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anti-nucleaRist bloG #143/ 09 Nov 2012 NSDU-238 cause of Decadence on devaluation due Wars

Whereupon I recollected my first meetings and other times expended w Leuren Moret, of Berkeley CA, her website: Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Cover-up, elucidates much of the tangents that people in search of ancient-Studies may not have lost to fact-Debased realization/research is as we eventually found our mutual relationship of nuclear-Policy and nuclear-molecular was w none-other than Prof. Chalmers Johnson, 1977 thru 1982.

“My name is Leuren Moret, an internationally recognized Geoscientist and specialist on the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation. In 1968, I was one of the first women to graduate from UC Davis with a B.S. in Geology. At that time I was made aware of secret mind control experiments at the “monkey colony”, by students working there. Hidden away from the campus in a peach orchard on university property, horrific experiments were conducted on monkeys with the tops of their heads cut off and wires coming out of their brains, which were later described and photos published in the media by opponents of animal experimentation. Many years later while doing research on the resulting mind control applications for HAARP, I discovered a photograph in a 1964 UC Davis newsletter, of Edward Teller (known as Dr. Strangelove) with New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller by his side, at the dedication ceremony for the new Applied Science Facility where the animal experiments were adapted for human applications and global HAARP transmissions. The human experiments were conducted in a “safe house” under the MKULTRA program, in Livermore, California.”

Two of Leuren Moret’s many, well researched and apt article’s I suggest, are: “R”

“The conduct of secret nuclear wars since 1991, through the use of depleted uranium weaponry by the United States and Great Britain with their allies, has taken place in the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan2 and Lebanon.3 It has been carried out for the express purpose of destroying the public health and mutilating the genetic future of vast populations in oil rich and/or pipeline regions.
Carpet and grid bombing with depleted uranium weaponry in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan has guaranteed permanent radioactive terrain contamination. The recent discovery that U.S. depleted uranium bombs dropped by Israel on Lebanon in 2006 contained enriched uranium4,5 suggests covert testing of fourth generation nuclear weapons.

The United States and its allies are fully aware that this weaponry violates the Geneva and Hague Conventions and the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol.6 It meets the definition of WMD in the U.S. Code7 in two out of three categories. And its use violates U.S. military law.8 since the U.S. is a signatory to The Hague and Geneva Conventions.
The blueprint for depleted uranium radioactive poison gas weaponry – dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets – was contained in a declassified memorandum9 dated Oct. 30, 1943. It was addressed to Gen. Leslie Groves, who was head of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. effort to build atomic bombs in World War II.”

“From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 Years of Uranium Wars a Suicidal, Genocidal, Omnicidal Course”
text, by Leuren Moret BS, MA, PhD ABD San Francisco Bay View – 2006-12-26


Her articles are portrayals of the discerning directions her research has realized since they’re about the time of “slow you-Tube”. Altho ‘deep-Correlatives’ of space-Time were a by-product of our discussion on Bertrand Russell and Eugene V. Debs of which JohnPaul Sartre was upmost digested. Foreinstance: “R”

“Philosophy of space and time is the branch of philosophy concerned with the issues surrounding the ontology, epistemology, and character of space and time. While such ideas have been central to philosophy from its inception, the philosophy of space and time was both an inspiration for and a central aspect of early analytic philosophy. The subject focuses on a number of basic issues, including whether time and space exist independently of the mind, whether they exist independently of one another, what accounts for time’s apparently unidirectional flow, whether times other than the present moment exist, and questions about the nature of identity (particularly the nature of identity over time).”

“Incas regarded space and time as a single concept, named pacha (Quechua: pacha, Aymara: pacha).

