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anti-nucleaRist bloG #20A/ 01 Feb 2009 the question of peace is still the United Nations answer

anti-nucleaRist bloG #20A/ 01 Feb 2009

the question of peace is still the United Nations answer

apeco © 2-01-09


Wars lead to more wars. Wars kill people better. Wars are illegal under U.N laws, specifically asking for diplomatic-Measures: first and foremost, which has not “yet” happened? How come?

Governance is not governing by statute of laws, so “rule-of-Law” is not maintained, but “chaos for unity” survives. What is chaos of course is status-Quotient that parlays illicit-Manner: pentagons/cIAS goin’ obdurately along another 45-years in oblique-Excess. Allan Nairn has been a reporter w Amy Goodman, in East Timor, where I was a visitor in 1977. I did view, firsthand the armed-Guard is a national pastime of arms in public-Display. This was/is nationalism for the “Christian-State” of East Timor, who’ve finally gotten their independence from the imperial-State of Indonesia. His views are most extensive, so this article in “counterpunch” is vascillage to that fact. Torture is a topic and a concerted affectation that will or might halt the needs of change, moreso that proffer “change” illicitly in chaos.


1] The Torture Ban That Doesn’t Ban Torture by Allan Nairn January 26, 2009

                          How Obama’s New Rules Keep Intact

“If you’re lying on the slab still breathing, with your torturer hanging over you, you don’t much care if he is an American or a mere United States – sponsored trainee.

When President Obama declared flatly this week that “the United States will not torture” many people wrongly believed that he’d shut the practice down, when in fact he’d merely repositioned it.

Obama’s Executive Order bans some — not all — US officials from torturing but it does not ban any of them, himself included, from sponsoring torture overseas.”


Secondarily, arms-Sales has made the use/usages of NSDU-238 become the “dirty Lil Ace” while the people, they’re not the populous became more propagandized, because of NSDU-238’s dual-Role—of negating Life” for strife? Access is not granted to neo-Cons to overture w autocrats in making “plutocracy” so resplendent, as has been done! Access is granted to those who know that “the molecular-Age” has led to the “nano-Technology: age”! What is most availing in principle would be to maintain “interest”. There is talk about “Corte Greene” and his excessive observance to soliciting reportage be broader-Horizon? This is okay w me, although people of CCjP seem too impartial to my meagre messages, because they impart some daily wisdom rather than venue, or that I’ve kept goin’ along the “pro-Reduction” nuclear-Weapons and ideology of NSDU-238 is swarthy “pentagons: arms-Sales”. Reality or no, that people should read about molecularism, is the social-Conditionalizing that too many Amers have not done. The spores killing trees in the high-Country is molecularism. The chlorine in drinking water is molecularism. The radionuclides “on-Site retriculation of plutonium” and other rad-actives at Rocky Flats is molecularism. The conditions of molecular-Nucleus is as simple as high-School ethics, we-Boomers were told in the 1960’s. So, what’s the skinny. Why the socially inadept putdown that “nuclear-Molecularism’ is not uppermost, and only supercedent?


The status Quo of fear is that the non-Virtue may lead to “paranoia” or the thinking process may bump that level, where the paradigm resides within context. The sphere w.i. not the void w.o.! Smog is a molecularism, a stage compendium of inherited human-Lungs tissues. Smog is a pollution, a mixture of many differing air & water chemicals. That NSDU-238 is nuclear, 60% fissile, actually measured. That NSDU-238 does imbibe the lungs and that the kidneys excrete the radioactivity—that which is gamma—is said to be the “elemental” side, not so much sidelight, to the radactive poisoning. This is not nano-Technology justice, but injustice. Analogous neo-Cons factoring would render, that nano-Technology is useful, but chems blown to aerosolized “particulates” of microns is both nano and nuclear-Radiation, because the stuff got “molecularized”.


