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anti-nucleaRist bloG #22 / 10 Feb 2009 BAILOUT & NSDU-238: Viability and Accountability

anti-nucleaRist bloG #22 / 10 Feb 2009

BAILOUT & NSDU-238: Viability and Accountability


What can we do unless we stand next to our nGOS and maintain by doing positive measures into advisorial dispositions of “intrigue’ against militarism inculcating the “BailoUT #3” or whatever the whole ensemble of hapless spend-spend-spend and hope for nothing-nothing-nothing is? One may contend, summarily, that the tyranny-Gate “has led to an of empire-Broadened expenses”. What else either does gouge the eyes of the populous in propaganda beyond foreclosures, now is exponential? Other than reformulate, which is the positive anecdote, rather than the identity of the indemnity of positive “reinforcement” the need is to dissect the misdirection of finances to maintain an economy or disdain the floating-Banks politics? That the-System needs to be changed and not rearranged is the passion to maintain the “rip-Off”. The connote here is not a discussion on denote the inevitable, as that’s been going since the first 1,00 home foreclosures. The aspect-Factorable is why the-System was not changed. The connotations are semi-caustic and hyperbolic, because viability AND accountability are necessary to change “the-System”.


The plutocratizing elements of “military-Hegemony” needs to be eradicated, as was discerned, as was discerned by 1980, and again prior to raw-Goons wars of 1983—for which every-year-since-has-been-war. This truly started for me in & by 1964, for most-of-us-Boomers. We saw assumptiveness lead to presumptiveness in the V-C-L conflict 1965 thru 1968. That, by 1967 led to post-Israels wars against-Neighbors: Arabs. The mal-nourishments against the palestines-People has continued w irreverence & presumptiveness since 1971. The first-use of “NSDU-238” was by Israels in 1972—against Lebanon territory. The disrespect for sovereignty “around-the-World” has been rampant since ban-the-Bomb: movement-Days of the 1958 catechism. Then, one must say, rather than appease, that the u-S started to fail the United Nations, w the first-Use of aerosolized-Weaponry, and that “state-Diplomacy” has since then been eroding the consciousness and has always been the Pentagons hyberbolie of inactive-Mouth, octane-Aggression “forward-Halt” (title to one of my literary copy-written, books).         “R”


Secrecy at Nuclear Agency Is Criticized by Lawmakers

by Matthew Wald, Common Dreams Jul 6th 2007—New York Times                     


“With a resurgence of nuclear plant construction expected after a 30-year hiatus, agency officials say frequently that they are trying to strike a balance between winning public confidence by regulating openly and protecting sensitive information. A commission spokesman, Scott Burnell, said the “official use only” designation was under review.

As laid out by the commission’s report to Congress and other sources, the event at the Nuclear Fuel Service factory was discovered when a supervisor saw a yellow liquid dribbling under a door and into a hallway. Workers had previously described a yellow liquid in a “glove box,” a sealed container with gloves built into the sides to allow a technician to manipulate objects inside, but managers had decided it was ordinary uranium.

In fact, it was highly enriched uranium that had been declared surplus from the weapons inventory of the Energy Department and sent to the plant to be diluted to a strength appropriate for a civilian reactor.

In a puddle, the uranium is not particularly hazardous, but if it formed a more spherical shape, the commission says, it could become a “critical mass,” a quantity and shape of nuclear fuel sufficient to sustain a chain reaction, in this case outside a reactor…According to the letter sent by the lawmakers, the puddle, containing about nine gallons, reached to within four feet of an elevator pit. Had it flowed into the pit and reached a depth of several inches, it would have been in a shape that might have supported a chain reaction.”


The irony of the $50 billion w.i. the $900 billion stimulus “package” for nuclear-Weapons is yet that GNEP may also be warranted $50 billion from 1-31/2006 g-Enron package that started-Up “enrichment and new plants” not also new-Nukies, but that was in addition. The fact of Hillary Clinton’s announcement that weapons reduction under STARTII which never passed and STaRT III which was due to be passed 2008, but year’s end–as i’ve state 1/2 dozen times on CCjP–does not demean that both “reduction to 1,000 weapons which would take a decade, under concurrence of facilities yesterday, would not occlude to any but also, further “reprocessing enrichment plants”. Each time enrichment from reprocessing is done, more URANIUM-238 can be utilized, multi-fold, too!


