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anti-nucleaRist bloG #19/ 22 Jan 2009 benign whatever disconnected social-Consciousness, hardly

anti-nucleaRist bloG #19/ 22 Jan 2009

benign whatever disconnected social-Consciousness, hardly


tO peace-People,


If you ask me, there is far too much inhaling of chlorine from the home sink and shower-Taps for people to breathe deeply enough and equitably enough into the lungs, and far too much excess in white-Light “candle-Lumins” from daylight automotive robotoid-Headlamps, getting into the nerve-ends of eyeballs for people not to become hypnotized by the demise to challenging what the eyes should really be used, for normal-Light, need! As I enlist for us, the definitions to further the needs-of-Understanding into “not-so-Depleted –uranium-238” uses, that “hand-Up clarity” that had to conform under duress to societal-Contrariness has to become everyday, why the duress of making nuclear-Armaments, has and remains muddied, unclear, and in-sanctimonious betrayal. That those measures in use-Abuse yet not curtailed under the illegality, beneath the military guise of the pentagons-Excesses, I am reminded that those 13-14-15 times I personally drove 4,500 miles round trip to protests against ‘the school of assassins” or @ Savannah River Station, or at Oak Ridge nuclear-Reserve Labs or @ Y-12 and what was found but a continuing allotment of prescience to the excise of having to see the populous-Delinquency. Yet, the struggle to find & resolve what was being done in handling of the other excised “nuclear-Armament” of the hype-Scene, that of NSDU-238 was becoming in fields-Dormant in Pennsylvania foundries, airbase in NM and elsewhere, nearby Madison WI. This continuance had started for me in 1958.


That in factories of crucible-Furnaces making the armament w uranium-238 w the same-Stuff: nucleotide, of protesting w friends south of school-of-Assassins, and another north of Lake Ontario in Port Hope at the Canada-Processing, not-so-depleted-Ur-238 “NSDU-238” site. You who didn’t show care nor expose` and showed me only passive-Submissives gave anxiety a solicitous ennui, for my energies hard-Put! That was not me and Holywood, but that was peace-Polemic “the people”! That was who should have adopted some bio-feedback mechanism, did! Many pacificsts did bio-feedback w.i. the measures of conceptualization, remained fear endeavoring. However, the people who bugged them, they were people not supportive of hearing either entirety. My facts should not nor did I allow they would remain fallow! Facts of concern and needful broadening of discern in the need for parables of “radionuclides-Avenues” of death-Grips, I’ve done thru remonstrations from two Vans, as well as in-Person, for those of us finding nuclear-Animosity too vacuous altho not yet an ordeal: one after the other! The people whose in-Mind use by military-Hegemony were neglectful of continuation against the big-Brother is hegemony, so I turned to discussions, that peace has no weigh-In for the ways of despicability, nor a populous more aligned to smoking ciggy-Butts and marijuana than to understanding the needs to share somehow how illicit governance in arrests or in military-Support by abject invasion after abject invasion is killing the course of freedom is not the only composite of gesture-Given… that the peace-Warrior came into vogue because of over silos-Protest-years the switch from not-so-Depleted-uranium a harbinger of neither library nor field endeavors w demonstrations, but somewhere in people’d libraries and non-Contrariness recesses of activism against big-Brother the NSDU-238 unknowns, as well as the simplissitudes of thermonuclears on 24/7 alerts, why thos enrichment tout so much freedom: tax-Monies.

Rather than fugue has meaning ‘enough’ …making my weigh-Ins the conversations w sight into directions meditated the past 35 years, my writing discourse should take has been taking shape the past five-years. Now, 2009 in my 42nd morosely informalized year, MLK Jr. Day in Memory, and then the elites gathering on the capitol steps, and then, having my “blog” posted prior to that insolent-Gathering despite the need of pacifism ‘inauguration’ was the struggle-Continuation as writor far-Removed from home. That the engendering was rendering ‘specific’ the cause of protest in liberty for others to integrate the needs for democracy to maintain “peace” as community repartite, in need, has yet to become apparent to the levels of demise “ever-so-Deeply” buried in the military-Hegemony, the military-Media, the corporate: money-Ripoff, marketing and the usury to “nuclear-Molecular: age”? My caring, yet for my mother is being w ‘family’ which had not happened the past 3-decades due the nature of ‘empire’ rapproachable-Excesses; people ought to be listening to poets, ought to be rekindled, dancing, ought to have been sized-Up more often, conversations of socio-Polity in public and in-Private must admonish that sociology is not the failure, over that of toil to pay a tip at the restaurant w.o. conversationalism. But the people are failing themselves. The past 25 years of wars-Warring has taken its toilsome “tolls”. Look around and you see the verisimilitudes of death-Syndrome on the “universal-Psyche” impacted by the empathics of “lacking-Freedom” the order of infrequency found in minds when not an appease-ment of choice to lack-of-Sleep my own 4-5 hours sleep per nite this past week. Now—of course I am listening to Alex Jones the past 4-5 years—he used to follow me around Texas back in the 1980’s, too! The Pat-Act needs to be thrown-Out and the United Nations needs to be “diplomatically” acceptable by the new-Admin not only his ideas, but my empathics? Jump started A.S.A.P.


