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anti-nucleaRist bloG #227/ 02 Nov 2017 Phytoremediation should have been absorbing seawater by now

anti-nucleaRist bloG #227/  02 Nov 2017

Phytoremediation should have been absorbing seawater by now

My blogging was curtailed because of two features. One, my osteoarthritis, needing a second knee {knee-Replacement” and secondly, needing to purchase a campor that would be high enough interior not to cause a backache problem, as both ford Vans, altho warmer due 3-inches insulation, while looking for an answer to place w family. The wherewithal, thus got infused w repairing my second vehicle in Laramie or was the continued duress from theft after theft, break-in’s, but sheriff’s officers being asinine and not yet have they garnered a report, case#, and my not wanting to change door around due the 114 miles distance for “forgot that’s”! Then, stupidly, not figured medical cannabis that much needed, I fluked. Next, I included myself w 50th anniversary high school reunion, altho not many persons had kept in touch w me, as well as not many were known to maintain interests in Radionuclides-Contaminations and decontaminating issues and descriptives.

The geoengineering, since 1998 had need of further nano-sizing. My belief is that is why strontium-90 was included either in 1998 or later i.e. 2004. However, government has had decades to sidestep the war-Mongering invasions since central-Americas in 1978-79. The government has also sidestepped NSDU-238 since 1973 (Sinai Desert) and 1991 Iraq, you need to be tampered w for excessively allowing Saddam Insane to be on cIAS payroll. Why then, has no “coRpoRation” tried to monopolize PHYTOREMEDIATIONS PROCESSES? Is that because GMO’s are molecular and toxic, too! How about let’s not de-contaminate from NSDU-238 usages because that is not good propaganda-Utility? Sounds better to those who have $100 saved and could start a company w 3,000 members to challenge oppression of government ‘not to have’ truths pertaining to usefulness?

When can we readily get phytoremediations going around the 99-NPP’s in the u.s.a., as well as around oil-Processing plants making highly toxic “chemicals”. Phytoremediating is the answer to jobs and training is the key. Changing from one-Party parody is the door.  



Since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the discharge of radioactive cesium into the environment has become a serious environmental problem. While various decontamination methods are currently being studied, methods involving cesium absorption from soil and water by plants has drawn attention since they can be used to concentrate cesium, produce little waste, are inexpensive, and environmentally benign. The method developed in new research can be used to detect cesium carbonate particles at high resolution (micrometer-level) by using a fluorescent probe called “Cesium Green,” which also enables intracellular imaging of cesium distribution.

Since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the discharge of radioactive cesium, especially 137Cs (half-life: 30.17 years), into the environment has become a serious environmental problem. While various decontamination methods are currently being studied, methods involving cesium absorption from soil and water by plants (phytoremediation) has drawn attention since they can be used to concentrate cesium, produce little waste, are inexpensive, and environmentally benign. Moreover, phytoremediation does not require removal of fertile surface soil, which is the current method applied for decontamination. Thus, phytoremediation has the advantage of being applicable in agricultural areas. Despite the low absorption rates of existing plants, this method promises many advantages and there are current urgent efforts being made to develop plants that efficiently absorb cesium. However, mechanisms of cesium transportation and accumulation in plant cells are largely unclear, and there is a lack of basic knowledge which is necessary for the development of appropriate plant species, including plant varietal improvement.

The method developed in this research can be used to detect cesium carbonate particles at high resolution (micrometer-level) by using a fluorescent probe called “Cesium Green,” which also enables intracellular imaging of cesium distribution. Imaging of cesium localization in cells of the general model plant, Arabidopsis, was performed. Following cultivation of Arabidopsis seedlings on a culture medium containing a high concentration of cesium carbonate, Cesium Green was applied to the seedlings, and the resulting green fluorescence observed was used to confirm the presence of cesium within the plants’ cells. Furthermore, fluorescence microscopy observations, which take advantage of the precise location-detecting properties of Cesium Green, revealed that cesium has a tendency to accumulate in the vacuoles of the cells.

The technique developed in this research is anticipated to forward the elucidation of cesium transportation and accumulation mechanisms in plants and to enable the selection and improvement of plants suitable for application in phytoremediation. Since the methods involved here can be initially investigated using harmless non-radioactive cesium, which has the same chemical properties as radioactive cesium (in terms of detectability using Cesium Green), it is a highly versatile method that requires no special experimental facilities.