[from: wikipedia “Philosophy of space and time”

Are we humanists a vagary of plutocrats monopoly of earth-Time and irrationale for space-Contamination, or are we Ecosocialists evolving w Ecology and others of the humanoid-Race. Destruction is what the US: foreign-Policy thru the new-Rome’s obsequious military abuses, while annihilation if what the US-militaryism has done since 1945. Why have both when we of planet-eRathe can have peace & pRosperity or space & Time w.o. radionuclides-Contamination soliciting both? “R”

“In fact, Western science has evolved from, and has spread around the world through, the Royal Society, secretly started by 12 Freemasons at Oxford in 1660. The Freemasons, created by the City of London financiers, have served as a powerful network of secret control. It remained a secret society until the Industrial Revolution, when financiers and industrialists realized they needed new technologies developed by scientists to increase profits and concentrate wealth upwards. Western science through the Royal Society always had a hidden agenda – to serve the financiers and business interests by developing new technologies… and ever more horrific weapons, and more recently Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). It is no different today.
Long-Term Global Climate Change – Ice Ages
Planet earth is unique in our solar system, because it is the only planet exactly the right distance from the sun, to allow both liquid and solid states of water, an essential molecule of life. The geologic record provides evidence of long-term global climate change, a long sequence of Ice Ages with shorter glacial and interglacial periods within each Ice Age, cycles within cycles due to astronomical changes of the earth that influence incoming solar energy.
Ice Age cycles are based on changes in earth related astronomical factors such as a 23,000-year cycle due to the “elliptic” or orbit of the earth around the sun, a 26,000-year cycle due to “precession” or axial rotation, a 41,000-year cycle due to “obliquity” or axial tilt, and 100,000 and 400,000-year cycles due to multiple factors. These are known as the Milankovitch cycles. Because they are superimposed on each other, multiple Ice Ages and glacial/interglacial periods occur within a 100,000-year period. The last Ice Age started about 110,000 years ago and has not ended, but the last glacial period ended about 12,000 years ago. The earth is still in an Ice Age in terms of the Milankovich cycles. A slight change of only 5° C in the overall heat budget of the earth drives our planet in and out of Ice Ages. These are long-term cyclic climatic changes allowing a predictable global climatic state of slow evolution. The balance of climate on Earth is influenced by:”

“Global Climate Change: the aRctic Deep Time”—.html

a voice fRom the Void, the peace-Warrior

*************** *************** *******************
anti-nucleaRist bloG #143/ 09 Nov 2012
NSDU-238 cause of Decadence on devaluation due Wars

The petition signature “thru” ICBUW/ signed & my comments: The “first” nuclear weapon was disclosed in 1943, and was predilected upon inventing the ‘scatter’ method! All uranium is radiologic. Use of the ur-238 which is 60% fissile matter is UN-lawful to our Declaration of Human Rights, law of US. The wars impropriety in other national and U.N. capacities ought to be more observed instead of “controlled” by megalomaniacs and plutocracy. IMpunity has been “used” made me turn from bloGGing as my website has been hampered by costs that should not have been. I am not merely hoping, because exhaustion is not a bargain, when hegemony already controls that! I’ve thought that “In These Times” and “Common Dreams’ would aspire to my chattels on “nuclearist denigrations of devaluation of and in the US empire’s society lacking” yet sobriquettes, for peace overture, seem merely to be my words in blogging…see: and their infamous web @

I returned to viewing (once again) Beyond Treason(2005) Documentary 12,941 views…1:28:54 mins… birth-defects and radiation-Diseases will “increase” over time… rashes—irritation damage; chemical toxicity; radiological damage, results of cancers and tumors, etc. ‘cannot reverse radiation from the body!!’ Dr. Doug Rokke, Bob Jones, Dennis Kyne, Ms. Leuren Moret, Nurse & more Karen Parker, Asaf Durakovic, of course Dr. Chris Busby and Dr Leonard Dietz, who’s overtures were enough to maintain my inputs sociologically when “updates of innkeeping writings” could be caught-UP, while parttime trukken and parttime buying metals forwarding those dimensions of 1952 thru 2009. NSDU-238 has been hardship on me and not for me.