What the client-State of Israel has today, dome to the people of the cage…Gaza. Why should I return to little-D, altho Leonard Peltier has been beaten elsewhere, Colorado-A.I.M. wants him free. LPDC wants him imprisoned close-to-Home, because of his innocence and long overdue time behind bars. The awaited return of papers from-the-Fed Judicial Magistrate feet-Dragging on review of facts known to the courtrooms, no release, because his innocence has been not-the-One compromising the truth! The first Columbus Day Transformation then free-Leonard, that COINTELPRO keeps. The unlawfulness abounds in racism does not halt his transference from one prison cell prison to another prison, for prison-Cell to break ‘him’ but he’s attacked as hundred, thousands have been for the state of manipulation in maintaining crimes as incarcerations for minor adjuncts of “druggie-Possession” rather than major “genocide-by-Pentagons” time after time. That the people did not apologize for the anarchists causing alarem and mayhem w cops, but the little-D cops of dNC should have apologized to-the-People of seven-Hills, as well as to you and to me for being un-Orderly w anarchyists who were non-Violent and subsequent only to pique’d levels of “all they can take” their freedom and liberty being ripped-Off. That, both sublimated by anarchy-Police, to do harm to a system-of-Peace by fascist-Manipulation, like the goons of IRF doing what they have done to the children and civilians of “the-Cage: Gaza” remains… as any-Ole empire “the Hegemonyites slaughter”. Seems to be the empire’s only domain for existence is the whole world under military-Disorder, disunity, non-Democracy!

Alex has lots of advertisements …we have lots of non-Violence in our protesting this un-gauging of any but “empire’s” non-bequeathals of liberty granted; his programs cannot have him audibly-Talking hours each day, the programs get cut-Up so that he doesn’t get hoarse every broadcast, but his articulation remains unwavering, as ours should be, too! That the empire’s disjoinedness exists “people” is closer the parable of how we’ve been forced into mind-Bytes, seems a good contrast to exalting resolve coming from inter-Nay, where this program of thought expose’ continues into the spites of multiples in resbits w.o. let-Ups; other than forensics to empire-Globalization, the lack and lapse to populous, a constant-Mistreatment, lack of healthcare, amount of needs thinking digressions answers those transgressions, werk and no play, no dancing, not listening to poetry anyway, the mind-Scape is disappearing and people don’t hike to exercise the “sitt-Butt: entropy” of juris necessity, of themselves, against themselves, never-for-Others. Have they been rapping enough to the self-Self? Theirs is a lapse of bio-Feedback, be that negation for total the illicit lack in-need-of resolve or be that a non-need of apparent has not arrived-Anyhow, everyone will know the in-completed sentence! There is lack-of-focus, in depth of nonsense. If, you ask me, the people are inhaling too much tap-Water chlorine from sinks and showers, because that would close the lungs off, and breathing would be harder for the blood flowing circulation; and the monotony-Drone of robotic headlamps during daylight is putting their metabolism to sleep as hypnotized by spiteful redress they do not access the monotony they’re being subjected to, and then some “anarchy isn’t free, buy your own war” rhetorical-Excise, because they pay tax-Monies that keep-on-killing others while the military overseas, over there, pollutes 5-6 X over normal background insidious oddity.

© apeco 1-21-09

1] Noam Chomsly has done more research into Gaza, than his blogs, as many people of Jewish and foreign-Policy backgrounds non-Jewish have added their weigh-Ins on “more than human-Rights abuses” AND lots more than “compassion”? In “Exterminate all the Brutes”: Gaza 2009, January 20, 2009 by Noam Chomsky found @ zNetcommunications he writes:

“Gerges believes that US-Israeli state terror will fail: Hamas, he writes, “cannot be wiped out without massacring half a million Palestinians. If Israel succeeds in killing Hamas’s senior leaders, a new generation, more radical than the present, will swiftly replace them. Hamas is a fact of life. It is not going away, and it will not raise the white flag regardless of how many casualties it suffers.”” The remainder of his text goes w approximately 20-others that would take some doings, best saved for “discussion-Groups” or psycho-Therapy sessions. Personally, I have been giving morally-affirmative discussion-Topic sessions on “NSDU-238 & nuclear-Animosity the past 19-months, and will continue w that social aggrandizing ‘aspect’ until the populous of u-S starts to turn its benign head into the corrective discretions of halting “tyranny” here at home!


