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anti-nucleaRist bloG #141/ 02 Nov 2012 NSDU-238 tyranny covets excessive propaganda, others

anti-nucleaRist bloG #141/ 02 Nov 2012
NSDU-238 tyranny covets excessive propaganda, others

The remunerative consequencia is not malaise but a total waste of intrinsic time and human energy, to what amalgamates as socio-empathic. The same such remuneration can be said to be “the single-party parody” as apologist, in as much as “fragmented-Politics began in early 1972. This spate of progressives must go w one megalomaniac Oligarch or another is ergonomic, because each one is prioritizing to the other side of one capitalist-Tyranny maintained, but not however over the other side. This never circumvents into “peace-Formula” but the energy is burned-Off giving the fleeting that accomplishment is plenty for all or pluralist endemnity w.o. a result nor even a cause. Thus, NSDU-238 is manipulated into the becoming of spiritual ascendancy for fear that other weapons will never secede the radiologic, when that precipatice-Precipice: venture (like that of Russell Means) has probably gone way over w “Chemtrails” and/or HAARP. All the good while the planet is getting immorally devastated by the ergonomics of inveterate “one-Person: coRpoRatist” overture and entreaty lying no harm done.

What gets me is the burn of human-Energy, and the resource wasted by fast & furious undertaking w or w.o. accomplishmentarian overview or virtuosity other than merely another excuse. Hw good is ‘worry’ for commitment to principles and Philosophy is not righteousness, otherwise. “R”

“Some on the left will argue that this is all the fault of Republicans. While it is true that Romney/Ryan budget proposal would cut up to 40 percent from FEMA in 2013, Obama also proposed to cut FEMA funding by another 3 percent (on top of the huge cuts already imposed since 2010). This is the logic of lesser-evilism, or what some call a good-cop/bad-cop strategy. Republicans propose monstrous cuts to vital services, then the Democrats propose less cuts, and are therefore painted as the “progressive” choice. The same logic was forced down the throats of working people when Democrats, heading the demands of their campaign contributors in the insurance industry, abandoned plans for a wildly popular “public option” in the healthcare bill, hiding behind allegedly “intractable” Republican resistance.

In an era of rising temperatures and sea levels, with increasingly violent weather patterns (including a series of recent tornadoes in New York—of all places!) an organization such as FEMA should not be cut at all, but instead dramatically expanded and improved!
Working people face a dire future of unnecessary disasters brought on by capitalist dependence on climate-changing fossil fuels, threatening our safety and livelihoods. An effective, fully-funded and democratically-controlled emergency response agency is the very least that is necessary. Beyond this, however, the dilapidated infrastructure of vulnerable coastal regions needs to be rebuilt to prevent this kind of damage and loss of life—a point made by New York Governor Cuomo but unlikely to be acted upon.”

’Frankenstorm’ leaves scores dead, thousands homeless, millions without power
01/11/2012 Pete Ikeler, Socialist Alternative, New York


I am NOT convinced that genetically modified w pesticides and fungicides and awful
tasting potassium—is that in those molecules of ultra-Starched from reality micro-Orgasmic– sterile-foods is NOT good for me! What about you? “R”

“In the face of yet more scientific evidence of the adverse health effects of genetically modified foods, country after country is working to ban, limit or restrict the cultivation and testing of GM crops… the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology found that rats fed Monsanto’s patented NK603 gmo corn were more likely to develop tumours and suffer severe liver and kidney damage. The study followed 200 rats over two years, divided into 10 groups of 10 males and 10 females. Three groups were fed the NK603 corn alone, three groups were fed the corn treated with Roundup herbicide, three groups were not fed the corn but their water was treated with Roundup, and a control group was fed non-GM corn and plain drinking water. The researchers found that the rats that consumed the GM corn or the Roundup, separately or combined, were prone to serious health problems that typically did not manifest until the fourth month of the trial. Industry-sponsored rat feeding tests only span three months.
This is in addition to numerous studies in recent years showing that, contrary to the claims of the GM food supporters, GM crops neither produce larger yields nor reduce the amount of pesticides necessary for the cultivation of crops. A 2009 study by the Union of Concerned Scientists foundthat genetically engineered crops produced no significant yield increases, and what increases in yield were detected were almost exclusively due to traditional breeding and improvement in agricultural practices.”

