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anti-nucleaRist bloG #142/ 04 Nov 2012 because wars & nuclearist Policy equals plutocracy, Oligarchs control

anti-nucleaRist bloG #142/ 04 Nov 2012
because wars & nuclearist Policy equals plutocracy, Oligarchs control

my comments:

A myriad of reports can be made to extend the scope of factoring notoriety regarding radionculides, but not all ”articles” have a constant in erudition that can stay the course toward radiation-Measurements, because there are “currently” three calamity extents on radiologic that retain discrepant formulas—all of which are uranium oriented.
My context is preparing human Consciousness and subscription toward a community-Response system of localized “defense” one which elected officials can—and should—pride funds for, that may not have to include monies for clean-UPs overseas, which is also pertinent to providing content for need here at home to start—w I hope, of this one person’s blogging and correlations from a professional perspective. Therefore, since I did an expansive measure—paralleling called nUkiEmOLe posts, that have not been posted to nUkiEmOLe, website. My positing the need was to maintain stories of my own Life’s commitment and involvements toward writing—as well as fine-Arts—yet attempting that immediacy w stories of my ‘pilgrimages’.

The other aspect is that time in historical-Sense favors broadening the base since 1943 (or primarily since April 7th 1967 which seems more, uppe-most. There is a host of ideology, and attentiveness ‘lots’ to garner to all weRkin’ people as well as those in peace ‘n Justice circs, as well as lambasting capitalism Congress-people, but more importantly, those Green Party, Socialist Party and Justice party voters who already need to be better informed.
Why I am into catching this space-Time: compendium, is that humanity has become insufferable by the three “nuclear-Dispossessions” all of which are nuclearist-Dispositions! The ‘empire’ has left me bereft of proper-Retirement security, improper: non-Family (sole-Survivor of two surnames) sociology for which I may desire to move from French, US and UK concomitancy of futility and in an amassed sit-com of how to move 107,ooo pounds of “sculptural-Arts: materials”!
I wonder when not how the amer-Publics will wake-up and enterprise all extents of decontaminating w.o. plutocratic overview determining, it’s really ‘funny’. Not fun, history is always ‘wars-Warring’ not peace specific, culture and attenuations of circumstances circumspect, anyway! Period. “R”

anti-Nuclearist pRefeRRed bloG #140 context:

The use of HAARP has made insidious and continuing traumatization of the world’s resources where 7 billion people are, supposedly “living”. The need, indeed concerned w freshwater, food growing and eating, as well as shelter. Fact is that a consortium of high-flung resources of multi-nationalist pecuniary funding has brought a neo-Liberalist “fundamentalism” is backed as a fractious addendum of moronic military-Hegemony: he new-Rome (evil-Empire). What has surfaced and points it’s finger at the source-of-Scourge? There is w HAARP a no-need reticence for allotment of globules of dissecting informative reviews on this secularized view—against the fugue. Storms and quakes caused by molecular-Manipulation is indeed one of the source factorials, while chem.-Trails is the other. I shall yet attempt to gather the insouciant, as research means are now opening and attenuations have gone farther than most of us did suspect, altho we had NSDU-238 terminal careless rapprochement to pan that significance since 1991!

We, the people, shall oNLY have defense consequence when we gather data on “radionuclides” thru measuring background and use-sites. This has been an inclemency since 1981—Livermore action Group plenaries. National Monies are being criminally ripped-Off, and the stat of cronyist-Aplomb is hosting “coRpoRatist manipulations” on the foundations of our daily needs, as seen by GMO and radionuclides non-Decontaminating. Why should the infrastructure suffer, is because people are not really utilizing their resourceful energies as well as they can—and should be doing. There is no need for the greed of NSDU-238, NPP’s producing more pu-239, and thermo-Nuclears not really ‘warhesd taken apart but stored w indifference’ remains my question, not my anecdote for power-mongering and usury—nor waste is grate, free tax-monies to spend!?

