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Anti-nucleaRist BloG #176/  22 Dec 2013 ©   NSDU-238 Is Not A Chemical-Malaise Like Prison-INordinacies

anti-nucleaRist bloG #176/ 22 Dec 2013 © NSDU-238 is not a chemical-Malaise like prison-INordinacies

Whereupon I recollected my first meetings and other times expended w Leuren Moret, of Berkeley CA, her website: Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Cover-up, elucidates much of the tangents that people in search of ancient-Studies may not have lost to fact-Debased realization/research is as we eventually found our mutual relationship of nuclear-Policy and nuclear-molecular was w none-other than Prof. Chalmers Johnson, 1977 thru 1982.

“My name is Leuren Moret, an internationally recognized Geoscientist and specialist on the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation. In 1968, I was one of the first women to graduate from UC Davis with a B.S. in Geology. At that time I was made aware of secret mind control experiments at the “monkey colony”, by students working there. Hidden away from the campus in a peach orchard on university property, horrific experiments were conducted on monkeys with the tops of their heads cut off and wires coming out of their brains, which were later described and photos published in the media by opponents of animal experimentation. Many years later while doing research on the resulting mind control applications for HAARP, I discovered a photograph in a 1964 UC Davis newsletter, of Edward Teller (known as Dr. Strangelove) with New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller by his side, at the dedication ceremony for the new Applied Science Facility where the animal experiments were adapted for human applications and global HAARP transmissions. The human experiments were conducted in a “safe house” under the MKULTRA program, in Livermore, California.”

Two of Leuren Moret’s many, well researched and apt article’s I suggest, are: “R”

“The conduct of secret nuclear wars since 1991, through the use of depleted uranium weaponry by the United States and Great Britain with their allies, has taken place in the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan2 and Lebanon.3 It has been carried out for the express purpose of destroying the public health and mutilating the genetic future of vast populations in oil rich and/or pipeline regions.
Carpet and grid bombing with depleted uranium weaponry in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan has guaranteed permanent radioactive terrain contamination. The recent discovery that U.S. depleted uranium bombs dropped by Israel on Lebanon in 2006 contained enriched uranium4,5 suggests covert testing of fourth generation nuclear weapons.

The United States and its allies are fully aware that this weaponry violates the Geneva and Hague Conventions and the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol.6 It meets the definition of WMD in the U.S. Code7 in two out of three categories. And its use violates U.S. military law.8 since the U.S. is a signatory to The Hague and Geneva Conventions. The blueprint for depleted uranium radioactive poison gas weaponry – dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets – was contained in a declassified memorandum9 dated Oct. 30, 1943. It was addressed to Gen. Leslie Groves, who was head of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. effort to build atomic bombs in World War II.”

From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 Years of Uranium Wars a Suicidal, Genocidal, Omnicidal Course
text, by Leuren Moret BS, MA, PhD ABD San Francisco Bay View – 2006-12-26


Her articles are portrayals of the discerning directions her research has realized since they’re about the time of “slow you-Tube”. Altho ‘deep-Correlatives’ of space-Time were a by-product of our discussion on Bertrand Russell and Eugene V. Debs of which JohnPaul Sartre was upmost digested. Foreinstance: “R”

“Philosophy of space and time is the branch of philosophy concerned with the issues surrounding the ontology, epistemology, and character of space and time. While such ideas have been central to philosophy from its inception, the philosophy of space and time was both an inspiration for and a central aspect of early analytic philosophy. The subject focuses on a number of basic issues, including whether time and space exist independently of the mind, whether they exist independently of one another, what accounts for time’s apparently unidirectional flow, whether times other than the present moment exist, and questions about the nature of identity (particularly the nature of identity over time).”

Incas regarded space and time as a single concept, named pacha (Quechua: pacha, Aymara: pacha).
[from: wikipedia “Philosophy of space and time”

Are we humanists a vagary of plutocrats monopoly of earth-Time and irrationale for space-Contamination, or are we Ecosocialists evolving w Ecology and others of the humanoid-Race. Destruction is what the US: foreign-Policy thru the new-Rome’s obsequious military abuses, while annihilation if what the US-militaryism has done since 1945. Why have both when we of planet-eRathe can have peace & pRosperity or space & Time w.o. radionuclides-Contamination soliciting both? “R”

“In fact, Western science has evolved from, and has spread around the world through, the Royal Society, secretly started by 12 Freemasons at Oxford in 1660. The Freemasons, created by the City of London financiers, have served as a powerful network of secret control. It remained a secret society until the Industrial Revolution, when financiers and industrialists realized they needed new technologies developed by scientists to increase profits and concentrate wealth upwards. Western science through the Royal Society always had a hidden agenda – to serve the financiers and business interests by developing new technologies… and ever more horrific weapons, and more recently Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). It is no different today.

Long-Term Global Climate Change – Ice Ages
Planet earth is unique in our solar system, because it is the only planet exactly the right distance from the sun, to allow both liquid and solid states of water, an essential molecule of life. The geologic record provides evidence of long-term global climate change, a long sequence of Ice Ages with shorter glacial and interglacial periods within each Ice Age, cycles within cycles due to astronomical changes of the earth that influence incoming solar energy.