The results of this research will be published in the U.S. chemical journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.”

“Success in intracellular imaging of cesium distribution in plants used for cesium absorption” August 18, 2014 National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)


However, the nuclear-Molecular lives and now, 3.5 years after last tryst w Sheriff’s, thieves, accidents not accountable, physical injuries w high pains accumulation, needing a mate, and making incorrect decisions, and writing constantly, I may now ruminate or attempt even more office wirk and shoulders overloading of stress—in stomach! Do chem tRails help this matter? No. Was there public support for my speaking-out against the aero-Jet CO-2 and H.A.A.R.P. symphony w chem-tRails? Not very much. The double-standard that ‘exceptionalism’ is always correct had better get corrected by “we-People” not by more Oligarchs furthering a sleazy approach to belligerence while staying connect w “violence of mobstering”!

China-Russia-Brazil-India-Indonesia have banned into an economic pact. The factual matter is that  economics is not monopoly. The US-military has been a drag for 39-years. Speak-out I shall continue to state, is the way forward toward co-ops and collectives which would and will provide housing and job opportunity sooners than corporate enslavements continuing.   “R”

“In foreign policy, China is the global vector of voluntary, non-coercive “connectivity” among nations, by far the biggest international investor in infrastructure development. The Chinese build African ports and railroads, while the U.S. builds drone bases.

U.S. rulers also have grand plans — not for raising domestic or global living standards, but for war. As servants of the Lords of Capital, both corporate political parties promise their citizenry nothing but austerity. The political hegemony of the oligarchs is so complete — especially since the Clinton years in the White House — the very idea of governmental intervention on the side of the non-rich has become foreign to much of the public, including the Black political class. Corporate media define “left” and “right” based mainly on so-called “social,” non-economic issues, as if the argument over economic justice has already been settled — in the oligarchs’ favor.

“The Chinese build African ports and railroads, while the U.S. builds drone bases.”

The people’s representatives grovel at the feet of the rich, begging for crumbs that might fall from on high. As of last week, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world with a net worth of $90 billion, has received 238 proposals from local governments across North America begging for a chance to host a second headquarters for his Seattle-based corporation. Nearly every city worthy of name recognition, and some you’ve never heard of, has positioned itself booty-up for Bezos and the prospect of 50,000 jobs. The only states from which no applications have been received are North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, Arkansas and Hawaii.

Bezos is an extortionist. Amazon has already gotten more than $1 billion in local and state subsidies for its warehouse centers around the country, where workers are paid 15 percent less , on average, than other warehouses in the region. According to a recent study, Amazon’s business model has destroyed nearly 150,000 more jobs in retail stores than have been created in its warehouses. Author Simon Head writes that Amazon’s “system of employee monitoring is the most oppressive” he has ever come across — even worse than Walmart. However, the whole point of establishing an austerity regime is to starve working people and their communities into submission to employers like Walmart

and Amazon – and to make governments pay for the privilege of hosting the extortionist.

“The very idea of governmental intervention on the side of the non-rich has become foreign to much of the public, including the Black political class.”

“Socialism or Amazonism” Glen Ford, BAR executive editor  26 Oct 2017

Did I not much like being underground in china, 1980-1981? Yes and no. Travel is hardship, and remembering demands a specific regimen as well as taskful group pace, for the Ecology gRoup. Glen Ford I met in Philadelphia while I was covering the M.O.V.E. and missed when I was covering wht Mumia had been arrested for non-Involvement in murder of plice-pole-person.confrontational of police-State and pulling for we-People to support afro-Amers who have not had education pertaining to much more than propaganda, to explore libraries and to get from the concrete byways. He was a DJ-journalist and has become w BAR a standout website adjudication. Walmart has been over-taken for cheap-thrills “coRpoRatism” by Amazon.  Both Glen and I write, and descriptively, people are not reading all-day and everyday! That is the main dysfunctional drawback and the reasons where protecting the man here is not in need of the constant of interruptions that I do not want nor need.