People are suffering because money is not spent nor allocated on public-Housing, and on universal-Medicare. The loss of property in Manhattan, where walls may have to be built for global-Climate change, need to maintain some recovery on freshwater from rains, not to allow saltwater into underground subway systems and low-altitude asphalt streets! Much can be done to make parks where sand and shoreline can proscribe to public transporting them to ocean, free-Passage. “R”

“In the past there have been many hurricanes, but they have never hit New York with such devastating force as this. A few miles to the south and things would have been very different. It is well known that necessity expresses itself through accidents. Hurricane Sandy was an accident, in the sense that it was an event that might have happened but equally might not.
But Sandy did strike, and with unbelievable violence. And it immediately exposed the ugly realities that lay beneath the glittering surface of American capitalism. In a land where inequality has increased to obscene proportions, it is the poor people who have to suffer most from these “acts of God,” while the rich are unaffected, as if they live in a different world, which, to tell the truth, they do.

At a moment when large parts of Manhattan were plunged in darkness, the Goldman Sachs building was resplendent with light. This little detail indicates the gulf that divides the whole of American society. And as the details of this inequality have emerged, the mood of shock has given way to angry complaints of neglect and unequal treatment.
The storm’s U.S. death toll rose to 110 across nine states, the largest number being centered in the New York City area. On Staten Island, where a wall of water slammed into the city on Monday night, rescuers have just pulled two bodies from another house in the Midland Beach neighborhood, bringing to 41 the official death count.”

After the Storm: the mood turns angry
Written by Alan Woods in New York Sunday, 04 November 2012 10:26


Traumatizing the public is a constant ACT, not voted upon, but maintained for belligerence of people not-to-have-Neighbors and policy affirmations of themselves. Neglect is never answered when all factors that point in that direction can point the finger into the face of “constant of abuse” hardly excuse of belligerence outlook maintained.

“Karzai lashed out at the Western main stream media– especially The New York Times, BBC and CNN– for gloomy predictions about Afghanistan’s future once the US-led foreign troops withdraw from the country in 2014.
“This is a psychological war by the Western media against Afghanistan: once the foreign troops pull out, Afghanistan will be poor, there will be civil war and the Taliban will return, etcetera,” Karzai told a news conference in Kabul.
“I believe if the objective is to influence future agreements on the number of US military bases, the presence of US troops beyond 2014 – it can’t achieve this through psychological war,” he said.
Washington is attempting to finalize a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Kabul under which the US troops are allowed to stay in the war-torn country beyond 2014.
In early May, US President Barack Obama signed a deal with his Afghan counterpart Karzai to provide aid, advisers, and support for a period of 10 years after the expected departure of foreign combat troops in 2014.
Karzai said the US and its Western allies were not serious about tackling the ongoing insurgency in Afghanistan. “

Western media launch smear campaign against Afghanistan: Karzai
Sunday Nov 04, 201207:40 PM GMT Press TV


Again, I do not recall seeing aerial photos and space-technology photographic views of the eye-of-a-Hurricane. There was a dismissive on that pertinent “factorable”? My compendium was as was felt a massive non-Hurricane highwinds, tidal-surge storm. The other fact is that this is as close to HAARP’s definition of what they can do—w assertive and destructive force one complementing others i.e. chem.-Trails and molecular-Manipulation! Alex Jones, Ecology Now (website) and Ms Leuren Moret have attested to this non-Subliminally—their attestations have no couplement negating, as well. “R”

“A week after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States, large numbers of storm victims remain without power, heat or a roof over their heads as the cold weather sets in. With the death toll over 100 already, the crisis could be worsened by a winter-like storm scheduled to hit the region later this week, which is expected to bring heavy rains and snow.
As of Monday, 1.8 million still remained without power, 900,000 of this total in the state of New Jersey. Utility companies warned that it could be weeks before electricity was restored in some areas. A new storm could knock out power for those who have had it restored, or produce entirely new power outages.
The inadequate relief response has provoked widespread anger, particularly in the tri-state New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area, the most densely populated region of the country. Angry residents have denounced New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and federal officials for restoring power to the stock exchange and wealthy neighborhoods in Manhattan, while neglecting devastated working class areas in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and other boroughs.
Many residents remain marooned in waterlogged homes without electricity or heat, while the shortage of gasoline continues. Mass transit, schools and other public services are slowly returning, but officials say recovery will take weeks or months.
Over the weekend Mayor Bloomberg said some 40,000 people were made homeless as a result of the hurricane in New York City alone. In one of his few truthful comments, the billionaire mayor, compared the humanitarian crisis to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast more than seven years ago.
Like Katrina, Hurricane Sandy has revealed the class divide in America, this time in the financial and cultural capital of the US. As one resident of Broad Channel in Queens told the New York Times, “Who screams in Bloomberg’s ear?” he asked. “The wealthy people.”…”

