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anti-nucleaRist bloG #149/ 09 Jan 2013 Who is buying the Uranium for radiologic-Contaminations

anti-nucleaRist bloG #149/ 09 Jan 2013
Who is buying the Uranium for radiologic-Contaminations

The production for an imperialist military, of uranium-Weapons, plural, appears to be “radionculides-Contaminations in 6-7 nations is ‘whatever’. The ineptitude of not wanting to cleanup radionculides-Contaminations from the Oligarchs-Elites and their Technocrats, is spiteful to say the least! Usages of genetic-deforming radiologic-Isotopes mixed w chemicals is both the purveyance of disguise and of IMpugning for continuous usages, as per “empire’s worldwide vituperations”. What are the indebted consequences, to the we-Boomers, and citizens who did not accept and had to acknowledge the fullest extent of UNlawful ubiquity, as though “wRong-doing could not be challenged”? This has hurt no-one in the military is not the vague supposition, yet!

Port Hope on the northern shore of Lake Ontario has been taking tailings in, but long millenniums of half-Lifes has made the allotment of back-ups for long term storage into the cosmic discrepancy that the “radionuclides” have always been. That the medical practioners are cautious, to serve a public that gets uranium dust into the body and remnants on clothes from mining is a long-time disassociation for getting formidably, closer to deaths and deformities. Widespread contamination from mining serves as a warning that the US utility of INdifference to humanity had best seek a different and less diffident course for the cause of worldwide peace depends on getting from further contaminations.

Those molecules from above ground testing, those molecules from NSDU-238 usages by the US empire in the INvasions of Middle-East and N.A.TO. support for further European INvasions in YUGOSLAV REPUBLICS are yet illegal. The superlative need to continue to do INcorrectly, the “human-Environment, yet the contaminations from uranium-238 weapons and uranium-235 bombs are continuing the state of needfulness, clean-UPs. Those by meltdowns in Fukushima, post Chernobyl, as well as all reactors need a safer manner in which to store “plutonium” the most deadly scourge and source of a slavery tenet for control of Banking methods for pension purchasing. Many video conversations have extolled just how deadly NSDU-238 really is when used against civilians and maybe 5% insurgency populations. “R”

“SEPT-ILES, Quebec — Led by a group of medical doctors, 1,000 residents of Sept-Iles gathered Dec. 13 to condemn plans for uranium mining on Quebec’s North Shore.
In an unprecedented public protest, 20 of the local hospital’s physicians — psychiatrists, family doctors, anesthetists, a lung specialist, surgeons, and gynecologists — resigned as a group. It’s the only hospital in the city, 550 miles northeast of Montreal. The mining critics point to its historical contamination of drinking water, environmental destruction and irreversible health hazards. In their letter to the federal minister of health, the physicians said, “We regret the effect that this mass exodus will have … but we believe it to be contrary to our code of ethics to not warn the authorities.”
Canwest reported that the doctors “fear for their own families’ health as well as for the health of the population in the region.” As a result of the action, the government in Quebec has announced the creation of a special committee to study the potential risks of uranium exploration and mining on health and safety. British Columbia and Nova Scotia have banned uranium mining in their provinces, but Quebec has not. Canadian mines produce about 20 percent of the world’s uranium supply.“

20 Canadian Doctors Resign Over Uranium Mining Proposal Nukewatch Quarterly,
Spring 2010[1].pdf


What has happened to NPP’s reactor-Core nuclear contaminated radio-Isotope rods and graphite reactor “plutonium-Processing” and the importations from “other- States (nations)”? There are 177 large underground tanks that used to leak thru single-walled steel on above ground concrete pads, when we-Boomers first protested for clean-UPs of the clean-UPs radionuclides in1968-69. Those tanks were above ground until 1986. They merely needed double-Walls but are high level rad-Actives, or most harmful for workers. Monies used in “dead-end utility” have to come from somewhere, but wArs, a four-letter word, merely serve to making “munitions dealors” such as the Carlyle Group, and major elites banking Groups such as Trilateral Commission adds to the dilemma of corrupting contractors, who should be checked-out for doing there jobs most correctly—not less!

No less than the cheapest ways of dispensing their coRpoRate greed thru “nuclear-Waste” is the schema put into chauvanist-Space by Technocrats of neo-Liberalist doctrine for investing the Future, by divesting before “defensive measures” and while the going is easiest. Look at Monsanto’s buying natural-Seeds to hoard millions of samples—or however big or little– extracted from farmers who had saved seed-stock for hundred-years. Look also at Monsanto for making Genetically Modified pesticides into your “daily bread” thru molecular re-arrangements of DNA, specifically for profit while they continue to spread “toxicity” as the great example of “nuclear-Molecular” contaminations.