GMO Foods: Science, PR, and Public Backlash
by grtv James Corbett, Anthony Gucciardi Posted on: October 29, 2012


THE CLIMATE “MANIPULATION FOR CONTINUED POLLUTION AND CONTAMINATION-RADIONULCIDES is constantly in our laps! Ever ask why? Ever ask how come we’re continually given crap-Crafty Oligarch/empire wars? How will the tasks and organizational ‘defense-patterns’ be emplaced for protecting us from any NPP’s meltdowns due the immense expense for wasting fresh-water? How can impracticality always be the divination-Answer toward realizing the planet’s crust rather than machines of pollution in wars and NSDU-238 laminating over that apparency? The diabolical empire is as arrogant as the mirrored supposition that “oil is a fuel” rather than a lubricant and plastic-Manufacturing commodity. Oil America is a fluke and should be gobbling the crude-Crud from near (and far) the Macondo gusher of 2010—or, at least uptake until satiated, compete w algae-Blooms, too! “R”

“Climate scientists have been issuing warnings for decades now, but the same profit-driven politics that starves our public services and underfunds our infrastructure stands in the way of urgently needed investment in renewable energy. Real sustainable investments on the scale needed could only be achieved by breaking with capitalism, and replacing this economic system with democratic planning over the use of world resources and technology.

Capitalist politicians, be they Republican or Democrat, have proved themselves wholly incapable of addressing these issues. They are beholden to banks and private corporations, including energy companies, for campaign funding. They are the mouthpieces for these big business interests.
The New York Times recently estimated that this year’s presidential race will cost a record-breaking $2 billion, roughly split between Republicans and Democrats, with most of this coming from corporate donors. Capitalist presidential candidates require nearly $1 billion to be “electable” now, just so that—if they do get elected—they can enact cuts to vital programs like FEMA! The answer to this tortured logic is not to “hold our nose” and continue to elect pro-cuts Democrats. Instead, it is to use all means at our disposal to challenge both capitalist parties. This means organizing mass protests, direct action and forming an independent anti-cuts mass party that challenges the dictatorship of Wall Street and big business.

We live in an era of disaster capitalism.”

Electable for disaster “healthcare w.o. coRpoRatism”! What about w insurance regulated by never pays you: system of diablolical– no trees aoNLY sleaze and you pay the insurance company then eat GMO’s. Yes. “R”

“…that GMO crops already account for a large percentage of the North American food supply is also hitting record levels. This awareness and understanding is slowly being transformed into action, as grassroots movements are prompting country after country to set up new barricades against the introduction and spread of these GMO foods.”

’Frankenstorm’ leaves scores dead, thousands homeless, millions without power
01/11/2012 Pete Ikeler, Socialist Alternative, New York


The sense of making riches is not ever merely money, because that’s reserved for nonsense—non-use of arable lands and normal regenerating Ecology! Ahh, yes the combatible hazards or making hazardous wastes into profit! Not merely ‘ergonomics’ anymore today than yesterday! What megalomania multinational backing group is backing the black-OPs of US fanatical intel-Gence that utilizes chem-trails and the other side who’s backing HAARP, cannot be even in malalignment, or is that merely making billions of US dollars for more munitions buying thru off-shore derivatives Banking and subprime deregulation! Do worry that considerable “lubricant has been used for the wrong purpose, also”! Fun is fun when you’re really killing the people one-way then another way—both resourcefully,. Of course, idiosyncratic usury.

Ohh, by the way, who has been placed in jail—then whose Oligarch do you need? Sanctimony, a wee-Piece of ethical-Balance, would ya! Where’s the website that has the 3,500 wells to be capped and watched in the Gulf of America/Mejico? “R”

“WB: The chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon said that the Macondo well was originally drilled in another location, but that “going faster caused the bottom of the well to split open, swallowing tools”, and that BP abandoned that well. You’ve spoken to that technician and looked into the incident, and concluded that “they damn near blew up the rig.” [See this and this].
Do you know where that abandoned well location is, and do you know if that well is still leaking?
Bea: The abandoned well is very close to the current well location. BP had to file reports showing the location of the abandoned well and the new well [with the Minerals Management Service], so the location of the abandoned well is known.
We don’t know if the abandoned well is leaking.
WB: Matthew Simmons talked about a second leaking well. There are rumors on the Internet that the original well is still leaking. Do you have any information that can either disprove or confirm that allegation?
Bea: There are two uncorroborated reports. One is that there is a leak 400 feet West of the present well’s surface location. There is another report that there is a leak several miles to the West.
[Bea does not know whether either report is true at this time, because BP is not sharing information with the government, let alone the public.] Subsequently petroleum industry geohazards engineer BK Lim claimed there were 3 leaking wells.”

