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anti-nucleaRist bloG #180/ 26 Dec 2013 © use of NSDU-238 Not worse nor better than Guantanamo Capitalism

my plight w NSDU-238 (has not been divulged) merely well wRitten!
youTube “Killing Our Own : The Truth About Gulf War Syndrome”
1:23:08 mins (not enough views) BUTTHOLDS

anti-nucleaRist bloG #180/ 26 Dec 2013 ©
use of NSDU-238 Not worse nor better than Guantanamo Capitalism

The first usage of fanatic-PenataGooons “glory ace” NSDU-238 ruined the people’s assuaging that government would be ‘self-Correcting”. However, tyranny for empire does not wurkin’ that manneristic-Exchange, because capitalist-Totalitarian reins are very short—helps their stubborn excess. What was important after 1991 for plutocrats putting Technocrats into Lobbying and other so-called ‘private interest gRoups’ was “torture-Renditioning” as well as CIAs illegal arrests to maintain al Qaida, as well as to keep the market of arm’s sales for divinity of Fundamentalism. These are measurable successes of obviating and obfuscations for bought “fascism and tyranny” in the ole US Republic which bounded out-the-doors of Imperceptability into contaminations via GMO’s. Cronyism was ‘social-Glue’ of Fundamentalism and later came proper-Propaganda having weigh-ins to maintain against the will of joe-Average contorted “civilians”. What a usury. “R”

“David Hicks: I believe it’s important that this doesn’t happen again to another Australian. There has to be some accountability and the government should learn from the mistakes made in my case. There should also be some sort of official inquiry into what happened to me. We’ve asked for that on a number of occasions but the government is not interested. People like Bush, Cheney, Howard, Downer and others have to be brought to account.
WSWS: You say “mistakes”.
DH: War crimes. The Australian government hasn’t even responded to action taken to the United Nations three years ago by Professor Ben Saul, head of the Sydney University’s international legal department. He submitted about 90 pages of alleged breaches of the law in my case.
WSWS: Could you explain why you pled guilty in 2007 and what is an Alford Plea?
DH: I’d been in Guantánamo for five and a half years and like everybody else, was tortured during that time. Every single facet of life in Guantánamo is some form of torture and all designed to make you as desperate as possible and to say or do anything to get out. Some were tortured in the most horrific ways, on top of all the other forms of abuse, to sign documents.
After about two years I was offered a 20-year plea deal through my lawyers but they weren’t even told where this was to be served. My lawyers refused and basically told them to get stuffed.”

Former Guantánamo prisoner David Hicks speaks with the World Socialist Web Site
by Richard Phillips 
7 December 2013 WSWS


We’re due for a Revolution, many times I’ve heard this phase and most often, the facts came afterward. I’m due for opposite-Gender: sex, one might morosely state of we-the-Activists of the pRogRessive connote. Whether outspoken or not, we few stand together in Unity abd our friends and extended family are in SolidaRity. Thus, most peace movement are anti-Nuclearist first and foremost remain not indifferent to making Eco-Socialism into the mainframe of all times the movements have not been informative enough to waylay idiosyncratics of non-Consciousness basis. Is socialism apparent w.o. Ecology? Has Socialism been truncated, been trounced, been fascistized, been vacated, or been in the minds, but not on a back-Burnor. There is room for expediency. Yes. There is no room for psycho-anarchists. Yes. What then are Ecology, a science and Socialism, a sociologic phenomena since 3.500 years ago doing in he 21st century? You tell me. I’m thru w your inadvertent there’s a ‘war goin’ on polemic’ since I’ve not heard back enough from you to share in family life do your virtueless immoralism-Plural. “R”

“For the last time we stand drawn up in the barracks square. Part of the company lives here in the neighbourhood and they are being disbanded. The rest of us must make our own way, for the railway services are so irregular that we cannot be transported farther in a body. Now we must separate. The wide, grey square is much too big for us. Across it sweeps a bleak November wind, smelling of decay and death. We are lined up between the canteen and the guardroom; more space we do not require. There, rank on rank, invisible, stand the dead. Heel passes down the company. And behind him soundlessly walks the ghostly train of his predecessors. Nearest to him, still bleeding from the neck, his chin torn away, with sorrowful eyes, goes Bertinck, company commander for a year and a half, a teacher, married, four children; beside him with black-green face, Möller, nineteen years of age, gas-poisoned three days after he took command of the company; and next, Redecker, forestry surveyor, two weeks later bashed into the earth by a direct hit; then still paler, more remote, Büttner, captain, killed in a raid with a machine-gun bullet through the heart; and like the shadows behind them, already almost without a name, so far back, the others – seven company commanders in two years. And more than five hundred men. – Thirty-two are now standing in the barracks square.
“The misery of millions is too big a price to pay for the heroics of a few.”…”

