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anti-nucleaRist bLog #10/19 Jun 2006: Yucca mountain stuck-o-muck ideologue

anti-nucleaRist bLog #10/19 Jun 2006

Yucca mountain stuck-o-muck ideologue


Aspects factored from the beginnings of human excess in the “thermodynamics field”. The ‘nuclear animosity’ which vacuously pours-Podgy onto the world’s people(s), remains the human-Thought: extant, a mixture of the world-Philosophies and human virtues. That there is an “ecological demise” atop these aspects now imperatively assumed “conditionals” has made people in the 50-States of the new-Rome: empire recoiled at an un-Known. In 1943, both an onslaught and an intrigue aspired in humanity, all-at-Once. The platitude was called, determinism, as well as the despicability. WE, Existentialists have received only verisimilitudes of truth regarding those fecundite-Polemics, but lies, deceits, falsifications, propaganda, placations, plutocracy, and now “military hegemony” bares-Witness that what coats the eternity of Life, gloats within a confine for the alacrity of history to re-propagate—after-a-fashion, like dig the volcanic ash has plied 12-to-20 feet high, or like Krakatoa 1893. The mono-Tony is yet “radionuclides waste” and piles/heap-o’s toxic-Household: garbage or mounds of endemics to an assimilation of insobriety. Because the actives w.i. Thought is both from and beneath the sheen of neo-Liberalist doctrines, we are misled into believing that only one aspect the lack-of-Principles used neglectfully is in full force by the neo-Cons: coalition!


Liberals abused by neo-Cons galore, and the embodiment of dischaff not fallen back to Erathe’s compost, radionuclides or radiation-Wastes have been used in allowances to maintain the hard-Edge of normalcy in a in a visceral “chastisement”, while the better-Known visual and science-Renown, for responsibility and agglomeration of normal cognizance w.i. liberals turned progressives identity of culture retains the hearts and minds regarding non-Use of h-Bombs. Tenditiousness to say the least has been used by opposing foes for indecency and non-Respect, but the most but not so-Much by the liberalist tradition that goes along with ascendancy of the military as portrayed as the losers-Bins. That is relegated “reserved for the nuclear: h-bOMBs bins on 24/7 alert because we-the-people have no say in the referral toward decision—of the matter with anti-Matter!


Why should we-the-People have to take a disposition of animosity and continued-Neglect against the Newe Segobia is “indigenous-Territory” not nev-Testsite? Instead, the turn the land back to the Indian-Folks parables a principle-Lacking indemnity of demagoguery rather than a positive requite for principles to be wholesome, not negating? AND the look farther ‘n closer, as the let them deal with the supra-Reality: radionuclides-Wasteland has transpired. The other context that what is there has been given is as negligible as “declaring-Wars: anymore”? How haughty and how arrogant the Marines attitudes are after they leave their so-called “term-with-Arms” only to maintain the propaganda and have somehow, personally, ever-Allowed the contrast of what the other side has said in open liberty about “nuclear-Munitions” being so abhorrent as to be a differing codifications or the sordid “nexus”? If Skull Valley is not to be coveted by the NRC, why were the “ 1,200 dead sheep” not allowed to be placed there w so much radionuclide background radiation for the world to know how desperate the propaganda-Machine has been, too? How come Yucca Mountain is not dispensed into every ‘front-Page’ news-sheet to the fullest extent of nuclear waste/nuclear admonition in needs of monitoring to return the lands to the older ownership of indigenous-Peoples of the vast great-Basin?


Is having the truth to speak-Say “taken-away-from their-vacuousness” or by contentiousness the belligerence of the u-S Congress? What does “nuclear accountability” have to do with a future of mal-informed delinquents such as 60% of u-S of north-Americas youths under age 20, so willing to go to war because they’ve heard nothing about the 50’s-60’s-70’s-80’s-90’s-00’s anti-Nuclear social no-haste: chaste dispositions of lawful ability in the face of the tyrannical-Rex which is totally un-Chaste? When will the equanimity of “depleted uranium use” be so-coupled to the military-Hegemony that begat such discivilry”? Why should we have ‘wars/warring: one-point-five trillion dollars’ of chauvanism pertaining to the military and its companionship with greed-Industry? When will we yet have the chance to vote on “not having nuclear-Armaments “OFF’ 24/7 status-Alert? Referendum or naught, how to be voted is further from to be or become the New Rome? Altho military-Hegemony proves this as a factor is steeper than Olympus Mons on planet Mars? Why should not the whole public: tax-Payers by local and state-Taxes not vote on referendum: first? And, lastly, if we leave our nuclear wastelands in pots and pans, drums and dirts, creeks and extinct ponds and sewerage lakes, are they not yet of the earth’s crust of the planet Erathe? What kind of plants will ever reduce background radiation–whether this is possible or not? Where are those studies if not in contrast to this a formidable-Task, worthy and beyond no connote, in the first and last-Place, right-Now?