This demeans nothing in relationship to “stimulus-Package” is not to be lamented. Of course an additional $50 billion for that “cleanse-Coal: then burn” and new enrichment from both olde for reprocessing involves “new-Enrichment: facilities” and reprocessing to continue. This makes for a hardship in terms of tax-Monies may not be available for “new-Monetary system” government run, and accounting changes, necessary w.o. impasse. Which would you chose, another $900 billion BAILoUT of $ educational funding billions slashed, which keeps those “TWO UN-declared-Wars, goin’ full bore-Rip-Off”?


Add the two together, because they’re introduced separately, and you’d get stalemate. However, mere addition is subsequence to double-Indemnity! GNEP & ‘stimulus-Package’ correlates more immoralism—in the form of NSDU-238? Ur-236 therein, the key to keeping United Nations from having the needs done of preview where in Iraq-lands, were those aerosolized “NSDU-238” bullets, shells (maybe bombs) expended? Is Gaza a cage, or are you or the Pentagons outta harming-people–id-Al. I’d say better to discern, the inner-Meanings of “killing-others-must-be-Fun”! Especially when your neighbors son or daughter goes off into “uranium-236” wastelands. Or when clothing for clean NSDU-238 is related back-the proper U.N. sources!


You see, now that there’s g-Enron’s nose into 2009 March 16th last day of petition and PEIS public input—Stimulus bill was inconsiderate to U.N. and clean-Ups as well as healthcare to vet-of-Service and families, maybe over 230,000 disabled or pending “repairs w.o. hindrances” continuing?     “R”


the BAILoUT as hoax continuing or accountability non-Relating remains oblongata DEM Now 2-10-09


Economist James Galbraith: Bailed-Out Banks Should Be Declared Insolvent


“Well, the crucial question is, on what terms does the Treasury plan to guarantee or to repurchase or to otherwise deal with the bad assets that the banks have? These assets are mortgage-backed securities. They are securities derived from subprime loans that were made in an atmosphere of regulatory laxness and complicity and fraud, basically, during the Bush administration, which came to take over the system of housing finance and to infect it with assets which nobody trusts, which nobody can value. And nobody really knows what’s in the files, what’s on the loan tapes of those—that underlie those securities. So the question that I think we need to ask is, before we issue a public guarantee, does the Treasury of the United States plan to conduct a meticulous audit of the assets that underlie the securities that they’re expecting to take off the banks’ books, so that we, the taxpayer, can have an idea of what, if anything, these securities are worth?


And the problem is that when you—the little bit of checking that has been done appears to reveal that a very large fraction of these securities contain, on the face of it, misrepresentation or fraud in the files. And so, we are looking at an asset which nobody, no outside investor doing due diligence on behalf of a client for whom they have some responsibility, would touch. And that is the issue. That’s the problem.


If that is indeed the case, then I think it’s fair to conclude that the large banks, which the Treasury is trying very hard to protect, cannot in fact be protected, that they are in fact insolvent, and that the proper approach for dealing with them is for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to move in and take the steps that the FDIC normally takes when dealing with insolvent banks.”


The qualms of “aggressor-State: u-S” are morally obtuse, and the justifiability of BAILoUT now a constant of never-needed-Defense: continuing, as abstruse justification, just does make ends abut, but there is yet the u-S unilateralism alone overlapping strength parable to “healthcare and accountability”? Why is there a need for $50 stimulus thru cold-War making merriment for long-Term needs of further “enrichment-Facilities to be built” alongside the lugubrious channels that have not imparted the wisdom for need? Is there to become a credit-Bank, as well as a new-Monetary-System under government rather than private “federal-Reserve” which just failed the populous,. AND, will there be established, a credit-Banking system under government accountability? These two ascertainables are the foundations that will not budge. The banks, as Galbraith quoted above so states is already ascertainable under normal bankruptcy proceedings. The mortgage foreclosures are not out the closet until these other, latent aspects of the old system are castigated by accountability proving the proof, in other words?


Thirdly, I’m more concerned, morosely so, that NSDU-238(not-so-depleted-uranium-238) is getting onto production parameters, as the continuation of being sold overseas to make amends due the usury to the-System. The corruption, as the Pentagons will do and not say imparting words as though 9-11 was only “pulled” is known for renown, keeps an inversion on the matter of specifics pertaining to servicepersons in needs of continuing sources for disabilities/ hospitalizations, and PTSD and full-Force: not-be-Damned!! The resolve to pass a “stimulus-Bill” of $50 billion does not do any think-Tank: method, but maintains the alleyance in a non-Castigation fashion of ubiquity, and that provides for impunity, since the GNEP bills in both Houses is yet not finalized (Jan. 31st 2006: george-Enron admin), and that is for $50 billion also.


