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anti-nucleaRist bloG #200/ 28 Jan 2014 © Megalomania NSDU-238 & anti-Universal Causes

youTube “Gerald Clark Anunnaki Who First Came to Earth Are Still Here [VIDEO]” 44:35 / 55:16 mins

Published on Apr 3, 2017
The Anunnaki astronauts hailed from a planet, Nibiru, in our own solar system, whose apogee resides in a 3,600 retrograde elliptical orbit beyond Pluto. According to their records, likely using spectroscopy as scientists do today, they located gold on planet Earth. Due to a failing atmosphere on Nibiru, Anu their king, dispatched his preeminent scientist and first-born son, Enki, on a space mission to Earth to recover enough gold that could be ionized in a layer of their atmosphere, as a solar radiation shield.

Anunnaki gold mines in Africa have been found and carbon dated. Mining operations were occurring at the exact time and location that the “Genetic Eve Study” indicates: Womankind’s genetic origins are undeniably linked to Enki’s gold mining operation. Egyptian Queen Sheba’s mines ring a bell? Michael Tellinger followed the Sumerian account to Africa, locating many of the mines, homes and temples used by the primitive workers and gods, our true ancestors.

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anti-nucleaRist bloG #200/ 28 Jan 2014 ©
Megalomania NSDU-238 & anti-Universal Causes

Because there is no Universal cause for world-Peace peace-Proponency in the new-Rome seems worn-out, or closer the actuality “war-Out”! Is there such a finite disposition as a non-war “decade”? What makes military-Hegemony so important to mobsters illegal-trades, other than capitalist-IMperialism? Why is not love an affectation of honing “diplomacy rather than belligerence practices” and How does ill-will ever replace the itinerary of obsessive-pathologic ensconcement? The Universal cause of Hope is not Port Hope w all it’s new-Rome contaminations of Radionuclides—from new-Rome or Canada is accepting their own demise by making NSDU-238 munitions at Port Hope.

“Postulating a new generation of weapons: the properties, behaviour and effects of battlefield uranium
In November 2002, UMRC’s radiobiological and radiochemical findings in Afghanistan, coinciding with Operation Enduring Freedom, of field samples from the Jalalabad area led to a preliminary hypothesis that a new generation of ordnance was now in the US’s and perhaps other Coalition Partners’ arsenals. Field, laboratory and documentation evidence were pointing to heavy weight, penetrating ordnance employing Non-Depleted Uranium for ballast, hardness and engineered synergistics that occur when uranium is pulverised and conflagrated by the detonation of high explosives.
UMRC’s May 2003 environmental study findings appear to confirm the hypothesis that OEF ordnance contains Non-Depleted Uranium. Geo-spatial and population patterns of contamination match the ballistic and plume behaviour of the weapons. Bomb-craters are unusually high in NDU content whereas the locations of control specimens are normal for uranium values. The health problems in communities adjacent to the bombing reveal a chronology of exposure and symptoms in which the on-set of acute and development of chronic effects resembling uranium internal contamination coincide with the dates and locations of the bombing and environmental accumulations. Isotopic ratios of the uranium in the contaminated localities and people do not support postulations that the uranium has any other origin. The identification of low quantities of U236 is reasonably conclusive evidence of the artificial origins of the uranium.
In addition to soils, surface water catchment areas and bomb-crater studies, UMRC made extensive field inquiries. Geological literature and mineral reports were researched; mining, export and domestic commerce, manufacturing and processing industries were investigated; construction and agricultural practices, sites and raw materials were reviewed with local officials and geologists. As yet, no credible alternatives to the deployment of composite NDU-high explosive weapons have been found or are scientifically supportable by suggestions brought forth by critics.”

Frist of all, these weapons are not used for “defense from planetary-Impact” and therefore are a waste of curt ‘propaganda’ and of the maintenance of maliciousness in the face of world adversities to be rid the despicability of hydro-Carbons, GMO’s, CHEM tRails killing off 10-milliona acres of coloRadie/WYoming and adding fuel to the maintenance of killing humanity and air, water, heat-sources. Secondly, the so-called rightwing “paradigm” is that of ‘doomsday-Machine’ versus the ‘death-Ray’! The phoniness is pretense for not doing the job as allocated not for public appeal but for affirmed “defense security not always surety”. Utilizing more uranium is also anti-Lawful as again, “all uranium is Radiological’. The new-Rome manufactures and has used NSDU-238 which is known to contain pu-239, highly deadly microns sized, as well as ur-236 mentioned by the research pages–known thruout scientific-Research as highly volatile not low-level, altho ur-238 is low level and highly deadly when internalized. “R”

