anti-nucleaRist bLog #2/ 17 April 2006
the ‘extant’ of nuclear animosity


The current executive office has two leaders too dependent upon the adherence to “hegemony” which officially started in 1982-3, when rhetoric gave notice to the autocratic sense that economic disposition was omni-potent, although the underlining was morosely more specific, as g-Enron does not currently elucidate why hegemony is so important. Yet both v-Pres Cheney, an alumnus of the same liberal arts four-year college as am I and Sec. of Def. Rumsfeld who provided Saddam Insane his first budgeted transgressed sense that intelligence was about to be following the ingraciation of nerve-agents sales in 1983 visit to Baghdad have carried these purports of big-Brother h-Bombs-bin, a US oddment that covets or the odyssey to that gravure of non-alacrity and other formidable gravures w.o. diplomacy– or democracy! What, then is soooo admonishably too-well-hidden, that there really is no “democracy purpose” at home i.e. to find-out why NSDU-238 usages were well-Endowed for “radiological-Abusives” to humans and Ecology? Each of these executive office keepors seem to follow the pNAC cause, started by Paul Wolfowitz in 1992, and the cause of never reducing the “nuclear armaments” of mass annihilation, that the US has plied and maintained with great ‘oddity’ by trying not to become entangled into older Euro polity, leaving our International treaties throughout the world as “anti-United Nations” historic events. And, that is about the id-al relationship of all three “invasion Iraq” past and current president’s.

Hegemony transposes the dictums that the US is not wrongdoing any other nation-state. The stress is upon unilateralism for the sake of open market venturing, but no armaments nor treaties can mainstay, whether passed or entreated as START III was to have been passed, in Clinton’s [bully Clyneton’s: sic, mine] admin or as ventures for freedom in allowing peace to mainstay “democracy” rather than the “tyranny” that war attenuates. The fact, as one trillion dollars and 15.67 years now has amassed, and into the formulations of/for the New Rome, for which, by and large, the hegemonyites are now characterized, seems to be that war-is-Good natured i.e. usury.

The aegis of US nuclear armaments “reduction” is also never mentioned in the past five-six years. Diplomacy and ethics on the global scale is a world stage of either fear towards more “depleted uranium” uses, another part of the hegemonyite extreme of multi-nationalist corporatism for which the very rich keeps the middle class from the ‘changeover’ of oil to the “lubrication” that the natural fossil resource IS–here on this continent. 1975 came and we’re polluting more-so than ever before, as forest diseases entertain the mountainside conifers toward death, early decay and entropy of eco-zones follows into 1995 and bully Clyneton does nothing to beget a conversion to even “environs” semantics and definitions in/for the stability of the demos in Congress, who were liking too much war and banana market takeover by genocides in central Americas 1983-1989.

Oil is a very lousy and low-octane “fu-el”? So, these two issueless issues brought about “duopoly” challenge in 1994 has never gained the stage is not quite true, in face of “hegemonyites” arisen to more non-sense tryouts for ripping-off the public. US tutelage as the vicary of “d-U” in 1991, that of the desert white-flag of truce decimation of 238,000 soldiers and civilians, five separate nationalities (1991), led somehow to Rwanda not being challenged (1996) as necessity of the very innuendo of “black-Africa” to all afro-Amers and all of us who have sought “humanitarian ethics” for social balance and UN-equivocal amenities.

The needs for reduction of thermo-Nuclears, to have now been @ 2,500 under START III, which was abridged in 1998-9 and as the nuclear non-Proliferation treaty “rescinded” by a haughty-enough electoral college cheat elected, not as much as a media encouragement nor abhorrent admin glance? So, whether or not “tribalism” as so coveted by the CIA, in Afghanistan 1990 led to the usage of depleted-238 or naught, a question of nuclear-Radionuclides usages remains UN-acceptable. The tribalist cabal of Iraq as well as Pakistan/Afghanistan warring made for this grotesque measure to edify “islamic Jihad” by leaving out the Saudi behind the scenes endemic affairs of State Dept. versus the CIA, made for more than Euro control of armed forces with the “nuclear” N.A.T.O. aura about them than the history of “tribalism” polity and social consciousness could, or did surmount in springtime 1991. The second “US nuclear” genocide was definitely by g.H.W. Bush admin!

