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anti-nucleaRist bloG #15/ 01 Oct 2008 plutocracy is obliterative-Schema, light

anti-nucleaRist bloG #15/ o1 Oct 2008

plutocracy is obliterative-Schema, light

© apeco 10-02-08

1] While plutocracy is thus maintained, what continues to exist is excess autocracy. The military-Hegemony has been around quite a long time i.e. over sixty years! The elitist-Democracy has gotten far worse, by all decent accounts, too. The “internet” is imperiled, but the dissatisfaction has nothing to do with NO Bailout, and everything to do with “autocracy” of the new-Rome: empire. What has imperiled lots of reading people, arts-Minded people, disciplined people, and professional-Peoples, is not tantamount to a movement, nor oNLY to those continuing transgressions of the usury “democracy-Ruined anyway-How”?

Those sinister effects of not reading the news are that the side-Lights are imperialist contentious, as excise for further irrigations by “autonomy-Methods” or continuations of what we have i.e. military-Hegemony and a parvenu of laminated disfranchisement like that of our social-debased apoplexy: prison-Industrial, debased working class for that sake of social-Disintegrations. Are we who have consciousness, deprived by needing no control-Limits or no reporting…they will not tell you as was done in the 50’s & 60’s beat-Bohemian formulation of beacons “socially becoming”. The “we-Boomers” are not charlatans of socio-Polity, today, nor are they “social-Consciousness” on an impermeable adaptation of revolutionary cause-Effect saved by radiation adoptive scientific methodology of the cosmos. Yet.


One has to love either progress i.e. newspapers making anywhere from 17% to 24% earnings each year, whereas your savings account is under 1%. Has that been fair to your neighbors! That Democracy Now has progressed means that some of the “we-Boomers” have begun to feel that we’re already absorbed into the “establishment” even as the system that needs to have an overhaul, is only into “NO Bailout” i.e. money Market, Wall Street, banking controls of Mortgage Houses/stocks, and lots of other autocratic ideology, but for the autocratic sense of “plutocracy”? Weld.

Is there no sense to the ‘federal-Reserve: act of 1913” not being passed by yesterday? So, onward reality-Check decent reports by my friends Amy and Juan. Their headlines are real “cool” too—altho they seem to get reportage goin’ a hundred seventeen miles per hour in the ‘headlines’ five-0Days a week. I goad back to those books mentioned, from the website texts, that the interviewed are supposed to have written. The whatever about people-on-the-Street and books they’ve not read! Where is that I must ask of whomever. The headlines are imperatives, not imperviously augmented, because social-Commentary and philosophy are never discussed. Are they sanctimonious to their own impervious nature? I rather doubt that, as Juan is definitely a “we-Boomer” and Amy is the next ‘generation’ (on the cup), but generationalism is not a national-Passtime for expediency-Sake –these days, and whatever ‘other-Days’ geographcally. AND, these days un-Declared-Wars should not be accepted as extra-Newsworthy or naught is a disposable maliciousness of ubiquity, that should be discussed, while none of us has time for sanctimony.


DEM Now is doing the people well-Enough by good and virtuous standards—five days per week. The week-Ends yet have people working, and tenets of news and views might be best “discussion-Groups” in communities across this “war-Monger: nationalized” landscape of sprawl and pollution. However, before we-People: amers can think, we’re truncated or trounced in the weakling-Sense: tangentially, by the “Ameri’s”. They don’t know any more, and in fact, they predicate less, and know lots less about democracy-Purpose, and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, laws, treaties, what’s considered “diplomacy” and what’s considered “war-Mongering for foreign-Policy” sake. The headlines turn my coffee-Making process “into” first-Blood password details. Never is there a trace of delight-Only, which is that the technologics of “hegemonyites” are very predicatively “orthodoxy” of the manipulative and monopoly: un-Kind! A taste-of-Headlines never hurts…Ameri’s, too, while the we-Amers dispositions rest on not so assured “stoic-Embrace”!       “R”

US Drone Attack Kills 6 in Pakistan

In Pakistan, at least six people have been killed in the latest attack from a US drone. The bombing took place in the tribal region of North Waziristan near the Afghan border.

