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anti-nucleaRist bloG #186 / 01 Jan 2014 © Independent social-Responsibility is Individual Socialism, not NSDU-238

The id-al of boomer-Generation is the we-Boomers. As we, the most populous, largest generation in u.s.a. had sought to maintain our steadfast closeness and the supposition of “americanism” had become a reality, I’ve found feminism and black lives matter were not akin boomers yet were as active as the we-Boomers are the anti-War socialists and the anti-Nuclearists’ Ecologists. One day in 1983, I camped w a Rock Bank practicing in that house, which was surrounded by trees and not other houses. When in 1985 I returned, I met w a small or rather cumli group of women at this Larkspur CA, property. As I awoke on the second morning, a gal’s voice was singing me awake, and I had thoughts of no-longer catching my R & R. I had pulled into that lot, which was not about to be built upon, because the house was lease-rented. The precursor group was “code-Pink” or Global Exchange.

Wherever I parked my Van-1, w the magenta photo-rack platform (close enough to pink) I knew of compliments on the color, paint-Job, as and ban-the-bomb symbol was on that non-War couplement—which also meant HALT NSDU-238. The gals let me cook meals for 3-days further, because I had to walk for propane tank to be refilled. They asked 3-4 times why I painted the lid magenta. They found-out that I was/am still single @ age forty years. We got into discussions on nuclear-Molecular edifices of US-admins, military and reduction thru decontaminations, which I knew was started w Livermore Action group. Later on after my meeting and having them also allowed me to share w their potluck I suggested several more discussions of plenary sessions. I was pleased to have a group of gals/feminists who were into note-taking!

The group of Global Exchange, invited me to the apartment building in the Balboa Park area of san fRan, and I was then back into protesting in san fRan as well as San Rafael and Larkspur—anti-Nuclearist. I stayed w them during daylight crashing (sleeping) several hours each day, helped immensely!

Codepink co-founded by Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin has been a grapestake of informing us of empire’s tyranny—part of the transcendences of tyranny-Gate or “imperialism and the Imperium”. I was pleased to donate and view-into the 6:11 mins of The People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War that occurred between election on one-Party system candidates Nov 8th and Human Rights Day December 10th, 2016. I posted on the youTube:

@ 1:51:02 mins we finally hear that word ‘depleted uranium” which is ur-235 removed from ur-238 that remains 60% fissile and was the “first” nuclear-Molecular weapon. The US Military and all the hegemonyites supported this illegal usage of penetrators and ur-238 tipped bombs, remains a totally egregious-Extent of three-phases of Iraq war: invasion and destruction by a new-Rome…thank you folks for not being egregious–may be a text might become available–now back to ‘standing Rock’!

As for the Real News, I met w Paul’s public meetings in Baltimore and stayed at Jonah House, too.

The People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War

the peace-Warrior

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anti-nucleaRist bloG #186 / 01 Jan 2014 ©
Independent social-Responsibility is Individual Socialism, not NSDU-238

The weather has changed from CHEM tRails to what else-is-not-Normal. One awakens this first day of 2014 to find snowing-Something! The news-Broadcast should not read “take three anarchy-bills and think anxiety”. However, Democracy Now has ‘headlines in review” and other “journalist extrapolations have been from vagaries of nowhere to vagaries of somewhere. How about ‘here and now’ as in Existentialism got us here, what are the world’s histories peoples of ‘now we’re here are we here’?

Can sexuality last under a Socialist political helm, if not Eco-Socialism would Socialist political-Party, parity remain weakened by “apologist-Temperances” due fearfulness-excess from Communalism, rather than communism? When then does socialism not impart Marxist theoretic(s) first, and what is foremost for science and eco-Socialism if not both? Are these above two questions anxiety or morose empiricism, or more a sub-standard turned management inside-Out to not appease the same distemper of the conditionalized, for the same extent of management? Management then, is not to be plutocratized w bureaucracy, as that leads to Stalinist “technocracy” and eradication of freedom in exchange for “totalitarianism”. “R”

So long as there is on this earth a single person who, without any perceptible danger to himself, sees a possibility of obtaining an advantage for himself, even at the price of a hundred thousand corpses and cripples, and so long as this same person possesses the power and influence to bring about a war, just so long mankind must not consider itself safe from the danger of war…What, then, is the problem? To remold the structure of government in such a way that the very existence of such an individual (to whom war can give an advantage and who has the power to unleash it) becomes absolutely impossible.”