First of all, without “health-care/dental-care: socialized or ‘single provider source’ insurance”, do we have insurable means with all the goshe` radionuclides waste-Sites of Ameri-land, that must be answered as to whether they are propaganda by the military and associate cIAS and associate executive-Office all their “meager-Allowance” power-Trippes. In other words, what are the maximum contaminant levels for plutonium in drinking water? And, when will real, integrated human sources at wirk in this extent, be allocated to scale the resource of “radionuclides” by isotope-Segregation, before being assembled into either: transuranics, low-level, high-level, and nuclear-Military: extant? If, then, we are not allowed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to store trans-Uranic waste in 18-inches-wide casks called “tru-packs” then, should we allow low-level-waste or high-level waste to be morosely transported or specifically stored on-Site, but with multiples of re-Enforcements surrounding ‘the containerized’ jurisprudence?


Hypothetically, the Transportation of trans-Uranic: radionuclides is done for simplicity-Sake of maintaining both a byproduct of making thermo-Nuclears then not having to pose a theory of when next moved—as were those futile “first-Throws” like a billion-Pound hammar-Throw, it lands and sinks in? However, why did “greedy” hegemony happen-not-to-end before the Cold War ended? If for positive-Defense measure, why the consternate 24/7 and non-Reduction aspects and the continuing dismal-Abuses of military incursions having killed upwards of ten-Millions since, if not for the sake of riddling the publics of our need to ask “how many god-dammed h-frickin’ bombs is over the amount of survivial under a defense-System?


But, there is no defense-System, ask other corporate sovereign, so-called: nation-states? And, lastly, before the closed-Minded, opinionated, extra-curricular, enticements for one, nice, mountainous, hughmongous, heap-o of dirt blowing hundreds of miles, in-the-nite disappears from three-dimensional reality of so-Forth owned federalism: lands, Yucca Mountain is-a-podge, and belongs to the podgy who are, generally deliquent autocrats who support military buildups excessiveness and now can no longer see competitive business that is not “military procurements” of federally-Subsidized for furthering a space-Military w nuclear-Weapons the insurance of monopoly, while invasions-hardly-incursion-Continually harass the empire’s paranoia? Space onto an lcd televised-eyeball: screen, as one drives o’er the polluting asphalt, not be tied to “indigenous treaty obligations” beforehand, with pinpoint ‘ripoff” precision, like a hardrive looking for somebody too human or too lawful to be entertainment “empire-Ahoy”!


There is a sojourn that begins on foot, and that is how human anatomy can be deranged, rearranged or disassociated, and from what we know of “interstellar” space. What is out-There is a future of how ‘all-of-us ‘ little-peons can get-Off the planet Erathe in one fell sweep of the magic earthly Big Tit just mangling adversity. The thought of course has been there for decades as “intelligence went to bat for corporate-Lords instead of becoming warlords” right-Away. But we’re getting there. Are we not on a collision course with collusion by “genocide-Experts”, by conquering through interventions ad infinitum, civilian-killing extending merry-Empire as we goad with very, very bad breath. Do we not breed malnourishment, when we decide what sovereign nations should believe for their economy as “the only frickin” way” because we have all those h-bOMBs. Can we really jump from radiation, that very fabric of Universe, and get some-kind-of “diplomacy lease” upon not doling-Out what the we-the-people have need of daily. The fresh air stale we breathe within a new lease upon new energy to jump all-of-Us: humans from one solar system to another solar system without over-polluting the next planet “tent X” while we degenerate ever, onward, specifically never covering our backsides from the simple late springtime, alpine colds of pre-Sunrise. Only we leave our ‘science fiction’ as cultural extents without the non-codified demeaning elements of confines, free!