US Launches Africa Military Command

Today marks the launch of the Pentagon’s new African-focused military operations center, the US Africa Command. AFRICOM is based out of Germany, following refusals from several African nations to host it.

Dems Shelve Controversial Iran Measure

Back in Washington, congressional Democrats say they’ve effectively shelved a resolution widely decried as a possible green light for a war with Iran. H.R. 362 calls for isolating Iran with a naval blockade and a ban on oil shipments. The measure was heavily pushed by the lobbying group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. Congress member Gary Ackerman says he plans to revise the measure when Congress reconvenes after the November elections.

Colombia Displacements at Highest Level in 20 Years

In Colombia, human rights groups say newly formed right-wing paramilitary groups are fueling a rise in internal displacements this year. A new report says some 1,500 Colombians are fleeing their homes every day. That marks a 41 percent increase over the same period last year. Jorger Rojas of the Council for Human Rights and the Displaced says it’s the most displacements in twenty years.

Jorger Rojas: “We are amazed at the number of people leaving various regions of the country as a consequence of the violence and armed conflict. There are 270,000 people, the highest number in the last twenty years, many of them in massive displacements that have disappeared and not returned.”

The Colombian government is the highest recipient of US aid in the Western Hemisphere, most of it in military assistance.

10 Years After Arrests, Nobel Laureates Call for Release of Cuban 5

Tuesday marked the tenth anniversary of the US arrest of the Cuban Five. The five Cubans are serving prison terms of up to twenty-five years for allegedly spying for the Cuban government. The men say they weren’t spying on the US, but trying to monitor right-wing Cuban groups that have organized violent attacks on Cuba. Supporters marked the anniversary with full-page ads in several newspapers calling for the Cuban Five’s release. Signatories included nine Nobel laureates, among them the South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the German novelist Günter Grass.” (end headlines)…

Do Ameri’s have the fidelity of we-Amers

Then adding this rejoinder on DEM Now today, from heavy-Dollars interpolations by Wm. Greider—“We have—my sense is that we are in this very rare and somewhat dangerous situation for the next three months, until a new president and congress are in office, in which, yes, the government has to act, but all of the power centers in politics and finance and business are discredited by these events, which is very unusual. And so, we had this moment Monday when, for complicated political reasons, a majority in the House rose up and said no. They were standing, of course, with the broad public, which regards this bailout as a swindle and backwards. Why are you giving all this money to the people who caused this crisis and taking the money from the public assets of the victims, which is the rest of us?”—and one’s sense of wonder is to take the day off and visit the monkey’s in the Zoo!

He goes along and says what most of us have heard and known, that about the Federal Reserve Act needing to be cast aside is left-Out, and the Liberalist incantation steps forth, the neo-Liberalist steps back, but where his heads is at is as the veribund, not the moribund “economic-Historian” from 1980’s Savings and Loans debacle to the present , or not. Instead:

“What Paulson is doing is—the bankers got stuck with all these rotten assets, which they created and sold to each other and to the world; now let’s take those off their hands, and they’ll be OK again. I’m not alone in saying that that’s a real crapshoot as to whether that works, first of all, because those banks, as I said, are going to get smaller, and they’re collapsed, and they may or may not start lending again. I would guess not, not until they see a vibrant economy again.

But it’s also—and this is where the public stepped up—it’s profoundly illegitimate as an act of democracy to take the money from taxpayers and say to the villains in this story, “Here, here. Can we help you out of your troubles?” No rules, no guarantees that these villains will correct their behavior, no really serious effort to write into this legislation a sense of where the system goes from here that’s honest.

At this hour, I would settle for honesty. If the politicians in Congress and the officials in the Bush administration and a few people from Wall Street would simply tell the people the truth about the situation, what they intend to do with the public money, that would be a good start.”