Like the country does not need “chem-tRails” at one-Billion dollars-US per month, why do we not have fast trains projects? Why do we not have employment for re-Foresting 10.5 millions dead ak-res in WY-CO? Want more jobs, allow low-Rate loans to rebuild those buildings of Detroit into “apartment centers” w recreation facilities. Wars are the fookers of demised economy, not the helpor of any but Bankors-Internationalists/globalists. Speak-out and protest. The murdering by ex-Soldiers who may know how to order a person to halt in another country, not utilizing that country’s language is as much as disgrace as “typecasting is racism”! Being a white drunk on the sidewalks of little-D, does not make for a broader-base of anti-War warrioring, but neither does the constant support of professional sports and the gambling attachments of mob, either!

When will the VA support cancers from 375,000 on disability from 1991 thru 2005 who were contaminated , not by cesium-137, but by ur-234, ur-235, ur-236, ur-238 and ou-239?       “R”


There is one oxygenate and 10,000’s of chemical. What is called the environment: fields, schools asphalt parking lots, apartments w gravel not plants, parks, homes w bushes-flowers-trees does comprise and Environment. What is Ecology though, is determined by the molecular-Structure of the cubic-Volume. The farms we have on flatlands in central-Valley are manned, werked by humans: male and female! The disaster of cancerous-Capitalism is that organic farm-practices altho 95% more aspiring topsoil and handlers, is not in use, nor does the bourgeois buyer at the stupor  market seem to ask the tellers “when do we get everything-Bop” organic? Much has changed in the past18-months. Organic canned foods, organic frozen veggies (10-ounces, way too small) and picqued, public purchasing—plus I’ve not let-up since 1996, after finding wild Oats markets in Boulder CO.      “R”

“Our fruits and vegetables are being sprayed with a dangerous neurotoxin called chlorpyrifos, and despite mounting scientific evidence and the EPA’s own recommendation, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt decided to let the pesticide stay legal. 

Fortunately, a bill has been introduced into the Senate to ban this dangerous chemical.

Tell your members of Congress to ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos!

Chlorpyrifos is in the same chemical category as sarin nerve gas and has been linked to lower IQs and memory problems in children of women who were exposed while pregnant. 

Horrifyingly, six to ten million pounds of chlorpyrifos is sprayed on crops like apples, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, cranberries, onions, peaches, strawberries, soybeans, and walnuts each year.1

At the end of 2016, under mounting pressure from the public including environmental, workers rights, and children’s rights organizations, EPA staff completed a review of large amounts of scientific evidence and concluded that there was no safe use for chlorpyrifos, even in small quantities, and that the

pesticide should be banned.  

However, in March 2017, Scott Pruitt ignored his own agency’s findings and the mountains of scientific evidence against chlorpyrifos, and decided that the pesticide would remain in use for years to come.2

In the past few weeks several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have revealed and verified Scott Pruitt’s close ties to the polluting and chemical industries. Additionally, a couple months ago through a FOIA The New York times discovered that multiple political appointees pressured career staff to reject the petition to ban chlorpyrifos.3  
       You don’t even need to read between the lines to see that Scott Pruitt’s decision let chlorpyrifos stay legal likely had little to do with protecting the environment, our families, or farmers. 

Since Scott Pruitt won’t, we need our members of Congress to protect our children, communities, farmers, and farmworkers! 

Tell your members of Congress to stand up for our health and safety by banning chlorpyrifos!

This is not just a fight for safe food, it’s a fight to show Administrator Scott Pruitt that he can’t ignore science, and neglect the health and safety of Americans.”

“Tell your members of Congress to ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos!”  Sierra Club u.s.a. 

also see:

“EPA scientists said ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos. Scott Pruitt said no” 

by Carl F. Cranor;  June 07, 2017


The bully and hilarious Clinton nuptials have brought about corruption at the Mena airport, state of Arkansas, and malicious invasion instead of support for aRistide, democratically elected president, amongst giving or getting funds from cIAS and being inbolved w gHW Bushwhacky, who is soooo exemplary. Sibel Edmonds does a fantastic job explaining, and giving reference to the full-extent.  What gets me is that bully-Boy allowed gHW Bushwhacky to-go-free, when his “mass-Murder” of Highway of death which killed 238,000 mostly soldiers w 33,30 civilians to cRispies. I’ll not forgive bully for Rwanda not being halted in their tracks, before allowing 835,000 murders. Why his cartel, anyway?        


