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Anti-nucleaRist BloG #21A/ 05 Feb 2009  Immoralism & Principles Assailable Lapse ‘n Lack Of Morality

anti-nucleaRist bloG #21A/ 05 Feb 2009 immoralism & principles assailable lapse ‘n lack of morality

anti-nucleaRist bloG #21A/ 05 Feb 2009

immoralism & principles assailable lapse ‘n lack of morality

apeco © 2-05-09


There have been many anti-War demonstrations, since 1983. However, where are the speaker’s heard by those masses-Assembled? Where are those speakers “verbal-Connotes” that those who have gathered to demonstrate against “the Military-Hegemony” might desire a recollective-Association as to what was said, then! That from central-Americas “undeclared-Wars” and the 3-phases Iraq-Invasions undeclared-Wars have led somewhere means more than meta-Physics, however the metastasis and the physical went where? Some info aegis is the dictate of nonsense, some of no-Cents, but “the assailable lapse ‘n lack of principles” is of “no-Rationalism” galore!


We’ve heard from the info-Age, but the page has turned to “know-Nothing politics” rather than peace-Age anti-Molecularism surviving the test what happened to anti-War virtues beings of supportive werk-Allowances in support of themselves. That the world-Trade Center collapsed “on-its-own” has passed and fancifully the jet that hit the Pentagons was not a jet. The missile has not reappeared. That the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania, had not crashed there, either. The fear of 20-30% of the populous has not passed muster, but lying to the self that there is no need of principles in relegating being chosen to respect the dullness-of-Military-Media, by allowing again & in angst, again, onward-the-Voices of “the demonstration-Speakers”. What is not done is that being heralded on “you-Tube” or on a blog-that-Shared for responsibly-Reporting, has “hype”? Not whatever.


The lack-of-Interest in “anti-War” is only lack-of-Rhetoric. Period. The fact is that pro-Reduction of therm-O-nuclears has been side-Swiped “clipped” if you will, by the meta-Physics or “thinking” of hegemonyites, neo-Cons, and decadents, on the valoresse necessary lacking ‘edge’ in ad valorem processes. NSDU-238 the other-Nuclear: weapon, is not and never has been “squeakie-Clean”. The oddity of system, the term “bread” in the 1960s grew from w.i. beat-Bohemia placating that the “non-Passage of the federal-Reserve act of 1913” was a trippe of monetary-System: illegal?


The term “trippe” grew from that consolescence of “stoic-Embrace”. The oddity of “depleted-Uranium-238” uses in 1991 reined so supreme that 9-11 happened 1o-Years after! The antiwar-Movement is so secretive that a demonstration speaker’s names are never mentioned on websites, altho that group spends meanings in a space-Time. The volition of choosing or the violation of adaptation to “whatever” is to have and hold them as best or better than “what” let alone “what-WAZ-said” in the passage of that space-Time.


Fragmented politics turned to wooden-Soldiers return from 26-Years of war-Theory blessed in the acknowledgements that “we-know-how to kill people: illegally” and so mass paranoia turned the citizens into volunteers of knowing-that-Nothing transgresses best for continuance-of-Wars w pay and w injuries of not-so-Depleted: uranium-238–only not-Doin’, whatever? The winter-Soldier episodes were an undertaking w a pluralistic approach, as are the sessions of anti-War well dispensed “speakers’. But, as yet not a single “forum” too!


How does the virtue of scientific-Advancements pertain to the systematically “lame-Thinkors” who have all but themselves garnered into an anarchyism, w.o. definition, first. That dNC & rNC came and went but the speakers said what? Who were speakers, and what did they have to impart? Who names that they are not heard again, said which? The “illegal-Wars” are not great, nor is NSDU-238 virtuous, nor is keeping the voices actually acknowledged as heard from all but a secret ear-Lobe society a trust for the Future, w or w.o. the new-Rome: empire, because “voices were heard”! NSDU-238 has been renown! Four. These four aspects in need of sociological acuity need redress, not dEMS for torture, neo-Cons? Dig.   “R”


“Sen. McCaskill showed courage standing up to the status quo. We’ve got to show the rest of Congress that this is the kind of leadership we need to get us out of this crisis and make the economy work for all Americans. Limiting pay at companies taking bailouts won’t fix our financial system—that will take a lot more hard work—but it’s an important first step…” so says “Daniel Mintz, Political in 2-05-09 post on MoveOn dot Org, regarding $18.4 billion gone-gone-Long-Whent. Ralph Nader suggests there is a stigma against “taxing Wall-Street” for transactions, that would bring in $500 billion annually — or that should?