Fore-Sampling the disingenuous is set by example, but water polluted nearby r-Flats “the standard of the State of Colorado for plutonium-239 surface water is 0.15 picocuries per liter. It is calculated on the basis of a 30-day rolling average–that is 30 consecutive measurements are averaged; they may or may not be taken on consecutive days. Colorado’s standard is based on the risk of one person in one million developing a cancer from consuming two liters of water per day for 30 years.*” This is amazing, quite interesting to say the least; specifically, if water gets too polluted by ‘rad-actives’ then the source must be cleaned without rubbing molecules of isotopes into compounds of release. The springtime temperatures are only on the hot side for hours, but add radionuclides, they’re like hottest-side of hot every day the next 2000 decades, or some such amalgam, that will leave entreaty for denizens of go-anywhere/do anything to have to be placed upon the shelf with millions of others already on a waiting list of suppository to “knowing/ingrained with not knowing enough” as where to step on those now 2-hundred yards hikes into space-Time, to understand the analogy or naught. While this thought, but where does the energy of example lead to a change of Oil/hydrocarbons, pertain to water/not radionuclides?


“A basic standard was considered in this hearing for americium because it is closely associated with plutonium and these two radionuclides generally occur together…The Basis and Purpose indicated that it [chemical and atomic gleaning not intermixing] was necessary and important to restrict levels because of the difficulty of removing this radionuclide by conventional treatment procedures”* and here we need to breathe, simply since we’ve not exonerated the suffused indifferences of arable lands covered by extraneous overgrowth of “wooden houses/inadmissable sprawl: water-from-where”? But, the study from Dept. of Health and Environment continues as conceptualized amenities continue to focus, rather than always UN-fold. “because the potential adverse effect on human health suggests that extreme caution be exercised in its releases to State waters.[1]


So, what can be done, when you transport not millions-per-grams radionuclide-Particulate as found in soils leachings at R-Flats, or Oak ridge, or Savannah, foreinstance onto a focal planar of not pounds, nor hundreds-of-pounds, nor 1000’s of pounds, but tons; and, that is millions of aforesaid/mentioned? Weld. For one instance, we can stop all wars, so why is “military-Hegemony” so goddammed up-side-your-head endemic of upset-ting. Sure, I know, you need a ‘dead’ civilian, skinned ‘n dried and hung over the mantle at home to feel apart of provinciality-Galore? The effects of radiation disease are not only astonishing, because they can take from a micro-second to thirty years to kill the human marrow, tissue, lungs, and immune-System. Therefore, does our society need a system that inoculates from “isotopes/anti-Matter” or that needs-to-Introduce the RNA structure, the backbone of DNA, to gnomes that will instill radiation toxicity upon us humans to the extent that these transgressions can only be tested, has too often been over-looked, because this is not a passive question. However, the latter can remain a quest until such ‘future-Time’ when headspace can garner a furtive be narrowest confidence. And, that’s the extent to why we’ve not come-Around, focused, upon radionuclides needing separation AND segregations. Otherwise, the extents of pollution goes into the virtual psychotic realm or “nano-degeneracy, which holds both positive ends and negative means to furtive of both negative and positive” so why go there when first anti-Matter then Matter has already been reversed by the advent of the “megatons: hydrogen implosions, anti-Matter” circa 1952-1963.