One week after Hurricane Sandy, human crisis and class tensions grow
By Fred Mazelis 6 November 2012 WSWS


Is there no doubt that the lack-of-Diplomacy from US State Dept is a “belligerence-Society of bureaucrats”? The big-Empire bully has been most fastidious, doing propaganda and not defending from dictators, altho the proscription of encirclement is merely wasting false-Militaristic aplomb if HAARP is proving it’s black-Ops worth in nefarity! That the belligerence-factor has never been mentioned is because propaganda supports use of aggressive “nuclear-Uranium” for what and which ur-238 is 60% fissile and is going to be around “forever: 44.456 billion years” into the odious cosmic-Future. Millions of people in the NJ, NY, CN, DE, PA region of eastern-Seaboard, should have already had solar and wind electricity, not nuclear-power-plants and pontification for making plutonium-239. Wars overseas while no “universal healthcare at home” is strontium-89 to me i.e. already an isotopes decayed like the Oligarchs are decadently decaying! Insidious sanctions on medicines, while the people at home have need of government-Subsidies is yet another condemnation of US empire’s “sleaze-at-will policy” of no politics other than one-[party system. “R”

“Though US rules have not imposed any bans on American firms to sell medicine and medical supplies to Iran, exporters have been required to apply for special licenses. Besides, as the aftermath of the sanctions, the impossibility of transferring money through banks has cast its cumbersome shadow upon medicine and healthcare in Iran and has gravely affected the import of medicines to Iran.
The move comes as Iran has protested that the US-engineered sanctions are hurting ordinary Iranian citizens.
In a letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in August, head of the Charity Foundation for Special Diseases Fatemeh Hashemi urged Ban to prevent sanction-induced damages to six million Iranian patients suffering from such intractable diseases as thalassemia, hemophilia, kidney conditions, multiple sclerosis (MS), cancer, etc.
The letter stated that shortage and increased price of medicine caused by illegal sanctions has directly affected the lives and well-being of millions of patients.
Ban said in a subsequent UN report that sanctions were, in fact, taking a toll on humanitarian operations in the country. “Even companies that have obtained the requisite license to import food and medicine are facing difficulties in finding third-country banks to process the transactions,” he wrote.
According to the Los Angeles Times, analysts believe that protests over humanitarian effects of US unilateral sanctions against Iran could undermine support for those sanctions among US allies.
At the beginning of 2012, the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Iran’s oil and financial sectors with the goal of preventing other countries from purchasing Iranian oil and conducting transactions with the Central Bank of Iran. The sanctions entered into force in early summer 2012.”

Six Million Iranian Patients suffer from lack of medicine due to US Sanctions
By Press TV Global Research, November 03, 2012 Press TV 3 November 2012


How many decades has the empire been hell-Bent on destruction of nation-States that does not install a fascist-System of banking, trade, conspiring against the populations’ needs, and militarizing thru sales of arms and munitions? Does fecundity come to mind, as they enterprise w IMpunity for an IMperium of multinationals that have use of NSDU-238 as a kill-Anyone method of Defense? Since when is “thermo-Nuclear resourcefulness” the helping manner of thoroughized methods to cleanse nevada-Testsite, and Chelyanbinsk-60 and a host of protecting the publics around the world from NPP’s tritium leakage and water aquifer contaminations? “R”

“To claim that there is no money for these essential needs is a lie. The Bush and Obama administrations made an estimated $23 trillion available to bail out the criminals on Wall Street who plunged the economy into the worst crisis since the Great Depression. After being handed the keys to the US Treasury, these financial sharks are making more money than ever. On top of this, four trillion dollars have been wasted on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on behalf of the energy conglomerates and big banks.
Far from providing any relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, both millionaire candidates—Obama and Romney—are committed to a “Grand Bargain” to slash $4 trillion from the federal deficit. This will involve savage cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and other programs that will cost lives and make the population even more vulnerable to the impact of such disasters.
Hurricane Sandy has once again exposed the impossibility of addressing the needs of a modern, mass society within the framework of the outmoded capitalist system. Again and again, social needs run up against the absolute obstacle of an economic and social system in which the productive forces of society—and all of the decisions about the allocation of resources—are monopolized by a tiny handful of the population.

