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anti-nucleaRist bloG #221/ 10 Mar 2014 © NSDU-238, Reshape the Arab World, new-Rome’s NWO

anti-nucleaRist bloG #221/ 10 Mar 2014 ©

NSDU-238, Reshape the Arab World, new-Rome’s NWO


Antipathy is oftentimes a social relegation and not consequence, because fear is also predicated on not being ’defended’. NSDU-238 is the insurance of the thermo-Nuclears weapon-building programs. However, NSDU-238 was so fearsome that military, War-dept propagandists in 1944-45 may have anticipated no proclivities of secrecy were concomitant to denigration of ”non-Use” a power-Elitist disposition—to say the least. Soooo, logic would have that rhetoric aside the castigations of delinquency were non-use and logic could be more formidable than extrapolating for a public dissemination, what that “consequence would look like”. Thereupon, no dissemination but cover-Up was radicalizing, an aggrandizement of greater proportionments rather than apportioning, those very premises. I learned this as a frosh and then as sophomore in san-fRan region 1960-1961 high-school.


NSDU-238 is a byproduct of “re-enrichment process of plutonium-239 from NPP’s usages” as well as necessary for making “armor and ballast” (previously mentioned & defined). The atoms and molecules which remains a mixture of Radionuclides until Reprocessed when ur-235 is take-out as well as pu-239, is as hot as any and all uranium, because Uranium is Radiologic. The fecund sidelight, that anybody can do this “reprocessing” is nota complete picture,given that nuclear-Weapons could not be useful if “graphite-Reactors” were not utilized, because they produce pu-238. Thus, if billions-dollars is utilized, is not mentioned, altho the “anybody is” then making plutonium is as similar as makingRadionuclides “hazards of molecules that might escape” and be suspended as UN-controllable, which is what NSDU-238 microns do. Justice is not egregiousness, and we-People need “Radionuclides measurements” on any and all transport and disseminations of Down-winding, such as Daiichi’s contents spewing from 11 Mar 2011.           “R”


Uranium Contamination of Afghanistan

Radiological studies’ results, May 2003: Operation Enduring Freedom & Afghanistan

Uranium Medical Research Centre

  •  UMRC’s recent findings, released May 2003, reveal a wider scope of human and environmental contamination in Afghan civilians, corroborating the November 2002 Jalalabad findings.
  •  New bioassay studies identify uranium internal contamination in Spin Gar (Tora Bora) area and the City of Kabul, up to 200 X’s the Reference Level of the unexposed population.
  •  Analyses of soils and debris collected inside OEF bomb-craters and target sites have uranium values 3 X’s to 6 X’s normal. Surface soils surrounding the bombsites and downwind from ground-zero are elevated close to 3 X’s Reference Levels.
  •  Surface water, rice fields and catchments adjacent to and surrounding the bombsites have high values of uranium, up to 27 X’s normal.
  •  Biological, hydrological and geological specimens’ radiological measurements and their spatial arrangement point to Operation Enduring Freedom’s ordnance as the origin of the contamination.
  •  Summaries of the recent findings are accompanied by a discussion of uranium weapons and their effects on the people of Afghanistan. …”


One other point the pdf makes that is most intriguing is that NDU is even closer todefinition of what I’ve called NSDU-238, which is acronym for ‘not-so-depleted ur-238’ is this context from same document following:                 “R”


“Battlefield uranium” refers to the physical and chemical form and manner of presentation of the by-products of DU and non-depleted uranium munitions aerosolised and oxidised in military applications. “Non-depleted uranium” (NDU), introduced in earlier UMRC reports, is coined to describe a particular class of artificial uranium. It represents uranium found at a specific point in the uranium processing, nuclear fuels and weapons’ metallurgical processing cycle. NDU is a blend of “virgin uranium” (pure, unadulterated uranium from the mill) combined with recycled spent fuel and reactor by-products, mixed at the front-end of the cycle and extracted just prior to being (re)processed in the enrichment facilities. Non-depleted uranium is radioactively and physically different from depleted uranium – and is not correctly represented by such terms as “pure milled uranium”, “natural uranium” or “un-depleted uranium”. Of interest to pinpointing the source of the uranium, it is noteworthy that the US industrial metallurgical standard set by the American Society for Testing of Material’s classifies a concoction of pure milled, virgin uranium and recycled spent fuel as “commercial natural uranium” (See: The permissiveness of this metallurgical standard is no less insidious, than an earlier exposed practice of alloying pure DU metal feedstock with 0.75% titanium and then calling the ordnance “titanium penetrators”.”