Now, can we visit Nevada testsite, daddio! The desert is owned by the indigenous peoples, several tribes, or semblance of what’s left-Over, when the military-colonialist assimilation of the 19th century was so caustic-Ally “imperialist”. Frenchman’s Flat maybe have begotten the “fiat-presumed ground-Zero” awards of-merely ruining the conditions that radioactivity remains radiation until death of the body and further into the future” flatulence for Rocky-Flats, building “pits” for the mechanic-Formulations of digging on the completed anti-Norms of peace, i.e. the nuclear war-Heads? Yet Frenchman’s Flat is semi-conjoined with Yucca-Flat, and somewhere within is a mountain with some-one-else-knows how many actual diggings and burials of testimonial “nuclides-Radiations” and indigenous spirit-Grounds. The spirit-Grounds were and are-Not for the empire’s h-Hombs history of explosions-Ruinous, nor for the storage, because of laziness in avowing to cleanse both the spirits and the lands of “radionuclides-Despotism”? But, test after test may not have allowed the free-Flow of information via communications, not human gas. Humaneness allows us to discern space-Time’s elements in caution and with acculturation. So, let’s allow Corbin Harney, an indigenous spiritual leader who has served as spokesperson and anti-Nuclear use disposition commentator of that “spiritual lapse: Yucca Flat” when indian-killing, spiteful threadbare impoverishment genocides did not stop in 19thc., and all exacting anti-Treaty lawful abidences first relegated to “the ‘indians’ were not for non-People. Apparently indigenous-People are like non-Voters or sum-Such in-articulation of despotism from w.i. the confines of autocratic international-Banking.


Aren’t people-Humans: a heap-o’ of army/Cavalry slaughter ‘n removals by force or consequent threat genocide by birth of their legal spiritual-Realm anymore? When you hear Corbin speak, there is always a oneness with the ‘great-Spirit’ as much as there has to be and is a longing for the Earth “not-to-suffer”. His was a greater apportioning of those “happenings ’70’s”. His is the antiquity of his forefathers and their spiritual enterprise for the land long before Mr. Iconclasm H-bOMbs. But, the earth has suffered, not only from too many blood-letting historic and histrionic accounts of dubbed-over needs for those amentities to kill civilians. The Newe Segobia region is all of “the Great basin: geography” and I personally found of this space-Place, the headspace of post beat-Bohemia to be, space-Place; and when the A.I.M. by-productful excesses of ‘social-change: apparency in 1968-69’ can & did do a filter-in social-Process, I was to enable the self-Self to broaden those knowledge-Specific apparencies. Then, the word ‘geography’ morphed into “geo-Morphics” because eco-zones meant regionalism of indigenous territories, both before and after the ripoff of theirs was “native tongues with words ever fulfilling the meanings of geographies” and the morphology of ‘ecology-Diminishments’, too!


Nevada test-Site is one of 39 admonishably “lame-o’d” vicinities of ruined ECology that the New Rome has brought to ruin for the auspice of maneuvering toward the empire via the excesses of “military-Hegemony” in an excuse to progress without eco-systematic reconstruction, ending in economic stagnation. Not only of the north-Americas continent, but of indigenous Polynesia, too. Altho, I’ve seen all the testsite areas, I am yet wary that I, personally tarried too long to gather the focus-of-appeal, that “dire strait impressionableness” has no fidelus of radionuclide poisons” that radiations from dumps, from factories of manufacturing the war-Heads to storage both new and improper to old and proper. Why not be a ‘socialist-Country’?I have beset my Life and my being w a spiritual-Quest for introspection upon the actual geographic abyss or the radioactives-Causticity of this and many other nation-States. Many others found this need an imperative of philosophical-Strife. I came upon this formidable-Task of structure as the need of some furtive to remember, that the morass-Extent exists w.i. the death throes of continent, more than the exhonorable redundancy to the stress upon “killing other humans” as offensive-Aggressor: stance that is since 1957, which continues, today as well as hegemony: the new-Rome?


Diplomats can be warriors as are also POets, and as peace-POets we are also “peace-Diplomats”, but not warlord defenders nor soldiering killer-Atomitons. And, the lands of southern newe Segobia are more than ‘dire straits’ coddled in rape, ravishment, cultural ruination and sublimation to idiocy from the past, rather than consternate liberty to speak fact, ‘harbinger: the present’. The desert area is full of life, and immeasureably, cisterns of water-Flows hundreds, if not thousands of feet-measured by radar or well-drilling exercises below the sandy surfaces of plants, flowers and disease-strewn radionuclides, windswept sleaze. If, ever I get married, I can only feel self-Assured that a Universalist, whose temperament understands the natural oasis of Corbin’s great-Spirit messages will filter through and into the domain of family: web, apparency to family-Extended for those of us who are anti-Nuclear and willing for a fullness invoking hosts to disspell chemical impurities of radiation, to learn isotopes of universe instead and from all of us the vehemence to clean-up, maintain, garner for the rest of-the-World a planar scope to not allow entreaty to other planets or asteroids for transport to other solar systems, as lay-Person.