The GNEP (global nuclear energy partnership) petition and bills are for impacting communities for building reprocessing “enrichment” facilities that adjunct once again, the furtherance of making reprocessed uranium-235, which when extracted leaves a mess of isotopes—including ur-236, which is not clean “NSDU-238 (depleted-Uranium-238)” but which is the source for the scourge of usages in Iraq-Lands, Kosovo, and Afghanistan, that has been the insobriety-Method of “the need-not-to-Continue the use of NSDU-238” which may have been averred by Congress by non-Vote, but not by the public’s outcries—to say the glibness-Least? We, the nGOs who stand for “citizen’s Rights” but the foreclosures were not coupled to war-Time spending for which the dispensing from “radiation-Cleanups” was never parable to a worthwhile “economy” but parcel of elites plutocratizing the populous, as per sanctimony imposed on 9-11, and in the fear that 9-11 was a cover-Up or at least 9-11 Commission of lies to non-resolve the inconsistencies, rather than hone-to-the-Facts and deal w raw cream in milk, too!


GNEP will be voted upon, maybe eventually misrepresented or mistreated as the ‘nuclear’ NPT and START II treaty had been. That they were purposefully “back-Burner” in 1994 & 1996 respectively, by the u-S Congress. The fact is accountability is needed by government. Both in the dept-of-War on any NSDU-238 processes, and a total abandonment of use, sale, and abuse I.e. supporting the United Nations w co-ordinates to start measuring specific areas of Iraq-Lands “impacts” (halt the hazards). Secondly, accountability of “all-Expenditures given to “bail-Out” Wall Street, must reverse the paradigm that control is in the hands of the few, when greed is in control of themselves!


The need of the national-Referendum, continues…nuclear-Weapons in two-Forms must be reduced by public outcry is partial-Misunderstanding of how deadly NSDU-238 actually is, now: today, this moment. NSDU-238 eradicated as useful-Use and totally negated back to “maybe” only armaments, not ammunition-Munitions “tones” are the tombs of clean-Ups necessities in Iraq-Lands circa April 2001. The second is that all the above has to become implemented, before the ergonomics of “reprocessing via Reduction” of the therm-0-nuclears can even “approach” physical-Litany in accomplishment. The dream is not over, but awakening early morning and facing the whole remainder of daylight, and evening and late-nite, that seems to appear selflessly must be admonished for the “change” to become realization. What may become “reality” is that moralism is more arcane than BAILoUT, hardly.


What may be in principle “words of savior-Faire non-Descript” by Sec. State Clinton, may also be parable to adding more 100,000’s tons onto the paradoxes of reprocessing-Enrichment(s), those remanufactured into armor-Plates, but those manufactured into ILLeGAL nuclear-Weapons “small-Missiles” w a winsome finger-Snapped paradigm of deed-Done, whereas the truth is “nuclear w micron-Sized particulates of “fissile” that remains on the air-earth-water for the first-Half of the determined life-Span of the planet and those delineations may place a meager-Burdensome relegation of security and add 1,000’s of jobs to the nicety of “reducing: nuclear-Waste”, but no mention of that has come about, because the “credit-Dream” encapsulation has the paradox of upper-Handedness, PALESTINES-caged, and war-Theory full bore, so who believes that power-Plants are better than reduction of ergo-Melt downs that were needed in 1961?


Where is “public-Education, and University economics” in all that calumny that Pentagons have not to demand budgets requests anymore. The u-S citizen is caged. The u-S referendum is 42 years in-the-Making. Healthcare is moronism-of-Capitalist: insurance rather than “health needs of the human-Anatomy dealt w.o. anemic-Condescension!     “R”


“North Dakota state geologist Ed Murphy said his office is beginning to field inquiries from mining companies interested in staking new claims – the first since the state’s uranium mines shut down in the late 1960s…”We’ve got a lot of people looking,” he said…Many locals wish the radioactive element had never been found in their backyards. They lament the environmental damage caused by the unregulated uranium mines and fret about lingering threats to their health.

Some accused the mines of causing livestock to glow and humans to die of cancer. Health officials have said they found no evidence of either…An industry representative agrees that uranium mining companies are grappling with their past…”There are legacy issues,” said Jon Indall, attorney for Uranium Producers of America, a trade group that represents more than a dozen companies.


“We’re willing to work with states and everybody else to make sure it’s done right this time,” he said. “We feel it can be done in a safe manner.” …Cory Smith, 36, who ranches near Belfield, said he was approached in early August by a speculator wanting to lease rights for uranium exploration.

