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anti-nucleaRist bloG #139/ 26 Oct 2012 Military anarchyism, presentments for chaos continuation thru NsDU-238

anti-nucleaRist bloG #139/ 26 Oct 2012
Military anarchyism, presentments for chaos continuation thru NsDU-238

crime against peAce

There is altho, no notion on NSDU-238 munitions and US Britain affairs of negligence yet w UN-declared Wars, many positivist amplifications must and do proceed toward proper ediquette and mis-Treatment of corruptions. The video is worth viewing as Francis states “wheels of justice will turn, altho slowly…” and as there is a notion that Iran must be destroyed as was Iraq, as was Yugoslavia, as is Afghanistan w ‘death-Squads’, as was Libya, as in Syria, and when we need a CHANGE that must be sooner-is-better in fact and in precepts on principle derogated already! “R”

“A prominent international lawyer says former US President George W. Bush, and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair stand guilty of crimes against peace, war crimes and torture, Press TV reports.
In November 2011, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, in which Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, led the prosecution team, convicted Bush and Blair of crimes against peace and humanity, and genocide over their roles in the Iraq war.
On May 11, 2012, the tribunal also found Bush, former US Vice President Dick Cheney and former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld guilty of the crime of torture.
“We will keep after Bush and Blair for sure for crimes against peace, war crimes and torture in general,” Boyle told Press TV in a recent interview.
“We got them both convicted of a Nuremberg crime against peace,” he added while referring to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the principles of international law recognized in the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal.
According to Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal, planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances are crimes “punishable” under international law.
In September, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said Blair and Bush should be taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague over their roles in the Iraq war.
“We are making efforts now to do this,” Boyle stated, adding, “We tried to get Bush in Switzerland, but his lawyers advised him not to go to Switzerland. I tried three times to get Bush in Canada, but unfortunately the Canadian government protected Bush.”

“The wheels of justice might turn slowly, but they do turn.”
Boyle also criticized the ICC for its failure to bring to justice US, UK and Israeli criminals.
“So far, they are just going after black thugs from Africa and not dealing with this wholesale mass murderers and criminals from the United States, Britain and Israel,” he said.
Boyle condemned the Israeli regime for “inflicting outright genocide on the Palestinians in Gaza,” adding that there will be hearings in November in Malaysia on the issue of Palestine.”

Bush and Blair Wanted for War Crimes
w Francis Boyle being interviewed on GR teevee 25:56 mins Posted on: October 22, 2012 @

also, the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison @ 3:14 pm


Militarization of the dimwicky ‘globe’

Plausibly, in another 24 hours the munitions makers will never fee emotionally UN-stable, because power as war-Munitions using uranium is always a radiologic-Sleaze factor. The sleaze-Personas use the plutocracy and therefore maintain their non-Premise disposition, that they are innocent of the factor of killing 100,000’s of people firsthand and soon the cancers will start coming in as the set-Pat u-S penataGooons “Fallujah example—twice in 2004” is barely pleasing to more than 10,000 service-personnel, all of who should be incarcerated for crimes against Humanity thru radiologic-Munitions. Ostensibly, the military-Hegemony is expansive and is a league that does not represent “defense of the planet” but rather a constant of killing humanity and it’s culture’s while the plutocrats defend the offensive characteristics, too!

N.A.T.O. is a crutch, and the use of NSDU-238 as munition of choice to formulate anarchism in Europe starting in late 1970’s, was the goal of fanatic capitalist u-S financiers and military officers looking for ways to expand the small size to include a “world-size”!

“As NATO continues to expand across the globe through a series of partnerships, initiatives and dialogues, what was once a collective security agreement is increasingly becoming a global military strike force capable of bombarding, invading and occupying countries anywhere in the world.
Through STOP Nato International, activists like Rick Rozoff are performing the thankless task of raising awareness of the growing threat to the world that NATO represents.
Find out more about this important topic in this week’s GRTV Feature Interview.”