Only the size is smaller, because of pyrophoric blast. Five isotopes become microns of nano & aerolsolized particulates, A nano: vacuum-Cleanor is needed to suck those microns from your bods tissue, lung, kidneys and air-water-metals or debris. War is fun, is since just a nano-Second before then, the use of an illegal-Radionuclides, importing a substance that is first “half-Life” long-Lived, making other parts of physiognomy poignant to degradation—merely for longer than 34.5 billion years (same as ad infinitum)? The chemical changes of radioactives is radiation factorable, unless chemicals are attached to the transpositioning of chems and nuclides. This is what the government is doing in supporting “wars” rather than in supporting

  1. a) study and Veterans Affairs monies for Hospital and “disability” health-practice and Needs
  2. b) PTSD is another scourge in veterans just made in phase-# Iraq “invasions”
  3. c) PTSD has been availing healthcare needs and practice of the Veterans Admins hospitals lacking this source and resourceful “study” of NADU-238 d) dealing the monies appropriated for rad-Actives to be stored on-Site, and not sold to uranium-238 munitions or the excuse of ONLy making “armor-plate” steel, which is yet rad-active, not totally “inert”!


Why then, is there something stuck-o-Muck in your brains to assert that “you don’t know” what uranium-238 is or isn’t. There is a total lack of “consciousness-Showing” regarding the in-astute “anti-War rendering” reckoning goin’ on as though only anarchyism and non-Thought is necessitating always a “liberalism”. The progressives are not liberals, but everybody is ascendant to “liberalist-Tradition” in the u-S imparticular! That wars-Undeclared is neo-Cons virtuous usages of torture, in-as-much-as, as maintaining chaos by arresting those able-Bodied werkors for possession of a joint or three (they probably needed to relax, but do they relate what NSDU-238 virtues of killing others and making ergonomics for genetic-Disharmony looks like or what comprises the degeneracy)? Ordinately that ‘deregulation” will make billions for a neo-Con: one-World “anarchyism” to become the new-Rome has entailed, too! “UN declared wars is liberalist” and n-as-much-as “Congress non-Reporting of annual-Nuclear costs to-the-People is concerned, liberalist. No, that neo-Con’s con you outta definitions, etc.


What the question is what do you think of your nonsense “lack of consciousness” state of do not venue w the nation-State of imperialism, because the two-Party system is parody not parity? The question may also be “don’t know what NSDU-238 is” without the meaning of asking, is negation of the need for humans to have and maintain “consciousness”! Dig.



2] Afghans threaten US troops over civilian deaths Jason Straziuso AP News Jan 31, 2009 13:21 EST


Angry Afghans threaten US troops after Special Forces raids kill civilians


“Afghan officials say an overnight raid Jan. 7 in the village of Masmoot in Laghman killed 19 civilians. A raid in Kapisa on Jan. 19 killed 15 people, mostly civilians. And a second Laghman raid Jan. 23, in Guloch village, killed 16, they say.

Even if the Special Forces nail their intended target, when raids go wrong they end up killing Afghan civilians as well, turning whole villages against the Afghan government and the presence of U.S. forces.

“Maybe there were only two or three insurgents in Guloch, but I can tell you that there are thousands now,” Abdul Qadir Kochai, a member of parliament on a delegation sent by Karzai, told the U.S. officials.”


Transpose your mental makeup to the visual-State. The town is foreign; not much water, dirt floors of tribal encapsulations of traditions far-Reaching beyond the Columbus arrival and imprisonment of “indige-Amers” of 500-Years ago similarity. This is the living style of their traditional basics since mid-19th c. Afghanistan. The business of arms-Sales in Afghan’s war-of-Foreigners, has been ongoin’ since 1980, altho interspersed by civil-Bickerings of the warlords in the high-Country, or tribal-Leadership, hired by jirgas. Osama bin Ladin plays his hands between ISI (the national-Intelligence of Pakistan), the armies of Pakistan/India conflagration, and Saudi Arabia rightwing trade in oil or embargo. People needing food, clothing, fuels for community-Existence, are not asked, nor invited to war w “heroin-Trade” but the lack of knowledge regarding “defense” is thrust-at-Them, by u-S: CIAs making internments for defense, and having to sidestep “arms-Sales: business” while the “heroin-Trade” maintains a hashish-Balance for the people to survivie knowing what they’re doing. The question is, can “tribal-Governance survive” when heroin and arms become enmeshed in “fundamentalist” Taliban-hats. Their pejoratives, keep women from knowing what education is good for, and heroin-Trade the focus of the arms-Sales and murders of tribals by outsiders, keeps the grass-Roots goin’, if oNLY by ways ‘n means of non-Virtuous ‘wars-Warring” that perpetuates, more sardonic arms-Sales and ensconces the needs for “heroin-Trade”.