Today, is the hauteurs of “nuclear imperialism” the fundamentalist rightwing, political and economic-Takeover of baring witness to plutocratic methodology. The techniques of technocracy heir apparency has sprung forth, like a Yellowstone geyser, as the h-bOMbS, bombs-bins are never known to have made useless leukemias and death warrants upon the very natural indigenous peoples of Bureau of Indian Affairs ingraciates, nor that the actual accounting of billions of dollars lost to accounts, making Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling only experts in how the suicide to their fellow officer made him do himself a death blow back in those early-to-follow “9/11” days. Truths to ‘tea-party Theorists’ abounds, whether or not the reduction of the US nuclear armaments is secret or scrutinized by Homeland Security, as exemplaried by FEMA, the enactments of technocrats doling to bureaucracy mannerisms, enactments before Katrina and after Rita, which have yet to be filed as not defiled or followed through as hegemonyites wanted, too? Would you allow that START II has been in the news now that 2006 has arrived, and the US (so-called) Defense Dept./ Pentagons are supposed to have reduced all weapons on alert to 3,500 with another 1000 to off-line, on stand-Down, dismembered from ICBm’S permanently not available to militarize space—but, they have oNLY taken those off-Line, and not disassembled 5,000 others. All are awaiting through launches or mentions of satellites to hold nuclear weapons of laser nuclear power “out-There” but-not-yet against asteroid or comet’s IMpact.

Also, I doubt the sincerity of the hegemonyites. While the admonishable truth is yet, hard to find, how come, they are hegemony and fundamentals who want death and destruction to reign-down upon each and every state! Who does live better when no clear-Cuts in forest diseases are allocated. What? You mean when any ole mention of deceit means that the “forests die-Off from neglect” AND “nuclear cleanup from NSDU-238 is off the port-Bow, tabled”. What has to be reduced, is ignorance and lack of intimacy w the planet as well as “radiologic-Contaminations” but this is never allocated as defense priorities take front, astute center, offense! The fire and burn INvasions for destitution of the planet is taking place thru “death-Squad: entrees” into homes and from night patrols, backed by the deceits of NSDU-238 usages, surmounting no tantamount discrepancy! There is no identity of Iraqs “people” by continuing invasion through “phase three” while not measuring accurately how many civilians have perished nor clean-UPs from NSDU-238 usage has been adaged—as in truths given. The trillion dollars wasted story goes on, as no monies are talked about for cleaning-Up, south Iraqs, destituti-Lands–nor anywhere near advance stages of clean-ups for which we’ll never need “homeland-Insecurity” as the apparatus of un-Chosen swarthiness that excuse-making has been continuing, merely as an abuse is obliging, plutocracy.

Do the people of healthcare needs identify with dental-care needs of 40-60%, yet? How might we join the “300 nuclear club” by not allowing the United Nations to join hands in front of g-Enron’s sure-is-stupidity to be building h-bOmBS ideolog Iran-scape, when and while Kazakhstan has more “radionuclides, decay-Waste” than the US–but Russia wants to buy enrichments, when nuclear wastelands: dump-Ages and wastelands are measured by “molecular-size” not neurotic disenchantment set-Up for “paranoia from human emotional non-Justification” of radionuclides decay not machine breakdowns! Those that matter most-of-All, to the citizens/soldiers, if nearby geography is not too disdainful, for the “fears” of military-Propagations by orders from autocratic-Rulings may or might not always enter into what the soldiers need to do to protect their mental make-ups, especially w disorder caused by NSDU-238Would the cias/Pentagons dwell on this task to make or to break the soldiers they train for wrongful-death suits? So, the bunker buster is “white-House” bluster and ur-238, pu-239 and enrichment policies for sales to Russia stagnant in the fields of tribalism, cabalistically re-Arranging themselves for the next “on-Slaught” of used CIA military offensive, outdated armaments. The urnium-238 UN-ethicality has been used as a major psychological-Ploy of deception against laws affirmed, negations. These are Oligarchic methods, and the plutocracy “stinks” of aberrance toward worldwide crimes continuing the uses of “uranium-Weapons”.

Not so-dumb that “hegemony” is why the in-astute thinkors are of a duopoly– have life so good—as well as duplicitous—make money on munitions sales thru control of the el Congress! This stat, while civilians in Iraq, in Rwanda, in the Darfur region, and on ad-infinitum are our best trade bargains, only when “civilian-Demised: they”, whole nations, whole tribes, whole governments can be wholly “oppressed” or threatened with continual aggression coupled to pRotecting our nuclear hegemony through countless transgressions —not the troops who pay w cancers, their lives eatin’ by lousy chemicals that do not countermand the intake into cell-tissues and organs, of once the dream was democracy! How could they be transported, and informed w.o. the New Rome style of aero-Jet flights instead of aboard ships w invasion-Materiel. May be an UN-just empowering meant, do not do anything but obviate, fact w fallacy instead of lies and deceits, which are done in the halls of dumbfounding lawmaking and vote-Turmoil.

Ending both UN-declared wars is a sociological-matter, Illegality &. Peace isn’t INvasion, by the “apeco” peace keepor “R” Addison

notes: (apeco-Activist bloG#2)–

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