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anti-nucleaRist bloG #133/ 21 Aug 2012 nice side of anti-War is not not-Killing, but knowing what’s occurred

anti-nucleaRist bloG #133/ 21 Aug 2012
nice side of anti-War is not not-Killing, but knowing what’s occurred

The aspects of the “illegal INvasions” by the pentaGooons keeps turning into the morass of radionuclides used, contaminating both body or brains where geography has been invaded, and especially what we citizens have to fear is “not knowing the illicit truths”! You know that wars kills civilians, but what are the facts behind the dastardliness “deeds done”? The criminals are having a field day in becoming worser than worse, not being reprimanded and then jailed. One needed to ‘fear’ what an entire army w navy w air-Force might do setting offshore from Libya, last year, as Afghanistan invasion raged onward from what one German soldier did to massacre 142 civilians, who had no idea Libya was going to be invaded and thus were in harms way. Drones are bad enough influence on officers of N.A.T.O. commands, who sport their own little-Armies w.i. the massive-Spending: scope. Politics is at hand to be had! Correctly, or not, the criminal elements should not be let-off, but hooked and stripped of titles, thrown into prisons and serving ten-Years or more, not resurrected. Should be? “R”

“Klein’s promotion and responsibility for personnel aims to send a political signal. His name is associated with the most notorious massacre of civilians ordered by a German officer since the end of World War II.
According to NATO reports, up to 142 people were killed in Kunduz after Klein ordered the bombing of two fuel tankers previously stolen from the Bundeswehr by rebels. There were a large number of civilians surrounding the vehicles, including children from nearby villages, who hoped to siphon off fuel. Klein ordered US fighter pilots to attack, though they proposed warning the civilian population first, by carrying out a low level over-fly.
Klein argued that the destruction of the tankers was necessary to protect the nearby German camp. In fact, the truck had been driven for hours away from camp and had become trapped in a river bed.”

“The World Socialist Web Site commented on the ending of the investigation as follows: “The federal prosecutor has now given Klein a free pass, absolving him of any criminal responsibility for the massacre in Kunduz. This will give the army a free hand to perpetrate similar massacres in future.”

German officer responsible for Kunduz massacre promoted to rank of general By Sebastian Brügge and Sybille Fuchs 
21 August 2012 WSWS


The “political-season is over” as the one-Party system mounts two events for the machinations of maintaining “plutocracy”. Democracy Now and “letters and Politics” @ kPFA-fm, host program’s that are never in angst for not having coverage of the “real-Politicians” those of us who remain grass-Roots and not new-Rome. Preaching to the choir, then going-off toward war w a new thrust for killing usefully, as drones and civilians are always in the way when you do not use them, soooo why not listen to more vituperations of mistrust! No thank you, justice is the truth, and that is not spoken for the majority of US, as we –Amers listen to Oligarchs that way getting brain-Numbness. Mitch Jeserich and Amy Goodman may not have a pact, but they surely look the part. Whereas, the Peace and Freedom party, US Socialist party, Green Party, Socialist Equality Party, and Justice party have all had their “convenings” and disavow “conventionality” as the crutch of plutocracy.

Again, by definition, “political parties is politics” not Olympics, definitely not coRpoRate spending. How easy that suggestion of time spent hearing bullshid, that is merely composted before the words leave the mouths, of the one-Party pronouncements makes for the measure of not hearing their decadence for “wars-Illegal” continuing. “R”

“After declaring as a Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) presidential candidate only three weeks before, Hollywood comedian and actress Roseanne Barr won the PFP nomination at its convention on Aug. 4-5 in Los Angeles. Placing second was New Yorker and veteran union and gay rights activist Stephen Durham of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP), who, like Stewart Alexander of the Socialist Party, had waged a serious, months-long grass-roots campaign for the PFP nomination.
Said Durham, whose running mate is Chicana feminist organizer Christina López of Seattle, “The convention of the socialist and feminist PFP was hijacked by a millionaire celebrity making grand promises. But her total contribution to the PFP so far has been a 15-minute talk at the convention that was half political speech and half comedy act.”

Freedom Socialist presidential candidate comes in second to last-minute celebrity entrant Roseanne Barr
by Freedom Socialist Party, August 10, 2012


Anger management is not the part of moralism w.i. bureaucracy of Technocratic governance, or what maintains ‘technocracy’ is also interconnected to private coRpoRate persons, altho not tied to law accountability. The factors of “immoralism” have been placed into surreptition or mores of anti-Normatives on purpose. This mannerism is what maintains IMpunity for plutocratic ways of all ongoing concurrences, and for lies to be or become supercedent, too! The ‘electoral-college’ functions because its dysfunctionality if elites/Oligarchs realm. They own that and they can have that on-a-stick! Many reasons the people need to constantly ‘fight’ their ubiquity is that nuclear-Weapons are not free, that they are not defensive, and that the we-People are ‘stiffed’ w the bills, and loose sense of sobriety, constantly—altho the we-Peeps should not loose that channel of their own necessity!