What’s missing here is obvious. What if any are the peace aspiring: peace-Overtures that may not succeed, but assuredly would not look like Palestines-Israels conflagration, or the half-Dozen of same-Ilk autocratic-Wars ongoin’ in Africa i.e. Congo, Kenya-Darfur, Ethiopia/Somalia, and Ossetia-Georgia conflagration, or Pakistan-India conflagration or peace. Peace significance is not having a consciousness toward violence, but of non-violence maintaining the accord of peace. Your not being visual in seeing 30-40-50 people killed, as per Holywood shot and get down: scenes of gore, bloodshed, inhospitable-sides of inhumanity in non-Neglectful “inclusions” cultural, is what I mean. Do not demean one-Another, nor me, because you have not seen the fallen returning veterans from all-3-Phases of Iraq land invasions— altho phase-2 was idiotic-Monotony of over-flight and booms “see how civilians dies in deep-Ground chambers found by 5,000 pounds of “bombastications”. Would you stand-Up and say in a jirga, that the u-S is wrong to sell or trade “arms” for the sole purpose of written-Statement agreements of peace, that the United Nations body could be installed as purpose for maintaining “borders” but that would include legalizing “hashish” and only 10% heroin in making a commercial-Grade “morphine” or would you beget that war-Lords make better governance under terms of law-of-Guns, i.e. ownership, community-Protection?


I was also a peace-Diplomat to Afghanistan 1980 & 1981, as well as to Kurdistan in 1981. I got the nickname “peace-Warrior” from sitting on the tracks w Allen Ginsberg in 1983—after 1980, and 1981, also. The tracks of course, were inside the “federal-Animosity: landscape” of polluted Rocky-Flats. Most peace-People feel that the jurisdiction of nuclear-Molecular is separated by space-Time consequencia to when wars end will allow Nuclearism to be known, but not many are working on the knowns of that “known” these days. How come? Is that because there are “two” nuclear-Weapons in the nuclear-Molecularism of penataGooons/cIAS, or because NSDU-238 will be continuously used and not “protested” by those way-too-Much educated to be outdoors marching, or as being the highest “regard” of autocracy, thy name is fooled-Ya! May be that I need to join more groups to maintain being a pulse-Feed on conditions that do pertain to human-Rights, because this groups “answers” are mistrust of the addendum toward “peaceful” measures of the regard beyond merely “strife-Exists” accountrement.           “R”


3] Ideology of police-State wins w.o. the empathy for voices-of-Reality, heard. Where is this cross-Link to progress against the tYraNnY-gAtE ?

This nation’s populous is in need of the peoples-Impassioned words against the “tyranny-Gate”! The human empathy depends on what “voices mandate a missing-Ingredient” on the integrating of bodies as impassions to ideologies or whatever-Speakers have said is what? What was said was not whatever, but is what-was-Sid, and historically words-Spoken! Where are those words? Where is the cross-Tie other than making peace-People feel neglected? Where has the democratic-Voice been heard in words written and context of videos impassioned? Where’s the indy-Media feed on “we encapsulated” the voices of people-Prescience? The needs for compassionate enterprise has not been surmounted otherwise. I’ve attested to this in-as-much-as integration cannot happen w.o. the repletion of this excised task, wholly formulative necessity!


