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anti-nucleaRist bloG #223/ 18 March 2014 peace-Remnants for nuclear-Disarmament

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Blogs are an interesting substantiation of communicating and dwelling upon reason & Understanding (Jean Paul Sartre). This blogscape below is the last of my bloG-series started in 2004 and ended 18th March 2014 11-years later. However, mis-numbeRing of posting incorrect numbered “bloGs” has enterpRised the total of anti-nucleaRist bloGs @ 226.

Thanks for reading my posts w vigor and understanding…    “R” Addison


anti-nucleaRist bloG #223/ 18 March 2014

peace-Remnants for nuclear-Disarmament


There once was a way home, that was to leave the planet alone. We did not have neurotic people then {sic: my capital letters in mid-words]   but what has happened too often people allowing themselves to mince their wordages and not utilize part of vocabulary training, by reading—and, in conversations. The practice may be wholly a professional in bearings, but baring phonetics utility management or professionals failed that accord. Is this pertinent to English spoken language? Probably! Since 1966, at college and at University, the topics of Psychology pertained to societal-Sickness –sleaze of the Oligarchic-State. Mainly, many people warned one another of the demise, that of Radionuclides onslaught imparticular to those of us w.i. the anti-Nuclearist wings of anti-War, knew and discussed. Even then, however, NSDU-238 was a disregarded feature, one of “could-not-happen-here”. I am not one to “disregard” any factorable obsession by turn-of. As a boomer I was one of those on the hipstir-wing. Literally we were tuned-In to disregard as ipsofacto-Relatible chime but don’t rhyme.


Sleaze if you please, but sleaze not if you Do Not Please! I did not disregard my peers, because I knew that plutocracy was more rampant—evidently– than my peers expected any pronouncements to be or to become regarding the propaganda-state of capitalism is soooo prissy. Why was poverty so necessary to spout rhetoric and then go to war 10,000 miles away and not Weld. the we-Boomers wee the tour du force of putting shackles on the new-Rome, as the military grotesqueness was ameliorized into societal-Normatives. This propaganda was truly as sleaze. The positive side was that pertains was that of human-Animal, that we Evolved to the points where our brains were better w hand-eye co-ordination as well as both sides the brain. This was not apparent, and many drop-outs had a time of learning from their peers. Peer-linkage to the we-Boomers was a pronounced acceptance, a renown one. The dropouts had a take on that premise but could not develop a conceptual-Basis. The reactionary-Right were diggers and Rollingstone writors & readors, to drop-outs and plain-ole druggie-useless. What comes to Life is not always fruition, or what goes around comes around. However, the rightwing gOPS also stated that fact since, 1969 as they started a reactionary backlash, but seemingly against anythingy-Bop.


The Ecology movement was what we-Boomers founded, in 1969, but we had lost too many bohemians as liaisons by then. We were was predicated upon cleaning-UP all Radionuclides sites, but the reactionism to that premise was because ACP (american communist party) associates were in our midst. The at-odds was Bourgeois reactionism, as I defined w the other co-leader of our Revolution-Now affinity group. Who was against too much of one-Factor, we knew that to be Establishment, while that of science was remiss, to them, not merely to us. This antithetical encapsulated, and our negations were not debased and negative outputs not missing. Thus, the we-Boomers knew that “reactionaryism” was the workout of the FBIs—COINTELPRO was they guise, and utility, but had not the secretized word. NSDU-238 was on the front burner for us, too briefly, because we were not a socialist party w parity, altho we knew the parity forward and rising! Reactionism was not reactionaryism.         “R”


“Characteristics of the battlefield contaminant:

  •   Ceramic uranium is produced by the ballistic pulverisation and thermal aerosolisation of uranium alloyed and uranium ballast ordnance by the detonation of high explosives and the energy of kinetic impacts.
  •   Physical and chemical form of ceramic uranium:
 U3O8, UO2, UO3 uranium oxides, mixed alloy compound oxides, and slow- 
oxidising uranium metal particulate.
 Aerosols of uranium-rich dust are comprised of a high fraction of ultra-fine, 
respirable aerosols: < 0.1 micron (particle diameter).
  •   Lung retention of ceramic uranium: Official standard of nuclear regulators is a clearance rate of a total of 10% of the inhaled lung burden absorbed into the blood over the lifetime.
  •   Blood circulatory system retention: For the fraction that reaches the blood, the official position is that it takes 3 years to 10,000 days for blood circulated ceramic uranium to be cleared from the body.
  •   Whole-body retention in research literature: Inhaled ceramic uranium remains in body for a lifetime; found in lungs, bones and target organs during autopsies.
  •   Health risk classification category of ceramic uranium: Chemical, heavy metal toxin and pervasive, systemic radiological toxin.

 Research findings of deleterious health effects of ceramic uranium/alpha particle emitters: Lymphatic and lung cancer; kidney damage; genetic damage to off-spring; classed by International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC) as a carcinogen.

Characteristics of the alleged, new generation of composite uranium, high explosive weapons:

  •   Composite weapons combining Non-Depleted Uranium and High Explosives.
  •   Suspected ordnance categories: Deeply buried hardened target – bunker busters; seismic shock weapons (tectonic disrupters); surface hardened-target penetrators including special classes of munitions such as shaped-charges and self-forging armour and bunker defeat ordnance; wide-area denial, fragmentation bombs; and, thermobaric bombs.
  •   Mass range estimates: 100’s to 1,000’s of pounds of uranium per weapon, depending on type.
  •   Weight of a DU kinetic energy penetrator: <1/2 to ~12 pounds for those warheads admitted to by Defense departments.
  •   % DU kinetic energy penetrator (DU-KEP) aerosolising upon impact with target: 20% to 80% (increases with exposure to fire).
  •   % NDU aerosolising upon detonation of composite, uranium-high explosive weapons: up to 100%; except for fragmentation and area-denial ordnance.
  •   High explosives in NDU-HEO ordnance: 100’s to 1000’s of pounds per weapon.
  •   High explosives in DU kinetic energy penetrators: None
  •   Terminal ballistics: Heat – 5000° to 8000° C; Pressures – detonation front travels at 21,000 mph; Uranium explodes in contact with CO2 (a product of chemical explosive blasts); Impact velocities – over 1.5 Km/second, depending on function, weapons’ design and delivery system.
  •   Aerosol production: “Going-in factors” combine to instantaneously “phase-shift” the uranium and convert it to a plasma, ionising and electrostatically charging the by- products, lofting and dispersing the contaminant as a colloid and uranium-rich compounds. Up to 100% of material aerosolised along with target materials, creating a wide size-range of pure uranium respirable particles along with compounds and agglomerates of uranium-rich dust and metallic uranium fines.
  •   Dispersal of aerosols: Colloidally suspended aerosols behave as a gas, adhering to fluid-dynamic principles. The contaminant will be deposited at ground-zero and at decreasing densities along the particle deposition pathway of the weapons’ ballistic plume. The aerosols can travel 1,000’s of kilometres and 10’s of 1000’s of feet vertically – classified as a mesospheric contaminant.


–note: if these characteristics had been presented from the evaluations on and from the new-Rome’s “proving-Grounds” such as Starmet, Indiana Proving Ground near Madison IN—where I protested 3-times and nearby 6-7 times, the NSDU-238 significancies in killing ”civilians” by the 100,000’s may never have transpired. However, transpire the use and the abuse “civilians” deaths and the LINGERING AFFECTS FROM USAGES did happen. These do constitute Crimes Against Humanity, and my indignation as to why they think, i am eating from their dumb-fool laps. Hardly.                 “R”


Uranium Contamination of Afghanistan ©

Tedd Weyman, 
Uranium Medical Research Centre, Hope Ontario, May 2003 (50-pages plus footnotes)…




Any and all “uranium” is Radiologic. What would 60% fissile anti-Matter uranium not be, if not Radionuclides of various types of high element categorically? Is there some dictionary that states the anti-thesis, or is this the portrayal of the neo-Con’s whose rhetoric seeks meteoric heights, because they are the number-One downer of once-Waz Republic of U.S.?

