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anti-nucleaRist bloG #109/ 25 Feb 2012 werkin thru the issueless “warrant” to Build the Vision to Occupy Peace!

my plight w NSDU-238 (has not been divulged) merely well wRitten!
youTube “Killing Our Own : The Truth About Gulf War Syndrome”
1:23:08 mins (not enough views) BUTTHOLDS

anti-nucleaRist bloG #109/25 Feb 2012

werkin thru the issueless “warrant” to Build the Vision to Occupy Peace!


I hear the Pink Floyd, and I want you to listen to one-Segment, I want you to know my four-plus: years-of-Physical pains, and then I want you to listen to the whole “concert” and think of the task-Conscious: pains that I also went thru, as I wove from physical-Grop-ing pains to virtual-Memory pains, to mental-Capacity pains. Listen to “Pink Floyd HD – Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Full Concert) 1987” @ you-Tube’s ways-of-Presentation
w these following minutes “first” 49:58 thru 54:40! Now, please go back and hear-view-see the whole “concert” and experience what totally “a Surreality” is when facing down the Exis-tentialist w.o. Zen. Wailing-pain is your consciousness, now. You cannot relax until you remember that the pains of others is the blood on your hands, too, for if you allow anymore wars-forward w.o. conscientious regard in spoken-tongue gathering your-Consciousness into the total-whole winsome-Consciousness i.e. the Universality of us Amers. This Univer-salism will not oNLY help alleviate the pains of IMperium thru Oligarch’s demeanors of plutocracy, but will eradicate their “propaganda” atop their UNdoings, too!


“In the past few months, we’ve heard more than ever about economic inequality. This increased awareness is a breath of fresh air, but it’s not enough by itself. We can’t just point out the existence of inequality. We must uproot the ideological underpinnings that support it. No matter how unequal wealth and income are, if people can rationalize it in their minds as the result of some working harder or being more virtuous than others, then our efforts to rein in inequality will fall flat.”[1]


There was a virtue in knowing, always, but that has been replaced w “immigrants” who do-not-relate “socially nor politically” w.i. the communities of little-D or Portland oR Oakland, w.o. being chastised to having told anyone when and where they may want to participate. What is participatory-Democracy is not IMpugning” one-Party: parody” that never touches on immense issues of NSDU-238 and 9-million acres of beetle-Kill plus ‘spore-Killed’ species of conifers that arriate-Moisture: levels. The parity on “parody” is what really matters when any IMpugning or all IMpunity by the state: transsects and trans-cends, too. The wars are not great, and grating the long-hairs has IMpugned upon the “immigrants” because our society is not all one-Party: parody! Social networking around IMpunity, around demonstrations-Speakers are not one-Party: parody, is anti-War, and as-much-as OWS is anti-Lots social-Injustice, anti-Wars is not social-Justice but social-Parity when presentments are all political-Parties. Dig.


“On January 25, 21-year-old Bradley Lee Morgan called 911 saying he had a knife and threatened to jump from the ninth story of a downtown parking garage. After approaching Morgan and talking to him for a few minutes, two police officers, David Scott and Sgt. John Holbrook, drew their guns and fired multiple shots at Morgan when, according to police officials, he pulled out a gun. A replica handgun was found next to his body after the shooting. The autopsy report said that his death was caused by a single gunshot to the head.


The obviously troubled young man had recently broken up with his partner and

lost custody of their son. On Morgan’s Facebook page postings, he referred to his dis-tress over the separation and, as well, having to sleep in a homeless shelter.

The state of Oregon has seen four deaths by police so far this year of either men-tally ill or inebriated men. In Portland, between January 2010 and June 2011, five men were shot by city police officers, four of them killed. According to Jenny West-berg, board member of the Mental Health Association of Portland, “Since 1980, at least 220 people have been shot, shot at, or killed by Portland-area police.”[2]


Weld. the sickness of “society” basically comes from all these “dumb-Fool” wars. Like 29-years of continuousness for belligerence to zero-Year of peace. Hey, man what if there was, past-Tense, an Ecology and no-One enjoyed the lack-of-Hiking trails from Boulder to Brainerd Lake–coloradie! Would you go? The good attitude “questions’ are missing, as thieves ply for gangs in support of both their bad-Habits. However, this is not the oNLY IMpugning that one Sociologist or another has or has not UN-covered. The tinyness-Excess of drunks on-the-sidewalks is not exactly, “the streets of gangs”. However, prejudicial-ways are interlaced and protect a few who can be arrested by cop[s on “vehicular-Patrols”, rather than one-the-hoofBeat. Being called thru 9-11 should “never” be a death-Knell, as the S.W.A.T. team is very expensive? What then is there but to rely on UN-armed flatfoots, who could really do their “here to respect and represent the community” against tyranny.