I am heading to Canada for a vacation—altho I may return w a dual citizenship, which is where my turning from Brande` Rodderick, in 1989, bonding—never went! That was not a practice session, and got me into the course of championing the self-Self. I did not return, got caught up in reading the Nation Magazine instead of reading “Z magazine”. I am defending myself as a mountain man, yet artist and writor, who needed to meditate and lead a strong, longlife, but healthcare is not a cornerstone, happens to make nearly UN-endurable making a decision w.o. another compromise. I went from bitchen-Cal to little-D, then Dallas, and met the hispanic “voice” gal, Selena . I was taken by surprise, that a 15 year old, would be soooo kind in formulating a thanks for my helping her friends from bitchen-Cal—and, now, I was later informed onto Florida. As much as despotism was concerned, the gals paid me to drive to see Moussaoui, and thereupon, a maverick from Libya shows up yelling at the girls and I called him down, Moussaoui’s roommate. But, he being Mohahammad Atta, turns & runs from the cops who knew not who to look for, not find! While I found a phone to place a call to the cops, the girls had already– again. From there to wash d-C and getting picked-UP by Ayman al Farahwiri; then into the hands of the defenders-Office, and then finally to 1989 Manhattan.

Those ”terrorists” were girted by an empire and in my birth town of Manhattan Island
my heading east had a smoothed-out roadscape of “arcane UN-disciplined” that was, I had hoped, not about to happen, remained in one sound mind-Scape that defense by the people was our oNLY rescinding emblematic. We chose that, about 50 of us wanting the Jewish patrons of the city to speak-out, too! Fearful that NSDU-238 has become a sophisticated “implement of death” I remained cautious, because there was a smell about decadence being a useful armaments cause, said as much not by Dr. Aiman al Farahwiri, who had kept his loaded 357 magnum– on his Cadillac seat—between us!

The children in Beyond Treason, are such a dissultry symbolism of pecuniary “war-Monger empire” that the two really cannot mesh, anyway. The focus on how demonic, how invidious, and how totally despicable to place US “empire” soldiers” in harm’s weigh-INs as those trinity tests at ground-Zero at nevtest-Site, came to mind. They and all the fineAmers that I met who were on-the-public line to help grasp the Public by the collar, and clench tightly a necessity beyond, need. My writing has kept no funds saved other than borrowing, after connecting “pseudo-Gout to pains above scale of ten. I did work those words into the 8-volumes of books—2004 thru this year, then a step further. That cost me the website being down, now six full months. Soon, one book—not a volume! Wars and culture will clash, as that has been happening very fast, this past two years. Seeing half of Beyond, again did what I had intended, hearing the solo-voices in a pluralistic overture of “how dumb-Fricken dare they”!

The anarchism from US empire’s invasion of oil-Iraq, altho allowing for the use of NSDU-238, the people there since 1991, have taken very gingerly no “offense” that they’ve been duped w “radiologic-Pulses’ that will last, and are complicating all but the following:

“As a result, each ministry in Baghdad is wholly captive to the militia that controls it.”(4)(5)
Hakim Al Zamili – A case study: the Ministry of Health, a very unhealthy institution(6)
Minister of Health in 2006, Ali Al-Shimari, belonged to Moqtada Al-Sadr’s political movement while the latter’s military arm, the Mahdi Army, was acting inside hospitals with impunity. Sick and wounded patients were abducted from public hospitals and later killed. As a consequence, more and more Iraqis were avoiding hospitals.
“The hospitals have become killing fields,” said Abu Nasr. Ali Al-Shimari fled the country as soon as charges of sectarian acts were brought against officials at the ministry. Al-Shimari was granted political asylum in the USA.(7) After the attack hit Samarra’s Askariya shrine, also known as the Golden Mosque, on February 22, 2006,(8) Ali Al Shimari and his deputy Hakim Al Zamili, a commander of the Mahdi army, turned the Ministry of Health into a torture and killing centre. 
In September 2006, when the streets of Baghdad were swamped with thousands of brutally assassinated bodies, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered the Ministry of Health not to release further figures about casualties to the United Nations, as it had previously done.(9)

On February 8, 2007, occupation forces raided the ministry and arrested Hakim Al Zamili. He was accused of allegedly funnelling money to the militias. He used private ambulances and hospitals to carry out the killings. He was the key suspect in the kidnapping and (suspected) murder of his colleague, Ammar al-Saffar, who was also a deputy Health Minister.(10)
After a two-day trial, marred by accusations of witness intimidation, the charges were dropped and Mr. Zamili was freed after spending more than a year in American custody. (11) According to accurate Iraqi sources ,Hakim Al-Zamili killed 160 persons, among them Dr. Raad Al Mahdawy– a Sunni- the general director of the health department in Diyala.