Regarding the “monopolization” of the world’s skies thru CHEM tRails, I ask “how will the Red Cross and the Red Crescent be-able-to respond to human-Needs, and the post-Traumatic incidences that have already been occurring. What is the method of madness has no bottom line but the occurrences thru a relegation of sickness-Sleaze IMpunity i.e. chemicals are good for you—so was torture and renditioning by secrecy-CIAS, impassioned thru neo-Con’s. Soooo, again, one must ask, why the fundamentalism and TAKEOVER of our-Planet’s skies, if not to appease the nonsense that CLEANUPS of Radionuclides is non-Necessity?       “R”


“The old Washington adage that the cover-up is worse than the crime may not apply when it comes to the revelations this week that the Central Intelligence Agency interfered with a Senate torture investigation. It’s not that the cover-up isn’t serious. It is extremely serious—as Senator Dianne Feinstein said, the CIA may have violated the separation of powers, the Fourth Amendment, and a prohibition on spying inside the United States. It’s just that in this case, the underlying crimes are still worse: the dispute arises because the Senate Intelligence Committee, which Feinstein chairs, has written an as-yet-secret 6,300 page report on the CIA’s use of torture and disappearance—among the gravest crimes the world recognizes—against al-Qaeda suspects in the “war on terror.”
By Senator Feinstein’s account, the CIA has directly and repeatedly interfered with the committee’s investigation: it conducted covert unauthorized searches of the computers assigned to the Senate committee for its review of CIA files, and it secretly removed potentially incriminating documents from the computers the committee was using. That’s the stuff that often leads to resignations, independent counsels, and criminal charges; indeed, the CIA’s own Inspector General has referred the CIA’s conduct to the Justice Department for a potential criminal investigation.

But the crime that we must never lose sight of is the conduct that led to the investigation in the first place. To recall: in 2002, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration authorized the CIA to establish a series of secret prisons, or “black sites,” into which it disappeared “high-value” al-Qaeda suspects, often for years at a time, without any public acknowledgment, without charges, and cut off from any access to the outside world. The CIA was further authorized to use a range of coercive tactics—borrowed from those used by the Chinese to torture American soldiers during the Korean War—to try to break the suspects’ will. These included depriving suspects of sleep for up to ten days, slamming them against walls, forcing them into painful stress positions, and water-boarding them.
The program was approved by President Bush himself, as well as Vice-President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Attorney General John Ashcroft, and CIA Director George Tenet. John Yoo and Jay Bybee, Justice Department lawyers, wrote memos to whitewash the program. These acts were war crimes under the laws of war and grave human rights abuses. Yet no one has yet been held accountable for any of them. And the investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee is until now the only comprehensive effort to review the extensive classified CIA records about the program.
Even before the investigation began, the CIA appears to have been aware that its interrogation practices might not withstand scrutiny. The intelligence committee’s investigation was itself sparked by a CIA agent’s destruction of ninety-two videotapes of the agency’s actual interrogations. According to accounts by former CIA officials, twelve of the tapes documented the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” including water-boarding. One tape showed al-Qaeda suspect Abu Zubaydah, apparently screaming and vomiting.”


New York Review of Books–the CIA’s Poisonous Tree

by David Cole: review by David Levine, March 15, 2014, 4:30 p.m.  posted by Alan Gibert   and




NSDU-238, the cRutch of Bourgeois-American society, since 1943, must have been insufferable to NWO and plutocrat gHW Bushwhacky, not-to-use and gain power-Ascendancy but not “autocratic-Ascendancy”? Ohh, my, whatever a choice not needing choice-Reactionaryism! The use of a nuclear-Weapon: the first invented nuclear-Weapon by scatter (or when channelizing how to aerosolize into microns) was, is and remains a Radionuclides-Contamination that cannot be buried when, wind-Erosion, water-Erosion, and air winds-Channels do carry the “smaller particulate matter” into every crevice and inorganic soil-rock-sand-topsoil-water and due the volume into human nostrils, of course, w morosely by increase of inhalations empiricist-Methods maintained by the one human need. To Breathe. This nearby method is akin an Ostrich burying it’s head into ‘solid-Rock’ which is doubly impossible because Ostrich’s may reach the soils’ surface, but have no “shovel-Methodology”.               “R”