Drunks in public are maybe “addicted-to-Alcoholist paradigms”! What good are drunk Mennonites anyhow, do they protest against “illegal-Wars” or illegal-Arrests? Do indige-Amers protest w us when we are street-Corner protesting against the IMpunity-of-Illegal-Wars (wars-ziz)? Who is doin’ what analysis and what protests against wars has been ridden-Off by “all radio-Stations” which I find as totalitarian-Support of class-System? I find this is the anathema, because Pacifism should never neglect “communication” and the radio-Stations never do two “thing-Bops” necessary. They never place analysis and demonstration-Speaker’s actual spoken litany into “reports: full” and then, secondly, they never state that they are anti-Pacifist by being “totally passive” or passivistic, which contrary to Libertarians, is what Libertarians do since they are IMpugning the public they do not support communication? That does not make sense! This is the other side to “peace-Activism-is-Non-violence” which is truth. Anarchyism is neither peace, nor Democracy and oNLY fends that there is a “nowhere-Middle-Ground”. Sorry but true can be and is 99% Truth. Checking-out: 9-slash-11 is 1000X more important for the cause than anythink-Bogey the anarchyists want you to hang-onto.


Checkin’ out and hearing well, what Alex Jones says is what the other factor of kGNU-fm, kPFA, kPFK and 150 other pro-Peace am & fm-stations do not do. The stations have been failing and trying merely to stay in-a-Flux rather than into an “ON” stat… The following is a letter that my intermediacy-Group (progressives) of which I’ve been posting “my parts” in peace for “defense w Justice” since 2004 i.e. naught: ‘refried-Onions’…:




As you all continue your “choke-Puke” vigilance that “war must be visualized” before one understands what is “on the ground” in Libya and as now presented (again) in Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine-lands continuing, and Syria–but not Turkey– the Kurds areas keeping Arabs at bay… you should relate to why the IMperium is harmful to your community, “visually” at home, as well.


Seize the methods that do not allot ‘madness’ altho anger is not madness! U-for-PJ has some ways that provide ‘weigh-INs’ on halting the 29 years of wars-Warring the “penataGooons” (fanatical war-anarchyists) have involved you in, whether you’re visual or not.


Basically, “we’re the medium of info-Exchange” and your primary cause is UNjust must be handled because that is “disINformation”. Not one of you choke-Pukes have gotten back to me regarding my 38 years of werk-UPs for “defense” and peace, thru community-INputs of “localized: Protest”! I am protesting against you for not knowing anarchy is not democracy


Rich, as far as i know, you are a pacificist who has yet to join into fracas of venting “peace is not whimsy” but politics is merely nowhere. WE’ve discussed this 5-years ago–in person! This “argument” may be the shadow of Al Gore, who sold out to the Oligarchs, because he feared everything, has been deprived from social-fact: factorially. The one-Party: parody does that, and why as an analyst I’ve often taken the paths of multiple-Parties not heard, is lacking “parity”!    see


Why not see how come. Read into why demonstration-Speakers are not getting onto kGNU-fm, on kPFA-fm, on kPFK-fm, nor on infowars & prison-planet radio. You’re all not getting the picture, radio and Internet and your “protesting on street-corners” will gather argument and accrue peaceful needs for that 29-years of disgust, which continues where V-C-L left-Off.


I’ve been giving you “progressive pictures on concepts of peace, defense-lacking, INvasions, and decadence” and as for Cort, he’s been giving you “communist and jihadist” propaganda w some very amazing articles on Arab unity and activism. Go there if you do not believe me.


I sent out some facts-pertaining on Wednesday, amidst your “anarchyism”:


Okay, you’re being “rite-ON”… however, why should you ever say ‘we should say no to Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy’ now when since 1979 we’Ve been saying “NO TO OLIGARCHS”… we’ve now entered the 29th year of wars-Warring (in-a-row)! You’re on a one-Party analysis line and the one-Party system incoRporate wars and INjustice for coRpoRatist. The ISO is a very hard reconciliation, and their monthly magazine is tryen-times better than Nation Magazine.


