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anti-nucleaRist bloG #115/ 20 Apr 2012 Good reports should include amounts of NSDU-238 utilized

anti-nucleaRist bloG #115/ 20 Apr 2012

Good reports should include amounts of NSDU-238 utilized


As I’d mentioned last year while in bitchen-Cal, that if N.A.T.O. is used in another continent, and yet another “state” (first asia w Iraq, then asia w Afghanistan) that a degenerate “stasis” would be produced, and contamination would have to be responsive w each spot “chastely of not, but nuked”! We knew that Afghanistan had absolved usages as “counter-INsurgency” was produced by “Defense Intelligence agency-Installation” in late June 2001, prior to 9-slash-11. What occurred, since last millennium was, that N.A.T.O. was again used posting more NSDU-238 usages. The pentagons are “entirely-Remiss” because they want to IMpugn upon the UN/IAEA and any olde “state-Dept edict” what one is chosen it’s discarded by Oligarch admins since USAID became under control of admin’s in 2000—and was studied and deemed useful when necessary in Afghanistan due Pakistan’s ISI. More money for cIAS is opened for usages by “that now number 14 intel-Gence agencies” and they ever-so-Oligarchically remain useful and plutocratically aligned w monies-Corporatist.


Big business has you in the palm-Oil hand’s palm! The NSDU-238 has been used and/or uranium-bombs NSDU-238 tipped or not were used! Where? In Libya. The N.A.T.O. war-Governance is at home doin’ more dirty werk or the Red Crescent is at wirk? Infowars does cover another aspect, not these two. Is the third ‘iota’ any better? Words behold the truths.



“One group of Libyans hit hardest are the people of Tawargha – who were either exterminated or exiled from their city of 10,000-30,000 during the NATO-led destruction of Libya last year. Since then, their refugee camps have been raided, and survivors who have not yet fled Libya are being systematically imprisoned, tortured, and murdered.

Now, the very network of corporate-funded and directed NGOs charged with “human rights advocacy,” who assisted the Libyan rebels in willfully lying to the world over violations of “human rights” in the lead up to NATO’s military intervention, are finally reporting the widespread atrocities being carried out by the rebels themselves. In fact, organizations like Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International, both funded by convicted criminal and Wall Street speculator, George Soros, began reporting such atrocities back in 2011, but only long after NATO bombs were already falling on Libya and the process of “regime change” was already irreversible. And, at critical junctures, such as the sieges of Bani Walid and Sirte, where NATO itself was committing systematic war crimes by air in tandem with terrorist forces on the ground – organizations like HRW and Amnesty International were altogether mute.”


NATO’s Slow Genocide in Libya: Syria is Next Tony Cartalucci April 19, 2012


“R’s” comments: my having been inside Libya 1981, was quite a trying “space-Time” but not as “spaced” as that which IMpugns against peoples like the Tawargha, today. They are afro-African decent, who live in desert of no Mediterranean breezes! Their people are very much family oriented. They were of similar tribal make-UP as indige-Amers w warriors and agronomists. Their women were none of your business, and they did not adhere to Khaddafi’s feudal mannerisms of his tribe being uppermost w Oil-industry nor water-Rights. Then, the water-Project was on-Going yet the tribes were ONLY allowed water if they sold the leader, Moammar soldiering—not merely ‘defense’ but indenture-Soldiering!


They are being oppressed and repressed, as both Arabs (other tribalists) and EUROS of N.A.T.O. IMpugn. I’d liked their mannerism, traditional bias’ were understood once you got to know them, altho living w them w.o. bringing your own food was egregious—probably yet remains, such!

N.A.T.O.’s evisceral misbehavior also comes from attachment sources of “counter-Insurgency” which seeks to gain surprise w brutality in usages of IMpunity, as much as of NSDU-238, and other anti-Constitutional stats approaching ”torture-Rendition”? Where are the UN-attached-Embedded journalists in Libya, and should they embed w HRW and Amnesty, too?         “R”




As I desire to complement the issues which are “issuances” of factual undertakings, I have to set a course that is narrowed by profusion, which does not make ignorance a resbit of introspection, when daily onslaughts of people not acknowledging “illegal-Wars: IMmensity of meta-Physics and metastasis”. This is like people saying because they do not “know” why does this have to be w.o. offering the other IMpugned decisions made by Plutocrats which compromised their-Lives, already! One must comprise the resolute aspects which will or might not ‘factor’ forwarding ways before deduction-Reasoning can be discussed “outwardly” i.e. butt-holds! Foreinstance u-S peantaGooons uses “drones’ to impress power-Mongers w killing-Civilians power and Technology, but not “and/or as used technology” since that would be the veribundity that one must supercede the other for usage, and, for needing yet “more” utility toward technocracy of technology useful for belligerence, brutality and radiologic-contaminations continuing.