Al-Zamili’s 2009 release was, according to some Iraqi witnesses, part of the deal for returning the bodies of 5 Britons, held hostage for 2 years by an obscure militia known as “Islamic Shia Resistance in Iraq.” This group of Britons was seized while they were installing anti-corruption software in Baghdad’s Ministry of Finance, by about 40 men “disguised” as Iraqi policemen, in May 2007.(12) The Iraqi authorities acted as lead negotiator and broker for the deal.(13)”The first thing Hakim Al-Zamili did after being released was killing Hassan Aziz, a judge who was involved in trying to convict Mr. Zamili. Now this criminal is a member of the Iraqi new parliament!” an anonymous Iraqi source testifies. Hakim Al-Zamili, recently elected Member of Parliament from the Sadrist bloc, is now one of the strongest advocates for carrying out the death sentence on former Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz.(15)
This is today’s sad reality in Iraq’s “blossoming democracy.”…”

Iraq War Crimes: Kidnap and Murder of Ministry of Education Officials
By Dirk Adriaensens Global Research, November 07, 2012 by Milad Rizooqi, Sawt Al-Iraq
Translation: Lubna Al Rudaini and Dirk Adriaensens, BRussells Tribunal, 31 October 2012.


You should always connote that killing is harmful to the general perception of Deceptions, that which is brought about by force, should never be contrary. And those killings as well, must be remembered for such an outpouring of hatred, fuelled by degenerate “fundamentalism”! The whole pap of killing, became death-Squads and NSDU-238 usages, right-away again, in phase-# instigation—2,400 tons of DU munitions used, and then Fallujah, which remains a massacre, and UN-told amount of NSDU-238, yet contaminating and causing births-Alarem. There is no defense there and no ‘defense’ from nuclear-power plants, here—let alone radiologic-Measurement stations doling into those radionuclides from Daiichis. Yet! “R”

“Vaughan Smith, an award-winning British journalist and one of nine supporters who had to pay, told RT that he does not feel let down by Assange.
“Obviously £12,000, the share that I lost – that is a significant sum. I don’t personally hold Julian Assange responsible for that; he is entitled to claim political asylum – we all are, aren’t we?”
Smith praised Assange for his significant contribution to independent journalism.
“People like Assange are a part of the evolution of our society. We need people to test our tolerances and to challenge our views,” he said.
The journalist pointed out that Assange is enormously popular in non-Western countries, saying the whistleblower had strongly influenced journalism.
“Take India for example – there are 20 front pages all related to WikiLeaks exposures, all related to corruption and things like that. That’s a great journalistic value.”
Speaking about the threats Assange may face in the US if extradited, Smith said that concerns are reasonable.
“If you look at Bradley Manning, who is alleged to be the person who provided this information, if you look at his treatment … I think it is reasonable for us to believe that if Julian Assange were to go to the United States, that he would face torture,” he explained.”

‘No regrets’: Assange’s supporters pay the bill RT News Published: 07 November, 2012,


I did meet w Julian Assange in Berkeley CA, Manhattan NY, and London UK. I asked some very pertinent questions, as my social-Justice beckoning was directives of Philosophy and his lines were equanimity. Then, in Sweden, the way women portray themselves is a scant manneristic-Exchange or feminism does not exist, but thereupon, I told Julian, do not stay w too many women, as they are not Norweigians from Oslo. His manner is as cold collected as cool not sanguine. Discipline and thinking!

