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anti-nucleaRist bloG #112/ 04 Mar 2012 whether or naught OWS is import of Justice we move-Forward

anti-nucleaRist bloG #112/ 04 Mar 2012

whether or naught OWS is import of Justice we move-Forward


Whether or not, any system beyond “chaos-Wars: anarchism” is more important than usury by illicit-Edict UN-lawfulness of plutocracy. The black-Panther: party was purposefully misunderstood, and thus began, by the we-Boomers (anti-War vets and SDS and boomer-generation groups w the Freedom League), attempts to both certify wrongs, and rectify illegalities. In the annals of-the-Empire, illegal “indo-China war: 1962 thru 1975” had to be harassed for contemporary-Society, or for history, but not both! This is how J. Edgar Hoover premised that “he was never bought-Off’” but racism must have been his fortay.


Living during time-Space was not-the-same-as living in the time-Era of mis-INformation is dis-INformation. The police like to prove theirs is morose-Libidinal: belligerence, however that involves an ego-Rearrangement or psycho-Pathic: training. The poleasepole-Persons basically are semi-Conscious, and paradigmatic of violence, when the course of colonialism and then Imperialism never once allowed for “breathing-Spell” as I learned in college poly-Sci before accelerated-Studies Grad School: Universities. As a ‘college-Student” student I could never ask enough of myself, but as a University student, I could never get enough questions to the assertive-Misadjudications from all-schooling and contemporary course. Why was strife the involvement of sending people into wars to-be-killed—en otras palabras?


A.I.M. was already a pronounced tour du force of social-Imperatives for social-responsibility to mean and demean “social-Justice”. Why were those tenets so important! The Chicano-movement was also ‘front and center” and talk that “militarism was militants for progress” was indeed truth. There was also rightwing-Reactionary polemic of “technocracy” called COINTELPRO and that was reincarnation of fact that “Gestapo-US” was present—but, not prescient. What was soooo good about “higher-education” when technocracy inside the Ivy-bilt towers looked deceitfully omni-Power-Mongering and not openly “peace-Empowering” was more important a pathway for me than a d-F PhD degree—at that point and is today at this juncture of betterment was taking a freedom-Choice highway into Philosophy.

Murder is a sickness as well as a sleaze of mis-Government i.e. oppression!         “R”


“PERRY WAS prejudiced. He put a lot of harassment on our lawyers, jailing them for contempt, not letting them say a thing. He really has a lot against young people and Blacks and he hates progressive whites who stand up to fight for Blacks as our lawyers are doing.

So he threw the case out, but we are going to appeal it. We are going to keep getting national support, and we think that this only shows how corrupt the system is getting.

If the Panthers were dope dealers or criminals, they would not be such a threat. But the Panthers, the things they were doing, were exposing the system. When you live in a corrupt system, you can’t expect the people who are corrupt to send the corrupters to jail. It is more or less a law of who has the most clout.

You really don’t know what was happening in that court until you sit there. Even if you sit there for 20 minutes, you see the injustice.”


“Fred took the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican gang, and the Young Patriots, a white gang from the Uptown area, and made all these groups into a political organization because he was trying to get them to see that racism wasn’t the only problem–that racism was a byproduct of capitalism. He was going to take these groups to wipe out capitalism and oppression.

During the trial, it was shown that the police and FBI were trying to get the gangs against the Panthers because the Panthers were trying to unite the gangs to fight against their oppression.

HANRAHAN WAS trying to label the Panthers as a gang. He got in office by using the Black community on this law-and-order issue. He was getting together with mothers that had lost sons through gang wars and used the Panthers as a scapegoat.

Hanrahan got in, and Fred was telling people about police brutality and about the police infiltration of organizations. In the trial, all this comes out. It shows how an informant, William O’Neal, was paid some $30,000 to cause disruption within the Panther organization and to keep the Panthers from uniting with various groups.

The system was paying this informant and others to corrupt the Panthers and give it a bad image among the people. The FBI had files on Fred. They had O’Neal who drew the floor plan where Fred was sleeping. During the raid at 4:30 in the morning, it was proven that Fred was shot while he was asleep.”


