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anti-nuclearist bloG # 228/ 11 Nov 2017 the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, Hezbollah maintains balance in Levant

anti-nuclearist bloG # 228/ 11 Nov 2017

the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, Hezbollah maintains balance in Levant

“International Peace tReaty signed, but NSDU-238 and Directed energy not included

Need I suggest that pre-conclusions there is oNLY one “nuclear-Molecular: weapon” is wholly inadequate for a high-school background education. The treaty is hard fought, but we do know the enterprise of US-congress is immoral and corruption when NSDU-238 has not been scoured as in all usages “war-spots: illegal” released. What were the last six el pResidente’s up to if not anti-Constitution. They all should have been automatically impeached, if one leaning on democracy is to be, elbows off, and “de-contaminate” the whole planet, butt-holds. Mere Ecology is not assumptive.           “R”

“On September 20, the day the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty opens for signature in New York, IPB members and allies will launch a Day of Action in support of the Ban Treaty in 10 cities and communities from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast.

Groups are holding “Citizen Signing Ceremonies,” inviting anyone to come and “sign

the treaty.” In Ottawa, every Member of Parliament was sent a personal invitation to join with citizens before the Peace Tower to sign a giant replica of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons during a Citizen Signing Ceremony. The symbolic action is intended to contrast with the Trudeau government’s rejection of the treaty, largely in response to US pressure (see more on ).

The September 20 Day of Action was collectively organized by 20 IPB member groups and allies, and was built upon an earlier social media awareness campaign on the Ban Treaty that reached more than a half-million Canadians on Facebook. In the days leading to Hiroshima commemorations, the groups ran three video ads on Facebook, which helped to generate several thousand letters to Prime Minister Trudeau urging Canada to sign the Treaty.

Social media such as Facebook has played an important role in the IPB’s work in Canada. At the NATO summit in May, Trump pressured Canada and other NATO members to increase military spending, denying resources for social programs and environmental protection. The IPB in Canada launched a campaign on Facebook with a video and petition, which earned national media attention and was highlighted by the Facebook campaign tool, ActionSprout, as an example of effective campaigning by its users (read more on ActionSprout at actionsprout/leveraging-facebook/).

IPB members are gearing up for next year’s Global Day of Action Against Military Spending, which is expected to focus on Prime Minister Trudeau’s plan to nearly double Canadian military spending as a result of pressure from the Trump Administration. A membership drive will also be held to increase and…”

IPB Newsletter September 2017 Special Issue 9-20-17  


The peace program has been more than diminished, as well as more than abandoned, but that is by those Oligarchs wanting plutocracy to continue. The neo-Con’s in other words.

“We’re just hearing now what many of us said was inevitably going to happen. In Mosul, in Syria (ed: Iraq), we were told this was a great liberation of Mosul from the clutches of ISIS. And indeed for people forced to live under the terrors of ISIS rule, one aspect of that is freedom from that. But the cost is, it now is being acknowledged, there are thousands and people, thousands, that were killed in the U.S. bombing, the U.S.-led bombing as well as being killed by ISIS bombs and booby traps and the fighting that went on in the city for all of those months. So what’s the cost? This is … The Vietnam version was, we had to destroy the village to save it. The version today is, we had to destroy the city in order to protect people from ISIS. If this is their idea of protection, it’s not going to work.

What it does mean is that as more people from ISIS are driven out of the cities they once controlled, they will seek other territory. And when they are not able to seize and hold territory any longer, they will, some of them will simply go back to their old civilian lives. Some of them joined ISIS to get a job. We know that. The ISIS fighters, the ISIS militia paid higher wages than some of the other militias fighting in Syria. That was part of what motivated some fighters, as well as their families of course. But we will also see some of them turning to fight in other places, including in the West.

I think that we will see a spike in what we might say is a return of ISIS to old-fashioned terrorism, away from the sort of newfangled combination of terrorist organization with conventional military that it had been doing in the land that it controlled in both Syria and Iraq. As that land shrinks and they don’t have the control of territory and people any longer, they will retreat to being an old-fashioned terrorist organization attacking civilians wherever they can. And I think that we can expect to see an escalation in that kind of terrorism. So this is not going to make anybody safer, except perhaps the individual people at the core of being forced to live under ISIS rule. The problem is, many of them will not survive the war that is designed to liberate them.

SHARMINI PERIES: And finally, Phyllis, what’s happening to the negotiations, the regional negotiations that were going on in order to bring about a solution in Syria with a number of the people who were fighting involved in the process?

PHYLLIS BENNIS: Those talks have not gone forward. I think there is another episode of the Geneva-based talks scheduled for I think it’s next month. But these talks have largely stalled, unfortunately. The UN efforts to maintain the talks have not gotten support from the major powers, either the U.S. or Russia as the global powers there or the regional powers Saudi Arabia or Iran or Turkey or Jordan, the UAE, the other major fighting powers. So these talks so far are not bearing fruit. That doesn’t mean they should be ended. They should be continued and if possible they should be escalated in their pace. But that’s not what we’re seeing right now.”

“Hezbollah’s Victory Over ISIS Undermined as US Bombs Evacuation Route” TRNN Sept. 1st 2017 (please donate  some dollars)


My autobiography ought have the complete story of A.I.M. on-goings that i was a part and proud enough to serve as peace-Warrior from 1968 thru 2012 or 2013—little-D. those events were in many urban cities as well as indige-Tribal lands. Looking forward to more about Ionizationing, and more thorough a completion on and of my volumes, readying for copyright. As an american-Socialist, I am not sure what id-al is indigestion—at this point of departure.        “R”

“Founding of AIM

On July 28, 1968, Banks and his friend from boarding-school days, George Mitchell, put out a call for a meeting to address police brutality, prison, broken treaties and more. More than 200 people came.

