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anti-nucleaRist bloG #14/ 22 Feb 2008 radiation-Theory in every form after reduction the nuclear stockpile

anti-nucleaRist bloG #14/ 22 Feb 2008

radiation-Theory in every form after reduction the nuclear stockpile

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tO peace-People:


How indispensable is the planet in relationship to the vastness of gaseous-Extant? When radiation in the formulation of comprising quasars into black holes or black-Holes polluting and formulating planets, that our “the new-Rome” will not abjure in the next heartless end-of-Millennium? How heartless would any-Ole nuclear-winter be to the solar-system, in other words? The question of particulate isotopic ranges from studied to un-Justly continues the finite fallout upon the earth from the planet’s upper-Stratosphere. The isotopic demise continues w.i. the confines that when lasers are shot from earth, the radiation via which specific ray “ex or gamma” will follow the invalid post alpha-explosion. I remember hearing that in 1965. Thus, I made small inroads while ’science” became the vagary of insipid-Duress of redress, that would pan-Out “non-violence” and peace-pacts of non-Use. But, the supercollider did not get built for ’peace’ while those nuclear arsenals of upwards 28,300 killer thermo-Nuclear’s theories and practices, did. The half was because of START II, yet unsigned since 1992, by u-S Senate. Then, again the social diaspora of Palestines, Pakistan’s Somalia’s, Sudan’s and Congo’s one find to include Ivoirie Coast and yet one other Africa-nation/: Kenya.


The raps of Liberia/Ivoirie and that history are finally “lefte” encapsulated, this past month, while Rwanda caused yet more obsession w cabalism of nuclear-Wastelands in the kick-back forums? What are these new premises of non-Diplomacy doing being lied to WTO & world-Bank? What is the use/usage of ‘dRones’ bad for, if not murders extraordinaire? That was answered before the turn of the last century/millennium, when the u-S banks sought to minimize “determinism”. That un-Accomplishment was exorcism, rather than what they do not use that we rationalists, sought “complete” halt to nuclear weapons without “the rEduCtiON” premises built upon irrationality being the rationale to test as well as anarchism?! What mask are the islam rights and neo-Con’s getting’ to if not “nano-Pollution”? Reduction to the rationalism involves re-Patriotizing the world’s people w kindness, not oblique lack ’n lapse of innuendo for people to be with liberty for causes, not mistreated by police while or when protesting i.e. w.o. anarchism as put-Forth by fascist cops and anarchists no-patriots? Everybody has a place in the global-village that is belonging: to sense?


This 1960’s idealism, was ingrown toward astronomy-Science then astro-Physics, but geo-Ecologists played the apportioning portrayals as the principlist doctrines of staying w both a philosophical and scientific “theoretical” analysis for media to covet some strengths, too? Peace was not at a loss, but Jungian expansions were placed on hold until “radiation-Theory” could then, be completely replete. This has been a war-monger time of 24-years military-Hegemony” no doubt, too!


Radiation has been in-the-News forefront of astronomy and physical sciences, since the late 1950’s which is that there are good formulations for delving into philosophy, and deal the –Bellows of radiation the “proper-Perspectus” of history and not aristocracy! Why hasn’t power & PlutocRacy not been in the headlines? It’s news! I was onto publishing my now thrice demised, volumes-One of writ-Werks. Oil’s well is not weld, when pollutants always enters the human-Lungs: tissues, and micro-cosmiate’s? Yet, all ‘Uranium is Radiologic’. Does the same ‘shloch’.



“Gaseous sulfur dioxide and small amounts of water vapor are usually found below altitudes of about 43 miles (70 kilometers) in Venus’ carbon-dioxide rich atmosphere. These molecules are usually shrouded from view by cloud layers above that block our view to the surface at visible wavelengths. ESA scientists think the sulfuric acid particles that make up the bright haze are created when some atmospheric process lifts the gaseous sulfur dioxide and water vapor high up above the cloud tops where they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.” The UV radiation breaks up the molecules, making them… so, when the planet Venus olliptical orbit is configured, the Milky Way’s blackhole is yet another 60% to go as far as estimated width. However, which is the parallelism, is now rediscovered as co-Evolution process, as mighty as those parables heard, today! (More, about cosmology, when I return from my werk-Holiday, in preparation for further announcements on ’russia’ peace-Groups and f-E Warren putdowns). Then, there is need of a boomer-Commitment to peace-Participation by police-Forces escourting “ceO-media around the urban sites”?