The murder of Fred Hampton

March 2, 2012 Socialist Werkor interview w Bill Hampton




Next, now that we know where and what happens to “youth-Leaders” what then happens w quality-care for all virtues to eradicate “illegal-INvasions” when OCCuPY Movement cannot qualify since 1991—as anti-Wars, bring the bases Home—buttholds! How do we all acknowledge what is involved w this catharsis, and what correlatives comprises the substance on these facts-in-Issue when “defense” needs to be spread-as-National: people-Needs? While government bureaucrats and society-Purchasing: bourgeoisie has become archaic in terms of “water w.o. toxicity” and “organic-foods for all w.o. blowing GMO’s pollins” as “radiologic-Contaminations” from NSDU-238 usages in Yugoslavia, in Iraqs twice, and from Daiichis: 1-2-3 meltdowns (now on-Going) what is necessity by the people for the “defense” of humans and foodstuff, and not for megalomanics? First-of-all, I find that this question is INcomplete! The history prior to NSDU-238 2nd use (first of u-S penataGooons) was an IMpunity due the continuation of decimating forests/ building wooden houses atop best, most fertile u-S topsoils that did not grow, is essentially that “unions for carpenters and contractors were not llowed by high-price managers. Managers is necessity today. See how the inferential-Practical application of a union in process now hurtles us toward an OWS where management can be not superficial!                         “R”


“The truckers have organized themselves into the Seattle Port Truckers Association (SPTA). Their board is [comprised] of one or two elected driver representatives from each company. The SPTA has allies in the Teamsters union and community-labor alliances like Puget Sound Sage and the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports, which for years has supported the truckers’ efforts to obtain better safety standards, overall working conditions, pay and respect on the job.

For many truckers, the long-term goal is to organize a union and be able to join the Team-sters. However, the strike is currently focused on more immediate demands.

The struggle began January 30 when around 150 drivers from a number of companies walked off the job and headed to the state Capitol in Olympia in support of legislation that would force the owners of the drayage (short-distance trucking) companies to be responsible for paying fines from the state Department of Transportation (DOT) for safety issues related to the chassis that the drivers use…


“These companies don’t want us to be organized or associated with any kind of movement, association or union,” said Michael Kidane, a Pacer Cartage driver. “In my company, the regional manager told us that if anybody tries to be associated with any organization either non-profit organization or union they would be fired from the job.”

The strike spread when one of the drivers for Western Ports Transportation got fired for going to Olympia. This led to all of the Western Ports Transportation drivers taking strike action. Since then, other companies have seen their drivers walk out.”


“The U.S. Treasury Inspector General estimated that the misclassification of workers led to unpaid Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance taxes totaling $15 billion. Thus, the current employment arrangement in effect results in massive tax breaks for trucking companies.

In response to pressure from the port truckers’ strike, the Washington state House of Representatives passed legislation February 11 that would classify owner-operators as employees. This bill now moves to the state Senate, where some think it will face a tougher time.

This strike is the most serious effort to date to win back rights that many truckers had over 30 years ago, before the deregulation of the industry.

Deregulation began in 1977, under the Democratic Carter administration, when the Interstate Commerce Commission began loosening regulations for trucking operations that benefited “owner-operators” and small companies over larger trucking companies. The floodgates were opened when Carter signed the Motor Carrier Act of 1980.”


My own 33-years of OTR “parttime” trukken can speak to these points on exasperation, mainly that I could werkout, drive parttime-Monthly but not receive “half-vacation pay” and time-Off and oNLY once UN-employment I could drive and read, taking notes from many books I researched read, and then-some: writing. I went from 3-teamsters B-lists, and earnings w FICA to per Diem needs and expenses accrued reportage to Social Security. The Soc-Sec hearing judge shafted me by saying “you must have per idem in order to account for your expenses. Time-out I said, “the thought is I could drive 12-15 days per month and not eat, shower, shave, clean-Clothes, buy a sandwich, having paid taxes on all expenses and having no costs, but you will yet allow me no-Expenses, too! My expenses are “deductions no matter” when I do my tax-forms, but the $6,733 they want me to pay-Back atop what I admitted needs to be paid to me for already “taxed” or “neither”’ can neither be inputted for my past debts, additional-IMpunity—unless debt—to me!