BP’s Macondo Gulf Oil Spill: The Public Was Misled. There Are THREE – Not One – Leaking Wellheads
By Washington’s Blog Global Research, October 31, 2012


I call DU, NOT-SO-DEPLETED URANIUM-238 because the full-Life is 44.456 billion years of lengthy “longevity” and maybe the monarchs think their ‘bloodline’ may go on for a few millenniums. The stat is “all uranium is Radiologic” and the constant is “got staying power” altho we w all discourse could not shut the usages down, let alone keep from contaminating as “above-Ground testing” in New Zealand, Pacific atolls, nevtest-site, Ulan Batar desert, Chelyabynsk-60. The ‘dirty lil Ace’ as was known for US service-people’s nonsense to not having protective gear for clean-UPs, which basically happened to merely 10-contanminated tanks, and the service-patrols were never really re-Contaminated—not on spot nor off-spot—was and is, remains dirty “soup-radionuclides”! The doctor’s who maintain a presence also have to be specially protected—as should be for A.I.D.S. But, NSDU-238 is 10’s of times more abstract than even not-so-depleted urnium-238. The misnomer name is propaganda for abusing laws, has at last been sewn into the adjunctive of “Oligarchs, ohh how nice”! “R”

“1.4. A dedicated computer controlled facility at the McMaster University Nuclear Reactor enables the irradiation of an aliquot of urine dried in a polyethylene bag in a clean fume hood, for a pre-set time. After another pre-set delay time, the irradiated specimen is assayed either for delayed neutrons with a dedicated neutron detector or for assaying gamma rays with a high resolution germanium detector and a pulse-height analyser for recording the spectrum. The two methods were previously used successfully in identifying work-related uranium in workers’ tissues [Appendix I]. Eight standards were run for uranium analysis with each set of the specimens (Appendix II).

1.5. The analytical data that are presented in this report, were on the urine specimens that were collected during the 1998-9 period from the GWI veterans who were allegedly exposed to DU during the 1990-91 Gulf conflict, and sent to us for the determination of DU content. The clearance rate of DU from the veterans’ bodies was thus evaluated to be 1 to 5 micrograms of DU per day during the 1998-9 period. The excretion rate of DU in residents of Basra, who resided there during the 1991-4 period, was found to be lower than that from the exposed veterans. Five specimens taken in 1999 from the residents of Baghdad during 1990 to 1994,revealed that only one showed the presence of DU while the other four had mostly natural uranium.

1.6. It is evident that the clearance rate must be associated with a very slow rate of solubilization of depleted-uranium oxides aerosols (DUOA) in body fluids or from some body compartment where it is stored. The trans-location of DUOA may pass through many body compartments but the rate of excretion may be controlled from at least one component represented by a very long half life. It appears that ingestion of DUOA must have occurred through inhalation of the contaminated air; and that might have led to the accumulation of the DUOA in the lungs. The clearance rate of DUOA or at least one of the components of DUOA is associated with a very long biological half life.

1.7. To test the accuracy and reliability of two methods (DNC and INAA) for the determination of DU in the specimens, another method using a surface ionisation mass spectrometer (SIMS) was followed for the determination of abundance of the uranium isotopes in the urine specimens [4,7]. The two sets of results agreed with each other within the errors. The DNC and INAA methods do not require dissolution of the specimens. However, the other method did require complete dissolution of ceramic type of uranium dioxide in the specimens. Results obtained from the use of ICP-MS did not agree with the results by the use of SIMS or the DNC and INAA methods. It was shown that only uranium (VI) compounds could be either solubilized in the body fluids or in tissues when treated with ultra pure nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide. It appears that uranium compounds with the oxidation state of IV were not converted to oxidation state of VI. Nearly five hundred analyses with ICP-MS only showed the presence of NU in the specimens. Undissolved solids from the digestion of tissues showed the presence of DU as determined by the DNC and INAA methods.”

Investigations of Environmental Impacts from the Deployment of Depleted Uranium Munitions Dr. Hari Sharma

Being kind, showing peaceful mannerism, is not devisive, but allowing no accountability to laws-Enforcement on National levels is merely derisive scorn…

Halt the use of NSDU-238 munitions, a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison

–notes: anti-Nuclearist bloG#139

Tags/ use of Bio-Technology, disaster capitalism, tyranny covetous, GMO, micro-Biology, macro ethics, neo-Liberalist, technician-Farmers, another death, NSDU-238, syndrome, coRpoRate multinational, Macondo well, gusher, geo-hazards, not-so-depleted ur-238, full-Life, Depleted Uranium Munitions, work-related, uranium in workers’ tissues, coRpoRatism, Chemical Toxicology, FEMA, nuclear-molecular age, era of disaster capitalism,

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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