There must always be the boomer gettin’ together, then peace will-All, and/ no-Uranium ore presence, and not a veil to halT “heGemoNyiteS” as well as anarchists. There must practicality, beforehand, a utilizing in-Method, of meditative “peaceful-promise” principle “edification” not necessarily of the lowered amounts, but including the negated merits. AND, yet there must be a people-Prescience of integration, nowadays, too—as well as a prevailing tendency to halt the continuing “u-S: aggressor-Stance” of “wArs-WaRring” of 24-years involvements paid by tax-payers who are getting ripped-Off by having to serve a technology-Improvements: capacity? I now think that’s as useful a premise as torture-Rendition, and oligarchic banking combining w telecommunications “privacy-Abuse” UN-constitutionally, too! Hold-up, as more than poverty has been those war’s and assaults on other governmentS of Africa, then south-east asia, then south Americas then continuing until “the share-Threat: compromised” by Henry-K. 1979, was one of the more peaceable in africa, until the Balkans’ waRs letdowns were equalized by Rwanda, as an “allowance-Genocide ” as was a casual-Ass: act that bully-Clyneton, participated, because intel-Gence was not more powerful than pNAC, whose force was not on the rise, but Clinton, bought into the whole “pAP”?


The aggressor once-Again, is u-S NatO involvements w bases in Turkey, now being used to aggress the PkK which supports the no-Borders “stance” of the Kurdistan-Peoples, as tribalist as Afghans. Ocalan’s ten-Years imprisonment serves the revolution for maintaining th democratization of all Kurds to a borderless agreement, that they already have. That the pKK does not fight the Hezbollah, nor intimate arms agreements w them, has the augers of the u-S revolution, Of course, foreign intervention they’ve none-But the now-NATo supported governance-Edicts of interventionist u-S thru NaTO which has manacled Euros or Islams w a shackle of non-Integrity for minority Serbs of Kosovo. The u-S again heads military-hegemony imperatives rather than “diplomacy” principles. That the neo-Con’s rightist coalition is no longer neo-Fascist, religioso-Rightist, but that the prime augers of rad-Right: islam was/is now known, was not because of energy from Stalin’s purges of the proletariat’s leadership cores, or recent anarchist-Protestor s in Belgrade, nor Mobs influences of oSama bin Laden in Peshawar, then, help other Freedom/ democracy hazards of anarchist-Elements that polarized, oNLY.


The fact is military-Hegemony has dealt the nation-State the blow of a non-professional “empire’ and that “DipLomACy” does no longer exist? The United Nation stands as our beacon, yet, somehow in wholesome parallels to us freeing the “yokes” of the world-Trade and cEO’s marketing: rip-OFfs. That’s why the corporate banks started w HW bush-Whacky tryin’ to become a Big Bank has continued onto the control of u-S intelligence- -corporate arm not free-Use of pollution, propagandizing context from at least “1974: fuel-Crisis” not military-ONLy gets pollution fuel, but all get a “:change-Of” fuels and usages that should not pollute w.i. three-Years context—or, morosely 1977. The bully-Clinton bought himself “out” is that his kind of genocide-Experts, per se, was not NSDU-238. Who was the guises of g-Enron, weigh-In before the pNAC, how do we know he was not leading the oligarch: baddie-Show allowing Aristide arrested bt black-ops and cIAS?


His dumb absolutism, was as bad as any features of rip-Off, in a time when travel was as expansive as oriental-Amers and indige-Amers and afro-Amers having automobiles “repaired” w.o astigma’s against their persons? That georges-Enron’s a guy who has never sought human-Rights a well as integrity thru “integration” methods, shows that his support for Rumsfeld/Cheney had to be energy-ized and split 50/50, The cover-Up for his dad’s genocide-Expertise brought more than cheating in the actual votes in FL and OH? The progressives have comprised much ulterior space to maintain their honesty as the lack ’n lapse of integrity to harmonic dissonance. As for freedom and obligation to democratic-Purpose, there is none, oNLY the genocide-Expert’s  consortium of oligarchs continuing in abuse of nuclear non-Proliferation treaty as well as START III, as in control of space goes-Forth “monopolization-Continuing” w.o a shred of “democracy holding fibers” w.i. the known-constant of not having on 300, where weapons are egregious, but where nuclear-Powered, answers from the three-feet of ’top-Soil” yet leaves this a water planet, now red-Tides: gaLore.