Why do I say cost, is that I’ve already paid sales tax on all those OTR expense-Purchase. Therefore, no matter, I would be double taxed which is an official-Offense by the judge i.e. against his decision. He’s guilty of IMpugning, which is exactly what was done by the company owners, who have “high: insurance-Rates” or mob-payments—or worse, both! This is why I explain as example. The basis of needing management to outcome the impoliteness of “technocrats putting bureaucrats to use” is that computer operators, management is midway between werkors and Oligarchs-Central, no. but, they ought to be the balance-Sheet between government needing to be run exactly according to “managing-Affairs” which cannot be done by wurkers. Managing the defense is a need of definitive co-Workers of management professionalism. Having a better defense demands equilibrium w the balance.               “R”


High stakes for port drivers

February 13, 2012 Darrin Hoop of Socialist Werkor




Manly-times are not INsuffereable, soooo, why did the el-Cops make just such and anarchaic-mess for “chaos-Sake”? I am speaking of the “usury of gov’t whether the Oligarchs strontium-90 leadership, ythje penataGoons waste of money, or the polease-Pole: persons bashing-heads instead of evaluating the presence of beings w.o. pepper-spray, sonic ear-Drum imfarctors, and malevolence is not bombasticate brutality better than we are amplifications of plutocracy”. A long sentence goes far—some times! Dig.           “R”


‘THE OCCUPY encampments of last fall are nearly all gone–cleared, often brutally, in a series of police raids.

Nevertheless, the Occupy movement sticks to U.S. politics like a burr. Even Republican presidential candidates have acknowledged “vulture capitalism” and inequality. Democrats talk tough about how they’ll stand up for the 99 percent…if only you vote for them in November.

These signs of the Occupy movement’s impact even within the narrow confines of mainstream politics show that the movement slogan is right: “You can’t evict an idea whose time has come.” The main theme of Occupy–that the hard-pressed majority in society is fed up with the greed, corruption and power of the 1 percent–continues to resonate, shaping the ideas and beliefs of millions of people long after the encampments were raided.

The question now is how Occupy activists can build on last fall’s activities, connect with the wider layers of people who support Occupy, and turn that sentiment into further participation–even at a time when the movement is less visible as a result of the dispersal of the camps and its activities draw fewer numbers in most cases. The protests and the General Assemblies may be smaller, but the need for the movement is no less urgent.

The heart of Occupy from the beginning has been grassroots activism–sometimes small in size, sometimes larger–and this remains the key.”


“Those in support of the May Day proposal point to the success of the November 2 day of action in Oakland, Calif.–in response to Occupy Oakland’s call for a general strike following a vicious police raid on its encampment and attack on demonstrators, in which a police projectile nearly killed Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen.

Certainly, many Oakland residents skipped work on November 2, and local unions supported the day of protests, though not as a formal strike. Rank-and-file union members led the organizing, and the day culminated in a march of some 15,000 people for a community picket that closed down the Port of Oakland.

The general strike call in Oakland produced an important and inspiring display of solidarity. But the day of action was not the same as a general strike–not of the kind that Oakland saw in 1946, nor the mass actions that shut down the cities of Toledo, Minneapolis and San Francisco in 1934.

If the term general strike is to mean anything, it must describe the coordinated action of workers in solidarity with one another to shut down production by staying away from work–not as individuals, but through collective action.”


“AT ITS height, Occupy mobilized large numbers because it insisted on the rights and dignity of the 99 percent. Its participants were determined to make their voices heard to counter the slanders of politicians and the media. We need initiatives that draw in larger numbers from the millions of people who have shown their sympathy with the movement–not adventurist actions by a minority out to demonstrate their supposedly superior politics and commitment.”