“Although there is no recent admission by NATO or its members’ Defense Departments, there is some historical information from weapons R&D laboratories and military documentation of composite, uranium-high explosive weapons. Considering available documentation, field and laboratory results, the types of ordnance and delivery systems used in Afghanistan, the type of targets acquired, and the weapons’ terminal- ballistic characteristics, two conclusions are drawn:

(1) The first is that some varieties of munitions have been reengineered and refitted with uranium alloys. Certain “conventional” high-explosive, fragmentation and conflagration bombs and some types of specialised asset-defeat ordnance have been up-dated with ballistic-enhancing alloys of uranium, replacing (or compounded with) iron, tungsten and titanium. The weapons suspected are the smaller (250 to 2000 pounds) surface-hardened target, anti-armour defeat penetrators, and speciality ordnance such as shaped charges, and gun-tube bunker-busters. Some thermobarics and area denial munitions may also be included in this category of reengineered, composite uranium-high explosive weapons. Some shoulder-held anti-armour and anti-hard target rocket launchers may also use uranium-high explosive penetrators.

(2) The second conclusion derives from public discourse, US Defense Department statements, Congressional publications promoting the DBHT (Deeply Buried Hard Target) program, the Science-based Stockpile Stewardship Program, and White House-OEF press announcements. It is well known that entirely new generations of heavy weight, deep penetrating ordnance have been added to the weapons’ inventories of several branches of the armed forces. Over the last decade (since Gulf War I) major financial appropriations have been pumped into US and NATO weapons’ R&D – the object being to make more flexible weapons and modular ordnance assemblies, offering field commanders a longer menu of ballistic and target-effects’ options.

One major line of R&D has been the non-battlefield, “strategic penetrators” designed to acquire and destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction and enemy leaders (“decapitation strikes”) in underground bunkers. This ordnance class is being developed in concert with the mini-nukes and micro-fissile/fusion weapons32 development program (quietly advanced by the Pentagon to avoid non-proliferation treaty conflicts). Penetration ordnance technology has direct application and is expected to be the delivery mantle for any new generations of low-yield, fissile (now considered strategic by the nature of their targets) and tactical battlefield weapons. Although the mini-nukes have so far failed to be accepted by the US Congress, the non-fissile heavy-metal, deep penetrators are33. They are included in the US Strategic Military Plan for deployment against “rogue states” suspected of developing and storing weapons of mass destruction in surface and underground, hardened bunkers and caves34.”

If, hardened uranium weapons are used, they are then radiologic. The dirty spate w.i. definitive context is that NSDU-238 can be ‘dirty’ when used at all-subjectively and figuratively. The use is egregious, because all uranium-Weapons are illegal under terms of war—internationally and nationally, for the lawyers of impeccability who know that UN-declared w-a-r-s are UN-constitutional as well as the perpetrators being traitorous to the laws well enough written. Protest, at least illegal teargas is not illegal uranium-laced “mace”. “R”

“These weapons are on the larger size – 2000 pounds up to 10,000 (perhaps some in the weight range of 20,000)35 pounds. Because they contain (or have bolted on) guidance instrumentation packages and sections of the weapons are filled with slurries of chemical high explosives and Thermite(36), the gross weight does not represent the total mass of uranium. The bigger bombs that may employ uranium are the deep penetrators and the above-ground battlefield detonation bombs. These include seismic shock bombs (tectonic disrupters), wide-area multiple targets’ defeat ordnance with nano-engineered terminal-ballistics of fragmentation (dense, self- forging shrapnel), high-pressure thermobarics, and some versions of munitions with thermal/pyrophoric37 wave propagation, conflagration and oxygen-depletion effects.

How extensive the military application and deployment of uranium (DU and NDU) is not known publicly. The advancement in precision guidance and accuracy of weapons delivery is impressive. In Afghanistan, there were almost no misses and therefore little “collateral damage”. Since Operation Desert Fox (Iraq) and now Operation Enduring Freedom, reports of so-called collateral damage (civilian targets, wounding and deaths) must be viewed differently than during Gulf War I. The weapons have been so well refined that they simply don’t miss their targets38. Where civilians and non-military targets were destroyed in Afghanistan, they were selected intentionally (even if post- ballistic inspection revealed that they did not house the enemy, WMD’s, etc). Only in the case of the occasional human, mechanical or electronic malfunction do these bombs fail to acquire the target objective. Between guidance accuracy and engineered ballistics39, the postulated new generation of composite, uranium-high explosive ordnance can be appropriately termed, “designer-bombs”40.