Is this quote not being educated w Thought and understanding amenity, or is this the isoteric, “being educated w education”? That “R” here is being ‘esoteric is okay, here! “R”

Arthur Schnitzler 
From Some Day Peace Will Return
(Und einmal wird der Friede wiederkommen)
Translated by Robert O. Weiss


Do you always talk dirty about your neighbor, and do you even know those people? One may wonder why so many new-Rome women feel they must have high heels as shoes, but what to they read, if they’re so Bourgeois in most anythingy-Bop? Do they read “city-Planning and urban-Development”? Do they read “the ecology and bio-diversity of the temperate plains of north-Americas”? Do they read “americas-Culture is sexuality or feminism w.o. sensuality”? How about History, do womens of the new-Rome make amens for getting too fat from reading about “indigenous-Amers and African Slavery in olde Republic”? What do men, the counterpart read when not at a d-Fool bar watching endless hours of “Gladiator-sports”? What about “peoples and places” of any and all continents where the state might pertain to the “latest” INvasionary tactic of world-rule, such as thretening Iran for whatever reasons? I’ve been to Iran. I’ve seen Bushshr, and I was watched by the man who became prime minister and was that until the end of 2012, Ahmadinejad. What was his educational bearing that made him who he was prior to our short-encounter over “neo-colonialism and nuclear-Hegemony” I had asked be answered. What of the people & places connotes of that grouping of his people’s background? “R”

“…in many contemporary books, one reads that the Aryans were not original residents of the land of Iran, and that they migrated to Iran from Central Asia or somewhere in the north of Europe. The point is that if some of the oldest written records of the human history confirm that the residents of the Iranian Plateau were Aryans, why should some claim otherwise? We will discuss the origins of the Iranian race, and we will try to shed light on some unknown corners of history, which has been mixed with ignorance and lies.
We want to extract the facts out of centuries and millennia and out of paleontological studies, old and new, to prove that Iran is the original land of the Aryan race, that this people has never migrated to any other land, and it has defended its homelands for centuries on end. There are all numerous reasons that the Aryan race has undergone its evolution from the primitive man to the white man in the Iranian Plateau. These reasons can be categorized as historical, geographical, mythological, anthropological and linguistically.

Against the reasons we will discuss, no valid evidence has been produced to prove that the Aryans migrated from Central Asia or any other place to Iran. What European historians have written in this regard is based on unscientific and unproven hypotheses influenced by anti-Iranian and political ideas.
The reason for the migration of Aryans from Iran to other places of the world should be searched in climatic events. At the end of Ice Age, as a result of excessive rainfall on the Alborz and Zagros Mountains and the melting of the ice accumulated on the mountains, the rivers flowing through the Iranian Plateau were much larger than they are today. Therefore there was a large lake in the place where to day is the Central Desert. One of the most interesting mythological texts says in this regard: …

Considering the existence of this 12,000 years-old civilization in Iran, would it not be unlikely that 6,000 years ago, a group of people spontaneously crossed the ice covered Siberian lands, suddenly wiping such a civilization off the earth. The word Aryan has roots in world that Iranians called themselves by Ayria, meaning free, noble and steady. The world Iran is derived from this very root, having been transformed from Ayran to Iran, meaning the land of the Aryans. This is the most ancient term applied to the Iranian Plateau, and such a term has never been detected anywhere else in the world, e.g. Europe or Turkistan.”

Iranian People & Tribes– the Origins of Aryan People
By: M. Sadeq Nazmi-Afshar, Thurs. Dec. 26, 2013


What has been known, past, what is renown, now? What is this oddity electromagnetic to the Radionuclides known about? Searching for coverage while destroying the planet-eRathe! Strategies to make wars more warring, I am not ashamed for truths. The sickness to make non-chalance of and about violence more belligerence and bRutalist, as Prof Chomsky states. his state inadequacies as well as Prof Michel Chossudovsky. I believe my anti-Nuclearist NSDU-238 chums, too!
Peace is socializing, then to watch IMperialist-bankors system iconographic dementia go-way and not disappear. Jail time or more moronic ideopathic of pathologic-Lying! A global type process of nuclear-type Radionuclides Radio-active immersion! Sorry but you’re correct, I must add these stats, no matter!

