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Anti-NucleaRist BloG #16/  25 Dec 2008  Defense Or Undeclared Wars

anti-NucleaRist bloG #16/ 25 Dec 2008 defense or undeclared wars

anti-NucleaRist bloG #16/ 25 Dec 2008

defense or undeclared wars

apeco © 12-25-08

“1981-1983 moved ahead of the impending gloom of war-Theory 12-21-08”

tO peace-People,

Today, more than ever is the span-of-Existence for us or for you to get a mind full of the action. When looking for a new job, ask that you receive payments to “single-Payer healthcare state-Programs” and ask that you  “hear about NSDU-238” (not-so-depleted-uranium) because more money shall be allocated for cartoons & live-Music than “the radionuclides: waste-Lands”. Weld. Disinformation that would be, but better than building munitions from the so-Called making of rad-Actives for “radiologic-Weapons” where is the scene of that demeanor, if not in the prosaics of non-Announcements by the military-Media. What then makes for less “federal-BAILOUT”, that is that war-Munitions made of NSDU-238 are now capable to wholly protect “thermo-Nuclears on 24/7 alert” the aggressor-Stance that continues since “the cold-War’s” odious, ethical-Malaise i.e. like the last 8-years experienced by debt-Eradication thru $10 trillion recently added, because wars are good for oligarchs and cronyism “neo-Con’s” w hands in the pentagons-Pockets! Dig. When the government cannot repair the need of supporting the people w.o. “savings” then what is the post “boomer-Syndrome of ‘system’…”!


Since F.R.E.E.Z.E. /S.A.N.E. 1981-1983 moved ahead of the impending gloom of “war-Theory” the undeclared-Wars have been appendaging jobs, via Technocrats, rather repressive management-into-Managers w.o. union’s support, no “single-Payer: healthcare” and emblematic(s) like “not-so-Depleted-Uranium”. However, that NSDU-238 was not a system? I do not believe so. The money-Market is the system. What is good for you is that there is not a government support enterprise of “referendum” to maintain “a new-System” placed upon or predicated by government’s accountability of the money-Market, not private-Families: corporate interests where banks become “wall-Street ‘stocks’” but where capital is free-Will of savings invested, and basically, not munitions being investments—by the way.


1991, w.o. Clinton’s helpful “pardoning” was not to ever-Include: condonement of gHW Bushwhacky’s disposition of the new-Rome’s first usages of NSDU-238, ever upon this planet-Demised by oiligarchs, that gHW Bushwhacky either called the shots on the retreating army in 1991 or that he hired his Chiefs? I mean whatever gave g-Enron his haughty “power-Prescience” because of not having to protect his father’s intel-Gence as a depravity or as a disparagement, but one any ole neo-Con would not condone? When in a context of lawlessness, there was abiding to do harm oNLY, recess! Does ‘disinformation’ support propaganda and not job-needs!


  1. a) video/ Protest March to AlliantTech 1:47 min.

  1. b) video/ Ain’t Gonna Study War No More – Song at AlliantTech Protest 1:56 min

  1. c) video/ The EFFECTS of DEPLETED URANIUM in IRAQ Trailer  2:04 min.

  1. d) video/ Part 1 The EFFECTS of DEPLETED URANIUM in IRAQ movie 7:04 min.

  1. e) video/ Part 2 The EFFECTS of DEPLETED URANIUM in IRAQ movie 7:05 min. (w song of NSDU-238)
  2. f) video/ Depleted Uranium (My Public Service Announcement ) 5:44 min. (w jazz complement) Views: 7,892,620 (that’s not enough, until the ban-Is-accomplished: en toto, yet)



More From: Mredwards12

(12-more—if, you can accomplish this taskfully—let me know that we’re ready to bring those 737 overseas “pentaGons-Bases” home…)


These video’s are a good apportioning of where the people we want to know have heads that are not at a cross-Roads. The “crossroads-Tests” ruined bikini atolls in 1946 and again in 1952. The wonders of radiation-Pollution is more apparency than just these “videos” but, at most, the assemblage of “job-Hunt” is more distant than ever. Good luck may start while throwing the boob-Tube o-u-t and prepping for you-Tube.


There are more apparency’s in life surrounding the bowl of inversion of little-D: denver during winter’s pollutants pronouncements, like re-Planting the 368,000 burned acres of the “hey-Burn” where after 6-Years not one sapling has been planted (i.e. planted in arable soil on planet), not one seedling sprouting “from-the-Gloom”. Oxygen-is-air and gives off oxygen while absorbing CO-2, and about 150-billion saplings will be necessary to have that are help maintain weather as “used-to-Waz”?


Where’s a winter-Solstice to go other than re-Tilt the axis in 75,000 years. In the meantime, we’ve got the Pentagons using the NSDU-238 stuff, w its pu-240, am-241, ur-236, ur-238 while making pr-234 after th-234, then all kinds of isotopes like polonium that last a wee-Little longer than libraries where there are not those sports-Propagating ‘teevees’!