NATO’s Global Expansion: The Growing Threat
by grtv w Rickj Rozoff & James corbett 17:31 miins… and


What another drag is…u-S Militaryism

Making the new-Rome a new-IMproved ‘empire’ is the middle-Class wondering about where the change is. Total improvement of u-S militaryism is definitively and literally a waste of human-Energy and a waste of human-Cognition, as there is no defense here at home from radionuclides-Contamination that caused these illegalities to be maintained. What then do the people feign the existence of the wars getting in the “illegal-Black” when our minds might improve in the legal “light” of reality is not minus improvement, nor token improvement nor more police-state for wars, etc. “R”

“The Congolese genocide is, first and foremost, an American and British crime, a superpower-Engineered holocaust that has continued for 16 years, under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama – all of whom are guilty of the worst offenses known to international law. Uganda and Rwanda are merely henchmen in this monstrous crime against humanity that is comparable only to the crimes of Hitler and his Nazis. It is an American Democratic and Republican genocide – a pure evil. Don’t you dare claim to find some “lesser evil” under that mountain of dead African flesh.”

A Profitable Genocide: Rwanda and Uganda Annex Eastern Congo
Tue, 10/23/2012 – 21:46 — Glen Ford


Soooo, you think the WikiLeaks phenomenon is a weak link to prescient obeisance of one-Party parody. The making of ‘wars’ is the paying of taxes, and working will otherwise be taxed when the employer has the monotony instead of the brains to support the people’s needs whiling ofcourse to make monies on munitions. Change, what kind of democracy we do not have and turn-IN the 0olde “plutocracy” because Oiligarchs have head-up-Acts and they pull that out but cannot think, therefore they lick shid-ski day and nite! Where is your minds in other words, people. Antiwar protests await civil sense of utility for pluralist-Voice—not erg0nomics is normal-Monotony! “R”

“U.S. plans for exploitation are revealed by a Congressional Research Service report made available by WikiLeaks. It says: “In spite of conflict in the Niger Delta and other oil producing areas, the potential for deep water drilling in the Gulf of Guinea is high, and analysts estimate that Africa may supply as much as 25 percent of all U.S. oil imports by 2015.” The document quotes a U.S. Defense Department official as saying: “…a key mission for U.S. forces (in Africa) would be to ensure that Nigeria’s oil fields…are secure.”…”

Bad News for Africa: 3,000 More U.S. Soldiers are on the Way
Tue, 10/23/2012 – 20:34 — Mark P. Fancher


The fact on travel is the ingestation of another culture is broadening—at least was for we-Boomers. The value in travel exists when reason is “peace ‘n diplomacy’. That amer-Devaluation occurs w sanctimony of waste is no doubt a proponent on why the Oilgarchs assuage IMperium. The arts will be devalued, primarily, before the Oligarchs show resentment for anything, is a thought to hold! Haiti has soooo much poverty, why is not bully-clyneton crying his eyes out in dysfunctional disbelief. Being that I visited there in 1974 and again in 1977, both times meeting and getting to know a personable Father Aristide, a person who was non-stop into helping his people, my diplomacy can be attenuated to “measure” what has since transpired of a positive connote! “R”

“Haiti has done more for Clinton than Clinton has done for Haiti.
“When it comes to Haiti, Clinton is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.”

Haiti was a policy bonanza for Bill Clinton during his presidency. In his 1992 presidential campaign, Clinton used U.S.-Haiti policy to differentiate himself from the first George Bush, castigating his administration for not providing asylum to fleeing Haitian refugees. Once in office, he continued not only the same racist policy of forcibly repatriating Haitian—but not Cuban—refugees, but also their indefinite detention at the notoriously brutal Guantanamo prison. Clinton’s first foreign military intervention also occurred in Haiti. In 1994, he sent 20,000 troops with the official purpose of restoring democracy and returning democratically elect Jean Bertrand Aristide to power. They would remain until 1999.”