“Subject: The use of depleted uranium for military purposes

Depleted uranium (DU) is a chemically toxic and radioactive by-product of the uranium enrichment process whose radioactivity increases over time. It is used by a number of states in armour piercing munitions for use in tanks, armoured vehicles and aircraft. Six states are known to produce these weapons, and it is thought that around 20 currently possess them in their stockpiles. DU munitions combust, generating a fume of uranium oxide particles that present an inhalational hazard to civilians and military personnel. Munitions that miss their target can contaminate soils and groundwater. Significant quantities of DU munitions have been used in Iraq and the Balkans by the US and the UK. There are ongoing concerns over its potential use in Afghanistan. DU-contaminated vehicles pose significant risks to scrap metal collectors and children who often play on them. DU munitions have been deployed in spite of considerable data gaps in DU’s environmental behaviour, chemical and radiation hazards, the level of contamination likely to be created in different scenarios and, crucially, the extent to which civilian populations may be exposed to DU residue. Parliament has consistently questioned and opposed the use of DU munitions for more than a decade. Concern over the use of DU munitions has been growing at the United Nations General Assembly, where a fifth resolution on the topic will be tabled in October 2014. In some areas of Iraq, childhood cancers and severe congenital birth defects have increased exponentially, up to the point where women no longer want to have children. In consideration of the issues raised above, could the Commission specify:


  1. what action has been taken to date to promote restrictions and/or prohibitions on the use of DU munitions among Member States and to demonstrate leadership on this issue internationally?
  2. what efforts have been undertaken to develop a common EU position in favour of the prohibition of the use of DU munitions?
  3. what assistance the EU is able to provide to help the Iraqi Government to better manage the legacy of DU in its country?
  4. DU is just one of many hazardous substances used in conventional munitions that have the potential to impact on civilian health. In light of the EU’s position as a leader on chemicals regulation, will the Commission support research into the impact of these toxic remnants on civilians?”


I shall repeat their universal complement questioning, one that made me await a simple return from my peers, my peer-linkages, and my social-Barings by en-voce’ which always did and yet does get responses. What the new-Rome has done is to insert “hatred” for Amers, specifically, who have supported such neo-Con: fascist-Methodology. While he Iraqs people were semi-aghast by Saddam INsane at least they had better healthcare provisioning and were far out-stripping in Universal quality than the new-Rome has done –other than admonishments which complement nothing is akin Nowhere. Shame on he mass-Murderous new-Rome lacking usefulness capacity for COMPASSION and for LAWS on the books. Who needs their ‘empire and IMperialism’ anyway-How        “R”


Following a global Day of Action event last November, where PAX’s Wim Zwijnenburg briefed members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Iraq, a cross party group of MEPs have submitted a question to the EU’s foreign affairs chief Cathy Ashton.

The question asks what the EU has been doing to encourage member states to respect the views of the EP, which has repeatedly called for a global moratorium on DU and work towards a ban. It also asks the EU to better support Iraq in dealing with the legacy of DU and for it to take a lead on the increased regulation of military toxics. The question and list of signatories is available below, an official report of the Iraq Committee hearing is available here. The initiative was led by Struan Stevenson MEP. ICBUW awaits the answer with interest.”


MEPs submit questions on DU in Iraq to Cathy Ashton

14 March 2014 – ICBUW




How the hypocrisy and arrogance of the new-Rome must always equal IMperialism is not beyond the short-sighted scope of scientific failure will prove these geeks-cRonies and technocrats-Plutocracy wins whimsically, and thus supercedes laws, lawfulness, accountability and yes, even reproof!

“The vote by Crimea to leave Ukraine has led to a chorus of condemnation and economic sanctions against Russia by the United States and all the NATO governments of Europe.