Suspend the “war-Dept” platitudes-of-plutocracy but arrest the IMpunity is as stat as we-Peeps can become, and must, also maintain. As I’ve stated before, military-Hegemony and bring-the Bases: h-o-m-e, are the socialized-Sense of line-in-Reason, acknowledged!       “R”


“The word-term: guardian means an act of ‘protecting’ which certainly did not happen while werkors went along head-strong for support of the “hawks” who continue to make war as though “not-so-depleted Uranium (NSDU-238) was not radiologic-Contamination”; as though thermo-Nuclears (49 on 24/7 alert since installation) was not an offensive measure; as though NPP’s (nuclear power plants) protect the populations from downwind(s) radionuclides-Releases, from these steam plants that must HOLD radionuclides one foot to 150-miles and that must–altho the people in communities know this– maintain the people don’t have “radiation-Measuring devices” yet! Meanwhile, pu-240 from those pits making adversities of killing civilians, is not going away for another 240,000 years, while any particles retriculating into soils from that ‘time-Era’ is disparagement from jobs of “clean-UPs: impartial”.

The job is not replete and the defense from “munitions-Factories” is not started.

Guardianship, yes, when people’s eyes and ears relate to one another how destitute the culture’s indemnities are? Yes. This is not yet a pluralistic-Society because radiologic “truths” are being withheld for defense that is not structured as protection! Yet.

Peace is not a radionuclides Park…”


One Response to “Rocky Flats: A Call to Guardianship” by my imbibing…




My diminutive disposition of Defense is not contrariness. My irresoluteness is that of main feature of “uranium” that any uranium is radiologic and therefore radiation. Radiation is not defending from “bullets’ nor bombs, altho the word-term IUD comes handily into separation of fact and fallaciousness form abuser to solicited-User. Psychopathologic-Wasting is doing the most harm for propagating-Propaganda. There is nothing more pernicious than making enterprise which comprises complete disassociation of cultures thru amassed genocidal approaches. The penataGooons have been doing that thru urged-Tendentiousness.


NSDU-238 is being used as-a-Crutch for making “capital: thru clean-UPs made UN-availing”. That propensity is a sickness when immediate healthcare and medical-radiologic analysis is warranted firsthand—plus breaking out once-republic’s statutory-Laws. This indignation is worthy of arresting “all-INvolved thru their convolutions” period.


“The Swedish position has surprised many observers as Sweden has a broadly positive track record on arms issues. Belgian parliamentarian Dirk Van der Maelen MP, visiting Stockholm for the events, was among those who expressed surprise. He noted that Sweden’s commitment to land mines and cluster bombs had been positive, and that transparency seemed, to outsiders at least, ingrained in the Swedish psyche.

“We believe that Sweden’s position on this issue is growing increasingly untenable,” said Anita Lilburn of Action Group Against Radioactive Warfare, who had organised the Stockholm events. “The growing body of scientific data on DU’s hazards and the failure of states to effectively manage post-conflict contamination are underlining the unacceptability of these indiscriminate weapons.”

A fourth resolution on DU weapons will be submitted at the UN First Committee in October. Sweden is one of a diminishing number of EU states that have continued to abstain on the votes, in spite of overwhelming global support for the modestly worded texts.”


Swedish campaigners focus on new UN resolution on depleted uranium

18 April 2012 – ICBUW




The extermination of indige-Amers, the eradication of cultures in the ways of “racist-Colonialism, led to the racist ways of genetic-Manipulation and enslavement of indige-Amers, as yet afro-Amers could do what discerning methods and integrative-Ways being punished for not being allowing of being pushed toward return to Africa. Then, imperialism was fed to these flames and military-Hegemony arose, punishment upon eradication upon INvasions w germ-Warfaring: IMperialist-Propaganda. This killing-Machine: extraordinary minus human-Empathic, minus human-compassion and minus natural-Laws places a burden, and into the significance-Role of the new-Rome’s trade-Barriers and expansionist paths set forth, even long before 1965 was over and healthcare/ Medicare would perish rather than pass for democracy-Purpose, a “Retribution” needing not theirs of “stoic-Embrace” killing and Invading and maiming and destructiveness for eradication of growing soils and polluting airs further while lies-Lying insulting all of humanity, has now been set as return course on the boomerang’s arc. The Constitutional-Lawyer’s UN-lawfulness in allowing continuations of wars, torture-Rnditions, illegal assassinations, illegal-Imprisonments. Torporism w.o. “state-Dept: diplomacy” ad infinitum resurrection for Oligarchic-Rulers, that oNLY have to face and to fear ‘autocratic-Ascendancy” in the shallowness of immediacy to non-Adversity.