Common Dreams 2-04-09 “Tax the Speculators” by Ralph Nader.


Pollin writes in the current issue of the estimable Boston Review: “A small tax on all financial-market transactions, comparable to a sales tax, would raise the costs on short-term speculative trading while having negligible effect on people who trade infrequently. It would thus discourage speculation and channel funds toward productive investment.” He adds that after the 1987 stock market crash, securities-trading taxes “or similar measures” were endorsed by then Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole and even the first President Bush. Professor Pollin estimates that a one-half of one percent tax would raise about $350 billion a year. That seems conservative. The Wall Street Journal once mentioned about $500 trillion in derivatives trades alone in 2008-the most speculative of transactions. A one tenth of one percent tax would raise $500 billion dollars a year, assuming that level of trading… Economist Dean Baker says a “modest financial transactions tax” would be enough to “finance a 10% across-the-board reduction in the income tax on labor.” Makes frickin-Frackin’ sense to me because logic is not always rationalism, but this is warranted long-Ago, plus rational, now. The foreclosures needs an institute or redress, probably both will occur.


So, when will the speakers those who have become national-Bound: nGOs speakers, and who stand-Out on this affirmative of redress “need”? A stand-Out, or who’s willing to take connote and denote that “demonstrations & protest” have been important to maintaining the inter-Nay, so why not the “net”? After all, what is participatory-Democracy? We’re a people that never has nationalized beyond the 33% idiomatical halt-Lines of non-Progress. The “rule-of-Law” has been spendt before the results were annotated for realization and accepted. Both w speakers-at-Demonstrations and Ohh-bay-mah admin, who never asked where the left may be seeing that “speakers” are not posted to be read by many and the populous, too! The good-Ole wool-Pull, however, the $50 billion for support-of-Nukie-Power, is more than why the nGOS did not allow the city-Scape to be purveyances of openness, an amenity in addition-to-Protest, words or consolescences i.e. police-State dNC & rNC.


Since 1991, since 1994, since 1998, since 2001, since 2003. Then, three-years ago because GNEP was pressed into nuclear-Transformation, and the bombplex w decades as addendum in anecdotes, maintained, as per view on the “cold-War: rhetoric-Continuing” thru inadept g-Enron admin & himself, the innocuous-Thinkor, all-of-a-sudden is best “theoretical-Expose`”. The g-Enron yet above the elites did not “open-into-Harangue”? The anti-War speakers have not been heard all these decades since 1990! En otras palabras, that the NSDU-238 FACtOR is also not mentioned because two-Nuclear: weapons of masse-Annihilation has never been discussed (or disgusted) in any think-Tank method other than that of usury! The public is a populous controlled not referendum obliging oblique semi-Imprisoned lack-O-force is not wholly true. Anti-War is not yet anti-Nuclear “therm-O-nuclears AND dirty little NSDU-238” . Why not? The Cold-War rhetorical-Terminus, ideologics of ideo-pathology, where does that fit as the speakers were into anti-War not anti-Nuclearism i.e. endemics that those prosaic space-Heads at demonstrations have not heard what public-Policy formulation “is” may have to be offered as parable to lament, or lament is parable! But, when will we be able to hear, read, and see what those “demonstrations-Speakers have litanied”? Dig.