The space-Time is 25-Years of un-Declared warring in this nation-State, that of the people’s concerns for paying tax-Monies to kill OTHErS ? When there’s an announcement for a march put-Out on inter-Nay by A.N.S.W.E.R. United for Peace-Justice, a host-of-others, is there not the videos content of what was said by those speakers? The speakers are barely announced, so what they’ve spoken is hardly known, years, decades, immediately there after! Go to insidious methods of permits, of having police-Escourts, or walking citizen guards, the reason is not to avow that “paranoia” does not exist, when security is paranoia. Where are those speakers being rendered into “public-Forum” contexts, now? I’ve an appreciation for the hours of duty to donated-Time, my whole metabolism comprises the space-Time of making formulations into the continuance of knowledge w discussion or oNLY leisure and pronounced readings. However, there is the ubiquity of not having “heard-Freedom’s rapproche” and of “not having been updated on the import/export” exhortations of the 100,000’s who may have gathered for another sports-Event of the new-Rome! This nation’s populous is in need of the peoples-Impassioned words against the “tyranny-Gate”!         “R”


4] Imprisoned for being in A.I.M. membership and an Indian, too!

Leonard Peltier has been inward-the-News recently… a petition that I’d not seen these past 4-years placed into view. Somehow a website improvement. I signed and sure enough, several others looked as though they’d entered twice. However, I was merely concerned that I’d admonished that I may have hand-Written a petition. Petitions are time-Ensconced.


note- Dear,

Thank you for signing the “PETITION IN SUPPORT OF PAROLE OF LEONARD PELTIER” petition at website. Your signature is valuable and makes a real difference. Please encour-age others to sign the petition as well. To do that, just forward the text below to everyone who might be interested:



I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:


I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes less than a minute of your time.

Thanks! worthily!


Due, and sign or do signage, but read the enclosed… that was felt to be quite, in good measure… Also, his statement from ”


“Do I sound a little angry? Well, I am angry that many of my friends have died in assuring my survival while I’ve been in prison. All the men who were involved in my escape at Lompoc, all died mysteriously soon after: Dallas Thundershield at Lompoc, Bobby Garcia at Terre Haute, and Rocky Duenas, whose body was never recovered. And Standing Deer, he gave away his life when he revealed the assassination plot against me. He lived under the shadow of death for years, waiting to be killed for defying the government, until he was eventually paroled to Texas. He was murdered soon after the same person who contracted him to have me assassinated warned him about his involvement with my campaign. Surviving this attack brought back memories of those losses, and it is with tears of more gratitude in my eyes and in my heart that no one died this time. I don’t ever want to lose another brother in protecting me; a human life is precious and important.

I know in other countries, prisoners who have been held by their government have been placed in house arrest after they have attained international support as I have. If the BOP cannot guarantee my safety to the extent the prisoners here can, then I demand to be returned to my nation, Turtle Mountain, where I can be assured of my safety!


Turtle Mountain has issued a resolution to transfer me into their custody, and they have asked to meet with Obama on a nation-to-nation basis. This has to happen and it will when a lot of energy is placed behind it. In the past 18 days your efforts brought me out of the hole and to where there is a measure of safety.

The FBI has said that I will never leave prison alive, and we should not accept that as an idle threat. There have been a few times that my life was targeted by the FBI in the 33 years since my capture, and each of those who have helped me to survive are now dead. The transfer and attack at Canaan is just a warning to me of what is to come. The warden’s know of the psychological make-up of their inmate population in their prison, and they clearly knew that placing someone who is well known, as I am, with connections to many famous people and at my age, I would be subject to predatory attacks. This was deliberate by the BOP, and as far as the motivation for the attack, it could have been ordered by any prison official at the request of the FBI, or someone trying to curry favor from the feds. It could have also been a tactic to beat me into submission for purposes of extortion or something as stupid as trying to make a reputation.”