Finally, Wm Greider gets to the point

Would that all the cool-Heads: economists of DEM Now could/would get together, then the new-Coalition of independents, GREeNS and whatever happened to the Socialists, their party under David McReynolds was with the-People, not the robots—a coalition of politics needing “referendum-Now” may then occur. We’re that close, but that “far” from having needs coupled to necessities, enjoined as “cool”! If Congress, both houses of legislative-Branch, fails to hold the interests of the people in front of that of a) the Banks b) the mortgages system of corporate practice c) allow the government to advance “control-System” replacement of the federal-Reserve—that privately owned subsidy of control by corporate-Arm, then the states and cities will be at totality-Ends of devious means i.e. total-Loss to provide for the people, as well as the fact: front-Facing.         “R”


“WILLIAM GREIDER: Well, start putting out big money to the states and localities, which are now being squeezed by all of these pressures, and tell them to spend that money on useful things in their communities and states. Do a general hold harmless on the corrupt gimmicks that are in the financial system now; just tell the banks, “Stop. Don’t do it anymore. We’ll worry about your ruined assets later.” The homeownership is—it could be done a lot of different ways, but that’s where I would put the public money. We’re going to buy—we’re going to buy a lot of mortgages, and when we buy them, we’re going to change the terms. Give—keep people in their homes, which is essential to stop the destruction of neighbor-hoods, and give them three- to five-years workouts. Workouts are what bankers give to most—their most important clients, that is, corporations, when those corporations get in over their heads. Why can’t the government do the same for citizens?”


2] The time has come for the people’s “bally-Wick”

Sept. 29, 2008 “Is this the United States Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?” Rep. Dennis Kucinich Rejects $700 Billion Bailout


“This is what the president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas said, that—and, you know, I might have the actual quote here. Listen to this quote: he said, “The seizures and convulsions we’ve experienced in the debt and equity markets have been the consequences of a sustained orgy of excess and reckless behavior, not a too tight monetary policy.” This is the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank president, Richard Fisher.” Then, DEM Now stated that he says, “nd frankly, the Securities and Exchange Commission looked the other way while all these—all this fast-paced trading was going in derivatives and derivatives of derivatives. We have about a four—$500 trillion, almost a half a quadrillion dollars of derivatives floating out there that no one really understands how that’s going to affect the underlying economy when some of these things start imploding. 

You know, I think that—I think we’re looking at a situation here where it is precisely the lack of regulation and the lack of oversight by the administration that has caused this. Congress is going to have hearings next month, but frankly, we should be having hearings now, before we pass a bill. I mean, it’s just upside-down that you have hearings about the underlying problem after you pass a bill, because you have hearings first, you do the analysis, and then you come up with a fix that can protect investors, strengthen the economy. 

We should be concerned about the strength of the FDIC. We’re told that there’s more than a hundred banks that are in trouble right now and could collapse. We have to make sure depositors’ money is protected. This bill doesn’t have anything to do with that.”


Then, what I’ve looked forward to having the progressives affinity-Groups deal with commensurately, since 1967, gets stated by a Congressperson who was fourth in the running of dEMS, but who overall, had a great chance to run with Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, Robert Barr, Matt Gonzalez and others as alternative to slack-Off politics in the coalition -Party”. Only one “politico” saw the weakness as the “fed” so much as “duopoly” fed-Up? So, Rep Kucinich continues, and speaks, “We need to challenge again the underlying assumptions about a debt-based economy, about whether or not we should revisit the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, which has an unfortunately privatized monetary system and created a system which includes banks having the ability to create money almost out of thin air with a fractional reserve. We have to look at the implications of that, maybe put the Federal Reserve under the Treasury and have the Treasury really be responsive to the interests of the American people and keeping the economy going.”



My social-Commentary continues…


“Bridge Loan to Nowhere”: Public Outcry Forces House to Reject $700 Billion Bailout of Financial Industry; Dow Falls Record 777 Points

DEM Now on Sept. 30, 2008!