Why then is there a need of more “commutations” of parable. There’s a war and its meaner than pollutes Hydrocarbons over-There, cauZ NSDU-238 does better? The progress-Report says so, in negation to what entropy? More the enrichment’s process, less the meta-Physical attachment of military-Consort—as well as concertina-Control–is not in need of being secRetized, because stoicism says that duality maintained “Determinism” and empiricism says not. Simplified, the women in organizations do not discuss organs of sexuality, but the wars go along and earths-Attributable to nonsense not being known is renown, not okay, meta-Physical. Weld. The fact remains that meta-Physics is hardly a woman’s domain, and that they’ve made stoicism a rapproche of disable the concern for openness—was that before the needs of SANE/FREEZE froze the connotations that expediency was a continued, not discontinued quest in protest “anti-Nuclear”. But, this is not meta-Physics, that would be “pro-Reduction” or should be ascertained, by each nGOs board? What then is yet the “phenomenonology” and what group philosophy w.o. having stoicism around to parable non-Existence does not exist. Yes, existence-Philosophy deeming that duality was about all the neo-Con’s could or would be able to establish, in 1910 terms (w. or w.o. Palestines/Israels two-State needs of parity paralleling u-S not being diplomatic w United Nations and yet “ubiquitous” for the inordinancy of h-Bommbss did ya).


Not good! The lack of diplomacy, hurts. That reality has not really happened, yet the fog has cleared? The future when we can vote “referendum” against those idiotic “silos and subs and B-52’s and B-58’s and missile-Missiles equates “daily”. The pro-Reduction relates to ‘now’ and must be present is not absol;utist nor conditionalist, because that duality was how “determinism” was apportioned.

The stoic-Embrace is philosophy-Structure: philosophy, but hardly stoicism. That the two nuclear-Weapons are being meta-Physically utilized by the military, and the ex-Military is a utility of “stoicism”. The propaganda-Estate, once the sardonic-Overture was imbued and then became a need of “the determinist-Polity” war-Theory was founded by irrationalists. That the new-Rome was supercedent to the necessity of the Republic, determinist-Theoretical, was what method? Does the empire need those “philosophers who equate”? The neo-Cons needed oNLY a coalition of fumadamentalists, does not need them! The soldiers once they have been “inducted to propaganda” as the stoic-Embrace, goes, is the excuse that the populous does understand what speakers at demonstrations have to say as well as “philosophers” who may even be non-Violent Amers. The structure of sociology is not intermixed, nor nixed, unless the speakers-at-Demonstrations have not been allowed to be heard, in more than secretized quays of cyber-Heaven? That the secrecy-Paths of ennui or freedom expansives are un-Knowns remains in the secrecy adjunctive, correlates in-the-Constant. Ennui is boring-Boredom. Wars w therm-O-nuclear predilection is protected by ubiquity, the stasis-Measure of “determinism” that’s no longer “cold-War” rhetoric w or w.o. rhetoric since Eisenhower’s lack-O-stance.


NSDU-238 has come along w purveyances under GHW Bush-whacky, which should have been well known by 1999. Clinton halted his bombing and blockade-Starvation in that year, too! Those who died by use of NSDU-238 mainly were wiped-Out, statistics hardly studied, hardly mentioned: plutocRatized-to-tyRanny extant. A whole retreating-Army of 205,000 uniforms w 33,350 civilians en tow, and our returning vets, want-to-Know, and now have been spaced-Back by yet another 4-year session of “respite w.o. Resbit”? Pull those facts apart and factor-the-Principles. Make a paradigm contextuality. The butch of conservative-Bankers, g-Enron w himself, GHW Bush-whacky el-Daddily president 1989-1993, and his non-Arrest by bully-Clyneton attesting to nothing-Known, every-Think tank, ventured, was truly a stoic-Seizure on maintenance “out-pulls us all”. Accentuation to peace is not secretive, however, may be that love of Determinism rather than existence-Theory or phenomenonology, was a cold-Stand-Off, not a warrior-Rule of law, then. But, “War” why not the “referendum”?


The rule of law has yet to be reassembled. Mr. Ohh-bom-bah, the man who’s in-keeping nature frightfully despicably, made the populous want change has yet to answer why, as a Constititutional Instructor, that he has never said “all u-S involvement in un-Declared ‘wars’ is and was ‘illegal’…”? Wars are great for killing people, better! Wars oNLY pollute “over-There” is renown, but why not the rule-of-Empathy: known-Constant remains the ubiquity of cold-War, of Determinism, not existence-Philosophy?