“The Obama & Clinton Cartel” 7:51 mins. ‘newsbud’ youTube


The Hezbollah has traded arms, as well as fought the IDF (Israels). The Hezbollah

does not trade arms, as the Mossad does, w ISIL. The “Levant” did not need a war, but Syria is transgressed by cIAS and operation Gladio, stationed in Turkey cannot be dysfunction for the US-security state apparatus which werks covertly. The Hezbollah is as strong as the Lebanese army which stays inside Lebanon. The US-miitary kills 1,000’s of civilians and makes heapo’s of werk for UN-humanitarian relief efforts, especially!       


“SHARMINI PERIES: So Phyllis, let’s start off with describing what has been happening on the Lebanese-Syrian border, and the nature of the cease-fire that has been agreed upon.

PHYLLIS BENNIS: The fighting that had been going on for about a week, and it seemed that the ISIS fighters had been fought to a standstill. And there was an offer of an agreement to move, not into Syria, sorry, not into Iraq. They have not traveled into Iraq, and they’re not planning to. They were moving across Syria from where they had been fighting with, as you said, Syrian government forces, Lebanese government forces, and the Lebanese Hezbollah allied with the Syrian government. They had negotiated a deal in which they would be allowed to move from that besieged town on the Lebanese-Syrian border and drive across Syria to an area of Syria still under ISIS control. They would be joining an existing ISIS stronghold.

Part of the deal was that they would turn over to Lebanon the bodies of about 20 Lebanese soldiers who ISIS had killed a couple of years ago, and they had held on to those bodies as a negotiating chip. They cashed in that chip, if you will, and they returned the bodies to Lebanon for return to their families for burial. The quid pro quo was that they would be allowed to leave where they had been besieged in Syria on the Lebanese border and driven across Syria. It was a kind of guarantee of safety to drive to Deir al-Zour province, another province of Syria on the other side of the country that abuts the Iraqi border. So it was not about going into Iraq, it was simply moving from one ISIS-controlled area that had been defeated to another area where ISIS remains in control. That was the agreement.

That was what the U.S. said was unacceptable in language quite explicit from, among others, the U.S. special envoy for the coalition against ISIS, Brett McGurk, who said that it is unacceptable to allow ISIS fighters to travel across the country; they should have been killed on the battlefield. It was as if he imagined that the battlefield was a World War I-style trench warfare where you have armies facing off against each other in the middle of nowhere. The battlefield here are cities. So if they had insisted on being killed on the battlefield, it would have meant killing hundreds or thousands of Syrian civilians.

In this case, what they allowed was 300 or so ISIS fighters who had been defeated, who are now being mocked by other ISIS fighters for giving up the fight but nonetheless they did, along with something like 330 women and children who were family members. Some of the women very likely forced wives after being kidnapped by ISIS. Incredibly vulnerable population who were all put on a bus convoy and bused across the country to somewhere. And it was at that point, while they were traveling, that the U.S. said this is unacceptable, we’re not going to, they said, bomb the convoy itself, acknowledging that there were women and children in large numbers that were part of the convoy, but we’re going to drop bombs in front of the convoy to crater the road, so they can’t go any further. So they did that two days ago. Forced the convoy to go back and take another route, trying a more circuitous route. Right now they seem to be stuck in the desert. 

It’s very unclear how this is going to be resolved. The U.S. position is: We’re not bound by any agreement that the other anti-ISIS fighters make. In this case, the other anti-ISIS fighters are the government of Syria, the government of Lebanon, which is backed by the United States, and Syrian Hezbollah (ed: Lebanese Hezbollah). The U.S. says: We’re not bound, so we’re going to go ahead and bomb them. Even though, this was a way of avoiding further bloodshed in the western Syrian town where they came from. So how this gets resolved right now is very, very uncertain.

SHARMINI PERIES: All right. So what can Lebanon do? What can Hezbollah and of course the Syrian government do under these circumstances?”

“Hezbollah’s Victory Over ISIS Undermined as US Bombs Evacuation Route” TRNN Sept. 1st 2017

remember you need wars-Warring in order to feel accomplishment is not the US-constitution,

                                            the peace-Warrior

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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