Ice Age cycles are based on changes in earth related astronomical factors such as a 23,000-year cycle due to the “elliptic” or orbit of the earth around the sun, a 26,000-year cycle due to “precession” or axial rotation, a 41,000-year cycle due to “obliquity” or axial tilt, and 100,000 and 400,000-year cycles due to multiple factors. These are known as the Milankovitch cycles. Because they are superimposed on each other, multiple Ice Ages and glacial/interglacial periods occur within a 100,000-year period. The last Ice Age started about 110,000 years ago and has not ended, but the last glacial period ended about 12,000 years ago. The earth is still in an Ice Age in terms of the Milankovich cycles. A slight change of only 5° C in the overall heat budget of the earth drives our planet in and out of Ice Ages. These are long-term cyclic climatic changes allowing a predictable global climatic state of slow evolution. The balance of climate on Earth is influenced by:”

Global Climate Change: the aRctic Deep Time—.html

a voice fRom the Void, the peace-Warrior

***************** ****************** ***********
anti-nucleaRist bloG #176/ 22 Dec 2013 ©
NSDU-238 is not a chemical-Malaise like prison-INordinacies

Grasses used to grow almost everywhere—even above saltwaters, near brines, alongside mountain—once was—freshwater brooks into raging silt and muddied rivers, but gutters remain flattened bowed-shape figments of past centuries! Wars are inadvertency to Life’s existence. Matter matters, and anti-Matter contaminants while cause of latent deaths due cancerous human-tissue cell-gRowth. The jobs for hiring police have increased a manpower is dedicated-Belligerence and one must know military tactics or at least practice them and maintain a belligerent attitude. People are now incarcerated for minor crimes while drug-Dealors who deal w CIAs roam freely golf courses. Television writors do not need the inadvertency to sidle into the next onslaught against what was once our freedoms. This empire yet imprisons the most people and per capita remains ahead of all other crime-nations. Whistleblowing is not a crime but the `el Presidente won’t grant amnesty to Leonard Peltier. The afro-Amers are now prison non-Voters 50% of those arrested and incarcerated. What else of that system has differed is very UN-usual. Read-on.

“At present 350 people have been released from prison along while hundreds of others have had criminal charges against them dismissed. Original estimates were that roughly forty thousand people could be affected by this misconduct; however public defenders in the state estimate that up to 190,000 cases could be tainted.
Dookhan’s crimes consisted of lying about whether or not she tested drug evidence, then altering samples after the fact to cover her tracks. Dookhan claims that she was motivated purely by the desire to be seen as a more productive worker and thus gain a promotion. Taken at face value it seems incomprehensible why someone who has potentially ruined thousands of lives due to massive fraud would receive such a light sentence.
A deeper look however makes it appear that the plea deal given to Dookhan was part of an attempt to cover-up even more widespread misconduct in both the lab and the district attorney’s office.
… The true culprit is the so-called “war on drugs,” a key driver of mass incarceration, which based on an anti-poor, racially biased demonization campaign has criminalized the symptoms of poverty in oppressed neighborhoods across the nation.”

Only 3-5 years for forensic chemist whose fabricated evidence sent hundreds to prison
By Eugene Puryear, Dec 4, 2013 PSL


Was NSDU-238 involved in aero-Jets slamming into the 2 WTC buildings that were pre-Set w thermite-Explosives? Yes. many hours of not having compassion is many hours at werk stressing which identifiable questions assert a covetous AND what ones assert a cover-Up, as Far as Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the planner, has been water-boarded? As an in-the-open covert-Operation was there a code-Name, not publicly released. One has to wonder? There remain a host of 10,000,000’s people who need these reminders.

The Sept 11th 2001 intital questions: what did g-Enron know about before Sept 11 (beforehand); who did the financing of the disaster(s) plural; my questions: 1) why wasn’t the area cordoned off since NSDU-238 was inside the wings of those two aero-Jets? 2) Who did not allow Larry Silverstein “arrested”? 3) Why were the witnesses not allowed to be witnesses” 4) Who knew the 2005 arrest of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and why has he not been “court-Tried” since 2006 interrogations were complete? 5) Who said steel riveted girders last longer than bolted ones as WTC buildings had been built but weld-Manufactured? Summary for building a second Investigation w as many facts brought to the commutations of public knowledge!

“Uploaded on Dec 28, 2010
Out of the grieving thousands left behind on September 11th, a small group of activist families emerged to demand answers. In 9/11 Press For Truth, six of them (including three of the famous “Jersey Girls”) tell for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the powers in Washington—and won!—compelling an investigation, only to subsequently watch the 9/11 Commission fail in answering most of their questions.

The families eventually found an ally in Paul Thompson. Dissatisfied with the incomplete picture of September 11th presented in most news reports, Thompson became a citizen journalist of sorts. He stitched together thousands of rare overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences into a definitive Complete 9/11 Timeline (published by Harper Collins as The Terror Timeline). Press For Truth is adapted in part from his acclaimed work, which revealed to the families a very different picture of the road that led to the attacks and the resulting War on Terror, one that still today raises important and pressing questions.

Press For Truth premiered theatrically in September 2006 in New York City and the San Francisco Bay area. With the help of Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Theaters, it was rolled out for a limited release in over fifty cities across America as well as Canada, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Australia, and Japan.

The movie was immediately hailed by critics and enthusiastically embraced by a groundswell of concerned people worldwide who felt that the 9/11 Commission and the western news media had failed to account for many important issues. For these thousands, Press For Truth was the rational, skeptical, mainstream motion picture examination of the events of September 11th they had been eagerly awaiting
To purchase the DVD visit.. “

9/11 – Press for Truth (full movie) youTube 1:24:24 mins, 116,688 plays…

murder w insiders, a false-Flag, and other ubiquity in an itinerary coupled to insider manipulations

a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior

–note: bLog #237 peace-People

Tags/ forensic chemist, illicit usages, NSDU-238, Jersey Girls, 9/11 Press For Truth, Sept 11th 2001, intital questions, witnesses not allowed to be witnesses, Dookhan’s crimes, who did the financing, of the disasters, symptoms of poverty, fabricated evidence,

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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