Private ownership of the money-System has run the money Market, but that paradigm has ruined Savings and Loans, in 1981. The weight of making the rich-Richer followed, then brought ruin –1998, Sen. Joe Biden and Sen. John McCain Glass Seaghall. Amy’s producers may have paid attention to the thoroughness of being brigandeered by rightwingers in classic examples of psychology, but they are better than that anointment, while not being indifferent so such broad “topics” as they can not be as auspicious as 9-11 continues to be. Nor can they be quite too-Much “neo-Con’s” of morosely “reactionaryism” embolism. The past two days have produced Rep. Dennis Kucinich on another progressive “rant” and as usual for his tenets of repudiation, right into the fat-Stasis of “federal-Reserve” might be antiquated. Yesterday, Democracy Now also had two other officious and astute judgments well represented by books, and backed by non-Prosaics of conversationalism—not the un-Just disposition of ‘conversing’ or sweet-Talk, or the weather is outside, but the smog is indoors without the Ecology.

Bruce Marks states “you’re saying to the American taxpayer, who are stressed now, who are—have tight budgets, you’re saying to them: $700 billion. If we give Wall Street $700 billion, how can you conceivably encourage working people to give that money, one dollar of that money, when people are so tight. And these are the very institutions—how are you going to stand up and say we justify giving Goldman Sachs billions of dollars, when, two years ago, they paid $16 billion in bonuses to their executives? How can you say that to the American people?


The fact of the matter is, we should kill this bill. It should not happen at all. That, you know, you’ve got to focus—if you focus on the foreclosures, if you focus on that, what does that do? That’s good for the homeowners. That’s good for—that’s good for the community. That’s good for the investors. It’s good for the servicers, because some return is better than no return.” Then, Robert Johnson says “Many different thoughts in your statement. Number one, I think the American people should be despondent. They should be angry. They should feel abused, and they should feel offended…Number two, I don’t trust Hank Paulson with $700 billion, and I think it’s right not to. And I think the bill is very weak. As Dennis Kucinich said yesterday, there’s too many “may” and not enough “shall”s…Thirdly, I think that the credit system is much better—how do we say—the resolutions have been much better handled by Sheila Bair in the FDIC thus far than by Hank Paulson in the Treasury and the GSE.”


But I do believe that this avalanche of leverage, which is an outgrowth of the history that we’ve had really going back to Ronald Reagan and the unbuckling of regulations and other things, is a calamity that can take the population down with it. And that’s the only reason I would say some form of restructuring that penalizes Wall Street executives is necessary at this time. I do not think this is a synthetic crisis; I believe this is a real crisis.” That does not shut-Down what Sen. McCain and Sen. Joe Biden did by eradicating the protective-Law: (clauses of) Glass-Steagall Act 1998-9! The eco-System does not get discussed but the global temperature change is discussed w.i. the rigid excesses of maybe a volcano or tsunami may goe-Off. But for all listener-Reader: viewers, the accomplishments from Democracy Now’s outlooks is there for all to render ear to non-Obliqueness. So, who then does not listen, watch and read DEM Now, and then dig deeper into the topics of discussion or books that “front” onward knowing in pronouncements. Likelihood is that Democracy Now does reporting while commentary-People do the lookin’ further routine! Dig. “R”



3] The reason of a social-Consciousness…


The dissolution of the federal-Reserve has been along “grotesque-Time: coming”. That there was a great “harboring-Animosity” in the transient-Days of u-C Berkeley’s ways 1966 thru 1971, was because the “we-Boomers” were not oNLY becoming of “transients” nor “existentialists” too. We were not “determinists” as well as not un-Principled “fundamen-talists”. We were not all “golden-Opportunity” believers like Michael Horowitz, and Christopher Hitchens. Nor would we all be like Alan Watts. We did believe in finding heartier-Roots for principled ways of non-Extreme a la joe-McCarthy—and certainly “raw-Goons: economics nor bully-Clyneton’s ecstatic unlawful quay”s were to be at-a-Loss, emblematically: deep! The budget’s had to maintain a reserve for-the-People although that might sometimes mean or rather demean “restraint” but not social-Restraints like police-Power and h-bOmBs building programs or 24/7 alert maintained for 35-Years since “whenever”? The reason for a social-Consciousness was informatively evaluations of the monetary-System, and the orthodoxy of the banking-Corporate: monopoly i.e. the trust of distrust!