“In eastern Washington State, the Hanford Reservation — a vast plutonium production complex that’s been called perhaps the most polluted place in the western world — is left with extremely vexing radioactive waste problems. One aspect of them is that since 2003, the Energy Department (DOE) has been working on the Draft Tank Closure and Waste Management Environmental Impact Statement. At least 177 large underground tanks there hold millions of gallons of highly radioactive liquids left from reprocessing uranium. For 40 years, reprocessing was done to extract plutonium for use in nuclear weapons.
The 6,000-page Draft EIS was issued in October and covers the Fast Flux Test reactor, underground waste tanks, contaminated soil and groundwater, a ban on imports of foreign waste and disposal of low-level wastes on site.
The new Draft EIS recommends:
* deactivation and entombment of the Fast Flux Test Facility — a 400-megawatt reactor;
* removal of 99 percent of liquid waste from the leak- prone million-gallon underground tanks and the mixing of the remaining deadly sludge with grout to be left in place;
* continuation of a ban on importation of certain kinds of radioactive waste to Washington State.
Imports of rad waste are currently suspended pending construction of a $12.2 billion vitrification or “glassification” facility intended to turn high-level liquid radioactive waste into ceramic-like logs. Imports could start again if the facility is finished sometime around 2022. Even the proposed vitrification program will not have the capacity to process the volume of Hanford’s low-level waste.”

Hanford’s Radioactive Waste Shell Game By Bonnie Urfer Nukewatch Quarterly Winter 2009


Take a look at how “gross” capitalists intern their demeanors to portray themselves as always giving, but somehow, morosely, that giving is usually IMpugning on deaths the “plutocracy” has enjoyed in their chauvanist cause. The effects of aerial-Bombing induces those callous forebodings, while poverty on the other hand, increases. The for-the-better incursions against the people are widening the gaps of income and producing disparagements of UN-told misfortune. These stories are beginning to get into the public’s eyeballs, however slowly. The major impacts are that each and every INvasion by armed “empire’s” forces produce more childhood impoverishment while actually curtailing millions of children from schooling, from learning, from social-Context not always parable to child-Employment i.e. free and cheap labor! “R”

“Americans love to think of themselves as innocents. As a result, when they are victimized they are not just in a state of mourning, but one of total disbelief when finding themselves on the receiving end of barbarity. In the moment of bereavement and shock the well documented acts of barbarity that have been and still are committed by their country are conveniently forgotten.
The reactions to the killing of 28 people, 20 of them children, at a school in Newtown, Connecticut are understandable. It is difficult to imagine not being saddened and angered by the news of the senseless slaughter, particularly the killings of children only six and seven years of age.
Yet it is wrong to behave as if little children have never before been targeted for death in this country. While president Obama may shed a tear at a press conference and take on the role of mourner in chief, he has ordered drone attacks which have killed young children. Between 2004 and 2012, 176 children in Pakistan were killed by American drone strikes. According to the president’s staff, he personally oversees the assassination “kill list,” which means he ordered the killing of 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki after having done the same to his father, Anwar al-Awlaki.
“It is wrong to behave as if little children have never before been targeted for death in this country.”…”

Freedom Rider: Killing Children
Tue, 12/18/2012 – 19:22 — Margaret Kimberley BAR


I have personally met w Dr Rokke 5-times, in the last decade of the 20th century—including his farmhouse where I waited 28-hours for our on-Spot I check you out you check me out. We talked about what the both of knew about NSDU-238 and how the effects need to parable a great mistrust, the parable of “illegal radioncuclides wArs”. He was in awe and I said imparting these very words “I hope you can keep informing us as best your past panoply of wArs was not peace and healthful amenity” knowing that he, too (not I that I know from my visits to all nuclear facilities and about 12 NPP’s) was contaminated from March of Death Highway and many other radionuclides contaminated sites.

The following links to a one hour representation 12-years to the day the GULF War (not golf war) was interred by US imperialist forces invading a Muslim secular, dictatorship where nerve-agent and of than anthrax, viral agents had been imported, started the munitions dealors on a “gawd-send Program” of earnings,. The number one exporter was Carlyle Group, and gHW Bush was a board member at-that-time.
Also during the 1993 thru 1998 time-span I met w Bob Jones, Dennis Kyne, and nurse and BEYOND TREASON host Joyce Riley! That trek started w Doug Rokke in Illinois and then onto Pot Hope Ontario, where “NSDU-238 weapons are made into bullets, of differing sizes for killing while contaminating. The further radioactive-Contaminations, not usable, are added to the leaking-into-lake “heap-O’s” prone to be covered and needing double linings over concrete a great place to use a Geiger-counter and radiation meter (measures what isotope by weight i.e. ce-137 is 137. “R”

view youTube/ w Dr Doug Rokke “Using Depleted Uranium as a Weapon pts 1-2-3” 21:02, 21:39, 16:51 mins.; 21,198 views 7,552 views 6,355 views … full talk title: “Using Depleted Uranium as a Weapon Putting our Troops and the Rest of the World at risk. Doug is a “scientific-Military scholarly warrior”