“I wouldn’t take a million dollars,” he said…Both of his grandfathers, who had uranium mines named for them, died of cancer at a young age, Smith said. Another rancher in the area, who had a mine named for him, also died young of cancer, he said…No studies have been done on the number of people in the area who died of cancer, said Dave Glatt, a state Health Department official. The region’s sparse population – Belfield has only about 880 residents – renders any attempt to link cancer to uranium mining statistically inaccurate, he added…Federal Department of Energy studies determined “that the health risk was low related to those sites,” Glatt said.”…”


North Dakota Wary of Renewed Uranium Interest

by James MacPherson September 6, 2007 by the Associated Press             


The efficacity of allowing the United Nations to led geo-Morphical: studies of contaminated NSDU-238 areas in Iraq-Lands was a putdown by the Clinton admin’s continued cover-Ups of abuses/uses in Kosovo. We knew what was yet to be condoned would come along when ascertaining how nano-Particles, chemical-Toxins, dirty-NSDU-238 and hole-in-Mind: pentagons had no sway over Congress! The indigestion was that the u-S Congress was supposedly in charge, and hiding behind a facade of neo-Con’s that kept pulling the rightwing-Coalition to the PNAC rightist dementias of “propaganda ‘n plutocracy”. The composite picture was “that instead of dNA research and expansion into heal-Analysis” being made that” unswerving empire via chaos-Theory of radiation interstellar-Space” has nothing to do w “war-Theory: pentagons/cIAS” but oNLY w a gAWD of empire, that which obviates the intentional formulations that empire already exists.

Don’t worry?

The george-Enron: admin made an hypocrisy of “don’t worry” into the continuation of GHW”s admin of 1989, when the research on NSDU-238 should have been made clear-to-All subsequent “media-is-News: readors” as viewers were being parceled into corporate formula’s of transgressions to maintain digressions. All w total impunity.

Case studies altho lapse pertain to this day ‘n era as attributable to accountability necessity.           “R”


Poison From Depleted Uranium Munitions Site Lingers: New study shows people who lived near or worked at former munitions factory in Colonie have depleted uranium in their bodies   by Jordan Carleo-Evangelist Common Dreams December 6, 2007 by The Albany Times-Union (New York)        


“An estimated 5 to 10 metric tons of uranium dust was spewed from the plant’s smokestacks between the late 1950s and early 1980s as it manufactured armor-piercing projectiles and burned the waste in a furnace.

Parrish has also tested British soldiers believed to have been exposed on battlefields to depleted uranium weapons. The weapons produce dust on impact, leading some to believe it could be linked to illnesses known collectively as Gulf War syndrome.

In about 800 tests of soldiers, Parrish said he was hard-pressed to detect a single urine sample containing depleted uranium. In Colonie, all five former NL employees tested positive at “very high levels.” About two dozen people were tested in all.

Roughly 20 percent of the residents or nearby workers also tested positive at lesser levels, Parrish said. The scientists cautioned that the small size of their study prevents extrapolating the results to a wider population, but it provides compelling evidence that more research needs to be done.

“A lot of my co-workers died young,” said Mike Aidala, 70, who worked at the plant from 1958 to 1980, starting as a janitor and working his way up. “Whether the plant was the reason, I’ll never know.”

Aidala, who also is an Albany County legislator, was among those who tested positive for depleted uranium.”


Weapons Dust Worries Iraqis: Provisional Government Seeks Cleanup; U.S. Downplays Risks   by Thomas D. Williams, November 1, 2004 by the Hartford Courant


“… U.S. political leaders in Congress and at the White House have refused to acknowledge that depleted uranium might seriously harm soldiers and civilians.

At home, the United States has spent billions of dollars cleaning up depleted uranium – at former munitions factories, military firing ranges and nuclear fuel production sites. A General Accounting Office report in 2000 put the cost of cleanup at the uranium enrichment plant in Paducah, Ky., where DU is processed for use in weapons and nuclear reactors, at $1.3 billion. By December 2003, the cost of cleaning up and closing the plant, estimated to take until 2070, was up to $13 billion.

Cleaning up DU contamination in Iraq, experts say, would come with a multibillion-dollar price tag.

Any money spent on cleaning up depleted uranium in Iraq would be in addition to the estimated $225 billion that the United States will be spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if Congress approves the Bush administration’s estimated $70 billion in emergency funding request early next year.