The el-congress is extremely lame in non-usages of dictionary-Language, word-terms, and definitions “useful” to assigning commitment to the we-People or maybe their egregious-Constituency. I met Dai Williams in Europe and was semi-confused by his presentment, rather than scientific method nor social-Sciences specific he used an assuasive amelioration consequence of knowing/don’t be knowing, one Ontological process he had truly developed for efficiency. Not for expediency, almost egregious, his spatial entirety was enlightening, because he was specifically not an MI-5 sordid-sport. Moreover, I told him he should not quit the Radionuclides investigation scene, because that was me stating I wanted to know more about why NDSDU-238 is not well known w.o. becoming renown. The dire-Straits of obsequious scatter-Method is not funny altho nuclear-Industry does UN-justly that which apprises more futility in finding what placement of used, so-called spent Radionuclides is reasonable STOWAGE, period. “R”

“An excellent analysis of the weapons suspected of containing various masses and alloys of uranium is presented by Dai Williams41. Weapons information available on the internet from the Federation of American Scientists42 and Global Security43 can also give clues as to the likely candidates of ordnance best suited for enhancements by uranium alloys and ballast.
The following sub-sections outline the key features and effects of uranium that makes it a valued military tool in the battlefield and a hazardous, long-term environmental and human toxin.”
Uranium Contamination of Afghanistan © by Tedd Weyman, Uranium Medical Research Centre May 2003


Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy, or basically bin-mic-gReedy. What is an Oligarch to do? I mean, how egregious is egregious does not need to be presented for monotony-is-Monoply much longer than the ole raw-Goon himself? Yet, here, 34 years of wars-warring continuing, as an empire seeks the monotony of world-control and more chaos to support their ”destabilizing affectations of anti-Democracy” what else ought be said other than get from out there sitt-Butt entropy! The new-Rome has a poor-leadership but predicated upon the usury of democracy at work, egregious is the first foreinstance of accomplishing nothing, as long as megalomania instill devaluation of sovereignties and cultures ad infinitum. The el-Presidente` spoke at the United Nations, which under certain laws is not allowed, yet he IMpugned that law as he has done w the Constitutional “congress shall declare war before an INvasion is deemed necessary”! UN-fortunately, the we-Peeps really ha other afro-Amers more than better-qualified than the CIAs installation of management apropos “plutocracy” vis-a-vis NSA, nuclear-Policy to protect “the death-Ray” and little thing-Bops likeNSDU-238 is equitable to use on your daily sandwich—w.o. a Geiger-meter!

“President Obama delivered an empty and arrogant sermon to the United Nations Wednesday, laced with platitudes about “peace” that were designed to mask Washington’s predatory policies.
The American president received a tepid response from the assembled heads of state, foreign ministers and UN delegates. Not a single line in his speech evoked applause. The novelty of two years ago, when Obama made his first appearance before the body posing as the champion of multilateralism in contrast to Bush, has long since worn off. As the world quickly learned, changing the occupant of the White House did little to shift the direction of American foreign policy or curb the spread of American militarism.
The immediate purpose of Obama’s 47-minute address was to supplement a behind-the-scenes campaign of bullying and intimidation aimed at forcing the Palestinian Authority to drop its plan to seek a UN Security Council vote on recognition of Palestine as a sovereign member state.

Washington has vowed to veto any bid for Palestinian statehood if it comes to the Security Council, a move that would only underscore the real character of US imperialist policy in the Middle East and the hypocrisy of its claims to identify with the revolutionary upheavals of the Arab masses.
The speech and Obama’s defense of the veto threat served to accomplish the same purpose, further diminishing the US president’s popularity in the Arab world. According to a recent poll, his favorable rating in the region has fallen from roughly 50 percent when he took office to barely 10 percent, even lower than George W. Bush in his second term.”