The Justice party fields a fella w whom I read Poetry in SLC at the beginnings of phase-3 Iraq-INvasion, Rocky Anderson. The Socialist Equality party @ (read)


Vote Socialist Equality in 2012! Statement by Jerry White, SEP candidate for US president 13 February 2012


One does not have to be a “Marxist” to become a Socialist, nor are more than 10% of CP Americans Marxists. The other Socialist party in u-S is defunct, in terms of voice-Voices: heard. You may be too high in the tRees to be barked at… Being a Marxist does not mean you’re a political-Analyst! What about the:


“WHAT, TODAY, ARE the prospects for socialism? Many on the left, including figures previously identified with revolutionary Marxism, are now utterly pessimistic. In 1968, for instance, Tariq Ali epitomised the mass student radicalisation in Britain. The other day, however, Tariq commented that the restoration of capitalism in Russia signified that “the game was up for another four or five decades…” (Guardian, 22 July). Capitalism, in other words, has been granted a new lease of life – revolution is off history’s agenda for half a century! Today, Tariq Ali epitomises a generation of one-time Marxist intellectuals who are now utterly disillusioned with the prospect of a socialist transformation of society within the foreseeable future. This change in outlook undoubtedly has a social basis – the rebels of ’68 are now professors, film producers, business executives, etc.”

Socialism Today, September 1995 Home | News | Donate | Join 


What future for Socialism?

LYNN WALSH, editor of Socialism Today, British monthly magazine of the Socialist Party argues that socialism, far from being ‘finished’, will once again become the idea that guides workers and youth in the struggle for a new society.


This is approximately where both Europe and U-S/Canada are as their rhetoric has been “buried” beneath military-Hegemony, but as the rest of the world’s people progress toward a unity from [post use/usages of NSDU-238. OWS was put-off in 1991… the history of making revolution is not violent-request nor violence because of belligerence. We do know much more, as Ecology is science and people w high education do not have to show that, regard or disregard.


…the Oligarchs have bought their ‘wars’ and we must be rid of voting pro: one-Party: parity, or probity will eat your heart w.o. compassion. End the UN-declared wars, JoJo, that is compassion, and then the history of torture,,, aero-Jet transportation 100X more expensive than “ships” of troops, then 50X more experienced for expense-Account for plutocracy “mercenaries”. Where is your “functionality” all of you?


note– Jerry White is running w an afro-Amer woman who maybe should be compared w Cynthia McKinney who 9-slash-11 fidelus is not ‘conspiracy’ but bring on the facts “as those pertain”.


—– Forwarded Message —–

From: UFPJ To:

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 12:07 PM         Subject: Build the Vision to Occupy Peace!


Dear Peace and Justice Activist,


Change is under way – the result of years of hard work by the peace movement and the

tremendous political energy of the Occupy Movement! We must seize this moment to re-examine our goals and strategies, build new alliances, and do the work to make a justice and peace economy a reality. With your support that is exactly what UFPJ members will do when we gather in Philadelphia later this weekend.


UFPJ’s Occupy Peace meeting, February 24-26, has been planned to begin a vital conversation with activists from the Occupy Movement and from a broad spectrum of domestic struggles about building a new future of domestic and international justice and peace. Together we will examine the intersections of our issues and our movements.


Millions of people suffering in today’s weak economy are losing human services including healthcare, education and environmental protection, while the leadership in Washington spends billions on the military. Multi-national corporations amass enormous profits even as they and their high-paid executives avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Please donate as generously as you can to help UFPJ do the critical organizing to end the squandering of our resources on weapons of war and to build an economy to promote jobs and human needs.


[photo is copyright material from]


Thank you,   The UFPJ Steering Committee


wars always lead to “more-Wars” and that retribution can and does follow-Thru, leading to anarchyism, and continuation of not having non-violence become “peace”



a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,                  “R” Addison


–notes: ODO blog #5/


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[1] Uprooting Inequality and Its Ideological Underpinnings by Brian Miller February 22, 2012 by Common Dreams

[2] “Portland police chief defends latest police killing” By Hector Cordon 
24 February 2012 WSWS

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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