Bill Clinton Loves Haiti
Tue, 10/23/2012 – 21:46 — Jemima Pierre


Do socialists square-Off, face-Off, marginalize you and others? Does the one-Party system allow these candidates to debate “directly”? The Green party and the Justice party were seen and heard last nite, yet here are two other candidates left “off or out”! How come? Find my comments @ “R”

“Stewart Alexander, presidential candidate for the Socialist Party USA, is your host… Stephen Durham, presidential candidate of the Freedom Socialist Party, is Stewart’s guest. He talks w/ Stewart about the final two weeks of their respective campaigns—-And, how the system is set to work against them—–
Call in w/ your comments and questions—- (for local times). Air time donated by Ruthann Amarteifio to the Stewart Alexander for President Campaign Committee…”

Socialist parties speaker-Candidates discuss miscreant parties Debate–The Socialist Insight by AirAmarteifioRadio in Current Events Mon, October 22, 2012 @


regarding spirit of Russell Means—American Indian Movement

There are many crimes against ‘humanity’ that fathers Berrigan, that Rev Paul Sawyer, that Joe Stern, that Howard Zinn, that Chalmers Johnson, that Michael Parenti, that Leonard Peltier, that John Trudell and that Russell Means and myself have, in the past divulged w one-another– in semi-Lengthy conversations. As an activist I’ve had amiable social-Justice transitions, those that made for connections w all peoples in u-S, of north-Americas continent, and around world. Russell Means, a person w whom my acquaintance started by joining in some plenary “planning sessions” in Vallejo CA (off the Carquinez Strait between san-Fran Bay and Sacramento River–1968) was one fellow protagonist for “change” including he said “that includes your point-of-view on tragic proportion” in our 1978 gathering at the base camp other side of Mt. Rushmore, the Paha Sapa in Lahota tongue. I will be re-directing my bios of activists known, when i get back online w nUkiEmOLe dot org–as I am editing 20 additional bloGs for those since closing down to move from expenses in CO…back here in WY (my quest ranch arts-Oasis: stop ‘n Rest Cabin).

Russell passed away yesterday. His spirit has always been apportioning of those hardships I know that we, and that I must face intrepidly and in Consciousness. The following is a scoop on some of what I’ve known, having been in Wounded Knee incident, head low in 1973, having met w Peter Mathiessen 5 times during his book encounters w the res-Traditionalist peoples–1975 thru 1978. Much more will be said in my story of A.I.M. on

+ Russell Means, American Indian Movement leader, dead
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 ABC teevee News SD
+ Russell Means, Native American Activist, Dead At 72
By Doug Mataconis Mon Oct 22, 2012

+ Russell Means, Who Clashed With Law as He Fought for Indians, Is Dead at 72 By Robert D. McFadden published: October 22, 2012

Russell Means was abjectly “indige-Traditional” and he oNLY once said “he’d use you, try to use meanings” in a personal and meaning-fulfillment overture w me as brother. His spirit soared in immense ups and downs as many of us artists do, in a context of human Universality—similarly sometimes, too!

Hear his younger brother Bill Means
on Flashpoints on kPFA-fm (audio records) yesterday
@ !! “R”


Many decades of coRpoRatist decadence have subveRted democracy to the rubbish-Bins of existence. Theirs is an insistence of capitalist-Cronyism and plutocracy is best for the otheR 99%–including we-pRofessionals. Again, the formulas of “uranium-Weapons uses” are not needs, but merely the subservience of dallience(s) to consort to controls of the socio-Polity and socio-Econo systems which parallel the dept-of-Offense! I’ve known about NSDU-238 since 1952—age 6-7—and was partly a child-Prodigy because of that aspergence. All uranium is “radiologic”. All usages of uranium is “illegal” under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and illegal under the u-S Constitution. The following will update you folks, along the universal delineage(s) of truths and constant of Knowns.

My website will be back online, in renewed emphasis on arts sales, bloGs edited, and many other ease-of-use changes—hopefully w.i. days!

In 1981 Prof. Chalmers Johnson, our discussion group advisor, introduced Ms Leuren Moret as a person who would be studying the background sources of radiologic- Contaminations from the laboratories. She soon left Livermore Labs, and I soon went into “defense” is radionuclides-Contaminations as social-INjustice prevalency ordinately cover-UP of public disseminations of how NSDU-238 is assembled as a weapon. Since 2001, uranium-235 and ur-236 have also been used in Afghanistan, Libya, post use in Kosovo 1998-99. This last year, I’ve returned to whether or not NSDU-238 traces were found in ash or metals/concrete/bodies from explosions of WTC 1,2,7 buildings. View and listen to what Ms Moret has to say. “R”

youTube PDX 9/11 Truth – Leuren Moret Depleted Uranium and 9/11
(video)… of 2:39:58 mins…