  1. a) We Have the Money–If Only We Didn’t Waste It on the Defense Budget by Chalmers Johnson


AND soooo, if a man has researched and the disposition if that tyranny is greater than the resolve for estimating the fullest extents of laws is portrayal of defense-Military and not offensive-Military, peace-Fidelity is not circumspect to the overlay of community and characterization of culture and Language. Not in this nation-State will you find a clarity of “since-the-Bomb” sinecure of non-Resolve. Money is squandered on offensive-Methods, and military-Hegemony grows like fungal-Spores into the marrow-of-Entreaty, but the theoretics behind this total lapse of substance toward an homogenized-Society is let to disregard in the tangible sense. That a tenet of “what-If” exists before the “since 25-Years of continuous, non-Stop, undie-Wars” prescience does occlude to method of consternate “NO Bailout”! One man’s cordiality toward these extents of political animosity is Chalmers Johnson. He’s one of the few that many intelligentsia read and forward as courtesy in found-Bequeathal: quest resolved.         “R”


“We would better respect our armed forces by bringing the futile and misbegotten wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to an end. A relative degree of peace and order has returned to Iraq not because of President Bush’s belated reinforcement of our expeditionary army there (the so-called surge), but thanks to shifting internal dynamics within Iraq and in the Middle East region generally. Such shifts include a growing awareness among Iraq’s Sunni population of the need to restore law and order, a growing confidence among Iraqi Shiites of their nearly unassailable position of political influence in the country, and a growing awareness among Sunni nations that the ill-informed war of aggression the Bush administration waged against Iraq has vastly increased the influence of Shiism and Iran in the region.

The continued presence of American troops and their heavily reinforced bases in Iraq threaten this return to relative stability. The refusal of the Shia government of Iraq to agree to an American Status of Forces Agreement — much desired by the Bush administration — that would exempt off-duty American troops from Iraqi law is actually a good sign for the future of Iraq.


In Afghanistan, our historically deaf generals and civilian strategists do not seem to understand that our defeat by the Afghan insurgents is inevitable. Since the time of Alexander the Great, no foreign intruder has ever prevailed over Afghan guerrillas defending their home turf. The first Anglo-Afghan War (1838-1842) marked a particularly humiliating defeat of British imperialism at the very height of English military power in the Victorian era. The Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989) resulted in a Russian defeat so demoralizing that it contributed significantly to the disintegration of the former Soviet Union in 1991. We are now on track to repeat virtually all the errors committed by previous invaders of Afghanistan over the centuries.


In the past year, perhaps most disastrously, we have carried our Afghan war into Pakistan, a relatively wealthy and sophisticated nuclear power that has long cooperated with us militarily. Our recent bungling brutality along the Afghan-Pakistan border threatens to radicalize the Pashtuns in both countries and advance the interests of radical Islam throughout the region. The United States is now identified in each country mainly with Hellfire missiles, unmanned drones, special operations raids, and repeated incidents of the killing of innocent bystanders.”

please see:


  1. b) “A New Deal for Main Street and Reform for Wall Street! (…intro. seZ)”

“The Senate is trying to force another vote on the Bush Bailout this week, despite the House’s bipartisan rejection and the lack of help for American taxpayers and real reform of Wall Street. We know something needs to be done. So let’s pass legislation that is smart and helps all of us.

Your Representative holds a key vote to pass a package that helps Main Street and reforms Wall Street. It’s important that they see you or hear from you before voting again.” …from salsa-Democracy—campaign for fresh air & clean Politics!”