That night the American Indian Movement was born, with Banks as field director and Clyde Bellecourt the first chairman. Within two years, there were 5,000 members and by 1973, 79 chapters.

The actions they undertook were legendary for standing up to racist oppression in a way that had not been done before. It had always seemed before that conditions would never change.

But they did and consciousness grew. Banks and other AIM leaders like Russell and Bill Means, Vernon and Clyde Bellecourt, women like Madonna Thunderhawk, Nilok Butler and Phyllis Young, and countless others stood up to the power, and inspired many more.

Banks’ journey took many roads after Wounded Knee

He and Russell Means were acquitted of all federal charges over Wounded Knee in a trial that lasted nine months. Judge Frederick Nichol ruled that massive government and FBI misconduct had “polluted the waters of justice.”

But Banks faced prison time after being convicted of assault and riot charges in the Custer incident. Rather than surrender to racist South Dakota authorities, he and his family found refuge in California. With major support from political activists and personalities like Marlon Brando, Governor Jerry Brown refused to extradite Banks to South Dakota, believing that he faced danger in that state.

Later, he decided to return to South Dakota to serve 14 months for the conviction, gaining parole in 1985. He was free to continue his pursuit of justice.

For more than 30 years, Banks led Sacred Runs, joining with indigenous people of the U.S. and other lands. He organized five Longest Walks, most recently this year on the issue of the drug crisis, the diabetes epidemic and domestic violence. He opposed the U.S. wars in the Middle East, supported the Venezuelan revolution and traveled to Cuba several times. He visited Cindy Sheehan at her Camp Casey in front of George W. Bush’s vacation home in 2005. The camp was named after her son who was killed in Iraq. Banks was proud to be the 2016 Vice-presidential candidate for Peace and Freedom Party in California, and for Party for Socialism and Liberation in New Mexico, Colorado and Iowa, along with presidential candidate Gloria La Riva.

Banks traveled constantly to Standing Rock in 2016, often with his son Tatanka, devoting his energy against the Dakota Access Pipeline, even as he began to suffer serious health issues.

In one memorable February rally at Standing Rock, surrounded by youth, he told them, “You, in the face of rubber bullets, concussion grenades, water cannons, you stand ready, not caring what it might do to you, because you are living up to your responsibility. You are a protector not only of water, but also the air and the soil.”

Banks was a mentor to many Native youth, teaching them traditional ways, their history and encouraging activism. On his reservation land in Minnesota when not traveling, Banks spent time with his family. For years there he harvested wild rice and produced his famed maple syrup.”

“People’s hero, AIM founder Dennis Banks 1937-2017” PSL by Gloria La Riva Oct 31, 2017 (16622) 


That space-Exploration is done in multi-splendid forms all of which ought command forums for exchange and understanding, is one major apportionment of beyond high-school education of ‘boomer-Generation”. Where are my companions in thought-Discourse?

“16 October 2017

ESA’s Integral satellite recently played a crucial role in discovering the flash of gamma rays linked to the gravitational waves released by the collision of two neutron stars.

On 17 August, a burst of gamma rays lit up in space for almost two seconds. It was promptly recorded by Integral and NASA’s Fermi satellite.

Such short gamma-ray bursts are not uncommon: Integral catches about 20 every year. But this one was special: just seconds before the two satellites saw the blast, an entirely different instrument was triggered on Earth.

One of the two detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) experiment, in the USA, recorded the passage of gravitational waves – fluctuations in the fabric of spacetime caused by powerful cosmic events.

 ESA’s Integral observatory is able to detect gamma-ray bursts, the most energetic phenomena in the Universe.

Integral gamma-ray observatory

“This is a ground-breaking discovery, revealing for the first time gravitational waves and highly energetic light released by the same cosmic source,” says Erik Kuulkers, Integral project scientist at ESA.

Before this finding, gravitational waves had been confirmed on four occasions: in all cases, they were traced back to pairs of merging black holes as they spiralled towards each other.

The two LIGO detectors had seen the first in September 2015, followed by two more in late 2015 and early 2017. Recently, on 14 August, the fourth observation of gravitational waves also involved Europe’s Virgo instrument in Italy.

These detections won the LIGO founding scientists the Nobel Prize in physics earlier this month.

Gravitational waves are the only ‘messenger’ expected when black holes collide. Following these four measurements, scientists across the world began searching with ground and space telescopes for possible luminous bursts linked to the gravitational waves.

“We had contributed to these earlier searches with Integral, looking for gamma- or X-ray emission and finding none, as expected from the vast majority of theories,” says Volodymyr Savchenko from the Integral Science Data Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

This time, however, the story took a different turn.

Neutron star merger

Access the video

Other cosmic clashes are suspected to release not only gravitational waves but also light across the electromagnetic spectrum. This can happen, for example, when the collision involves one or more neutron stars – like black holes, they are compact remnants of what were once massive stars.”

“Integral Sees Blast Travelling with Gravitational” ESA Space Science 16 Oct 2017

                     Wars-Warring killed the Republic HALT NSDU-238 export

                                         the peace-Warrior

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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