NSDU-238 is not good for you nor is corporatist one-Person

Dr. Chris Busby has not neglected measurements as have the dumbfounding bought-Off physics-Departments in Universities across “the empire’s: 5-state-Provinces”. I personally, have warranted the truths regarding the cover-Ups from NSDU-238 usages ‘twice’ in Fallujah, a city that Rumsfeld wanted obliterated, and he should be in jail because of the total IMpunity, today. I’ve met and discussed w Dr. Busby what can be done to accentuate methods of collecting “radionuclides” from the filed in a special visit to UK—found him in France, 1986. These stats, also contribute to his savior faire regarding Daiichi’s meltdowns in reactors 2-3-4. The ‘video’s’ warrant your non-Conditionalism bias’ too! “R”

RT News Iraqi Birth Defects Surge from US Depleted Uranium Ammo Chris Busby Posted on: October 15, 2012 @

GR teevee/ CENSORED: Fallujah: A Lost Generation?
See: 48:33 mins…


The major polemic for us “boomeRs” has been whether or not the coRpoRate stRuctuRe will envelop the spheRe of “nucleaRism” w a nucleaRist-Policy of fomenting greed, coRRuption and IMpunity. Since 1945 we’ve had “two uranium-Weapons” and now the third is being is closeted i.e. uranium-Bombs–enRiched uranium 235 mixed w uranium-236 and in some cases ur-238. I’ve been discussing NSDU-238 since 2004 when joining w CCjP I configured that pRogRessives would want moRe analogy and would disclose what is apparent, that the penataGooons aRe as illegal as the coRRupt el-congRess…bRRing down 9-slash-11? Move-to-Amend is a website & association where people are gathering to bring down the “coRpoRate one-Person law” which needs to be rescinded if ever this state is to get back to Constitutional Laws i.e. all wars since 1950 are UN-Constitutional, because the el Presidente` has allowed himself to go ahead and “bomb” illegally.
Now the usages of two more uranium-Weapons, in addition! Where will YOU stop the attenuations of disregard for laws? “R”

@ stampede Check out the rest of our stops at


The search for destructive-Weapons was not a course @ UC Berkeley when I accepted UC Davis as a place to restart my grad-Studies. I found Peter Dale Scott, and Michael Parenti and Chalmers Johnson, all professor’s could not rec’d what study w NSDU-238 to utilize as forward goal. Their usage was what I feared most since 1952. The stat on tempering propaganda by this state was methodical, by none other than new-World Order Oligarch gHW Bushwhacky. His prevarification for use has never been disclosed, yet. No wonder was have “false-Flags” like the missiles, aero-Jets and high-Explosives w plenty of victimized “witnesses” to facts being covetously disgraced by non-Truths of those hypocritical rich-Persons leaders of corporatist cronyism. “R”

“”The term ‘weapon of mass destruction’ means any weapon or device that is intended, or has the capability, to cause death or serious bodily injury to a significant number of people through the release, dissemination, or impact of (A) toxic or poisonous chemicals or their precursors, (B) a disease organism, or (C) radiation or radioactivity.”
Because America is a Hague and Geneva signatory, its own code is thus violated. Moreover, under other binding international laws, using weapons that cause post-battle environmental and human harm are illegal and prohibited.
Their greatest damage happens after use because they penetrate targets deeply, aerosolize into a fine spray, then spread permanent contamination over wide areas. Their microscopic and submicroscopic particles remain suspended or get swept into the air from tainted soil. Winds then carry them worldwide as radioactive components of atmospheric dust, settling indiscriminately far from strike zones.
As a result, countless millions have been irreparably harmed or killed, combatants and civilians. In fact, radiation poisoning causes virtually every imaginable illness from severe headaches, muscle pain, general fatigue, depression, and permanent disability to major birth defects, infections, cardiovascular disease, many types of cancer, and later deaths.
Libyans now face the same fate as Iraqis, Afghans, Serbians, Kosovars, and other victims of US aggression. It’s of no consequence for US political and Pentagon planners, spreading death, destruction, and human misery globally, not liberation and better lives because of American good will it never had and doesn’t now.”

