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anti-nucleaRist bloG #41/ 29 July 2010 My FUNQUE is yours now or artists & IMperium

anti-nucleaRist #41/ 29 July 2010

My FUNQUE is yours now or artists & IMperium


tO peace-People,


Fact is that dumb-people are not traditional, nor do they state who they are or where opinion-contexts have gone. The warlords of Afghanistan have had a tribalist background, which over 1,000 years—a millennium—has served their lives w.o. change toward these torpors of invasion. The u-S is the latest Imperium[1], oligarchic-Peoples backing military-hegemony is seen miles away, while the desires for more homeland in-Security is served semi-Slave fashioned, or festooned not to be appropriate, anyhow (but maybe the people do not deserve the truths on 9-11 only in the inter-Nay)? Since when the oligarchs took control is partiality or partially taught in public schools? But, not very well. The habit of cultures does not proceed well when wars eat mental-propensities from w.i. these clashes of both “fundamentalism i.e. Pakistani radical-religioso’s, and? If you think that the mountains are providing “Oxygenate” for your “front-range: views” go there and see the d-EA-D conifers, and note that 50% of what’s let the “greenery-growing” gives-Off: decay! Talkin’ about you w.o. glowing general terms people. You’ve put me into a FUNQUE…..


Secondly, the death-Squads is nothing “knew” in the impersonal forbearances of the u-S Pentagons, nor onward the illegal fourth and firs-Amendments of the constitution by the Imperium in allowing continuance of the “pat-Act”! This “empire” sucks the breath-out in the tax-Funds not spent on you, nor spent by you and neighbors: locally. So, why then do you support the “one-party political-System”? I see you want to be rude, and I see that you are rude to yourself, that you do not want to hype the inaccuracies of Fox-air-Heads, or Hannity or Rash Lumberger or Glenn Big-Mouth Beck, too. Basically, you keep your thumb up-you-act. Basically you’re not in a FUNQUE anyhow, since the diplomacy is war stance is great-Empire rhetoric. You pull your thumb out every five-minutes and such on the blood-pulse, like g-Enron, and like a robot place the durn thingy-Bop, back their in a holster like a ROBOT. The national executive disorder-office is not in charge of my social-responsibility, let me tell you, which I have. Ohh-bom-bah is a war-laureate, and maintains oligarchs by pushing the ilk-Litmus toward “autocratic-Rulers” do not exist yet i.e. the very extreme that kept Stalin’s purges allowably killing over 20-millions of sleazy-people—right or wrong never incorrectly? How could you “folks” not dissent! The tyrant is amassing at-the-gates of perturbance has long since transpired—around 1983 as each year there has been a war from the u-S invasions for military, one-party rulers characterization, for feigning oligarchs cannot have a despot over them since coRpoRatist-Malaise is best let undisturbed? People, how could you stay inside and not relate the tenets of illegal onslaught perpetrated by the d-F pat-Act…never excuses that your life’s degradation is happening in front your eyeball! ….


When you exist each day for lousy air, no green-Strips, and no trees planted in the slurbizing (conditionalism) of little-D, you are not having normalcy for maintaining “oxygen”. Obviously, by either not talking-against tyranny and war and ecology-Demise, and NSDU-238 you are trying to block-Out! Block out what “tyranny” or block-Out you are not dissenting against these two vituperative w-a-r-s? What remains is as that of the pre-cast edifice of what Laos was, when the u-S Pentagons invaded following air-Strikes special-forces in 1962 by JFK! When Kampuchea was invaded in 1968 and the troops were already there tyranny was being reinforced; that the destruction to an agrarian-Society by an industrialized society was “despicable, anti-Humanitarian, illegal, UN-declared”! The society of the oiligarchs in the one-Party system u-S is tyrannizing your stats on what you were educated to, and that no progress has been maintained on the “human-Rights” dictum is not aghast these truths. What has been maintained is the propaganda, but they did not do that say the illegal executive-officers trying to control the congress thru leverage of crimes against the people—including 9-11, drug-sales for arms trade: cIAS! But, you do not go onto the corner somewhere nearby and placard “for-the-people” the indigeAmers, the muslim-Amers, the arab-League, the Hispanics against union takeovers by governance! Where is your goddammed support in public of their needs? Where is your response to ya-own needs? You have a priority to the self and the Self?….