Uranium Contamination of Afghanistan

© by Tedd Weyman, Uranium Medical Research Centre May 2003


What the International response is going to be amounts to the itinerary of “globalization & IMF” not rather he we-People who ought support change from w.i . the United Nations being so obsolete as they are too perfunctorily under-the-thumb of Euro and new-Rome plutocrats. The use of NSDU-238 was the pronouncement by one-Party system Oligarchs led by gHW Bushwhacky in 1990, as his admin and himself advocated an NWO. The INvasions of Iraq, middle-East, then Afghanistan, south-west asia, were egregious and a ’total’ misnomers to polite “diplomacy” or more to the point IMperialist and non-Diplomacy. Today in Iraq, the report that 8,000 persons were bombed, murdered, blasted, and further decimations to an economy already strangulated by IMperialist INvasions, corresponds to the continuance of sovereignty-Disregard, why the plutocrats maintain egregiousness in face of laws, and therefore find IMpunity the better method of an ipsofacto-Defense—or, basically no-Defense is best swarthy method of madness for capitalist gains.                 “R”


“…”The people want the downfall of the regime!” The images streaming out from Tunis to Cairo, Saana to Bahrain, are of Arab peoples on their feet once again. On 14 January, as chanting crowds converged on the ministry of interior, Tunisia’s President Ben Ali and his family fled to Saudi Arabia. On 11 February the national uprising in Egypt toppled the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak as mass rebellion erupted in Libya and the Yemen.

In occupied Iraq, demonstrators protested against the corruption of the Maliki regime and, more recently, against the presence of US troops and bases. Jordan was shaken by nationwide strikes and tribal rebellion. Protests in Bahrain spiralled into calls for the overthrow of the monarchy, an event that scared the neighbouring Saudi kleptocrats and their western patrons, who can’t conceive of an Arabia without sultans. Even as I write, the corrupt and brutal Ba’athist outfit in Syria, under siege by its own people, is struggling for its life.

… dual determinants of the uprisings were both economic – with mass unemployment, rising prices, scarcity of essential commodities – and political: cronyism, corruption, repression, torture.

…Here one has to say that whatever the final outcome, the Libyan people have lost. The country will either be partitioned into a Gaddafi state and a squalid pro-west protectorate led by selected businessmen, or the west will take out Gaddafi and control the whole of Libya and its huge oil reserves. This display of affection for “democracy” does not extend elsewhere in the region.

…In Yemen, the despot has killed hundreds of citizens but the army has split, and Americans and Saudis are trying desperately to stitch together a new coalition (as in Egypt) – but the mass movement is resisting any deals with the incumbent.

The US has to contend with an altered political environment in the Arab world. It is too soon to predict the final outcome, except to say it is not over yet.”


Who Will Reshape the Arab World: Its people, or the US? by Tariq Ali

Source: The Guardian Sunday, May 01, 2011 thru zNet




Why not speak-out and help others ‘socially’ while this helps maintain “democracy” as others may protest and you may also enjoin to demonstrate peacefully, but w.o. chauvinist “police-state” diabolical, militarized egregious over-excessiveness? Weld. the violence of police is the new-Rome—and, they are extremely cRonyist and egregious, too! Point of statist new-Rome specifically is Haiti, and the IMpunity against the we-People there by the bully-Clyneton admin and since and before those egregious-times. [Haiti visit is one of my website ‘sToRiEs’] Being a Caribbean Island and geographically close, but not as large as Cuba, one should be surprised by the State Dept’s lacking w alacrity to maintain neighborly-closeness, that instead the agency has floundered w laxity is specific w IMperialism. Blotto. Speaking of agency the CIAs are about there always, like a study group, and I met some black-Ops practicing for what transpired in 1996, while there in 1977. The “oops” prescience is that removals and geographic “morphics” to timing are planned in advance, to apprise a surety that egregious is done for Elitist sacrileges.