I’ve sent—e-Mailed—these complements of our “societal” needs, as there are many we-Peeps who have a fecund and lacking quality of disrespect for the system that is not which should be: open-minded, and not dissultry to in-Party parody such as Roseanne Barr’s “funny disgrace”! The people should stand for prosperity thru austerity-is-Future, not wars and relinquishing social-Security pacts of Universal healthcare to coRpoRations that are full of robot-minded excessives to control, consort for derivatives-Economy and more “immoralist” plutocratic methods such as military-hegemony w ‘drones’ or the electoral-College! “R”

“… Jerry White of the Socialist Equality Party w Phyllis Scherrer… U.S. Socialist Stewart Alexander Leaves the PFP @ … Peace and Freedom Party– stalwart Stewart Alexander, who ran the combinations of Peace and Freedom Party, dropped out after Stephen Durham lost to Roseanne Barr, who then selected Cindy Sheehan as running mate… Justice Party, candidate is Ross “Rocky” Anderson … Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party… soooo why talk about Oligarchs a & b?

Had you asked attorney Ralph Nader how those candidates stack-UP w OWS you might have been less Apologetic and more Progressive! Have you had a program to talk about ‘downersim one-Party parody’ yet!”

Also…you may want to follow-thru the premises already set and patterned in American socio-Polity, not oNLY what I’ve stated as social-commentary writor! First other enlightenment one must add to assure the imbalance gets retro-fitted! “R”

“+ Jerry White of the Socialist Equality Party is returning from European trip to sociliaz w European socialists parties on the continent!
+ Freedom Socialist Party is running New Yorker Stephen Durham for U.S. president and Christina López of Seattle for V.P in an energetic campaign based on bold working class solutions. Help these two socialist feminist dynamos win the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) Presidential and V. P. nominations at the PFP Aug. 4-5 convention in L.A.
+ U.S. Socialist Stewart Alexander Leaves the PFP by Stewart Alexander …Wednesday Aug 8th, 2012 7:52 AM… I have met many wonderful and dedicated activists throughout my experience with the Peace and Freedom Party, and hope to maintain many of those friendships in the upcoming years.
While my position with regard to this past weekend’s PFP Convention may be unpopular, I feel obliged to express the motivation behind my resignation. My commitment to the Peace and Freedom Party extends as far as the Party’s commitment to socialism.
+ Peace and Freedom Party, selected a feminist ticket over a “socialist” candidate in Stephen Durham, but “US Socialist Party” stalwart Stewart Alexander, who ran the combinations of Peace and Freedom Party, dropped out after Stephen Durham lost to Roseanne Barr, who then selected Cindy Sheehan as running mate.
+ the Justice Party candidate is Ross “Rocky” Anderson …
+ Dr. Jill Stein the Green Party…”

WSWS document was adopted by First National Congress of Socialist Equality Party—2010


There is an amalgam of “technocratic-INsults” and all that must be resolved a.s.a.p. if one nation ‘the new-Rome’ has needs of disappearing its plutocracy—that fortunately will not be too easy! The battle against NDA has resonated, however years ago “radionuclides” battle made “peace and non-Violence” into the adversity of dischaff, but not by choice. Then, as now, because the plutocracy could pollute freely ‘radionuclides’ made for reason i.e. use of the worst substances will fold the people’s will at the knees! The FDA resonates the police-State affectation, of and in the new-Rome, in other words, we now have GMO foods Unlabelled, as well as CFR and we now have Derivatives Banking as well as Wall Street and the “mobs”, thus we got 9-slash-11!

Why not this sandwich of “NSDU-238 and NPP’s” is because the world’s armies are uselessly killing the soldiers, more “off-the-field and at home” than were in battles, while killing “civilians-Galore”! The stat on “suicides” is 18 per day , and pTSD is not half of those 378,000 soldiers from Iraq: phase-1 , who came home to meagre-Allowances of healthcare not provided, nor corrected for those 5-other wars that have followed, since pedal to meddlesome-Excesses fanning the walls of pollutions from war-Mongers: warring ‘exhaust-Pipes’. All illegally and all UN-declared, soooo why not call the military-Hegemony useless? I’d prefer calling “the empire’s worthlessness non-Anxiety” but the new-Rome/plutocracy—worthless! “R”

“The battle on fluoridation continues and is burning through the American southwest. Phoenix, Arizona, the nation’s sixth most populous city, is seeking to rid itself of the harmful chemical compound known as fluoride. Come this fall, the Phoenix city council is slated to discuss the future of fluoride and it’s removal from the municipal water supply, a move that has been a growing trend in cities across the United States. Just recently, Albuquerque, New Mexico passed a ruling to put an end to fluoridation in it’s city water system. In 2001, residents of the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, voted by an overwhelming majority to have fluoride removed from their public water system.
The anti-fluoride movement has been spreading not only in United States but world-wide according to this document from Fluoride Action Network (FAN). China, Germany and France have a full ban on water fluoridation citing serious health risks. In China, the World Health Organization has estimated that millions people have a crippling form of skeletal fluorosis from the naturally occurring fluoride that exists in the environment. Skeletal fluorosis is a painful bone disease and is directly attributed to excessive consumption of fluoride. Studies have also shown that even small increases of fluoride exposes humans to mutagenic damage and destructive changes to their DNA.”