Munitions in Libya
By Stephen Lendman OpEdNews Op Eds 7/7/2011


Are you, the reador, not aware that wars bring further expenditure to cover both he mistakes and to continue w deceits as well as to continue invading for a putative reason—no care for the democracy– and hardly proficiently in use since 1945! When people generalize and say “we are aware” what does that demean in terms of others imbibing on the prophecy that wars are good or bad? This is negligibleness or overzealous commutations to not continue because killing is on-Going! Non-communicating as the government “military” does is a propaganda-Ploy–illegal uses of uranium as weapons: NSDU-238, uranium bombs, DU-munitions in AWACS and from tanks as DU-penetrators are all composed of uranium, which cannot be composite manufactured, since its all uranium isotopic or contaminate. The illegalities under Universal Declaration of human-Rights law, the u-S Constitution and enforcement of law plus eradication of scientific measures for investigation, which is illegal, also, must be explained in non-Misleading terms. Thus, the penataGooons fail that sanctimony and lie-lie-lie! “R”

“The United States Pentagon’s denial of use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons has been met with scepticism, especially considering USAF A-10 warthog tank-buster aircraft deployed over Libya and given that the United States has a long history of only admitting to deploying DU radioactive material months or years after it has been used. Based on news video footage, it is more than likely that depleted uranium has been used more widely than originally thought since the USA has launched shells, bombs and cruise missiles containing depleted uranium in the past in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The use of DU weapons when the USA destroyed the city of Fallujah in Iraq reveals that there have been horrendous health conditions resulting from the US military deployment of these materials. Fallujah represented a stronghold of resistance to the US forces’ invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003-04. High rates of infections, birth defects and cancers have been reported that are the direct result of the use of DU weapons.

In addition, regionally the conflict in Libya could have a devastating effect in Niger and Mali where the nomadic Tuareg peoples in the Sahara Desert regions of northern Niger and Mali and southern Libya have been involved in a spate of kidnappings and armed uprisings known as the ‘Tuareg rebellion’. This is especially dangerous for northern Niger; this is where the town of Arlit, an industrial town, is located in the Agadez region, where uranium is mined by French companies in two large uranium mines (Arlit and Akouta).
What is now very obvious is that the USA, the UK and France are calling for a full-scale and unabated invasion of Libya à la Iraq, or, boots on the ground. This has implications for the civilians in cities who support their legitimate government and Colonel Gaddafi, since it is being seen as a popular uprising when in effect it is confined to a few ‘rebellious types’, in the city of Benghazi. The SAS (Special Air Service) and French Special Forces have been operating in the eastern part of Libya since the beginning and now mercenaries are being recruited at an alarming rate, all being told of imminent deployment and action in Libya, contrary to UNSCR-1973.

The United Nations Security Council mandate has been a dinosaur, originally set up after the Second World War, with five permanent Security Council members (China, France, Russia, the UK and the USA) with veto powers. Until and unless the United Nations General Assembly takes decisive action to abolish the permanent seats structure and veto powers and expand the number of members to reflect the continents, the Security Council will continue to serve the privileged few nations while the rest are increasingly at risk of being ‘legally and legitimately’ bombed, invaded and occupied under the United Nations Security Council auspices.”

Libya: Use of Depleted Uranium, Partition and Regional Risks by Farouk James 21 April 2011

there is a cause for concerns that peace is remote and being removed from daily purveyances since 1983, that’s because the u-s has been warring since then—yearly…

end all WARS a voice from the VOId, the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison

–note: peace-Warrior bloG#75

Tags/ crimes against peace, war crimes and torture, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Francis Boyle, Kuala Lumpur, War Crimes Tribunal, International Criminal Court, NSDU-238, DU munitions, uranium bombs, Iraqis, Afghans, Serbians, Kosovars, victims, of US aggression, radiologic-Sleaze factor, Agadez region, city of Fallujah, boomeRs, Russell Means, American Indian Movement, Benghazi, SAS, ‘legally and legitimately’, bombed, microscopic, submicroscopic particles, remain suspended, the cover-Ups, Press TV, Dr. Chris Busby, Leuren Moret, Bill Clinton’s Haiti,

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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