Another journalist, who’s recent writings also do not include NSDU-238 antipathics, is a rarely not prophetic read, or consternate and direct-pointedly. I realize I have not check-out Stephen Lendman’s bio on global research, but his overture’s are words– not always wrath—well chosen! “R”

“The same party wins every time. Duopoly power rules. America is a one party state with two wings. Each replicates the other. On major issues mattering most, not a dime’s worth of difference separates them.
The late Gore Vidal explained it as well as anyone. Some of his best comments included:
“Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates.”
…All of the above was said with forked tongue. Obama and likeminded rogues deplore rule of law principles, other democratic values, and vital social services when they’re most needed.
They prioritize war, not peace…. More wars are planned…Expect four more years of permanent wars, greater economic hardships, growing poverty, unemployment, homelessness, hunger, and human misery, handing more of the nation’s wealth to corporate predators, governing lawlessly, and cracking down ruthlessly on resisters.
Anti-progressivism defines Obama’s agenda. He’s hard-right, reactionary, belligerent, and pro-corporate. He serves wealth, power and privilege at the expense of essential popular needs….Obama exceeded the worst of his predecessors. Every major pledge made he broke. He’s a duplicitous con man. He’s a crime boss, serial liar and moral coward. He promised change and delivered betrayal…He doesn’t fool all the people all the time but enough to matter. Tuesday night he celebrated with supporters. The Chicago Tribune headlined it.
It shamelessly endorsed his reelection. It praised his “decisiveness and intellectual rigor.” It backed the worst of his policies.”

Money Party Wins US Election By Stephen Lendman Global Research, November 07, 2012


Rain storms w gale-force winds used to bring rains and freshness. These days not even ”refresh” wirks. The amplification of vice is nice, but I’d not like to beat the nadir of corrupt-coRpoRatist Henry Kissinger @ Bilderberg annuals, or David Rockefeller at Tri-Lateral Commission meetings, as they are corrupt as the federal reserve System. A nice day at the Council on Foreign Relations or any of these three should tell us that “no journalists” are allowed inside to report, making secrecy an obsessive for manic-depression to continue it’s bedevilled course. Military cronyism goads along in this fashion of no-public “journalist” scrutiny altho the military is not supposed to be insiders like Wall Street, which is my point of and on derivatives-Bankors—make off-shore accounts illegal, too. how
could that id-Al be done equitably?

The stat on reports about “super-storm” contrary HAARP prophecy of not-Hurricane, is what journalists should be jumping upon, as much as they should have kept and maintained a “blue-Streak” against all improprieties of NSDU-238. No many “investigative-Reporters are “comparative and analytically adept”! NSDU-238 is not squeamish, the people are on and off-agains because of all the calamitousness incorporated w.i. a guise of “secrecy” like Carlisle Group covering-UP the freely given away uranium-238 and armaments of used one year incrementalism surrogates. Now wonder Iraq phase-3 was a set-up, it was planned thru money-Making and death to the usuror. Still, death-Squads and NSDU-238 have been a formula, and that is cheating the planet’s Ecology, but ruination to state after state—buttressed by the-Groups! “R”

“…“Samual Mangual lives and works at the senior services center in the senior building of Baruch Houses, the largest public housing project area-wise in the city covering the equivalent of 15 city blocks in downtown Manhattan. It is home to 5,000 residents including 1,500 senior citizens. ..
“Other than the police we haven’t seen anybody to help us. We were never notified we had to go anywhere, and the water reached about a half a block from here. They haven’t told us when we will get our hot water back. We also haven’t seen the news at all for a week. We have been completely shut off.
“There are a lot of tensions because lights were on, on Wall Street, but not here. There is a class division across the city. Some people I know have lights, but the elevators here only started yesterday. This society is only set up to help some people. We are all human beings, but the government doesn’t treat us that way when we are poor people.”