Peace, just-Responsibility, a little piece from me-Mind…

the peace-Warrior,


The New History of Black Holes: ’Co-evolution’ Dramatically Alters Dark Reputation  by Robert Roy Britt /Senior Science Writer /posted: 07:00 am ET 28 January 2003

“Black holes suffer a bad rap. Indicted by the press as gravity monsters, labeled highly secretive by astronomers, and long considered in theoretical circles as mere endpoints of cosmic evolution, these unseen objects are depicted as mysterious drains of destruction and death. So it may seem odd to reconsider them as indispensable forces of creation. Yet this is the bright new picture of black holes and their role in the evolution of the universe. Interviews with more than a half dozen experts presently involved in rewriting the slippery history of these elusive objects reveals black holes as galactic sculptors.


In this revised view, which still contains some highly debated facts, fuzzy paragraphs and sketchy initial chapters, black holes are shown to be fundamental forces in the development and ultimate shapes of galaxies and the distribution of stars in them. The new history also shows that a black hole is almost surely a product of the galaxy in which it resides. Neither, it seems, does much without the other.


The emerging theory has a nifty, Darwinist buzzword: co-evolution. As a thought exercise, co-evolution has been around for less than a decade, or as much as 30 years, depending on who you ask. Many theorists never took it seriously, and no one had much evidence to support it. Only in the past six years or so has it gained steam. And only during the past three years have observations provided rock-solid support and turned co-evolution into the mainstream idea among the cognoscenti in both black hole development and galaxy formation. “The emerging picture of co-evolving black holes and galaxies has turned our view of black holes on its head,” says Meg Urry, an astronomer and professor of physics at Yale University. “Previously, black holes were seen as the endpoints of evolution, the final resting state of most or all of the matter in the universe. Now we believe black holes also play a critical role in the birth of galaxies.” The idea is particularly pertinent to explaining how massive galaxies developed in the first billion years of the universe. And it is so new that just last week theorists got what may be the first direct evidence that galaxies actually did form around the earliest black holes.”


[there are three-Sections to the intro-test: above/ “the Chicken-and- egg question”  excerpt from space-Astronomy/ course-Wirk thru Cal Tech w prof. Carl Sagan—1969 thru 1977]

please see: com/scienceastronomy/blackhole_ history_030128- 1.html


…the above then, becomes @ issue in astronomy and from cosmologic inferences, a slice of Life where are lives and our “decadence” parlays our two-Demises, as well. The dualism, is now completely thorough in my writings/ understanding(s) of the indiscrepancies that “thermonuclear- Weapons” particulate anti-Matter or structured-Molecules of atoms-Demising Life as spendt isotopes. That consistent w the nature by radiation is a Demise of Life not a demur of life/living from “whatever” normal infrequencies of gAseous contents to both, galaxy and of radionuclides black-Hole parallels “existence’ of solar-System in relationship to the stars and gaseous comprising interstellar-Spaces, patternings of “radiation” in the formula of active radiation each atoms w a virtuous type of “ray” of which there are oNLY: four. There are also four “chemically” inert ’gases, too. This duality is one of the parallelisms of human-Kind’s knowledge base! Not ambient-Music, this is very astral-Physics sense: interesting, in spite of difficulties for oligarches’ to halt the frenzy for weapons into interstellar-Space: orbit– without: any declaration of distance “not to shoot: apart” asteroids and near miss-Comets: of this planet. That planet-Erathe’s “sun” is shining 5-million times smaller in output of light in 4.5 billion years, while the black hole either gobbled smaller black holes and kept galactic-growth, en route to a balanced “equation”. While there’s no resbit, the world’s populations are closer to soylent-Green as GMO’s in banana’s being exported, sounds of druthers, but what about red-Tides, and hydro-Carbons eco-Zones corrupted in a particularly different way– a la the oregon and WA coastline, in past three-Weeks.


The g-Enron’s admin power push for Kosovo independence, w.o. protection for the Serbs minority is like tryin’ to use a right-Angle prophylactic and getting somewhere i.e. one size does nothing anyhow? Typical of the u-S oligarchic methods “wars w.o. diplomacy: un-Declared” the admin’s contriteness oNLY equals that of the billy-Clyneton admin. How wonderful is life in America, while the embassy’s are burned for spite of the admin’s never-Ceasing wrong-Doings? Millions here, bases there, and if we were to “declare” these wars, they’d have to halt wars, and the pNAC guise would assert the need for bases, as in Africa, where g-Enron’s gone along precipitating how lies could further demise in Africa? The contamination of amer-Life must be halted, and the United Nations supported for a purpose of cutting off the funds of “hegemonyites” wrongdoings. The example today of Serbs and intervention’s w.o. resolves in the Balkans: please read >>


NSDU-238 is not good for us, the peace-Warrrior

–note: find me @ my blog on http://www.myspace. com/rthepeacewarrior URL

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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