I am in a FUNK people. As space-Time for death-Squads was to old imperium “hamlet-Internments” in V-C-L gave the illegal invasions of south-East asia an insouciant misbehavior for naming the deceit and anti-Democracy encapsulation of the arms deals for politics to prevent communism. What became the new “plateau” was that of continuing a propaganda-Model. Today, what the military-Hegemonyites do is they allow death-Squads and massive extermination of civilians—upwards 90% in Iraq & Afghanistan—and, since 1990 or the “imperium” continuing the oiligarchs: financial gain military-hegemony (this includes cIAS drugs running and arms trade business). Do the people of the u-S understand war-Invasions as post-Fragmented politics (1974-1981), or do they make living a makeshift of tents like Haitians–those who were not able to lift themselves from the continuous onslaughts of u-S military-hegemony: incursions by forces into voices of empathy for how much those “imperialist” tendencies have occurred w tax-payers monies? I am in a FUNQUE (funk)?….


The illegal, un-declared, unlawful invasions of Iraqs lands in 1990, and over-flight bombings illegalities, and invasion Kosovo in 1996, Albania 1998, and Afghanistan (planned ahead by four years), and cIAS displacing democractically elected-officials for “empire-Appointed” all around the globe is not diplomacy! What has exuded has been the quest to use technological weapons, as millions of refugees from both Iraq-lands and afghan-Lands have been dealt w and in a feudalist intention, epochal, because the u-S Pentagons does control the lack of “defense” by maintaining NUCLEAR-WEAPONS on aggressor-Stance since 1972, and has allowed the inclusion of NSDU-238, usages as the propaganda that uranium-238 60% fissile is not uranium. And, since all uranium is radio-Active the lies, deceits and war overture of the new-Rome can continue beneath a guise of simplicity: the Imperium. Such aplomb may not be found in the recent release of 92,000 documents that shows death-Squads at werk, illegal bombings in Pakistan, and corruption favoritist embodiments of the UN-declared WARS but who else is watching the world’s superpower as the new-World order is in need of policing, of illegality under accordance to laws, etc.? WHY DO YOU THINK MY SPEIL IS FOR DISSENT, THEN? Where’s your “universal-Healthcare” if not MEDICARE which was established for all and then change 3-more-times from 1967 thru 1970?


My FUNQUE is not yours?


Now. Onto sharing what has been Julian Asange Funk. His website is definitive, and he in his exhortation was a superlative to find a source which would expedite the imbalance of lies of both u-S wars w truths remiss from the indigestions of those undie-Declared: wars. Not to remediate- the context of “death-Squads” as what the u-S forces have been continuing to dote upon, as elsewhere since 1962—from my firsthand observations, histories read and extrapolations of theirs being “anti-Peace”! What are you doing about secrecy-exposed or what we’ve heard of NSDU-238 since 1990, I’ve been formulating since 1996 in coloRadie and 2004 on yahoo CCjP website of so-called progressive-Activists, as the ecology-eRathe gets further lambasted/demised? Fact is the wars are shown in the world’s “light” because of Julian Asange’s consorting for finding what is generic and knowledge for a better chance of exposure into soliciting what has happened. His is a needful amenity for change, and ours for thanks to his formula being to maintain a most positive identity, and not a morose understatement?


The drugs and cIAS connections have gone alongside these death-Squads “all-too-Handily”! The 2004 thru 2010 documents released 7-25-10 to three major news sources were diaxiomatic. I should say that my u-S choice would have been san-Fran’s Chronicle rather than the status-Quo support of non-peace NY Times. The record of war-Crimes: post 2000, the start-up dates in afghan-Interventions had been predetermined to maintain other “drugs-Trade by cIAS & by military-Technology incursions”. What we have in our minds is what was remiss and what is needed and then there is this download of “killings-Illegal” placed into the hands of journalists and their readors—an intensity of no doubt, and an embodiment full of the no bull-shid. It’s the egregious extent of saying that NSDU-238 and thermo-Nuclears are on 24/7. Has that been composted thru your dissent. My seeing eyeballs says that that never got composted correctly, because you’ve never mentioned that diplomacy is the war-machine, and not the state-Dept?


I am in a FUNQUE. What military-Secrecy has been revealed necessarily…leaked documents expose imperialist war in Afghanistan… evidence of war crimes…u-S Oligarchs Claiming “No Broad New Revelations”… illegal-Military–operations finally exposed in war Afghanistan… “military-Secrecy as revealed necessarily (by Wikileaks spokesperson Asange)…the intimidation against journalists—and, their rights curtailed thru embedding supposes that illegal acts are the military cover-ups, to name some remonstrations not enamorament(s)…vast sweep of abusives that have occurred in the past six-years? Read what is the news-worthy aspects for change-Change, that which has been demised by propaganda!..