Meanwhile there exists “no-Defense” from at-Home nuclear-Molecular: contamination.



“ More than three dozen reactors still do not comply with fire regulations, and their owners have made no firm commitments to comply anytime soon….The Fukushima [prefecture–Daiichis reactors; 1-2-3-4] crisis illustrated the dangers of keeping spent fuel storage pools when the plant lost power needed to cool its pools. It is still unclear whether cooling was resumed in time to prevent spent fuel from overheating and melting, and releasing radiation. However, the spent fuel pools at U.S. Nuclear reactors could have fared worse, since they are far more densely packed than those at [Daiichi plant] and pose even greater hazards.


The security and safety risks associated with spent fuel would be reduced by transferring the fuel from pools to dry casks once its cool enough (i.e. five years after removal from the reactor). With less fuel in the pools, the remaining fuel would be easier to keep cool if power is lost and less radiation in the event of an accident or terrorist attack. However, because dry casks are expensive, reactor owners have chosen to fill their pools to maximum capacity, and the NRC has not required owners to transfer their spent fuel to dry casks.”


U.S. Nuclear Power After Fukushima pdf

by Union of Concerned Scientists 7-21-11




The reasons for indige-Amers to want their own way of life was their tribes “held lands as democratic for spiritual and cultural needs” these amenities being run-over by whitey-Amers was specific to not dwelling upon the circumstances for democracy, but rather that of colonialism which was put forth by monarchs whose program of tyranny was partly allayed by aristocratic-Ascendancy. The ignorance of whitey-Amers is self-Evident when one begins to understand “logic and Reason” as Jean Paul Sartre expose’d for Americans in general and because Universality was beginning to peel back reticence and excuses that were hammered into the psyche`, which Freud discusses, both post Darwin and post Marx and Engels. Aristocratic-Ignorance however, may have led the elites onward toward moral-INsignificance and thus both were redeemed by the blissful stasis of “plutocracy”.


Whereas killing “civilian indige-Amers” by whites was a heinous UN-lawful act, as well as a chauvanist appeal for “defense from ignorance”. Those settlers who helped indige-Amers, w trade and change were also pulling culture-apart, and this was a critical-Imbalance. When the going was downhill, and not themselves, settlers always wanted too much for nothing, as they could have and should have learned and kept resolve about knowing “others”. The first nations were really not into elitist-Governance and the chiefs would loose to tyrannical rule, one way or another shows the “militaryism” of the time, as militantism was finally enjoined w diseases were a psycho-Pathologic manner being used as useful-Tyranny for eradication was disguised and the history since 1492 never re-INterpreted enough to qualify as ‘truths to behold” by 1830 pre-Jackson, pre-Trail-of-Tears; as well as, also the tribes had become ‘aristocratic’s chiefs’! The aplomb of disgust against our own history, has finally become the disclosure of that social cloiture when disgust was not pluralistic.


“The charge that Grass is an anti-Semite because he criticized the policies of the Israeli govern-ment is completely unfounded. Anti-Semitism is the term used to describe racist hatred aimed at the oppression and persecution of Jews—and in the case of the Third Reich, the extermination of Jews. Grass’s criticisms of the war policy of the Netanyahu government are not directed against Jews, nor against Jews in Israel. His overwhelming concern is the well-being of both the Jewish population in Israel and the Iranian people. This is in stark contrast to the Israeli government.


Grass accuses the Israeli government of exploiting the “right to strike first” in order to attack a country where “the construction of a nuclear bomb” has not been proven, but merely “suspected.”

Israel, on the other hand, has “a growing nuclear capacity,” which it keeps secret and is “out of control,” because it is “closed to any scrutiny.” Grass criticizes the cynical politics of the German government, which delivers “another U-boat to Israel,” with the capacity to fire “every type of destructive warhead.” The government justifies its supply of arms by arguing that it is reparation for the crimes committed by Germany in the past.


Grass then states bluntly: “The nuclear power of Israel endangers an already fragile world peace,” and raises the question: “But why have I kept quiet until now….Why do I say only now, aged and with my last drop of ink?” He replies that the accusations of “anti-Semitism” are ubiquitous and have silenced him up to now. Grass refers to Israel as the country, “to which I am tied, and will remain so.”