Scientists have repeatedly been warning New York city and state officials of the probability of a weather disaster involving widespread flooding and damage to electrical and transit systems. Proposals for the building of strategic storm barriers in and around the New York harbor—which would have prevented the catastrophic flooding—were rejected out of hand because of the estimated cost of $10 billion. This is nothing compared to the profits and bonuses of the banks and financial institutions headquartered in Manhattan.
The Socialist Equality Party calls for the nationalization of the banks and their transformation into publicly owned entities. The working class, which produces the wealth of society, should take control of these resources so that human need takes precedence over the greed and ever-greater enrichment of the financial aristocracy. At the same time, a radical change in course and social priorities is needed, including a policy to contain global warming and upgrade basic infrastructure.
Such a transformation is not possible through a political system completely dominated by the rich. The working class must build a mass socialist party to fight for a workers’ government and genuine social equality.”

A socialist policy for the victims of Hurricane Sandy–Statement of Jerry White, SEP candidate for US president
2 November 2012 WSWS


Hegemony is a fretful word, and then “impoverishment” is too! Tyranny inoculates us w a specific imbalance of impoverishment as the military and power-mongering couple w technocrats—such as those ‘derivatives-Bankors’—to bring together embellishments of how not to obey laws thru democracy and how not to have “accountability” the equilibrium in consolescence (consoluteness) to maintain that balance. I was extra-Glad when I read one of the many sources, now available to read, research, comment or write about from the inter-Nay (French pronunciation) as I’ve protested, been run around w caustic-Losses (caused purposefully and fretfully by Oligarchs—local) and basically having had many attempts to remove me from artist-Philosopher because they wanted politician-erogonomics. Laws are not ergonomics, whether others attempt to use sociology or actually abide by socio-Polity ethics. The immoralist appeal that rips people from their principles is from that ergonometrics in episodes of formulating ‘propaganda’. I saw this in Cambodia, and I was aghast that the people were very principled, but knew they were foredoomed to early deaths and/or death by starvation. “R”

“Far and away, America’s human rights record is the world’s worst. No other nation approaches its unprincipled history. Earlier crimes against humanity were largely internal and regional.
Twentieth century ones went global. New millennium ones elevated atrocities and other human rights abuses to an unprecedented level. It keeps rising. America is guilty of virtually every crime imaginable and then some…
America has the largest domestic gulag. Numerous secret prisons operate abroad. Internal spying is out-of-control. Privacy is routinely violated.
Last December, another Russian report criticized America’s human rights record. On December 28, Russia Today ( headlined “US violating human rights at home and abroad: Russian report,” saying:
 Russia’s Foreign Ministry discussed numerous US domestic and foreign human rights abuses. On the pretext of fighting terrorism alone, fundamental rights are denied.
“The situation in the United States….is far from the ideals proclaimed in Washington,” the report said. “The incumbent administration continues to apply most of the methods of controlling society and interfering in the private lives of the American people that were adopted….under George Bush on the pretext of combating terror.”
Russia also condemned “the exterritorial application of US legislation (that) seriously harms Russian-US relations.”…”

America’s Deplorable Human Rights Record
By Stephen Lendman Global Research, November 04, 2012


I believe in ICBUW and in CADU and in the once formidable, US citizens Traprock Peace Center which is yet available to encounter for stats on facts from last millennium. What was im[portant for me, why I could not proceed to full progression even upon visits to the Pentagons, and Colonel Robert Gates—now past Sec Defense, and a host of politicians meetings—see my book soon to be published which gives reference to admonishments the “hawks” never can full digest because they do not realize “peace as democracy” adequacy—persons such Casper Weinberger, Rep Henry Gonzalez, Rep Dennis Kucinich, Sen Harry Reid, deceased Sen Ted Kennedy, ex-Sen Tom Daschle many others! Did a single one of these ,always men, formulate a strength-Bond w the constituents of the states they wanted to tie-IN to Oligarchism, or was peace merely a remiss-Dream? “R”

“138 states have supported a resolution calling for a precautionary approach to depleted uranium weapons at the United Nations First Committee.