  1. a) A record of war crimes 27 July 2010 by Bill Van Auken WSWS ….….


“They lift the veil on the operations of Task Force 373, a secret “black” unit comprised of special operations troops charged with hunting down and killing alleged leaders of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The unit worked off a list of at least 2,000 individuals who were sentenced to death by the Pentagon and the CIA without being charged, much less tried, for any offense. In the course of kicking down doors and calling in air strikes against those it targeted, the unit has managed to kill numerous innocent men, women and children…..

Also exposed is the growing use of Reaper and Predator drones, unmanned aircraft that at-tack their victims from 50,000 feet, wreaking death and destruction on defenseless civilians without warning…..

The documents likewise expose the systematic cover-up of atrocities committed by the US military. In a number of cases, civilian casualties listed in the reports were never made public. In others, the reports list civilians killed by US fire as insurgents…..

This murderous character of the war, and the systematic lying by the military command, were brought home forcefully the day after the WikiLeaks release with the report of one of the worst massacres in nine years of war. The government of President Hamid Karzai publicly condemned a US-NATO rocket attack on civilians in Helmand Province last Friday in which as many as 52 people were killed, including entire families, most of them women and children.”….


  1. b) Democrats: Mission Accomplished? Monday, July 26, 2010 2:25 PM From: “Green Party of the United States” Green Party—post


Was this revolving door of influence behind last week’s announcement that Senate Democrats are giving up on comprehensive energy legislation? 

While the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was still being capped, Senators Reid and Kerry were simultaneously assuring us that President Obama is committed to reducing climate-changing emissions AND that the Senate leaders had decided not to offer a bill to make any significant reductions into law. 

Congress has yet to tackle immigration reform, leaving states like Arizona to attempt to remedy a national issue with state laws.  The result is laws like the outrageous Arizona SB 1070, which the Green Party of Arizona says is contributing to an “apartheid state”. The Green Party called repeatedly for a fair hearing for universal, single-payer health care (Medicare For All) but the Obama administration dis-invited single-payer advocates from the start.  With no public option and mandates for Americans to buy expensive, ineffective private health insurance, the Democrat’s top achievement doesn’t look all that great…..


  1. c) “Congress is subdued; they’re bowed-over…” Mike Ruppert speaking @ Portland state University… Mike Ruppert – CIA – tears apart 9-11 part 6 of 15 14,382views…9:57 gets into the carlyle Group, 11th largest military technology provider, and the connections w Oasam bin Laden… is Mike’s website address…       ….


  1. d) DEM Now[2] 7-28-10  WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: “Transparent Govern-ment Tends to Produce Just Government”….


What I find in the DEM Now reading text (as well as audio or video) is that he follows the legal course—as I have done for over 44-years of activism and non-violence—non-Violently! The first point expressed in concern for the world’s people and myself, was:….

“a massacre of 500 people at one point in time. But, to me, what is most important is the vast sweep of abuses that have occurred during the past six years, the vast sweep of sort of the everyday squalor and carnage of war. If we add all that up, we see that in fact most civilian casual-ties occur in incidences where one, two, ten or twenty people are killed. And they really numerically dominate the list of events, so it’s, of course, hard for us to imagine that. It’s so much material.–But that is the way to really understand this war, is by seeing that there is one sort of kill after an-other every day going on and on and on in all sorts of different circumstances”… And,….

“in the material, there’s a Polish My Lai. Polish troops were hit by an IED and the next day went to the closest village, which I guess they felt had supported the IED attack, and shelled the village. Similarly, we see something like Task Force 373, a special forces assassination squad so secretive that it changes its military code name every six months, working its way down the JPEL, Joint Priority Effects List, kill or capture list, usually a kill list. And we have seen events where it has performed secret missile strikes on a house, from within close proximity, and ended up killing at least seven children, and a number of other incidences. The report itself about that says at the beginning that the information about 373 being involved in that event, together with the use of the HIMARS missile system, this ground-to-ground missile attack, is to be kept secret even from other people in the coalition of forces which equal ISAF, I-S-A-F.”….

I’ve read numerous articles, as those on BP Gusher/gulf-Coast and on “pine-Beetles killing off 50% of the conifers of Colorado and southern WYoming, too. His views are expressed on his website, on the three-releases to news sources (Germany, Britain, u-s/NY) and add to the Copenhagen agreements and acceptance of foolhardy “peace prize by Nobel Congress” for the war-Laureate who keeps us in two illegal-Wars. I have chased some contexts, and heard announcements of better and simpler tasks for inter-Nay users, too. The man is complete, and as wars goes he has staid from cIAS attachments which have been in books since 2001. ….