The same countries that dropped 23,000 bombs and missiles on Yugoslavia in 1999 demanding that Kosovo be separated from Serbia and Yugoslavia–and also invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and bombed Libya in 2011 — are crying about Russia’s flagrant “violation” of Ukraine’s sovereignty by virtue of encouraging and supporting the Crimean referendum.

The people of Crimea have voted in overwhelming numbers and by an overwhelming margin to leave Ukraine and to federate with Russia. The majority population in Crimea speaks Russian, identifies with Russia and was formally a part of Russia until the region was transferred to Ukraine as a largely administrative measure in 1954 when Ukraine and Russia were full republics united in one country: the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.


The vote by Crimea to leave Ukraine has led to a chorus of condemnation and economic sanctions against Russia by the United States and all the NATO governments of Europe.

The same countries that dropped 23,000 bombs and missiles on Yugoslavia in 1999 demanding that Kosovo be separated from Serbia and Yugoslavia and also invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and bombed Libya in 2011 — are crying about Russia’s flagrant “violation” of Ukraine’s sovereignty by virtue of encouraging and supporting the Crimean referendum…

The scrapping of the Feb. 21 agreement and the seizure of power by the new fascist-dominated government in Kiev was the last straw for Putin. The Feb. 21 agreement was worked out with the EU powers but it was instantly scrapped by the fascists and the United States officials went public saluting the new regime and recognizing it as the legitimate government.

Did anyone who was thinking believe that Putin would accept this outcome in Ukraine, a country of 46 million people with deep cultural, economic, political and military ties to Russia?”


Crimea Referensum: the hidden truth behind the U.S.-Russia rivalry

By Brian Becker 3-17-14 PSLweb




The heinousness of using NSDU-238 is two-Fold. One, the actual term is what I use, as the encapsulation is most apparent to the actual-Dimensionality of 60% fissile. The other is that others must jump-In as the disparagement is also that the IMperialism cause “neurotic-Conditionalism” in the first place, whether as a backlash from killing civilians, from totally contaminating the DNA’s of unborn fetuses to radionuclides-contaminating neighboring nations-States at a later non-propitious space-Time. The main fact is nuclear-Radiation is illegal, whether in NSDU-238 microns and various associated “extract-Ru:238” or the overtures of adding high level ur-235 and enriched ur-236 or plainly recombinant “dirty-Radionuclides: uranium”. Having a sick-Neurotic society would not be worse than a disparaged gun-toting society but either manner, the fanaticism of Pentagons-Brass has overstepped by usages of what they continue to covet to cover-UP: NSDU-238.          “R”


“…there is a point that I think is entirely missing from the debates around intervention in Libya, Syria, or anywhere else. Your point above that NATO’s massive bombing campaign could not have possibly been carried out without widespread death and destruction is well taken. But it deserves to be taken a step further. US munitions are coated with what the military euphemistically refers to as ‘depleted uranium.’ Only it is not ‘depleted.’ It will continue to emit radiation that will wreak havoc on the lives and health of millions of Libyans of all political stripes for many, many years into the future. It will, no doubt, like all assaults on public health, take it’s greatest toll on the most oppressed, who have the least access to proper nutrition, decent housing, or medical care, and hence are always rendered more vulnerable to disease and distress. It is a crime against humanity, and a crime against the environment. It is a form of nuclear warfare. I cannot imagine a situation in which it would be acceptable.


Reader’s thoughts on “When justifying imperialist intervention ‘goes wrong’” A letter to the Editor and a response from managing editor of Liberation News website

JULY 24, 2012 PSLweb


This has been an assuasingly lengthy space-Time in the appeal of definitions and documentations that I am/was consternately enabled to complete


a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior

–note: bLog #287 peace-Remnant

Tags/ energy of kinetic impacts, Ceramic uranium, people of Crimea, not N.A.T.O., NSDU-238, belligerence, what, date to promote, restrictions and/or prohibitions, new, fascist-dominated, government, in Kiev, NATO’s, massive bombing, for what, reason, justifying imperialist intervention, habits, Research findings, deleterious health effects,

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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