Anger is continuing to build among some 20,000 residents of public housing in the city who have still not had lights, heat and water turned back on after a week and a half. Homeowners and renters in the affected neighborhoods have also charged that the administration of New York’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Red Cross have been woefully slow in getting aid to those who need it, while unlimited resources have been lavished on restoring the Wall Street stock exchange to full operations.
As the storm approached, Bloomberg ordered the evacuation of four health care facilities on the Rockaways—three nursing homes and one adult care center—and sent police cars into low-lying coastal neighborhoods to broadcast appeals to residents to leave the areas and go to a city shelter.
Even as this appeal was being made, however, reports were emerging of miserable conditions faced by those who went to the shelters to escape from Hurricane Sandy. Some 3,800 people were still reported staying in city storm shelters on Tuesday, including 800 with significant medical problems. These numbers were expected to surge with the new storm.”

New storm hits US Northeast as misery from Sandy deepens
By a WSWS reporting team 
8 November 2012


There is nothing sacrosanct—not even not reading! The maliciousness of NSDU-238 is as convoluted as the Ecology is demising further in more square miles than ever cognizance did muster! I do not excuse the need for change as being that of earning money thru purchase ”coRpoRations’ that may help embellish and keep derivatives-bankers and AIG/ Goldman Sachs moving on government bailouts either. Why then would I feel that decadence to turning one’s back on constitutionality would be an anti-Constitutional attorney elected upon a “hype”. Who would vote for that ilk, is an apologist in terms of one simple formula. The illegal usages of NSDU-238 is a phoney harbinger.

Killing older persons—retired or not—and children and giving insufferable “pains”to those people who have done nothing to harbor a grudge against the warmonger-Empire, is an insanity baked by not fear, but the planning of more death-Squads and ways touse the public, who were disciplined for peace-Keeping thru hard-work, but not a jobs of killing men-women-children who ought to be learning how to read why destitution is not agreement w pernicious allowability of contamination’s spredation in Iraq, morosely! Libya now, also.

“Hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium used by Britain and the US in Iraq should be removed to protect the civilian population, the Royal Society – Britain’s premier scientific institution – says, contradicting Pentagon claims it is not necessary.
The society’s statement fuels the controversy over the use of depleted uranium, which is an effective tank destroyer and bunker-buster but is believed by many scientists to cause cancers and other severe illnesses.
The society was incensed because the Pentagon had claimed it had the backing of the society in saying depleted uranium was not dangerous.
In fact, the society said, both soldiers and civilians were in short and long-term danger.
Depleted uranium is left over after uranium is enriched for use in nuclear reactors and after reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. Thousands of tonnes of it are stored in the US and Britain.
Because it is effectively free and 20 per cent heavier than steel, the military experimented with it and discovered it could penetrate steel and concrete much more easily than conventional weapons.
It was adopted as a standard weapon in the first Gulf War despite its radioactive content and toxic effects. It was used again in the Balkans and Afghanistan by the US.
Depleted uranium has been suspected by many campaigners of causing the unexplained cancers among Iraqis, particularly children, since the previous Gulf War. Chemicals released in the atmosphere during bombing could equally be to blame.
Among those against its use is Professor Doug Rokke, a one-time US army colonel who is also a former director of the Pentagon’s depleted uranium project.
He has called on the US and Britain to “recognise the immoral consequences of their actions and assume responsibility for medical care and thorough environmental remediation”.”

Scientists reject line on depleted uranium
April 19 2003
 By Paul Brown 


Why do we not hear that labor-Unions are supporting radiologic-Measurements hiring and reporting practices in the Canada-Provinces? The Qubec strike has been a wherewithal of how much people have stood for “not taking anymore government austerity” when and while there is no future in that! The students are not finding conversational freedom, that may be the need of have some idiopathic, or defense structure. They shown much social-Structure, quite unlike the US where social-fabric is the reuse and stoic-embrace. Use the social emollience that prepare us, and themselves, as they need lower tuition—of free-University and smaller classroom student size w higher attendance.
No mentions of ‘phtoremediations’ being useful and any or how many study areas started’. A very big loss to Ecology, otherwise. “R”

“In this Province, one worker in six is working at or close to the minimum wage, the Employment Standards Act is weak and its enforcement is a bad joke. In this context, a drive to push poor and disabled people into the lowest paying sections of the job market will not reduce poverty or even unemployment. It will simply create forced competition for precarious, low-wage, and often times dangerous jobs. People will be pressured to seek work by a social assistance system that, complete with corporate ‘advisors,’ measures everyone and everything in terms of “distance from the labour market.” There will still be a limited supply of jobs, many of them short lived. There will still be more people wanting those jobs than can be employed. The difference will be that those forced into this bidding war will be more desperate and vulnerable even than they are today. The result will be a lowering of conditions and a downward pressure on wages. Then perhaps some future government will commission a new report to design an even more regressive social assistance system that can drag poor and working people down even further.”

