’ll continue to downsize.


… Secondly, the stimulus is too small by about a factor of three. Just to take one example, state and local governments are going to be out of revenues to the tune of $400 to $500 billion over the next two years. The money in the stimulus package, about $140 billion. So, you know, these are layoffs of teachers and police and fire and cuts in programs that are completely needless. All the government has to do is write a check, and state and local services can continue.

The biggest problem of all is the Geithner plan to try and bring hedge funds and private equity companies with loans from the Federal Reserve as a way of propping up banks. It’s resuscitating the same system that got us into this mess. It’s totally wrong-headed.”


DEM Now 2-13-09 “Robert Kuttner and Michael Hudson on the Obama Administra-tion’s $789 Billion Economic Stimulus Package and $2.5 Trillion Bank Recovery Plans”


What I’ve offered to the “we-Peeps” is a perspective of social-Commentary that I feel best represents the integrity-Missing, and furthers the disconsolate ‘reform’ talk onto the plateau of self-Reform—that which he does not do any but accede in method to accomplish, or merely to add mouth! As best posited by understanding, where in the correct turns were those he made that got any resound from other than one-Party parody! His progressive-Support was ‘apologist’ as they turned from socialists, Libertarians, communists, peace ‘n Freedom, INdependents, not miserly “third-Parties” or my, who are the wise changing their vote for me, INdependents and made no stupefaction that he “recognize” themselves, as he was prone to lies other than “I don’t want to halt either war” and how-Compromised he accomplished that, not mentioning NSDU-238. These for whatever blunders there were, his was theirs—ohh boy!


The people needs, ours is left dangling-the-cliffs. The issues are already over-hanging disparagements of don’t budge the whole “disconsolation” of false counts and purges from voting rights, altho once a convict never a voter, or at once, the riddance of wars cost, but maybe he won’t go that way even thru mention? However, try bits ‘n pieces of truths relegated to the “elites: anti-Norm” and purvey the continuing activities, while your at facing losses of these social-Endemics, too! No, he did not say that either. He’s a smitten Oligarch I’ve told most of my friends.           “R”


love not NSDU-238, clean-up nano-Particulates, the radionuclides-POet


-note: blog on my space… & the radionuclides-POet bloG #16


Tags/ is empire, N.A.T.O., Dubya, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, NSDU-238, Hamid Karzai, Pashtun-Peoples, Nicholas Sarkozy, Richard Holbrooke, Timothy Geithner, Pentagons/dept-Army, 9-slash-11, atomic-Radiation, nano-Chemicals exposure, elites, anti-Normative, executive disorder, from socialists, Libertarians, communists, peace ‘n Freedom, NSDU-238 hoof-Print, radionuclides, aerosolized, to microns, dust-Scatter


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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