Maria Remarque: We want to be men again, not war machine STOP-NATO website blogs
by Richard Rozloff 12-26-13


How come fascism was not dispelled in 1938 was that Elites of US sought to make multiple-millions, and of course FDR went around that by being Plutocratic” and instilled a false-Flag premise, by allowing defense to be off-guard by order prior to Dec 7th IMperialist ventures of both nation-states. Thus, FDR was the irresponsible party to allowing “fascism” to be maintained whether warring against peoples of others nation-States or Naught. There is an assertive questioning which remains—no doubt. The United Nations does not bring Socialism around so why did Oligarchs-Plutocracy not also start from the United Nations? That socialism as a “system” started in 1945—as well as earlier in the 20th century —does not fend that political-Parity was attained, by the short-Run of “swing-Politics’ as that found in European and African states (nation). What does happen is England’s banking system wanted to pool all coRpoRate interests into world-Capitalism as the backlash to fascism fought and operation “paperclip” won—from Paperclip came operation-Gladio, and of course, operation Mongoose.

What happened w war-Criminals being incarcerated as has been Guantanamo, “a few-Civilians and a few obsequious anarchists” was “let them organize CIAs activities utilizing torture and we’ll admonish that the system of Capitalist governance” as though the system of new-Rome had never used MK Ultra, et al? “R”

“Among the most high ranking Nazi war criminals brought into the United States were Radoslaw Ostrowsky, Emanuel Jasiuk and SS General Kushel.
“By 1951 CIC investigators realized that Jasiuk was the central figure in a Nazi underground railroad that assisted war criminals to come to the United States…. To prevent the cancellation of any more of its prosecutions, the CIC submitted a formal complaint up the chain of command on the handling of Jasiuk… The protest finally reached General John Weckerling, Chief of Military Intelligence at the Pentagon, who agreed that the Nazi smuggling operation was deplorable… He told J. Edgar Hoover on January 2, 1951 that the Air Force had apparently used a Nazi war criminal as an informant and that the State Department had permitted him to enter the United States. Hoover expressed an interest in the case, for it seemed likely to fit in with his plan to expand the FBI’s domestic intelligence capabilities. When FBI agents went to visit Jasiuk, it was not to arrest him but to recruit him… Jasiuk and other Nazis had found their ultimate protector, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the U.S. Department of Justice.” (Loftus, P. 190)

Following World War II, innumerable Nazi war criminals were comfortably and illegally settled in countries of Europe and throughout the United States, where at least some of their children and grandchildren may well have been educated in the Nazi doctrine of racial supremacy that required the extermination or enslavement of all races deemed inferior to “Aryans.” This may help explain why, since 2006, members of the European Union abstained on this United Nations resolution “expressing deep concern at the glorification of the Nazi movement,” while in all preceding years the United States, in virtual isolation actually opposed the Resolution A/66/460. This year, a year which is exposing the failure of the capitalist system in Europe and the USA, the members of the European Union for the first time actually opposed Resolution A/66/460 together with the United States. Iran, Syria, Israel, the Democratic Republic of Korea, together all supporters of A/66/460 revealed their revulsion at the nazi resurgence. One can only wonder by what moral authority nazi-condoning Europe condemns anti-nazi Iran, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Korea.
And, indeed, the blueprint elaborated in 1955 in NSC 5412/1 seems to have been retained, and enacted in recent US/NATO actions against the former Yugoslavia, Libya, and numerous other countries too independent of US/NATO control.
The current European Union attempt to equate the crimes of nazism with communism, an obfuscation formulated in the recent “Prague Declaration on European Conscience and Communism” is an insidious form of Holocaust denial, intended to camouflage the explicitly racist and genocidal character of Nazism, and intended to desecrate the heroic legacy of the Soviet Union’s victory over the psychotic racist and xenophobic nazi assault against humanity in World War II. This Orwellian falsification of history is bringing us to the brink of World War III.”

NEO-NAZISM: United Nations Anti-Nazi Resolution and Falsification of History
by Carla Stea Global Research, January 22, 2012

facetiousness is any discussion of NSDU-238 because that is illegal which can be discussed

a voice from he VOId, the peace-Warrior

–note: bLog #255 peace-People

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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