5] Crisis communications…

“it would be nice if the United /states could, by its own independent actions, insure that none of the nuclear war fuses would ever be lit or, if lit, could be quickly snuffed out. However, it has become abundantly clear that we do not live in a world in which this is possible. To insure that nuclear war never occurs we must look for effective firebreaks that involve cooperation with other countries…. this in mind, what then are the resources available to us? Nuclear war firebreaks falls into the following categories:

  1. Improved relations between countries (nation-States)
  2. Arms control
  3. Strategic nuclear arms control
  4. Nuclear arms control in Europe
  5. Conventional arms control
  6. Nuclear non-proliferation conflict resolution
  7. Crisis communications”[1]


What has entered the “foray” is the “autocratic-Fracas” of what has been known to most older-Amers, as “plutocracy”. The use of NSDU-238 in an aggressive posturing in South-Iraq, march 1991, was “inexcusable” and “an heinous-Act” and “despicable” yes, we know. But, the fact that pertains “an excuse-of-Plutocracy” to keep on w Pentagons, SOA’s and obvious interventions had picque’d w the second-Nuclear: weapon discharged for duty! There exists a #-7 crisis, today because there is no misunderstanding, and there has been a cover-Up of the extent of abusive(s) in correlation to anti-Lawful as well as unlawful, as well as propagandistic-Methodology, as well as “education in public-Capacities”?


There should, by now, have become a new-Improved version of the above 7-numbers, since community and state-Education can reduce crime and increase basics of relations amongst Amers—all but the Ameris, the plutocrats do agree? What this book did in 1986 was proffer the discourse, discretions and direction our “civic-Minds” could and must take to reduce likelihood of nuclear-Annihilation and mistrust due misstep, too. Whether or not that meant electing an afro-Amer or and indige-Amer or a Nippon-Amer as presidente` where’s the communications of the “crisis: NSDU-238” been? Where has the advent come from that aspires not to allow other-Nations participate thru the United Nations? Where’s the solutions to adversity of megalomania not-Obliging the paradigm of pro-Reduction both these “nuclear-Idiocies” in the u-S, if not coupled to United Nations, and from you who need to be moral better attuned and better read, educationally? The u-S cannot lead the u-S Pentagons…


6] oNLY in times of degradation-of-Life do we see so much “entropy’ of governance-Failures to abide by “rile of law” however. The IVAW does not include “NSDU-238 on their website. So, I had to turn to what I’ve admonished that also needs support. The AWOLs because of “conscientious-Objector” status is well deserved, not end-Runs as the parliament of Canada seems not to be able to re-Enlighten their PM w adjudge “policy” and he intends to end-Run.                 “R”


It takes courage to say that you will not fight — especially if you are a soldier. Large numbers are now refusing to serve: The GI Rights Hotline (877-447-4487) is currently receiving about 3,000 calls a month. As more members of the U.S. military step forward for peace, the peace movement must step forward to support them.

“Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government are set to deport five U.S. Iraq War resisters and their families by January 30. If forcibly returned to the U.S., the resisters will face court-martial, incarceration, separation from their young families, and criminal convictions.

We must take action now to prevent their forcible removal back to the U.S. Call or email Prime Minister Stephen Harper or Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Jason Kenney and tell them to:

Stop deportation proceedings against U.S. Iraq War resisters

Implement the motion adopted by Canada’s Parliament to allow U.S. Iraq War resisters to apply for permanent resident status.

Contact Information: Prime Minister Stephen Harper 613.992.4211 / 403.253.7990 Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney 613.954.1064 / 613.992.2235 and The above found @


Peace begins w you as well as I— please visit my poems and blogs @ AND other blogs w photos @


NSDU-238 becomes aerosolized, but is uranium-Radiation nonetheless, a voice from the VOId, the radionuclides-POet


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[1] pg. 438 Nuclear Weapons and the Threat of Nuclear War edited by John B. Harris & Eric Markusen, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, pub. Orlando FL © 1986…483 pgs

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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