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anti-nucleaRist bloG #105/ 23 Jan 2012 Libya in full uranium-Abuse, general-Specific topic of non-Socialism no Defense

anti-nucleaRist bloG #105/ 23 Jan 2012

Libya in full uranium-Abuse, general-Specific topic of non-Socialism no Defense

tO peace-People:

There is more than a pertinent need to end wars-Warring. That the Oligarchs of u-S ‘expansionist’ empire, the plutocracy known as “the new-Rome” will not last 1,000 years as military-Terrorists of nations called “states” or as military “empire” world JUNTA! The war in Libya may have made Khaddafi quite deceased! However the non-admonishable side is that “no studies on NSDU-238 and uranium-Bombs (those tipped w DU munitions” have been accomplished, let alone started “clean-UPs” as the destruction zones: one and all, need to be Geiger-Meter: monitored, first as well?              “R”

“…thousands of protesters went to the NTC building in Benghazi and stormed through the gates throwing hand grenades and firing in the air. Amongst those present at the protest were many who had been involved in the armed campaign against the Gaddafi regime. Many were armed with machineguns and bayonets. The head of the NTC Mustafa Abdel Jalil, in effect the country’s president, was trapped in the building for a few hours. He attempted to calm down the crowd, but bottles of water were thrown at him and [he] had to retreat (see Euronews VIDEO). Protesters proceeded to destroy his Land Cruiser vehicle parked outside…After angry exchanges finally it was announced that Ghoga was going to resign.”

Libya: protests force resignation of government vice-president

Written by In Defence of Marxism Monday, 23 January 2012


While the “planning of assassinations in Iran” is not divulged to the world, I have read a sick-O exposition of arrogance that should be a prison thrown into jail. Then, in reading farther that Israel diplomatic Mossad, the u-S cIAS hardly intel-Gence, and the MI-6 we love death syndrome Brits” have all had their extrapolation w.o. discerningly straight-forward questions to these lack-lustre agencies answer to their mediocrity of never answering but always attaining imbecility? There is another side which has not been purveyed in the same toxic inhalation. That is that communist-Irans or fascists from Syria, aghast w Hezbollah doing well in Syria, are to blame. I saw both in action while in Iran in 1981. Scarry, yes. Somehow the staging of oil as pollution-Righteous keeps on “polluting” w Oligarchs minding the plutocracy “reigns-Hegemonic” get reigned-IN from becoming quixotic or shall I say too-Much imperialist w IMF buyout leverages!             “R”

“While the hawks in Washington have already declared a nuclear war on Iran in a metaphoric sense i.e. the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists, some of them avail themselves of a kind of literature in their reference to the nuclear assassinations which indicates the abyss of human degeneration. An impetuous example of this was reflected in a video circulated on the internet in which Rick Santorum, who is a sad excuse for a human being and a politically bankrupt White House aspirant, has unfeelingly described the assassination of Iranian scientists as “wonderful.”

Rick, who’s he, what’s it, is a demagogue “one-Party: parody expert”! He assigned

himself to the war-Monger’s party.      “R”

““This act of cowardice, whose perpetrators and architects will never dare to confess to their foul and appalling crime or assume responsibility for it, has been engineered and funded by the CIA and Mossad [spy] services,” he said, adding, “The assassination shows that the global arrogance spearheaded by the US and Zionism has arrived at an impasse in their encounter with the determined, devout, and progressive nation of Islamic Iran.”

Central to the circle of the prime suspects in the nuclear assassinations is the IAEA itself. About two weeks ago, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan had reportedly met the agency inspectors.”

The ill-Rebuke of war-Mongers to assign “oligarchy-Rules of the IMperium under the auspices of plutocracy, is not righteous, not wanted by most lacking reading knowhow Amers, who should do exactly that i.e. read more!               “R”

THE WAR ON IRAN: Nuclear Assassinations Just the Tip of the Iceberg

by Dr. Ismail Salami Global Research January 19, 2012       


There is a theorist amongst the we-Peeps of u-S who’s healthcare failed she or he, hopefully, not you. Socialism is an American thingy-Bop from back the 1904 era of joining hands to contest not having—when, the ideo-pathologic started formulating “socialism”. Idealist was not enough and Futurism was upon the forefront of spreading Thought. The Federal reserve was well hidden passage on Xmas-eve 1913, but did little to help the culture, the little-People or the working people who are pushed into one morass after another by capitalist-Totalities. Hopefully ‘socialism’ does not fail you, but stoicism will continue thru orthodoxy by plutocrats, does need to be brought down, not placated? Dig.