There have been such anti-Diplomacy egregious moments of ultra-Ominous intensity lacking such consternation in ever attempting to do the laws as state abiding w abeisance to laws, does determine– has been used since ingested by the cro-Magnon’s in their era era. What is “peace” for adamancy is also peace-for-adversity, the very fundament of the principle resolved as intelligence: human type. Basically the IDF instigating murderous usages of “phosphorous bombs and thermobaric bombs and NSDU-239 against Egypt in Sinai, 1973, is all but “not lost” to history. Israel has earned the rite to be correct, and that means to return all properties and provide houses vacated, plus topsoils imported from wherever CHEM tRails have not indebted that society toward ‘food Indigency’ as is the case in Gaza and West Bank. “R”

…There have been two decades of such talks, which have achieved nothing, while Israel has relentlessly expanded Zionist settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. Since the on-set of negotiations in 1991, the number of settlers has more than doubled, while the West Bank has been internally divided by settlements, security roads and checkpoints as well as the apartheid security wall separating it from Israel.
Obama’s remarks in the UN speech represented an even further accommodation to Israel compared to his proposal in May for a resumption of talks, which he then said should be based upon pre-1967 borders with “mutually agreed swaps.” That statement, which implicitly supported Israel’s demand to retain existing settlements, merely reiterated the official policy of the US government since the Clinton administration. Nonetheless, the mere reference to borders provoked a storm of criticism from Netanyahu, the Israeli right, and the Republican Party.
In his speech to the UN, Obama mentioned neither the 1967 borders nor any proposal to halt the expansion of settlements on the West Bank. Instead, he presented the basis for proposed negotiations as: “Israelis must know that any agreement provides assurances for their security. Palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis of their state.” As the rest of the US president’s remarks made clear, both those conditions are to be dictated by Israel.

…The rhetoric about “partnership”, however, refers to the plans being pursued by the White House and the Pentagon to keep US troops, CIA operatives and American bases in both countries, long past the dates set for US withdrawal. US imperialism is determined to continue pursuing the goals that underlay the wars from the outset…
…the war represented a fundamental violation of the tenets of this charter, which
proclaimed the “sovereign equality” of all member states, demanded that all disputes be settled peacefully and insisted that member states “refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”

In the case of Libya, the US and its NATO allies, proclaiming the threat of an imminent massacre in Benghazi, procured a resolution authorizing “all necessary measures” to protect civilians. It utilized this resolution as a cover for a war of regime change. The NATO powers carried out thousands of air strikes and sent in special forces troops to organize, train and arm a “rebel” force for a war that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Libyans. The aim of this war, like those in Afghanistan and Iraq before it, is domination of strategic energy reserves—as well as inserting Western military power in the midst of a region facing revolutionary turmoil.

Iran, is an older society than the new-Rome’s. The traditions are not as debased by the north-Americas trepidations of indige-Peoples exterminations. How wonderful is deceit-lies-usury of nuclear-Policy attached to IMpugning, megalomania, illegal-INvasions of sovereign-state after sovereign-State for the purpose of militarism and chaos in trade w legal markets not supine to “monopoly by IMperialist” rulers, the new-Rome is on bottom for delivering “good-to-great democracy to the world”. “R”

“…Turning to uncompleted business and potential imperialist interventions yet to come, Obama condemned Iran for failing “to recognize the rights of its own people” and calling for the UN impose new sanctions against Syria. “Will we stand with the Syrian people, or with their oppressors?” he demanded.
Given the bloody events in Yemen, where over 100 civilians have been massacred over the past three days, Obama could not completely ignore the upheavals against US-backed regimes in the region. In Yemen, however, there was no invocation to stand against oppressors, merely a call to “seek a path that allows for a peaceful transition.”
Even more tepid was his reference to Bahrain, the headquarters of the US 5th Fleet. “America is a close friend of Bahrain,” he declared. Here, where thousands have been killed, tortured, imprisoned, beaten and fired from their jobs for demanding democratic rights, he proposed merely a “meaningful dialogue,” while justifying the repression by suggesting that Bahrainis were confronting “sectarian forces that would tear them apart.”
…But as with all the other issues raised in the speech, the American president had no “coordinated action,” no program, and no policy to propose. In the final analysis, Obama’s empty rhetoric is a direct expression of the profound crisis gripping American capitalism and its ruling financial elite as it confronts economic collapse and the threat of revolutionary upheaval.”

Obama at the UN: The arrogant voice of imperialism
by Bill Van Auken 
22 September 2011 WSWS

The big-Power trippe has come and went straight into morphing wars as peace-INsecurity, utilizing NSDU-239 as covetous for CHEM tRails usages

a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior

notes: bLog #216 peace-Remnant

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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