“Global area of anglo-American dominance thruout the world” he states on radio. Encroached on our sovereignty, which is what we discussed in 1996, and prior to then. The WTO formulation was one of special formulative for world-Government thru world banks, or institutionalism of the state. Trade investment ownership and macro-economic policy from notes! Next, 1-04-14 discussion continues can Wall Street Trading “be taxed by transactioning upkeep” and w accounts—for accountability is far, far lacking data and upkeep of “nuclearist and anti-Nuclearist: history”! Intervene on transformula grounds.

“Observed so far :
1. Flashes into the high RF appear on RADAR — sometimes in the same geometric modulation patterns spoken about in HAARP research papers… they appear coordinated with other stations, and not all stations in the same area produce the flash.
2. SEVERAL times, too often to be a coincidence….we see severe weather (tornadoes , damaging winds, and hail) hit these frequency flash epicenters. This usually occurs within 48 hours of the high frequency being emitted from the ground based station (usually a ground based NEXRAD RADAR or similar produces the pulse).
I believe this pulsed heating, done from the ground based stations, is INDUCING or ACCENTING current coming storm systems. The energy pulses may even DRAW the coming yet-unformed storm systems to each station emitting a “Circle Sweep / HAARP ring”.
It also would appear that the “geometric modulations” [circle sweeps/haarp rings/ sawtooth sweeps/scalar squares] are done to increase the amplitude of the signal being emitted.
Whatever the frequency is.. its showing as a quick flash into the high RF.. and as the flash intensity increases .. so does its geometric modulation appearance on the screen — ultimately the higher and more frequent the flashes = the stronger and longer lasting the storm that comes to the flash.
You can read below about the Fourier heat dissipation analysis. The square , rectangle, sawtooth, and circle sweeps can be explained in the Stanford VLF geometric modulation papers.
Both linked here: Geometric modulation (circle sweeps, sawtooth sweeps using a HAARP type technology) @

Want To Know About Haarp?
Updated and reposted: 4/24/2012–-Posted originally on May 6th 2011 by dutchsinse


Here we are about to relegate transformatives of political-Discourse, and we’re merely into reporting “anti-nuclearist polemics which have converged on singularity: reductions of all radionuclides happens when not so much is used, i.e. any openness to Ecology! Here is he scientific grasp toward what untoward Conditionalism has been predicated. But, what amount of time and where and when those occurrences and spendthrift reckoning in Negation of the propagandated: radionuclides-sleaze. The zNet blogs were fun and blogscape blogging was hardship, but my injuries and my meanings about Life being dogmatic and ubiquity eat you heart-out! The whole planet has “geeks” to werk problems into a corner, but why tax the world’s people?

An invulnerable lefte-force politics and impartial indemnity of ideopathology would be that of “eco-Socialism”. The Ecology movement that started w the we-Boomers taking the helms from beat-Bohemia, was wont to surrender to Human Rights w.o. being rid the racism of historical writings and meanderings of the ubiquitous establishment, that had sold themselves, w or w.o. their souls to “nuclear-Policy” of nationalist-socialism or fascism—eat your heart out! The Ecology is demised by coRpoRate fascism since 1969 even moreso, but socialism is the sociology of politics engendering common-Ground, not coRpoRate welfare fascism, but real ideology-Identity of “need” thru Medicare and Social Security. Uh-huh.

Table 1. ELF-EMFs produced by domestic appliances. Taken from IARC Monograph Volume 80 (2002).

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (INCIRP) has set limits of 1 mT (millitesla) for occupational exposure to ELF-EMF, and 200 μT for general public exposure. While these limits are not breached by individual man-made sources, additive effects must also be considered, as we shall see.
Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Extremely Low-Frequency (ELF) and Radiofrequency (RF): What are the Health Impacts?
By Global Research News Global Research, January 02, 2014 ANH EUROPE and Global Research 20 May 2013

There may be mysteries, but not far gone, when ‘discovery’ is at the root of knowledge and knowing Radionuclides harms, discivilry

a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior

notes: bLog #259 peace-Remnant

Tags/ Electromagnetic Fields, Radiofrequency, H.A.A.R.P., eco-Socialism, energy pulses, frequency flash epicenters, Ayran to Iran, structure of government, Iranian Plateau were Aryans, propagandated: radionuclides-sleaze, storm systems, each station emitting, Circle Sweep, International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, (INCIRP), Technocracy, Socialism, Medicare

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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