How Fluoride Was Sold To America…And How We Bought It August 17, 2012 in Health by Shawn Helton


THE WAR AGAINST THE “up-Against-the-WALL” turned to the war against “terror” but like the ‘war against Drugs’ the druggies lose and the pusher-Mons, win. The usefulness for making news is not by not reporting. The AJE network has done immense workings for the world’s mental outlook, and preps the real losers, the Oligarchs not in a manner at all resembling the penataGooons. Marwan Bishara, is one couthful “political analyst” and his words on his program Empire, does resonate whatever those contexts have been. AJE, Aljazeera English should be more available to the brainless, for fear themselves that ego-for-Empire may have a brain-Melting adversarial hole-Leak. However, they’re there already. “R”

“9/11 marked the beginning of what would become a decade of war.
On September 12, America awoke to the world’s sympathy; an unrivalled opportunity to trans-form the world for the better, but all Washington wanted was retribution.
Just as Osama bin Laden had hoped, a series of mismanaged and misconceived wars in the Muslim world ensued. Wars that have bankrupt the US financially, militarily and perhaps most detrimentally, in its global standing.
Ten years on many questions remain unanswered. Were the attacks of September 11 a case of blowback, or, as President Bush professed, ‘a hatred of Western freedoms’? And why, if the hijackers came from friendly Gulf countries, did the US launch a war against Iraq?
Was the global ‘war on terror’ a cynical pretext for neocon policy hawks and the vested interests of the military industrial complex; or a war of necessity against a new type of global enemy? Has the killing of Osama bin Laden meant the death of al-Qaeda, or was any hope of claiming that victory superseded by the Arab Spring? So many lives lost, so many millions squandered, so many opportunities wasted; as the global political order starts to shift, does the US regret its “stupid war”? Empire finds out.”

9/12 and the ‘war on terror’
Aljazeera News Empire 07 Sep 2011 Last Modified: 14:42


The olde-Republic’s “u-S Constitution” was! Weld. I mentioned FDA, CFR, somewhat the MCS (military chiefs-of-Staff), somewhat the CDC and you thought the cIAS, but low, the FSA! What are their interests in seeing fluoride and radionuclides in the soils pumping “fresh-Water”? Answer is “plutocracy”. The new-Rome of Plutocracy, really sucks for ‘UN-lawfulness, sucks for accountability about ‘uranium-Wastelands: clean-Ups’, sucks for intelligence-gathering instead of “torture-Rendition, sucks for free cIAS interrogations on kids and for maintaining the police-State at homeland to insert ‘drones’ vituperations w TSA free-Ex-Ray zaps, as INsecurely as possible thru propaganda, and sucks for allowing the disgrace of Big Business to become nonsense sucks for austerity, but then what of munitions sales to hombre-Cartels”! SUX? Dig. “R”

“Since 2008, the NSA has had the legal power to intercept all phone calls, emails and text messages sent by American citizens without probable cause. However, although long suspected, the agency has never admitted that it is analyzing the content of such messages, conceding only that persons, dates and locations are part of the snooping process…
Binney, a former NSA employee with the signals intelligence agency within the DoD, divulges that the federal agency, “has the capability to do individualized searches, similar to Google, for particular electronic communications in real time through such criteria as target addresses, locations, countries and phone numbers, as well as watch-listed names, keywords, and phrases in email.”
Using as many as twenty data intercept centers throughout the United States which can each store an almost unimaginable quantity of information, Binney notes that, “The sheer size of that capacity indicates that the NSA is not filtering personal electronic communications such as email before storage but is, in fact, storing all that they are collecting.”
Binney also points to FBI Director Robert Mueller’s 2011 admission that the FBI, with the aid of the NSA and DoD, had “put in place technological improvements relating to the capabilities of a database to pull together past emails as well as … and future ones as they come in so that it does not require an individualized search.”
Binney said he quit the NSA in 2001 because “the individual liberties preserved in the U.S. Constitution were no longer a consideration,” after 9/11.

Binney’s revelations coalesce with the fact that, according to many privacy experts, the NSA has been intercepting and recording all electronic communications across the entire world since at least the early 1990′s.”

Whistleblower: NSA Analyzing Conversations In Real Time Paul Joseph
Watson Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Humbleness may lead to humility, but all wars leads to decadence—if not immorality or insanity…and, decay!

a voice from the VOId, the peace-warrior “R” Addison

PH0t0/ “R” in little-D—denver w a
group of anti-Iraq/Afghanistan w-a-r-s protest-4-Peace… 1-06-07/DSCN0612_4
–note: from peace-Warrior bloG #71

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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