However, there is no deal for humanity while the un-Elected leadership of executive-Office venerates with the new-Rome: neo-Con principle that “anarchyism” is more than a passion that the mons has relegated for elites, for bankers, as well as for the stupefaction: military-Hegemony. “The Bush Administration’s last gasps, in its last months in office, to undermine radiation protections so as to help gain approval for a dangerous project that can’t meet basic standards would condemn generations to come with cancers. It must be reversed. It is a matter of fundamental generational ethics that what we do today should not result in killing large numbers of people in future generations.” see: “New Yucca Rule Would Allow Equivalent of 1700 Chest X-rays Over a Lifetime Would Produce 1 Cancer Per 125 People Exposed Dramatically Outside of EPA’s Longstanding Acceptable Risk Range Breaks Decades of EPA Protection Requirements” Oct. 1, 2008…   “R”


Meanwhile, the India “enrichment-Uranium” does not elevate u-S Congress to money being “more-Important” so that they passed almost without discussion that India should not vote treaty-Connection, while the u-S is yet dispassionately “un-Signed” diplomatically, so the NPT (nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty) had stayed his paradox. Then, by g-Enron prior to Afghanistan invasion of February 2002 before the heating and torture problems were socially understood as the social-Miasma: paradoxes of federal-Reserve, money and military-Hegemony banking, g-Enron, un-Signed, and his hand a major “negation-Compact” of emperor or fulfillments by “un-Moment” or the rule of ennui is ennui-Delight, occurred for whomever? But, most of the progressives have seen this coming since the onslaught of pre-Using NSDU-238—uranium-238 has two processes, one from nukie-Plants the other from ‘uranium enrichment processes involving 3-types of uranium or more–in 1991, when a retreating-Army, genocide was announced, did the Congress roll-Over, then!     “R”


  1. c) Lobbyists look to profit on bailout

“In July, Bear Stearns filed termination reports with Congress, ending its contracts with in-house and outside lobbyists. And lobbyists working for Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers expect the investment banks to keep them only until their sales are finalized.

 Over the past two years, financial services companies have increased their presence in Washington. 

In the first six months of this year, the financial services, insurance and real estate industries spent almost $231 million on lobbying. Two trade associations formed specifically to represent alternative investment vehicles—the Private Equity Council and the Managed Funds Association—have expanded in the wake of legislation that would have imposed tax hikes on private equity firms and hedge funds.”

Please see: “Lobbyists look to profit on bailout” by Lisa Lerer| 9/30/08 @:


  1. d) Turning a Wall Street Giveaway Into a Fracas…

Turning a Wall Street Giveaway Into a Rescue for All Americans–Charting a progressive response to the crisis by David Sirota… Yesterday morning, Barack Obama and John McCain both reiterated their support for the Paulson bailout plan, but also called for a wide expansion of the FDIC’s authority to guarantee bank deposits. The Wall Street Journal now reports that House leaders are considering a re-vote on the plan that was rejected on Monday, only with this expanded FDIC authority tacked on. For lawmakers who will be asked to switch their vote, that change — though positive — seems like thin gruel to justify such a monumental reversal to constituents back home…With all this in mind, there appears to be one of four likely outcomes:”

Altho supple appeasement is pleasing what Sirota espouses is continuation of same “rip-Off polemic” of maintain the fed, the undie-Wars, the belligerence-Stats of maintaining h-Bombs and $6 billion per year on a constant as rapproachable as excess is overdoing 24/7 alerts and sales o NSDU-238 to Canada or to maintain the cIAS/Pentagons maintain School of Assassins and torture-Rendition w.o. an offensive measure of “ speak-Factuality” to re-Purchase for ever-Higher amounts of “killing-Squads: governance/plutocracy”? He too has been on DEM Now, yet the augers of “we-Boomers” ought to speak as these words within-the-Spherical cosmos of presentaments, too is much-to-Cumbersome to be denigrated by mis-Speak! What we don’t need costs us and what we don’t have to spend costs us, too.

David Sirota’s next four parts “the Bottom Line, What Progressives must do” starts to adhere to what has been on-me-Mind’s mend since mid-fifties. Both the federal-Reserve and the h-BOMbs bins are tied to the “military-Hegemony” so tightly wadded, that one is suspect of having even “politics” in mind, has not been alleviated. Onsistency and thoroughness on the inter-Nay, are a matter of “space-Time” or morally akin “the consternation of 24/7 alerts, and precedents that goe backwards on Friday and forwards on Monday, but remain “hegemonyites” compunctives whichever way they are!