“”It isn’t realistic,” said Arjun Makhijani, an engineer and president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. Makhijani, who supports geologic waste storage, but believes Yucca is a bad site, said all the uncertainties surrounding Yucca make it hard to guess when a repository could open. “They (Energy officials) should wise up and put out a date they could meet,” he said. “If I were them, I’d give myself some elbow room.” Study of a repository, likely the nation’s biggest public works project, started more than 20 years ago. Federal law in 1987 affirmed that the solution to the nation’s high-level nuclear waste problem was to store it in underground tunnels at Yucca, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. But after two decades of research, digging a 5-mile-long exploratory tunnel, scientific tests and a presidential endorsement, the project is still a long way from finished. Chu’s acknowledgement was the first time an Energy Department official had admitted Yucca could not open by 2010. Chu resigned because of “personal circumstances,” leaving the controversial project’s uncertain future to a new leader. Having missed several deadlines — the repository originally was supposed to begin accepting waste in 1998 — the project is so far behind that the nuclear industry is looking at other options for short-term storage, including a site on an Indian reservation in Utah. Before it is able to apply for a license to build the repository and dig the miles of tunnels in which it will entomb the waste, the Energy Department faces a series of legal, regulatory and budgetary issues so burdensome that critics say the project has nearly ground to a halt.”[2]


One of the problems is that there is the disassociated treaty side to our own laws under the US Constitution, and the many others constitute my remunerations above. That sleaze of preventing the facts, that publics are UN-informed, that “Ecology” as a science is misunderstood as “environment” and that eco-zones are admonishably, yet ‘indigenous tombs of landscape’ furtively bothered by passing endemics as disassociation is of treaties, maladies of neo-Con’s imperialist quest for “military-Hegemony” to say the least. However, those tru-packs are not being used, as useful as building containers could be. The waste is ruinously misapplied to 55-gallons drums, whose walls are rust ‘values’ as caustic as monies keep-goin’-into-making-war-anxieties-without-expense-accounting-procedures. The “wars” are presaging ahead into “war-is-tyranny” at a faster malnourished pace, so that ‘smaller’ embellishments about why to store in one repository has not become “public futility/debate” but, hardly are the essentials about the metals and technologies to suffuse the dilemma, are known or taught in evaluative templates for industrial-Knowledge and empathics of future: connote, elsewhere. What are those radionuclides that are “actually” stored, funds wasted! Here is one quote and parable to service as exemplar to wishy-Washy amenities without having to exhume ‘explanations’ whatsoever.


“”Alloy 22 casks last as long as they do because of the environment that they are in,” said Steve Kraft, director of waste management for the Nuclear Energy Institute, the leading industry lobbying group, and an active Yucca advocate in Washington. Nevada and its researchers say just the opposite, concluding that Alloy 22 could corrode and the containers could fail within 100 years. “There is no way that C-22 (Alloy 22) is going to last anywhere near as long as the DOE is saying it is going to last,” said Susan Lynch, director of technical programs for the Nevada Nuclear Projects Agency. “We firmly believe (corrosion) is going to happen.”[3]


……Other, doctrinaire associative studies are not as impervious to “anti-Matter” meting ways, such as federal studies on transportation, per se.

“12/07/04–“Federal Panel: Transportation Plan Found to be Lacking: Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board observes flaws in planning…In a letter to the Department of Energy on December 1st, the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board found “there is not an overarching implementation organization that can develop a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.” More bad news for the nuclear industry and the Department of Energy. The Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board is an independent agency of the U.S. Government. Its sole purpose is to provide independent scientific and technical oversight of the U.S. program for management and disposal of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel from civilian nuclear power plants.”[4]


The need for social-Contrast is ever-Stoic and ever-Disparaging with the nuclear endemics of boomer adversity or molecularism as nano-Technology, too. What can happen at Hanford is already happening at NV-testsite. The backlog of waste is due the comatose, indigent, demur cognizance in the “computer-Age” as much as the “nuclear-Aegis” when premonitions of too much is never better, nor more astutely “less can never be more fulfilling/reduce the nuclear arsenal by Constitutional amendment–vascillation or constipation of 52 years.