Here’s an article written by a friend, John La Forge, who’s emphasis is knowledge. His hearty-Enamorament, acuity is that more nuclear-Weapons is not less, too. John’s Common Dreams 7-09-02 “US Dirty Bombs: Radioactive Shells Spiked with Plutonium” is more the rational than the rationalized:


“But by building radioactive waste into armaments, the U.S. is, in effect using poisoned weapons as gene busters in war. At least five types of U.S. munitions contain DU, which is also used in casings for bombs, shielding on tanks, counter-weights for commercial jet aircraft, and “ground penetrators” on missiles. DU shells are made by Starmet Corporation in Concord, Mass., Aerojet Corp. in Sacramento, Calif. and others. Alliant Techsystems in Minneapolis (formerly Honeywell Corp.) assembled over 15 million DU shells for the Air Force in the 1990s…Between 300 and 800 tons of DU munitions were blasted into Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait by U.S. forces in 1991.(3) The Pentagon says the U.S. fired about 10,800 DU rounds — close to three tons — into Bosnia in 1994 and 1995. More than 31,000 rounds, about 10 tons, were shot into Kosovo in 1999 according to NATO.(4)…A total of 24 soldiers from Europe have died of cancer since their 1994 and ’95 service in Bosnia.(5) In response, Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Guterres wrote to NATO’s Robertson demanding an explanation of where and why DU munitions were used in Europe…The Pentagon and the nuclear industry reacted typically to European politicians who in 2001 demanded health physics information from the Pentagon; after a laughable week-long, study NATO assured them that DU used in the Balkans can be “ruled out” as a significant health hazard.(6) And when Italy, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Norway and called for a moratorium on the use of DU, NATO ministers rejected the suggestion.”




The nuclear-Animosity of ubiquity: the thermO-nucleaRs, has been coupled to “the meta-Physic” making Determinism yet the encapsulation that all is well when Pentagons/cIAS are able to spend and do war-Theory of cold-War masking genocides. The use of NSDU-238 in 1991, made sure that military-Hegemony would stay in place, however the populous is supposed to be fore-Democracy has not been accomplished, nGOS such United-for-Peace ‘n Justice, and A.N.S.W.E.R. as yet does not acknowledge their couthful-Disposition’s need– in giving credence to speakers being “heard”, altho those traits are well known. The space-Time awaits. May be that the speakers @ demonstrations were never heard, because they’ve been sold to Determinism. That the voices against NSDU-238 have been, plague’d and harangue’d while diplomacy remains “wars-Warring” for military-Hegemony sake, or expedience of usury against “laws” violation of democracy, may or might not parable “speakers-Allocations” but the voice-in-Definitive: restructuring by Ralph Nader, and over that malady of Bernard Madoff’s doings as grotesque as federal-Reserve-Act:

“Foundation to shut down, says Madoff managed money”

Sat Dec 20, 8:05 am ET


Madoff made-Off intelligent methods lacking augers of honesty and w at least $50-billion: wall-Street “hegemonyite-Dollars”. Now their windfall that, this is but supercedent of accused-Methods and self-Checks, cats doubt on the morosity, hardly admonishable. Extinguish the money’s greed and the nonesuch usury for maintaining how to be against his elites investors, a rare accomplishment. May be that “phenomenology” rather than existence-Theory, as well as a host of minions “neglected” by ohh-bay-man-ism, will speak-Out first. Foremost against “determinism” in those guises of “system” and “the bomb-Scape” and NSDU-238, what else will you not do! Too mighty conservative for anti-War to progress along lines of maintaining progressively!