I’ve enclosed so-Many, soooo-Happy: non-Thoughts of social-Justice and human-Responsibility that human-Rights ever leans upon my shoulders or that the resources-Ameri’s: the coal-Fried methods of economics of WYoming and other orthodoxy states and provinces! See attachment. Happy winter-Solstice…to you! Copies of recent chapbook are getting close to dateline of the next one–due next week, that is if the NSDU-238 syndrome ever reaches the minds who need the proportions of “rip-Off” place in front-of-Us.


 “un-Happy war-Mongering & another toxic-Spill fugue-Year [12-25-08]”


What is “fly-Ash” and why do coal-Fired egregious “remnants of coal not make any think-Tank but toxicity” is a question that should be asked of school children before they enter fifth-Grade. The answer is that the remnant is a toxic and hazardous leftover from wasteful “industrial-Practices that are SUPPOSed TO BE controlled by the consorting of hired-for-Jobs: practices of state and local ‘government’. Fly-ash is a 500-Years to decompose-Rate, that is quite similar to “any-Ole” half-Life ubiquity! Left? The recent spill in Columbia vicinity of TN—a spot that I’ve camped in, by, nearby for leisure and then, again, to protest 3-4 times last century, also came into “fugue”. Today! AND


A good cross-Check “tailings: dams breaking” into radionuclide-Tailings: ponds can be found @ This data also introspects the value of making support of nGO’s uppermost to foremost, if data is to be constructive to any or all of those many facets and chapters of ecologic-Destruction i.e. such as “the hey-Burn” fire area, which shall not have small-Trees growing unless little-D and “coloradie” joins w these associations (such as green-in-Peace lets not eat NSDU-238 while dining) to augre the facts that no saplings planted equals no “reforestrate-Principles” in agreement w global-Climate change(s) where “oxygenation” is still a primary cause for concern.


Next the imperatives in context UN-declared Wars is to maintain that no “government-Monies” are spendt upon silly reforest-Projects and social programs that involve integrative-Practices, has been an assemblage-Diaxiom of the neo-Con’s since 1981, when raw-Goon hoisted the aspects that cutting is survival-Tactic, and went-off-to-wars in central America. There I saw the affirmed cases of how their prognostications from “school-of-Assassins” was put toward “hegemony” practices.


The places that I did see firsthand: Uravan CO 1979, Jeffrey City WY 1977, Churchrock NM 1981, Milan NM 1977-78, Climax CO 1977-79, Parachute CO 1974 & 1981… were of major interests to posterity; as our “protests” non-Violent protests managed to compound the stats of tailings-Ponds being realized as EIS policy formulative needs, and as no news-Media, such as inter-Nay were around hounding these issues into social-Responsibility of “known-Facts”!


Wishing to all of the peace-People and e-Mails listees “an end from 25-Years wars-Killings by this nation-State, and that 25-Years of ‘peace—Honesty’ will start in earnest—somehow”! However, the next “poems-Chapbook” that is currently in any ole process (to be published w.i. a week) does include this poem put this pain closer the anarchy and for some adumbrated reason of context cannot be enclosed in the pdf download form—evidently on this site or attached poetry-Forum site context— which means why demean the structural-Form of the prosaics for ruination is closer-to-Home, the anarchyism engrossing and glossed-over now disclosed—written same date for the contextualization of environs-Impacted, and mediocrity mind-Scapes let unattended—poem: “put this pain closer the anarchy”  is now included in pdf format for freedom sake. Share this copy-written material, if you like. Please keep © 12-24-08 insignia w date-Attached. However, how can I get this one-page “literary-Endeavor” preview toward you otherwise…

[first chapbook (20 pages) “impunity with roughshod methods” has been read to poets in little-D: denver, and will be read to poets in san-Fran dec. 29th, but also sent in cyber-Space on pdf format—respond w e-Mail is my suggestion for the above, and the last one sent, prior…]


wars are not love of humanity, but aRgosy,

the radionuclides-POet, “R” Addison

note: socio-Polity, where social-Responsibility helps those relegations in activism for continuing support of non-Governmental organizations and when social-Commentary has priority regarding the relegations overlooked or misnomered by so-called ‘political’ adversity rather than political-Reporting! Posted 12-25-08…

Tags/ re-Planting, 368,000 burned acres, of “hey-Burn”, radiologic-Weapons, NSDU-238, 2nd usages of, gHW Bushwhacky, F.R.E.E.Z.E./S.A.N.E. 1981-1983, crossroads-Tests, ruined bikini atolls, pu-240, am-241, ur-236, ur-238 while making, pr-234 after, th-234, school-of-Assassins, radionuclides, tailings-Ponds


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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