Additionally: 572, 000 as 272,000 soldiers submitted “disabilities to be tended too”… A talk by Dr. Doug Rokke, member of U.S. Army Medical Command’s Special Operations during Gulf War 1, Produced February 23, 2003…285,292 have put-in for permanent DISABILItY, ”training implemented”…in 1995, never inputted until to Feb 23rd 2003… altho operation (INvasion—phase1 Iraq) the Desert Storm had the former date, and started Feb 23, 1991…


The manner in which Oligarchs and their portentous sordidness IMpugns against the indige-Amers, is two or three times worse than that of banks ruining pensions thru Technocrats and coRpoRatist purveyances that coRpoRations should not pay for ruinous methods of chemical impacting to vast regions of our continent. The nonsense of government not to perform “accountability, bio-Remediation practice that must and will be installed for the purpose of maintaining our Ecology at the pertinent levels of sustainability before “denigrations” is not beyond the scope of jailing those “illegal CEO’s” and their cronies. Just look at how well Mr Lawrence Silverstein, jumped onto the bandwagon that, he, by himself, may have started as just such a chauvanism-Cause.
Another good example of leveraged buyouts is what is happening in Europe thru so-Called “austerity programs” where actual “austerity” that had been implaced is now further reconciled to the crime-Bins of austere coRpoRate buyouts for multi-nationalist hierarchy. What’s more, by reducing laws implemented to help all peoples, the rich get richer. Such astuteness is known as RIPOFF in any language, when people finally acknowledge how chaste they have been to reconcile that their poverty impoverishes yet more children and pulls resourceful education from cultural values system, too! “R”

“…“December 14, 2012, the Government of Canada passed a bundle of legislative provisions packaged into one omnibus bill called Bill C-45, without the free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous Nations and Peoples; a practice that is inconsistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Similar to the infamous White Paper of 1969, the Harper Government has intensified Canada’s drive to terminate the inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and their distinct identity as sovereign peoples.
Specifically targeted is the collective authority of Indigenous Peoples over their communities and territories, in addition to having a potentially harmful impact over waterways. Bill C-45 will begin the process of converting Indigenous Nations into municipalities, extinguishing their treaty rights, self-determination, and converting the collective title of Indigenous lands into fee simple title lands.
In addition to Bill C-45, the Haudenosaunee Grand Council is aware that in the near future, the Government of Canada will be steamrolling a number of other bills designed to gradually end the Canadian Government’s social and fiduciary obligations to Indigenous Peoples in favor of internalized taxation, to terminate the distinct status of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, to privatize and enfranchise Indigenous lands and waterways, and to transfer Canada’s political responsibilities to individual Provinces – thus destroying any semblance of nation-to-nation relationships. These coming bills include:
— Bill C-27: First Nations Financial Transparency Act
— Bill C-428: Indian Act Amendment and Replacement Act
— Bill S-2: Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interest or Rights Act
— Bill S-6: First Nations Elections Act
— Bill S-8: Safe Drinking Water for First Nations
— Bill S-212: First Nations Self-Government Recognition Bill
As the inherent custodians of Haudenosaunee sovereignty within all Haudenosaunee communities and territories, the Haudenosaunee Grand Council is responsible for being ever vigilant and protective against any challenge or threat to our collective sovereignty. It is clear that Bill C-45 and subsequent bills seek to destroy our collective sovereignty.”

Onondaga Nation Supports Chief Theresa Spence and Idle No More in Fight Against Bill C-45 Sidney Hill January 06, 2013 Indian Country Today Media dot com

…nothing worse than the NEW ROME, as those who knew something of the olde-Republic had been fooled even as each wAr’s overture’s since 1943 utility, became addendum to secretize NSDU-238…

a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison

–note: nUkiEmOLe bloG #86

Tags/ Chief Theresa Spence, Onondaga, Haudenosaunee, sovereignty, omnibus bill, Bill C-45, coRpoRatist policy, nuclearist IMpunity, Dr. Doug Rokke, Joyce Riley, NSDU-238, Beyond Treason, Lawrence Silverstein, ordered drone strikes, putting troops at risk, SEPT-ILES, Quebec, using depleted uranium, First Nations Financial Transparency Act, Hanford nuclear Reserve, Fast Flux Test reactor

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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