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anti-nucleaRist bloG #111/ 04 Mar 2012 Chevron needs jail-Time, Native extincti0n, Macondo seeps & US Congress passes authoritarian anti-protest law

anti-nucleaRist bloG #111/ 04 Mar 2012

Chevron needs jail-Time, Native extincti0n, Macondo seeps & US Congress passes authoritarian anti-protest law

There are fewer animosities left for the remnants of once-Waz! The empire has been encroaching as slurb-sprawl over flatlands, arable once-Waz: topsoil of farming-Practices. There are more GMO impacting spiteful illnesses approaching, both communities and en masse`. The GMO has entered the processes of destruction to RNA sequencing, as their seeds pollination has carrier-Destruction of the human-Anatomy and of the soils, and of no lessons to the ‘word-for-Wise’. Chevron was sued over 12.4 years ago by the people of Ecuador, while Peru has similar industrial-Ripp-Off polemics to maintain where indige-Peoples can live. BP has never suggested cleaning the ocean’s floor and our own Oligarch’s presidents’ are more and more becoming of “dictators” especially as they rely on moronic-Ways of ‘capitalist-Totalitarian methods” w.o. let-up for the people’s needs, being war-Shorn: oNLY. Native-people have been masse` exterminated, c9olonialized and deceived w healthcare by “sterilization-Practices of the 1960-1970’s in the empire’s growth spasms for more-monopolization. Now, the u-S congress is showing how to be “fascists” and this vagary is not a feather-in-Cap but “a last straw”. We vote revolution-Now!               “R”


“What lies behind the unprecedented attack underway on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is a growing understanding in the ruling class that the protests that took place around the world against social inequality in 2011 will inevitably re-emerge in more and more powerful forms in 2012 and beyond, as austerity measures and the crashing economy make the conditions of life more and more impossible for the working class. The virtually unanimous support in Congress H.R. 347, among Democrats as well as Republicans, reflects overriding sentiment within the ruling establishment for scrapping all existing democratic rights in favor of dictatorial methods of rule…

The virtually unanimous passage of H.R. 347 starkly exposes the fact that, despite all the posturing, the Democrats and the Republicans stand shoulder to shoulder with the corporate and financial oligarchy, which regarded last year’s popular protests against social inequality with a mixture of fear and hostility.

Among the central provisions of H.R. 347 is a section that would make it a criminal offense to “enter or remain in” an area designated as “restricted.”

The bill defines the areas that qualify as “restricted” in extremely vague and broad terms. Restricted areas can include “a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting” and “a building or grounds so restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of national significance.”

The Secret Service provides bodyguards not just to the US president, but to a broad layer of top figures in the political establishment, including presidential candidates and foreign dignitaries.

Even more sinister is the provision regarding events of “national significance.” What circumstances constitute events of “national significance” is left to the unbridled discretion of the Department of Homeland Security. The occasion for virtually any large protest could be designated by the Department of Homeland Security as an event of “national significance” making any demonstrations in the vicinity illegal.”


US Congress passes authoritarian anti-protest law

By Tom Carter 3 March 2012 WSWS




Obsessing that the “democracy will return” and doing nothing about “that-That” is like pissing into the wind, a self-Deprecating experience, whereas a different method being used is haughty-Pissants. Ask me, I think oil-Monopoly-CEO’s ought to pay all the reparations, especially because they’re more than basic “crooks” but psycho-Pathic-Criminals they truly need to be long-term imprisoned—and have those billions-Dollars taken from circulation until feasibility is again in balance w.o. “rip-offs”? The question does not beg the system but the people’s will to outlast the inferno-within the consciousness to remain on-Top of these irresolute-Proclives.                 “R”


“The push to exploit natural resources is having a huge impact on native Indian communities across Latin America.

All too often, they say, their interests and preserving their way of life end up coming second to energy companies and the pursuit of profits.

“I saw in one of the documents from Chevron Corp the president of the Texaco unit had order-ed all documents relating to oil dumping to be removed from files and destroyed. Oil companies don’t take courts very seriously. They are their own court, their own judge, and they won’t listen to the Ecuadorean government even if it goes along with the courts.”

– Greg Palast, an investigative reporter and author of Vultures’ Picnic


“…”In Latin America the people who are on the land don’t own the rights to the subsoil, which essentially means they belong to the government. In the US they do. At the same time huge mining and energy companies find ways of buying those rights. … The end result of oil exploration is bad for indigenous people anywhere in the world.”