Frederick Jones, a spokesman for the National Security Agency, said the United Nations has not asked the Department of Defense or State Department for assistance in cleaning up depleted uranium in Iraq.

The U.N. Environmental Programme’s chairman, Pekka Haavisto, however, said his organization has kept the State Department informed of those needs.

Since 1991, the United States and Britain have fired hundreds of tons of DU munitions during four wars – in the Balkans, Afghanistan and twice in Iraq.

U.N. environmental spokesman Michael Williams said the United States has not supplied coordinates on the sites where DU munitions were fired in Iraq or offered to clean it up. Haavisto added: “U.S. government has the information that if field assessments will be done, exact DU coordinates are needed.”…”


Availability of necessity of jobs to delineate those studies by hiring 1,000’s and becoming a moveable-Feast, while “accountability” realized, takes and comprises many differing forms, formulas, summaries and scientific-Technology, that must also be “quite, verity of” accountability, too! The simplicity of politics-American is not the concepts of analyzing in socio-Polity, that which delineations of “accountability” have become “imperatives” for the worth of democracy has purpose in “diplomacy” not military-Hegemony: empire-Pentagons, polemics above “BAILoUT–the obsequious”! Dig.


America’s Perpetual Nuclear War     by Robert Weitzel 3-11-07          


“In April 1991, only one month after the end of the first Gulf War, a secret report prepared by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority was leaked to The Independent of London. The report described the hazards of the radioactive dust from expended DU munitions and destroyed DU-armored tanks getting into the food chain and water supply. The report warned that 40 tons of radioactive DU debris left on the battlefield could, in the decades ahead, cause as many as 500,000 civilian deaths.

The U.S. left behind 375 tons of DU debris in the Gulf War, 800 tons in Afghanistan, and 2,200 tons during the current invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Children are particularly susceptible to DU poisoning and the resulting cancers due to a higher absorption rate in their blood, which is instrumental in building bones and soft tissue. In March 2001, Dr. Aws Albait, a physician practicing in Baghdad from 1990 to 1999, reported a 12-fold increase in leukemia and lymphomas in Iraqi children and a six-fold increase in adults during that decade. In 2004 it was estimated that children under the age of five accounted for 56 percent of all cancer patients in Iraq, compared with 13 percent 15 years ago.

It is not only Iraqi children who are the victims of our perpetual nuclear war, but American children as well. A Veteran’s Administration study of 251 Gulf War veterans in Mississippi found that 67 percent of their children born since the war had birth defects and severe illnesses. In addition, 90,000 veterans suffer from the chronic, debilitating effects of the Gulf War Syndrome, which many researchers believe may be related to exposure to DU fallout.

In 1995, a U.S. Army Environmental Policy Institute report stated, “If DU enters the body, it has the potential to generate significant medical consequences. The risks associated with DU in the body are both chemical and radiological.” Regardless, the Pentagon steadfastly refuses to conduct studies of its effects on both military personnel and civilians exposed to DU fallout. In fact, its policy is to silence those who would sound an alarm.

Dr. Asaf Durakovic, founder of the Uranium Medical Research Centre and the former Chief of the Nuclear Sciences Division at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, was fired from his position as Chief of Nuclear Medicine at the veterans’ hospital in Wilmington, Delaware when he refused to terminate his research on Gulf War veterans with symptoms of radiation exposure.

Dr. Durakovic stated, “The Veterans Administration asked me to lie about the risks of incorporating depleted uranium in the human body . . . uranium does cause cancer, uranium does cause mutation, and uranium does kill . . . [It] is a threat to humanity.”

If the Bush administration follows through with its plan to attack Iran with tactical nuclear weapons, they will, in essence, only be adding a sound track to the silent nuclear war America has been waging for decades.

But this perpetual nuclear war is not a clash of ideology or religion, nor is it to spread democracy or to fight the long war on terrorism. It is about the immoral war profiteering of the U.S. military-industrial complex, and the even more morally repugnant dumping of its radioactive waste in someone else’s backyard. It is about the maiming and killing of civilians who are not yet born”


Lastly, if afro-Amers are yet a minority political-Body, and Pres. Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy is of afro-Amer decent, what then have been those “semi-Pertinent: afro-Studies” by pertinent, and astute researchers pertaining to these factors that I’ve broadened into the scope of immensities in NSDU-238 and of that, what is parable to this knowledge-Need basis, or understanding w.o. ambivalence? NSDU-238 has been used 5-times by Pentagons, once by Israels, too.




Ban-the-Bomb symbol lives, the global Village Patriot, “R” Addison


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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