He states: “Already if you go to war diaries—, you’ll see several different ways of browsing through this. You can look through some 200 different categories that the US military applied to these reports. As an example, there’s 2,200 escalation of force events self-described by the US military.”….

Last of all, as I told him a decade ago, better to use the san-Fran Chronicle, than the ultra-Connotive NY Times. However he says, “Yes, they praised the New York Times. I mean, you have to understand, the New York Times is a mainstream organization, and it does work within a particular milieu and particular constraints that appear to be present. But we aren’t totally happy about the way that the Times has sort of defensively written. That does seem a little bit unprofessional. So, as an example, the New York Times stated that it chose not to link to our website. I mean, it is just ridiculous. The public can see that and Google it, if they want. If the New York Times, for whatever reason, wants to not link to WikiLeaks for its own defensive politics, then it can do that, and it’s perfectly entitled to. But to deliberately say that that is being avoided smacks of unprofessional conduct, to me. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s been approved by the editor to do that, but it does seem to be quite pusillanimous to be engaging in that kind of defensive conduct, instead of pursuing the real meat of the story.”….

For us activists, the meaning of “resolved insult” is closer the truths of status-Quo, one world police-state, and no democracy only water-Ripoffs, and usury of nuclear-Weapons in war-theory as practice.

  1. e) Afghanistan war logs: How US marines sanitised record of bloodbath….

Declan Walsh, Monday 26 July 2010 18.08 BST….….

Wars are great mons, you get to go overseas, get meals paid for each day, and kill others. Though this statement may sound authentic, this is the facetious aspect of having attitude, and you can do what is contexted. The part that is left out is that the wars are illegal invasions, and the weakened u-S Congress has no backbone to admit that overseas bases do not protect, but rather maintain offensives whenever tax-monies can be manipulated into being confiscated and used. Or better yet, drug smuggling post military arms sales, and calling war-making “diplomacy” is just, merely-Only, lies that numb the human psyche’ and unravel “humanity”. ….

“…the subsequent rampage as they drove away – which would later be the subject of a 17-day military inquiry and a 12,000-page report – is captured in five words: “The patrol returned to JAF [Jalalabad air field].”….

The soldiers’ initial concern, it appears, was a wounded marine – their only casualty. Forty-nine minutes after the initial bombing, they requested a “routine medevac” for a private with “shrapnel wounds to the arm”. He was evacuated to safety…..

An hour later came the first news of the trail of blood they left behind. A local government official told the marines there were “28 LN WIA”, which in layman’s terms means 28 Afghan

civilians had been wounded. This later transpired to be a gross underestimate…..

It was not the last one…..

Two hours later Americans returned to the scene of the bombing to conduct an “exploitation of the blast site with pictures/grid cords as well as debriefing ANP leadership on scene”. Journalists on the spot gave a more detailed account. They said angry marines tore their cameras from their hands, insisting they delete the pictures they had taken of bullet-pocked vehicles on the roadside. Rahmat Gul, a freelance photographer working for the Associated Press, said two soldiers and a translator came up to him and asked: “Why are you taking pictures? You don’t have permission.” Then they deleted his photographs.”….

I’m in a Funk, people. The lack of dissent against tyranny can now be substantiated as “tyranny-gate”. Tyranny as I’ve tried to show above, is free, but falsehoods can encrust, so keeping….

the FUNK is at least a parvenue to closing down the gates of tyranny…….

luv from the peace-warrior,….

“R” Addison….


Tags/ death-Squads, what u-S forces do, society of the oiligarchs, one-Party system u-S, WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange, resolved insult, closer truths of status-Quo, Green Party of United States, Reaper and Predator drones, Mike Ruppert, warlords of Afghanistan, war-laureate, Polish My Lai, task force 373, Stalin’s purges,

–note– mySpace bloG #39

[1] World Book dictionary: imperium, noun, pl. -peria.1. command; supreme power; empire. 2. (Law.) the right to use the force  of the state to enforce the law AND S.R.I., Holy Roman Empire (Latin, Sacrum Romanum Imperium). ….

[2] Democracy Now dot org radio, teevee, video broadcasts and specials onto website format—5 days a week—I recommend you go back and keep afield of the 5-days weekly programs to help stimulate where status-Quo/ propaganda defiles by gaps-filling i.e. not leaving creeks to flow on the gradient, etc. Sociology and consciousness are our self-Self propagations!….


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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