2] The lack of “the populous: social-Consciousness” exorcising its sociology is so negated to the disregard-Negation of neo-Con’s factor your robot, that they’ve not discovered what “Life” is? That, most people are perturbed you’re not on downers, because grass won’t perk the anti-War: scene w.o . anarchists ruination is despoils-of-the-Mindscape; butt-Holds! There is the factor of “as negative as naivete`” which refers to what the assignine EMpIRe gets! The reading of another z-Net writor, where I blog-Scape, entitled “The Anti-Empire Report” Dec 02, 2008 by William Blum deserves some unswerving credit: read @ Bill Blum is author of Rogue States and can or should be considered readings that parable, Chalmers Johnson, Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky amongst 950 to 1,200 authors who can dwell upon reconnecting your mindscape to Reality!


3] radiation is profusely making our society inadept in regarding “truths” editors of PEER that have scientific apparency and eva;uation to humanoid alacrity, way beyond the meager excess of having “war-Theory” a therapeutics of tax-Monies only usefulness. What the simple “definitions” of RADIATION EXPOSURE LIMITS WEAKENED IN DEPARTING BUSH MOVE

Huge Hikes in Allowable Radioactivity in Drinking Water, Air and Soil can impart for law-is-Constitutionality and wisdom of humankind can proffer as answerable? also, see the officially “GNEP” or “Global Nuclear Energy Partnership” @ AND find @ “what must D of Energy conside in its analysis of theproposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership” or forever rember nuclear waste as always next-door miles away polluting into your living-Quarters w.o. say-so’s?


4] Leonard Peltier’s incarceration: non-Violence & illegally jailed…conditionalism, must be displacing space-Time somewhere. there is much degeneracy on the Ogalala, ever since the fBIS while training had to relinquish their status to goons who were crazed about traditiona-Ways not being expropriately allowed to their tribes, which was like saying “nuclear-Uranium is to be mined w.o. significance of protective-Clothing, strong organized reciprocal “unions” or orderly votes by tribal members and not “cronyism”! The known nonsense of private-Entirety, that found in cronyism is not know-how but the illegality inside as well in two-Separate forms remaining un-homogenized? On pdf, see Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, or or something as close as oNLY finding the source can be to others, too!


5] Which Way to Universal Healthcare? Two leading reformers debate the role of private insurers… a history w ins & outs of debate, senses the banal-Aspects… this presents some “quite-Urbane” suggestives or basic subjectivity that so far is excruciating because of the lack of depth. However, does not get under-the-finger-Nails of the Am. Med. Society. partly a sufficiency for a place-to-start…


6] We arm the world’s nations as long as they’re obeisance is to proliferation/ by Frida Berrigan, and other nations persevere haltingly, because for arms-Sales corporatism the structure of buying, purchases, and then needs to maintain “globalization” is only militaryism of-the-Mind? As I’ve mentioned above, that the protests against NSDU-238 we aspects of manufacturing, I did not say that the export also involves re-Import, and hazardous amenities that transport in winter-Zones may not encompass the safety of why the Pentagons needs to lie about their interests of no-hospital care for returning veterans should both be not-Beyond, but resolutely known w you & me and community makes oneness!


7] Contemplating King’s legacy by Daniel Thomas Cook/ “a holiday w meaningfulness, somehow not commercialized” AND “crazed-Indifference” for finding non-Violence in need(s) of celebration, because the “mind-Scape” is on “tyranny-Gate” hold the past 25-Years!? We’ve maybe not herd these speeches, as prescient as they are repetitious, so I’d recommend surfing 3-days of from fri thru mon or 1-16-09 thru 1-19-09, as the other speeches are immense gestures toward a future w.o. war-Dept and w.o. sleaze of non-Integration racism…

8] Ex-Carter Admin Official: Israel Ignored Hamas Offer Days Before Attacking Gaza; Violated Ceasefire with Attacks, Blockade/ Democracy Now has become the assimilatible regard of journalism of the insight that used-to-be what people had scorned of their own intimate nature’s not being able to find daily-Weekly, and the programs does far more truth searching than NPR ever allots necessity, let alone “need”. This day’s insights are a report by another person whose diplomatic-Efforts should have been covered by the inept state-Dept!


hALT the eXpoRt of NSDU-238, the radionuclides-POet

–note: “blog-Post #6 mySpace

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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