“I-297 ruled unconstitutional The source of this article is: Tri-City Herald Tuesday June 13th, 2006…By Annette Cary, Herald staff writer…A federal judge ruled the Hanford waste initiative unconstitutional Monday. U.S. District Court Judge Alan McDonald found that Initiative 297 violated the Supremacy, Commerce and Contract clauses of the U.S. Constitution and struck down the entire initiative before it could become law. He made the ruling on summary judgment, finding a trial would be unnecessary because the facts are clear. Voters in every county of the state, except Benton and Franklin, approved the initiative in November 2004 to prevent the Department of Energy from sending more radioactive waste to Hanford until waste already there is cleaned up. However, the federal government remains barred from shipping most types of radioactive waste to Hanford under an unrelated settlement in another federal court case. The Department of Energy agreed in January to stop waste shipments at least until a new environmental study is finished, likely in 2008, to replace a flawed study on solid waste completed in 2004. “The court does not intend in the slightest to diminish the concerns of Washington voters regarding the present and future management of nuclear waste at Hanford,” McDonald wrote in his opinion Monday. “These are very legitimate concerns in light of the volume of waste already at Hanford and the existing contamination problems.””[5]


The question arrived-At is “when will we humans be human, and humane” too. If, we are to leave the identity of endemics to the United Nations we do not teach “well” the educational-System that corresponds to teaching whole populations (or oNLY placing holes into the needs of a better “monetary-System”), and partly impoverished-Truths. This would be that “quite or only ‘democracy-way’ enlightenment, but a greed-Selfish manneristic approach has led the culture to the abrupt abyss, instead by a virtueless military-Hegemony (w.o. the paradigm and with usury of unsolved-Definitions). That we were never a democracy, because we were too plutocratic as ‘the republic’ which is now teetering atop the caldera of empire–to have no volcanic view of indemnity, of course. So, the New Rome is ours, or we must reduce the frickin’ stockpiles to below the 300 level, w blog-Brother aplomb of anti-Racism (or a new nationalism) into a sphere of context: socio-Polity. What we may want to do is to endeavor to be as equals however, we are squeamish, or liberalist leaning enough, not to focus upon Ecology. That there are immense needs being eaten-Funds, that there is a necessity of almost prosaic countenance that can and does keep-su-Together, for what? The h-bOmBs are not reducted stockpiles?


Have the needs for the planet superceded all other methods excluding Ecology? What was standing in-the-way of plutocracy was not mashed into organic-Foods for outlets beyond war-Mongering/empire-Killing and trade by normal-States be damned. Like, bio-Remediation radionuclides and h-bOmBS specifically, can and should be disassembling, before we equate “monies for asteroid implosion or only Comet’s veering off-course”. However, by whatever cause that could be, which would not allot a single atom for “ecologic-Demise” remains the question of all scientific “resolve”. Either to continue or to equate, democracy can post for all of the New Rome a relinquishment of avarice, haughty tyranny, civilian-Killing by-the-millions, and the resplendency in laws equitable to all people of this planet-Erathe. As the savings goes forth, so goads the needs of a very “new-Type: revolution” or “Ecology and Law vs. poverty, ill-health, wastelands as pervious as sands soakable without water to drink” education that has basics of spirit comminglingly w knowledge of the philosophical structure and not always remiss “psychology”. Passive and active Ecology is not “military-Hegemony” nor “nuclear: military-Hegemony”. Equality for all, yet exits?. Dig.

HALT NSDU-238, the peace-Activist

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[1] Science for Democratic Action vol. 13, no. 3 September 2005 published by Institute for Energy and Environ-mental research Tahoma Park MD “Bad to the bone: maximum contaminant levels of Plutonium in ‘drinking water’…pg.8

[2] please see:    for the finite text

[3] 02/13/05 “A huge mountain to climb–Despite DOE efforts to push ahead, Yucca falling further behind schedule” by Benjamin Grove and Suzanne Struglinski …SUN WASHINGTON BUREAU…also from YuccaMountainMatters published by NGO: Citizen Alert Project

[4] please see the whole text-Demeaner : formulative at:

[5] please see the whole text-Demeaner at:

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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