Finally, Grass says that he is fed up with the “hypocrisy of the West.” He calls upon others to break their silence and demand together with him the “permanent control of Israel’s nuclear potential and Iranian nuclear facilities by an international body.”…”


Defend Günter Grass!

By Ulrich Rippert 7 April 2012 WSWS




The self-Serving is similar to “multinationals, today” those of Europe have relied upon the u-S coRpoRatist rip-Offs for the we-peeps u-S as wars prevaricate to hold “peace-Formula and lawful-Practices at bay”. That u-S diplomacy has been trampled, is the cause of plutocrats to maintain for the tyranny of general-malaise continuing. The IDF rules the elites of Israels to be offended and not-say-such as an idiopathic-Defense: militaryist. The u-S empire never defends “democracy” as the intel-Gence: cIAS has eradicated that wherever the state makes amends of its people in self-Rule, that the Oligarchs “nuclear-Policy” is the one chose social-Aspect of a phony-Gawd, or other no-Doubts. Psychology has at least replaced “aristocratic support of elites-Tyranny” theirs is but a mild-Gesture, altho a state-Diplomatic one of the religious-State w.o. a constitution.       “R”


“The Toxic Remnants of War Project will seek to catalogue and classify a range of substances that are used during conflict and which may have a long-term health impact on civilians, or result in damage to the environment. The project will also examine the indirect release of hazardous materials during warfare, through attacks on industrial sites, uncontrolled releases from military facilities or the destruction of infrastructure.

Substances used in offensive operations include heavy metals such as lead and depleted uranium; speciality alloys that may contain thorium or beryllium; propellants or explosives such as RDX; and obscurants such as white phosphorous. The toxic footprint from military bases may include fuels, oils, heavy metals and other hazardous wastes. Many of these are known to be toxic, but detailed information on how they interact within the environment and whether civilians are being exposed to them may be lacking. The problem is exacerbated by the limited capacity of states recovering from conflict to manage hazardous materials effectively and monitor civilian health.”


Toxic Remnants of War Project Launched (ICBUW) and IKV

Pax Christi 11 April 2012 – ICBUW




I continually see and hear about the “bouts” of one bourgeois politician trying to thrive w.o. disseminating the facts “presciently” in public. The ‘wars exist because nuclear-policy is parody’. However since they are morosely of the one-Party: parody, I cannot discern why or even how to listen to their farcical mannerism of “militaryist-Policy” since that oNLY most readily abjures that the “nuclearist-policy” is correct. Correct about whatever, they never say nor allude and thus “propaganda goads forth” moving along a narrow untenable path, not even a worthwhile trail. This is tyranny of micro-Age, the nuclear-Age, the bourgeois-Amers loss to empire, age, time-Era, slot, categorical-IMperium host.         “R”


Sunday April 22, 1:00-4:00pm at the Capitol Building

The Occupy movement has been instrumental in raising awareness about the economic disparity that has become a prevalent theme in our society. Though the focus has not generally been on pollution, ecological issues and climate change, Occupy Denver does acknowledge these issues as integral to the movement as a whole, by virtue of the fact that these economic and ecological crises stem from the same root source: corporate abuse of power by an illegitimate 1%, and a government that not only enables but rewards such behavior through legislation.


Occupy Denver supports the development of self-sustaining, self-determining, healthy and vibrant local communities. The fossil fuel industry and agribusiness compromise self-determination by monopolization of consumer choice through green-washing and the perpetuation of an unsustainable culture based on over-consumption and greed. Some of us think it is a bit ironic that Earth Day is only celebrated once a year—largely as an appreciation of over-abundance. Occupy Denver would like to change the tone of this event by taking inspiration from indigenous communities and recognizing that, if anything is to be done to address the twin crises of global accelerated climate change and the current mass extinction event, more drastic steps need to be taken than having a liberal awareness birthday party for the Earth.


We will provide, in a family friendly setting, the following:

  • + A forum for dialogue on local issues of fracking, land rights, air and water pollution;
  • + Music by the Raging Grannies and others;
  • + Information booths for local groups and organizations;
  • + Inspiring speakers to raise awareness about fracking in Colorado;
  • + Artistic renditions of impending ecological disaster;

+ An earth flavored cake for Earth’s 4,546,434,982nd birthday…


when history stands forthright w.o. edicts then “political-Analysis” can proceed; there is more than the one-Party system and no-Democracy!


                 a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,         “R” Addison


–notes: ODO activist bLog #11

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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