– Peter Hakim, the former president of the Inter-American Dialogue”


“Ecuador is a tragic example as shown in the Chevron case where there has been 40 years of systematic drilling and dumping using substandard technologies that have been outlawed and banned in the US in the early 1900s. [Companies like Chevron] basically decide that the people of the rainforest don’t matter.”


Native Indian tribes facing ‘extinction’?

Inside Story Americas Aljazeera News  03 Mar 2012 10:47




Nicely BP used an illegal chemical known as “core-Exit” which was not allowed into the u-S at all since 2000. However, the 9-million coniferous acres of dead-Trees “in the state of Colorado” would not be allowed that when they oNLY need Insects to devour the INsects. What is there to say the people again have been impugned against by wars which demand the over-utilization of “oil as fuels” and as aero-Jets transport “IMpunity against shipping 10,000 of troops and supplies to “hold-down: pollutants of hydrocarboaceous-sleaze”!


What then became and nameless game of antics for whom is the Bankor? How lovely for BP to take modesty and travesty and combine for IMpunity. Their opportunity to spill enough oil to keep supplying plastics manufacturers w the natural resource to wrap fresh foods, meats and grains was a “technocracy-Insiders job” and probity quite similar to “investigation do not matter as in WTC buildings & penaatGoons headquarters”. Don’t worry GMO’s must give cancers and “radiologic-CleanUPs don’t happen either”! Whereas the plutocracy has a monopolization on death, on usury, and always on IMpunities, we have the-People’s will… and our own way of spelling-out the facts.         “R”


“”We can tell you that we recently sent a remote operated submarine down to inspect the Macondo well cap and the relief well cap,” Mueller, added, “Both are intact and show no evidence of any oil leak. So no oil is leaking from the Macondo well.”

But experts believe that is exactly the problem, since the work BP conducted to cap the gushing well could have caused oil to begin seeping from the reservoir in an area away from the capped well…

“Research shows the Macondo area is ripe for seeps, and I think that’s what we’re looking at here, and it’s coming from the same reservoir,” Burton said.

Burton is also the Federal On-Scene Coordinator for this region of the Gulf of Mexico that includes the Macondo area.


Given Overton’s findings that the oil does appear to be from Macondo, Leifer added, “It’s not necessary to be alarmist, but this is something that deserves setting an alarm off to investigate”.

Of Captain Burton’s comments about the oil coming from the Macondo reservoir, Smith had this to say:

“What is significant in my mind, as an attorney, is that a US government official admitted this is Macondo oil, and to me, absent BP producing evidence this seep existed prior to their drilling, they therefore must have caused it.”

Leifer’s concerns are that if the seep increases in volume, “It could be a persistent, significant, continuous oil spill again, and that would require BP to go back and re-drill, and block off the pipeline even deeper than they already did, or else they would be liable for whatever the emissions are, forever, because it’s not going to stop for a very long time”.”


BP settles while Macondo ‘seeps’

Dahr Jamail Aljazeera News 03 Mar 2012… 19:40




Here I am discussing when “practicality” commands presence fo events to garner, maintain support and adjunctly bring about “change”, while OWS little-D has an event scheduled for Saturday a week from now…   “R”


“On Saturday, March 10th, families from the local communities that are directly affected by the Commerce City Suncor refinery and several organizations including Colorado American Indian Movement, Deep Green Resistance (DGR) Colorado, Front Range Rising Tide,, Occupy Denver and Boulder Food Rescue are coming together for a demonstration against Suncor and the oil seep contaminating the Sand Creek and South Platte River. We are asking everyone concerned about our water, air, land and future to stand with us.

Over the last year, many people and various organizations have united to oppose the Alberta tar sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline, correctly recognizing these industrial projects as ecocidal insanity. Here in Colorado, oil from the tar sands is refined by Suncor Energy. By participating in the process of facilitating genocide against the aboriginal people of Alberta, Suncor Energy has toxified our air, land and water without end.

By bringing together active members of the Colorado community in coalition, we will align together to force Suncor to stop destroying and poisoning our world, both here in

Colorado and in Canada.”


March 10th, Stop Suncor & Tar Sands “Occupy The Hot Zone”

March 3, 2012


IMpunity ought to be punished, and those criminals who make no reparations, IMprisoned and their monies taken away until a new-System…enterprise the sitz-Mark of the olde: not!


a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,         “R” Addison


–note: ODO bLog #7

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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