I say do not strike until we are really ready to start the government over-from-Scratch… this has to be precipitously “non-violence: at all costs” and expense for flakes must be policed by monitorrs in the 100,000’s. However, community-Training by “civil-Defense persons” on measured “radiologic-Contamination zones” searching for microns, around the 50-states. That is good—practice—viable dischaff, and persuasive job context w healthcare, a must, as well as, we-do-not-need: Occupy Oligarchs and plutocracy.               “R”


Discussing the way forward for Occupy

February 8, 2012 Socialist Werkor




Shall I say that I too melt the first day’s explosion was not-only-similar-to-Chernobyl—but, morosely, soon the Plutocracy facts of those dire-Straits when I protest there @ Daiichis (on coast), outside gov’t offices in Fukushima (w other International anti-Nuclearists), in Osaka (w others and same from Fukushima), and was present @ Hiroshima Monument August 6th @ high-Noon—1977. The trauma of 3-11-11 is oNLY about to descend “ever-hjardship, moronically” UN-less the people wake-UP, here in the u-S, as these causes all, started, here, w-the-IMpunity: decadences—good-ole military-hegemony: plutocracy—for real. If we chose to defend ourselves, then oNLY then, we can proceed to correct the “over-Involvement; wrongs”. We do need a healthy ‘defense at-Home’ thru healthcare back-UP to nuclear-Accident a la Fukushima—the worst soooo far..


Otherwise, plutocracy is not for me, and you can suffer the indignancy of what I went thru for the overt-task stressed in “dept-of-Offense” which basically started the ‘we-Boomers’ onto the trek of “nuclear-Molecular paths went somewhere” in 1969. Basically, we cannot allow rich-folks to have all-the NSDU-238 leftover from NPP’s—400 around the whole planet, where both pu-239 and ur-238 are stored—for use, for re-use and forwarding explosions where the inside reactor-Cores also has plenty or differing isotopes. All gone somewhere, now. Where went? Your gov’t is too busy building military-Bases for hegemony than any ounce of energy is providing healthcare, and now when massive-health: UN-care is prescient, do you think that they’ll bring those “bases’ home; or, do we cut-Off the d-F money supplied to the genrals du penataGoons?                    “R”


“Every nuclear power plant releases a number of isotopes, whether it is operating “normally” or melting down. These include Sr-90, Cs-137, I-131, argon, krypton, xenon and barium, taken up by animals, plants and humans.

The epidemic increase in childhood and adult cancer has occurred since World War II, when both chemical and radiological pollution spread over the world. Half a century later, there is no longer any doubt that radioisotopes in concert with industrial chemicals have caused this epidemic.”


“Studies of mutation rates of plants and animals around Chernobyl have increased by up to a factor 20 due to release of radionuclides. Rare bird species suffered greater impact than more common ones. Given that each slightly deleterious mutation is expected to result in a selective genetic death and that an average fruit fly under normal conditions may carry as many as 80 mutations, the number of mutations in animals and plants around Chernobyl and hence the number of selective deaths is bound to be much higher.”


“But beyond just diagnosing and treating more people with radiation-related disease, we can truly prevent these diseases by closing nuclear power reactors, thus reducing exposure to radiation. This is not a theory, but a reality with precedents. After President John F. Kennedy signed the 1963 treaty banning above-ground atom bomb tests, there was an immediate and drastic decline in U.S. infant deaths and cancer in young children. After the closing of eight U.S. nuclear power plants in the 1980s and 1990s, similar declines occurred in down-wind areas…

Every remaining nuclear power plant is a disaster waiting to happen. Twenty-three of these in the U.S. are the same design as those that are melting down at Fukushima Daiichi. California’s San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear plants are located on the ocean, next to known earthquake faults, and up-wind of huge populations where evacuation is next to impossible. Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, on the Hudson River, is 35 miles north of New York City, where it is a threat to one-fifth of the entire U.S. population.”


Fukushima – Worse Than Chernobyl

by Janette Sherman and Joseph J. Mangano Feb 25, 2012 by the San Francisco Bay View

I’ve been waiting to retire soooo that I could go down to Alaska, once again, to visit an untimely quiet… w words in heart and visuality in mind!


a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,             “R” Addison

–note: ODO bLog #8

Tags/ chaos-Wars: anarchism, illegal-INvasions, non-violence,reactor-Cores,melting down at Fukushima Daiichi, Indian Point N.P.P., deleterious mutation, NSDU-238 leftover from NPP’s, IMpunity decadence,warnings, over-Involvement wrongs, social-Imperatives, mis-Government, of harassment, radiologic-Contaminations, reducing exposure, Occupy                 initiatives, 80 mutations




Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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