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)–Poverty in Ontario. Collapse of the Welfare State
By Socialist Project Global Research, November 04, 2012


What is and could be could the real hypocrisy to us-Amers as anti-Nuclearist: policy for peace, not for eradicating “democracy” as neo-Liberalist bankors do? The de-Contaminations of radionuclides has not started—and, since 1945 the active over-Utilization of “practicing nuclear-Weapons” 1945 and maintaining NPP’s reactors, since 1962, as well was the again shattered formidability of masses` Annihiation weaponry of that, by NSDU-238 usages, not one commitment to “defense from those microns of radionuclides has been enhanced as Ecology and Huamnity forsaken amenity-of-Need. Why then, have not the abated nonsense become parable and action-Activity for measurable gains thru de-Contamination. This one fact, is the dirigible of overt success formulating de-Success by military, governments not blamed by Oligarchs whose controls are the consorts of plutocracy, or desensitizing until “oops, too late”. Well then do not ask your favorite “anarchists” as they are too busy w liberty to obfuscate the laws further.

I saw the challenging excesses of anarchists “rioting and breaking windows” from my poetics perch in coffee haus’ as my cameras could not take activity and development costs. I also have read the reports that journalists and interested multitudes of people have read, watching videos or reading w photos. Anarchists are a pain as much as riotous-Police—also anarchists. In other words, anarchists are always belligerent. The “nuclearist policy” is exactly the same oNLY involves a “different template” hardly a differing template! Dig. “R”

“Superstorm Sandy’s unexpected wrath makes a powerful case for revisiting Fukushima and the dangers to nuclear energy from natural disasters. As Sandy made landfall on Atlantic City, Oyster Creek nuclear power plant nearby was fortunately on a scheduled outage. But Indian Point 3 in Buchanan, N.Y., Nine Mile Point 1 in Scriba, N.Y., and Salem Unit 1 in Hancocks Bridge, N.J., all experienced shutdowns because of high water levels or electrical disruption. Last year, the dangerous Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown was caused by similar conditions after tsunami waves flooded the plant and short-circuited both the regular and back-up electrical systems.
Equally dangerous are drought and record heat conditions the U.S. experienced last summer. In August, one of two reactors at the Millstone nuclear power plant near New London, Conn., not far from where I grew up, was shut down because water in Long Island Sound needed to cool the reactors got too warm. Cool water is necessary to produce electricity.
[…] It’s time to face the facts: Mother Nature rules. The best we can do is try to lessen the damage from her wrath. Phasing out nuclear power is the safe answer.”

Nuclear Power and Natural Disasters: Lessons from Fukushima and Sandy
Source: Author: Lucy Birmingham Date: Nov. 07, 2012

DNA & RNA can become manipulated by exterior and interior molecular deformities, as well as deaths from cancerous growths due radiologic-Contaminations

Time to end the death-Squads of US-empire, a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison

–note: nUkiEmOLe bloG #80

Tags/ Nuclear Power, and Natural Disasters, Beyond Treason(2005), Documentary, Hakim Al-Zamili, killed 160 persons, Dr. Raad Al Mahdawy, in Diyala, 5-Britons, Iraq War Crimes, US Military, NSDU-238, war crimes, collapse of welfare state, independent journalism, Julian Assange, prioritize war, not peace, money party, mega-storm, sandy, 100’s tonnes, should be removed, protect civilian population, the Royal Society, of Iraq, 60% fissile, anti-matter, NPP’s shutdowns, megastorm, Sandy, unemployment, no phytoremediations, yet?

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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