  1. e) Whose Congress is this?

“Anyone who still thinks that either of the two major parties represent the interest of Main Street rather than Wall Street should take a look at how much money the members of the US House of Representatives who voted for the “No Tycoon Left Behind” bailout bill have raked in from the same financial sectors responsible for the whole mess in the first place. According to The Center for Responsive Politics, lawmakers who voted in favor of the bailout bill have received on average 51% more in campaign contributions from sources in the finance, insurance and real estate industries (FIRE industries) over their congressional careers than those who opposed the emergency legislation.

In this election cycle, the 140 House Democrats who voted for the bailout bill collected 78% more from the FIRE industries than the Democrats who opposed it. The data shows that, over their careers, they collected 88% more. While the gap is smaller on the Republican side, those who voted yes on the bailout bill got an average of 23% more in contributions from the FIRE industries in this election cycle than House Republicans who voted against it. In the long run, they got 53% more. When it comes to raking in cash, party leadership fares even better. House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank (D-MA) received nearly $800,000 this election cycle from sources in the FIRE industries. Ranking Republican committee member Spencer Bachus (AL) received $822,000 from the FIRE industries this election cycle and $3.7 million since 1989.

Unlike the two corporate parties now running Congress, Green Party candidates accept no corporate contributions. When in office, we will not be owned and bossed by Wall Street fat-cats. Green Officeholders are free to vote for what’s best for us, the American people, instead of the Wall Street insiders who now run the show.

But to make your voice heard, we need your support. If your Congressperson voted against the bailout bill, thank them. If they voted for it, tell them how you really feel. Support Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente and other Green Party candidates on the ballot in November; and donate to our future today.”

see: “Green Party of the United States”


4] Is Life anthropomorphic…understanding the Life of Reality!

  1. a)   the crassness of India not signing NPT but getting enrichment-Uranium throughout the “NO Bailout”…”


Domiciled and regimented peoples are not “democracy-Freedom” as governments clash with perspectus of “foreign-Policy” rather than ‘diplomacy’. Ethics is left to the polluted winds of grave-Industries tides. The foils of largesse in pollutes oceans happens as microscopic life is found 7,000 feet below the surface living in 800* vents of sulphur-Acids and carcineoaceous excess gases. The living conditions as soon as discovered are imperiled by viruses and bacterias that can conjoin their dNAS and make reformulations of resistant anti-Bodies, but to what? WE humans cannot make diplomacy sit for the portrait of commitment to laws by virtue of inspections due the fact of “the new-Rome: empire. So, sordidly the tasks of monitors-in-Philosophy equate to those of monitors in Scientific-Realm of Hadro Collider that breaks down without re-Conditionalizing the tenets of physics ‘laws’. Fragmentation is for real, and as reality-Checks happened, must yet be stopped the conditionalism of nuclear-Weapons and radionuclides-Poisonings.   “R”


“CHRONOLOGY-Twists and turns in the India-U.S. nuclear deal” checks-Up that India has a development that goes beyond what parables in news and views equate in the u-S! India does not want to sign the NPT as the Israels have not done so and that Israels maintain at least “200” for the secrecy of embalming land-Holdings into new-Slurbs. But, the need of enrichment-Uranium was being discussed since early 2006, as nGO’s of u-S pertained to Russia’s needs to make “enrichment-Policy” easier for accounting those “1,000’s tons for not usable NSDU-238; and, the progress of reduction of nuclear-Armaments—in Georgia– was introduced last year. That, until this past month nuclear-Disintegration was not being discussed does not mean that “populous-Diplomacy” was not being exorcised. The nuclear-Deal with India may focus more on the military-Hegemony side than the “treaty-as-Law” side, is dispargement of the need-a-New: federal-Reserve Bank owned by the u-S government—somehow one w.o. the autocrats running the Wall Street aground are replaced peoples, or persons non-Gratia. Totally despicable, when one checks into the 1,000’s of tonms India is being given-Back the u-S carbon-Hoof: print!