The United Nations First Committee has passed its fourth and most far reaching resolution to date on DU weapons. The resolution recalls the positions taken by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) after their fieldwork on DU affected sites in the Balkans, which called for a precautionary approach to DU. In UNEP’s view, precaution should be backed by clean-up and decontamination, awareness raising measures to reduce the risk of civilian exposure and the long-term monitoring of contaminated sites.
The resolution was tabled by the Non-Aligned Movement and, as with previous years, the text was actively opposed by the US, UK and France. The three DU users once again argued that various agencies such as the WHO, NATO and IAEA have undertaken long term studies into DU’s health and environmental impact. However, this simplification ignored the fact that none of the bodies cited have undertaken long-term health or environmental studies into civilian populations affected by DU contamination. The three states also complained that UNEP’s position had been selectively quoted, in spite of UNEP highlighting the need for precaution and remedial measures after each of its field assessments.
“ICBUW welcomes this resolution as another valuable step towards global action on DU and all toxic remnants of war,” said an ICBUW spokesperson. “We are particularly pleased that a significant majority of states accept that precaution is justified and recognise the need for post-conflict measures to protect civilian health from the toxic legacy of conflict. This resolution helps reinforce the need for environmental and health protection norms to be adopted to reduce the humanitarian impact of conflict.”

UN vote backs precautionary approach to depleted uranium weapons
6 November 2012 – ICBUW


Whiling the need for 6-weeks paid ‘vacation’ my bloGs are today coming to an end, until whenever! They are very time-consuming and others’ use the tenets of Onslaught to divest as though devaluing was the method. Here, I cannot do that, but the form not the forum is my reason “why”! Following some tactful reports from Arnie Gunderson, Michio Kaku, Chris Busby and cross-currents w Nipponese scientists who spoke ‘out’ as well as underground news, my angst found a mid-point. The ENEnews shows lots of views, devalues nothing in the shortened process! No shorthand method is used. Having been to both Chernobyl, 1981 after protesting Daiichis 1977 (on spot and in Fukushima, and w Hiroshima Peace people in Osaka, I was glad—to say the least—that a follow thru was not toten verboten. The coverage should be my daily bread, mainly, is my reason for cutting back on now around 140 re-Numbering those past into circ of solo-Context. “R”

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl,Independent, August 29, 2011:

Japan has been slow to admit the scale of the meltdown. But now the truth is coming out. David McNeill reports from Soma City
[T]he triple meltdown […] has elevated Japan into unknown, and unknowable, terrain.
Across the northeast, millions of people are living with its consequences and searching for a consensus on a safe radiation level that does not exist. […] Some scientists say Fukushima is worse than the 1986 Chernobyl accident […] [M]any experts warn that the crisis is just beginning. […] Some scientists predict that one million lives will be lost to cancer. […] Chris Busby, a professor at the University of Ulster:
• “[Busby] said the disaster would result in more than 1 million deaths. ‘Fukushima is still boiling its radionuclides all over Japan […] Chernobyl went up in one go. So Fukushima is worse.’”
• “Professor Busby says the release is at least 72,000 times worse than Hiroshima.”
Professor Tim Mousseau, a biological scientist who has spent more than a decade researching the genetic impact of radiation around Chernobyl:
• “[Mousseau] worries that many people in Fukushima are ‘burying their heads in the sand.’”
• “His Chernobyl research concluded that biodiversity and the numbers of insects and spiders had shrunk inside the irradiated zone, and the bird population showed evidence of genetic defects, including smaller brain sizes.”
• “[T]here are very likely to be very significant long-term health impact from prolonged exposure.”…”

Independent: Why Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl; “Now the truth is coming out” — 72,000 times worse than Hiroshima & 1 million+ cancer deaths, says professor Published: August 29th, 2011 at 2:15 am ET By ENENews

Time to change transport fuels was 1974; but, time to dissolve belligerence has been since 5,400 years ago!

Halt hegemony arms and invasions, a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison

–note: anti-Nuclearist pRefeRRed bloG#140

Tags/ decontaminating ,w.o. plutocratic overview, determining amounts, UN Environment Programme (UNEP), NSDU-238, Daiichi/Fukushima, 1986 Chernobyl accident, global action on DU, long-term health or environmental studies, the largest domestic gulag, America’s human rights record, world’s worst, secret prisons, operate abroad, radionuclides, all over Japan, use of HAARP, Afghanistan: Karzai, ENEnews,

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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