What then, if 1991 was NSDU-238 has happened to 9-11 2001, if not more indignation to facts having been let, but sublimations having been “kept”? That buildings #one & #two were impacted by direct-Aero-Jet commercial-Transports baring witness to a non-cordiality of suicides, does not demean that this method was the only import of doing a job ultra-Dastardly . I had hiked the south tower’s stairwells all-the-weigh: upward, to that top-Flight in the early 1970’s, and my metastasis in meta-Physics on 9-11 2001 was bearing-Fruition. The question was were those steps of connote in commutations “commuted”. Who was available to commute into those buildings and set “c-4 charges” because evidentiary facts pertains to those truths? What happened to Building-7 was that Silverstein, the private owner, said have it, the building “pulled”. His demeanor was indeed “gravure” and can be one of immediate ‘cover-Up’ formidably an act of criminality for daring to destroy federal-Records of FEMA, CIAs, Dept. of Defense, and FBI’s all somewhere in the “speciality-Building” especialty-Bilt! Has he been indicted, and has there been a deep investigation into his connections of 20-years prioritized?


The “absolutist-Determinist” indoctrination of neo-Cons from post and entreaty of bomb-first-and-Foremost—meaning therm-O-nuclears forever ‘empire’. He gave those orders to whom, and where has that investigation gone. Were the ends-Investigations of building-7 the same as those ends, in persons adjunctively associated, in all three? Were there three separate groups, or was a chosen “crew” selected from those two: buildings 1 & 2, that had done-In the buildings that became the “propaganda-Weapons”. What intel-Gence was forwarding autocracy-Methods further, and was that into Pakistan via Iraq-lands: invasions 1-2-3, continuing? Who wanted to “go-Again: make-more-Money” as the case may be, would have been second nature to a freedom-League, but this was a “morose-League” comprised of secret-Agents from around the endemic world of national-Entities who had probably been outcasts. So, the volition of a “cell” of amoeba-Muslims trained had to be resourcefully attached to the professional-Winds, or the birds would not fly, remains endemic.. What was the itinerary: post-Implosion plan hardly entered the picture, but these crooks should have been “captured” a long time-Era, ago. This debacle is hardly started, let alone “over-Bilt”?


The hypo-Conjectures fit the schema-Dura of injected “black-Ops” and wherever they were, this was only the WTO-Site! Was there the lack-O-fuselage in Pentagons language (fuse-of electric: fuse elect-trick), and lack-O-aero-Jet motors—made of high-heat alloy steel– in Pennsylvania as well as the overall context of “determinism” that cover-Ups and deceits could win thru direct-Orders from intel-Gence, whether beyond Defense-Intelligence or only “special: intel-Gence”! One would have no finite conjecture. “9-11” may only have been an insider’s gamble? What did the fBIS do to those groups from 1968 into Bill Clinton’s “Waco”? The orinately presupposing context must always be known, but never renown? Or that the federal-Reserve: act of 1913 would remain un-Passed reactionaryism the plausible in causing, animosity, the backlash against “liberalist-Doctrine” for what other reason divulged? Because the neo-Cons indoctrinations went slight-of-Foot, the next century had to be assuaged! That 9-11 2001 was the assuasion to time-Era? However, the empire has tacit-Tact not tacit approval, remains. There’s more to sex than just-Love? There is more to “gloss-Over” than merely “cover-Up”. As far as space-Time envelops “peace-War” what we’ve had as citizens is oppression by tax-Monies harbored for-only: war-Theory! However, altho in our peace-Favor is no longer “past: era-Time”, but more morally akin, prescient-Future.


What then is consequence of knowledge. Thought of the Future was never a neo-Con’s public paradigm, but was a total gloss-Over—and, for what reason, theirs– remains to be answered pluralistically, and individualistically? Where are those texts in words, in audibles to be heard on “those demonstrations-Speakers”? There remains existence-to-Life, above the rubble of “c-4-Impacted: heaps” a prophetic-Picture, not yet seen! That is what we already had before the neo-Con’s i.e. ‘where-we-were-at’ not watching the fundamentalist coalition went into league for a dervish, that they may have averred was deep-Motif, cause too worthily not mentioned. There is the question, then. When will 9-11 2001 really be investigated for fact-Substance, and factorable-Ethics, for and in truths found, now known to exist, since 9-11?


Wars-Warring is not good for us, global Village Patriot


–note: both zNet and mySpace blogspots…


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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