One must assuredly see that poverty is not fRee. Period.           “R”


“Just over a year after this pivotal meeting of the three Western states in Canada, the democratic government in Haiti was overthrown, President Aristide had been kidnapped and exiled to the Central Afrikan Republic, hundreds of Fanmi Lavalas’s (FL) supporters killed, there was immediate occupation of Haiti by 2,000 Western troops (latter replaced by the United Nations’ military intervention), repression against grassroots organizations, filling of the jails with political prisoners and abandonment of the FL government’s investment in education, job creation, healthcare, public services and preoccupation with increasing the minimum wage. [4]

The anti-democratic assault on the labouring classes in Haiti has resulted in the banning of the Fanmi Lavalas party from serving as an electoral instrument of the people as well as the execution of initiatives by elite forces to co-opt opportunistic elements within this political organization. [5] Charlie Hinton, an organizer with the Haiti Action committee, has documented the different ways that the current Michel Martelly regime in Haiti is pursuing a path toward dictatorship. [6] People of good conscience across the world, especially those in the Americas, should develop or strengthen their ties of solidarity with popular organizations within Haiti’s working-class and peasantry. 

It is only through people-to-people solidarity based on mutual respect and principled collaboration that Haiti will rid itself of the United Nations’ (MINUSTAH) occupation force [7]; force France to repay Haiti the ransom of 90 million gold francs (over $23 billion today) that was extracted from the latter as the price for diplomatic recognition and freedom from the threat of re-enslavement [8]; end the cycle of Western military interventions, coups and/or propping up of anti-democratic, anti-people regimes [9]; and put an end to the local elite’s and foreign capital’s exploitation of the people. [10] Based on Haiti’s contribution to humanity, it should hold a special place in the internationalist programmes of progressive forces across the world.

The enslaved Afrikans in Haiti were the only people to have successfully overthrown a system of slavery in the annals of history.”


The peace-Proprietorship by Aristide, was not recalcitrance but advancement for the people, who yet need medicine, Medicare and an economy not posited by the IMF and new-Rome’s IMperialism for aggrandising the world’s freely elected officials. May the new-Rome pay reparations for the chalice-cup that his repeatedly failed those afro-Carribeano’s as the military-Hegemony was too busy murdering millions civilians and leaving a laminated-Legacy of NSDU-238 usages, altho here CIAs for IMpunity was acceptable, where violence was yet instilled instead, non-Violence.                           “R”


“Fanmi Lavalas was the political organization used by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to win the presidency on two occasions (both times unseated by a coup). It can lay claim to the series of economic, social and physical infrastructure programmes that benefitted the peasantry and the working-class during the Aristide administrations. [19]

Irrespective of how we might feel about elections, if a progressive and popular Haitian organization is deliberately and deviously barred from participating or Fanmi Lavalas is seen by large segments of Haitians as representative and reflective of them [20], as allies we ought to stand in principled solidarity with the self-determined goals of the people.

The abolitionist, former enslaved African, feminist and statesman Frederick Douglass had this to say about Haiti’s role in promoting ‘universal human liberty’ and it serves as a reminder of our debt of gratitude and obligation to its people:

‘In just vindication of Haiti, I can go one step further. I can speak of her, not only words of admiration, but words of gratitude as well. She has grandly served the cause of universal human liberty.”


We have an anti-imperialist obligation to the people of Haiti

Ajamu Nangwaya 2014-02-12, Issue 665


Where illbred manners of inconsiderateness are concerned both state-Dept and fanatic-penataGooons take the usury-Prize for murder rather than peace-Liberty


a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior


–note: bLog #285 peace-Remnant

Tags/ anti-imperialist obligation, universal human, liberty, Fanmi Lavalas’s, who will reshape,Arab World, Libyan people, have lost, Uranium Contamination of Afghanistan, Non-depleted uranium, City of Kabul, to 200 X’s, Reference Level, force France to repay, Haiti, the ransom of, 90 million gold francs, brutal Ba’athist outfit, in Syria,


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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