The general-Specific topic of socialism-Defense, is that of has socialist-Party completed Marxist theoretics for terms of socialist and Communist: parties, basic needs for a defense from w.i. and w.o. the political spectrums w.o. that of plutocracy reigning thru control. The gains of Marxist-Theory became Marxism, usefully adapted for use by “both” communists and Socialists. Fine, keep this as a pre-cursor for understanding why America became the first ‘socialist-Party: state’ and that tribalism, as conceptual basic of socialist need, may have superceded both. Okay. One does see by introspecting thru research of socialist-Essays as theoretical analysis that theirs “Marxists” have an integrity that is remiss and missing. That is “defense codification of both nuclear-Policy weapons” and of “not having much to do w uranium as radiation-Weapons already used”. My question is thus, what is defense because of the UNknowns-Constant? The side-light is where are “offensive: nuclear Weapons” both uranium-Weapons having been used by capitalist-Totalitarian u-S and what then do Socialists not need tp imbibe for maintaining a majoritarian-Democracy—in reason and understanding—but in approach for balanced resourceful equality to and from the world’s peoples. What then exists upon the pronouncements for internment of defense, since both Marxists theoretics needed defense-Equating but never averred that end-zone.

What does chaos do,and has done, history is again appointed–in order to make inroads of party representations of Congress– province-Assemblies, and other i.e. judicial elected officials must spell out needs for change w redress in mind. Another social-Aspect remains, what is paranoia from a ‘defense stand-point’ if not non-Use? While the reson d’ etat is whether or not the people are “protected by defense-Measurement not known as detrimental to humans and humanity” remains the constant?

Utilizing “resource uranium” as definitive to making “monopolistic-Nuclearist: polem-ic” the socialist point of view remains vague, but the generalist view is “efficiency and per-sonal protection” remains vogue. Generally that all uranium is radiation, does not seem to gel in the scientific pratter, but matter-Matters as anti-Matter is voice of communist’s appeal for monopoly disguised as anarchy. The usages of “not-so-depleted uranium-238” NSDU-238 is offensive in facts of “usages and microns-Abuses & medical specifics not allowed”! Anyone would think-to-feel this is a grandeur of  mention “fact, expose` and swindle of human-Rights”! I am amazed there is no argument by Socialists against Communists other than retribution being negation, of anti-Reason. The “lack-of-Defense” as theory is subterfuge to factual premise that of not knowing ‘tribalist-theoretics” one may say to generalize the specifics? The other specific is that “radionuclides are as toxic-Radiologically as high-Level waste”, and low-Level radionuclides is more latent, more cancer-Causing and therefore more offensive to socialized medicine non-Existent estate. The generalized-Facts are farcical, in other words. A major question of “generalized-Specifics” is that aggressor-Stance would never become “defense” as per equity of global-Defended: planet (from interstellar matter impacts).

The generalized-Specifics are at fault for not having a “defense, built-IN, against NSDU-238” in this once-Waz: republic. What I’ve tried to relegate since 1957 (age eleven), has been the other defense-Specific is what is “radiation-Monitoring” which I have discussed in both … texts-contents, but which does not yet exist on paper in communities across the u-S. nor in Canada and Mejico, and south: north-Americas. There is a bit one generalized-Specific, these bytes, that debases women-as-Feminists rather than Socialists, and that is provincial-Doctrinaire, socio-Stasis of stoic-Embrace instead of change. The question is not how “provincialist-Extent got her” rather did she get stoic transgressions, so she but does not know how ‘bourgeoisie and provincialist tendency becomes, that of monotony, and digressions maintain megalomania?

One more too passive social aspect is, that apologists are not a remedy, nor a change. That stat of theirs always passing over consciousness-Stat, is staid and complements USAID more than you and I suspect!             “R”

the general-Specific topic of socialism-Defense

23 Jan 2012

There is no ‘space-Frontier’ w.o. a beaming constant in Truths, placed into the hands-of-the-Many– particularly in regard to maintaining ‘health and healthcare’ for all citizens…

a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,

“R” Addison

–note: edited 10-24-12… anti-Nuclearist pRefeRRed bloG #52/

Tags/ end wars-Warring: the Oligarchs, assassinations in Iran, Iran nuclear scientists, one-Party: parody, CIA and Mossad, arrogance by US and Zionism, oligarchy-Rules: IMperium, chaos-Theory, socialism not stoicism, socialism-Defense, defense stand-point, not in-Use, monopolistic-Nuclearist: polemic, swindle of human-Rights, lack-of-Defense, generalized-Specifics, provincial-Doctrinaire, socio-Stasis, stoic-Embrace, global-Defended: planet , IMF

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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