“* July 9, 2008: India’s left withdraws support for the government, and calls for a vote of no confidence. India submits a draft nuclear safeguards accord to the IAEA governors for approval, despite earlier assurances it would wait to do so until after winning the confidence vote.

* July 10: Agreeing to demands from the left, Singh calls for a vote of confidence in his government.

* July 22: Singh wins confidence vote.

* Aug. 1 : IAEA governors approve India nuclear inspections plan.

* Sept. 6: The 45 nuclear supplier states approve the U.S. nuclear deal, clearing a key international hurdle.

* Sept. 27: U.S. House of Representatives approves deal.

* Oct. 1: U.S. Congress approves the landmark deal. (Compiled by Alistair Scrutton; Editing by Simon Denyer and Valerie Lee)



  1. b) people without ‘nuclear-Supposition’ and vagaries of space-Time, tribal


The tribal cabalism of Afghanistan is not as delinquent to those peoples as is the u-S hegemoniyites to the remainder of the world’s markets. Tribalistic living in Africa has been ridden-Out thru WTO and IMF consorting with u-S dollars and arms-Sales for oil-Resources extraction or water-Rights and coRpoRate tenditiousness. Then, there is always oligarches supported by the u-S autocrat-Elites, whose paradigm is intervention and neglect of “democracy-Purpose” for that of control—and death-Squads in full practical-Excesses. The recent given of drug-Money or sentencing to Evo Morales, and a meeting with indigenous leaders has brought a renewed “tribal” social-Emphasis to people of south America. Here’s a brief context of some import “gravure” that Noam Chomsky has posted on z-Net website:


“In earlier years the public had not been much of a problem. The reasons are reviewed by Barry Eichengreen in his standard scholarly history of the international monetary system.   He explains that in the 19th century, governments had not yet been “politicized by universal male suffrage and the rise of trade unionism and parliamentary labor parties.” Therefore the severe costs imposed by the virtual parliament could be transferred to the general population. But with the radicalization of the general public during the Great Depression and the anti-fascist war, that luxury was no longer available to private power and wealth. Hence in the Bretton Woods system, “limits on capital mobility substituted for limits on democracy as a source of insulation from market pressures.” It is only necessary to add the obvious corollary: with the dismantling of the system from the 1970s, functioning democracy is restricted. It has therefore become necessary to control and marginalize the public in some fashion, processes that are particularly evident in the more business-run societies like the United States. The management of electoral extravaganzas by the Public Relations industry is one illustration.


The primary victims of military terror and economic strangulation are the poor and weak, within the rich countries themselves and far more brutally in the South. But times are changing. In Venezuela, in Bolivia, and elsewhere there are promising efforts to bring about desperately needed structural and institutional changes. And not surprisingly, these efforts to promote democracy, social justice, and cultural rights are facing harsh challenges from the traditional rulers, at home and internationally.

For the first time in half a millennium, South America is beginning to take its fate into its own hands. There have been attempts before, but they have been crushed by outside force, as in the cases I just mentioned and other hideous ones too numerous and too familiar to review. But there are now significant departures from a long and shameful history. The departures are symbolized by the UNASUR crisis summit in Santiago just a few days ago. At the summit, the presidents of the South American countries issued a strong statement of support for the elected Morales government…” for whole text, please see:


note: the short paragraph entry, reads– There were social adjuncts of beat-Bohemia days that brought the “we-Boomers” into focus with the tenets of “plutocracy”. Since the mid-1950’s existence-Philosophy has extrapolated where “determinism” and where “existentialism” have been delinquent toward the need of passing “the federal-Reserve: act of 1913”. Today, the continuation of military-Hegemony also keeps us abreast of “the plutocratic cognizance” and social-Obliquesness…


wars are not-good-for-US, the global-Village patriot, “R” Addison


–note: bLogSCapE #15… z-Net communications


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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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