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1977 Plastic pRojects wAtch staRted, 41-years f00keR-bilt-sKi wArs, eRotic aRte (21 mAy 2019)**edited and updated 05 aPr 2020 

tRying to be an aRtiste` is no diffeRent than being an ‘aRt-sit’ in this merely women-Decadence stop ’n Rest Cabin (SRC) diffident-Panoply is now heading, profoundly into the direction of erotic possession. This is as finite cordiality has not disappeared, like entRopy of the psychotic-State becoming less “stifling”. The fox l00ks at me. The deeRs long ago shedded their wTR coats but have gRown… a heavier spring-Coat, sleekness on that coloration appears deepening. Yet, as the chelated-Ice conditions have cheat the Ecosocialism on halting microns. As ‘the plastispheres’ are too increased as a bionic-plague. Because of the devaluation of wildlife, we humanoids are also. They are a major-Haphazard. Is their m00nshine not ours? What is yet pRoduced? Where aRe the Appalachia’s, going downhill first, if not above the 7-feet long catfish catch in the lower Mississippi river-bilt? The river-Basin of antiquity, microns waving downward to core-Exit Gulf, are not the “gReat-horned owl in the cottinny, fRacturing decay-bRanches fRom top and bottom, that bark gRease visually, oozes.

In high school studied what the oRiental musEums of san fRan had to offer in the weigh-in’s of expensive-PotteRy i.e. nudeLies: on vases. They were nice because as natuRal-goes! MotheR computeR, has video of highly-Nice vulva-Radials being peRfoRmed sooo a man-ski can extRapolate what the size of birthing opening must be. That is erotic and has a puRpose both here and physically. I do not lift my leg on the muleys while those female are urinating. Do you? I am waRming-up, again, second-time, today! My cabin got chelated-Ice corn-Snowed @ 5:25 a.m. Tap-tap-tap. Did the Harpy-Eagles have an off-spring, and whatever bRought them here: as south is from the Guiana’s? Will I ever be able to move into the ind00rs of a warming-Up metal aRtes-Studi0 oR suffer indemics due chem-tRails/Ionizationings, further. Those fuRtives of ‘fanatic-penataGooons’ is a wasteful amenity for ruinous fReedom more fodder to those fields that should be maintained by composted, oRagnic-fodder: replenishment.

The awl on the deep-State and intel-Gence fanaticism, of the rogue-Empire’s wasting $5.7 tRillion dollar in sands of let’s contaminate the suRfaces of oil-Spasmodicum w microns ur-238. Who would want to steal that, UN-less the “coRe-Exit” coRpoRate-Sleaze has not been fined at all? When will universal-Hope ever be “a way to separate and not get contaminated by phytoremediations, or by a micRons vacuum collecting ur-235 and pu-239 at nevtest-Site. When will the firing-Range of the so-called Jefferson pRoving gRounds be vacuumed-up?

Yes, the wArs are illegal-Constitution: empiRe’s-Invasi0ns on and of impunity to waste the once-was: republics ballast of monies-collected for usages in building health & hospitalizationings. Now, I have been studying “plastics” since 1959, before the film “Mrs. Robinson” 1963. The holistic-Sciences have engendering and are “not-Superlatives” of better-Health, because they are engendering to the human-Bod. I like, appReciate erotic-aRte. Do you? The cottinniEs are about to leaf, now the gRowth pReparing for bl00m has not woRn thin fRom chemicalizationiing/Ionizationings. I gRew-up w two conference in san-fRan bay region—one in Sausalito, the other in Oakle. The three-Suppers by forthcoming directoR’s, who were not verso-wary of Ecology, and the afRo-AmeRs who were Rev. Jesse` Jackson, soon-to-be Rep. Ron Dellums, and others to be mentioned in my stoRies—1969 thRu 1970. What-a time! Those sessions also offeRed, to me thru intRospection, thru introversion and then exposing en Voce` extRoversions, the amenity of finding americanism, as our though our culture was not always lame-O racism.



“stuRdier–stUdy 4-next weld-ups!” (19.5″H x 13″W)  edited 5-21-19 @ sRC..


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What in f00keR-bilt-ski-hEck are we-B00meRs not doing to HALT wArs-wArrings (20 mAy 2019)

The sexual-Revolution did us-Boomers, our social-Generation, a clash of spirits.There should’ve been moose “american-Socialist” undertakings, but then, my thinking wanted to know, quite rightly, where else in the 50-states, in Mexico, in Canada, and maybe internationally, was that undermining of sexual-implicitness going to go when they were non-Antagonistic. Meanwhile, why were the “revolutionaRies” not really associating themselves w news-outlets whereas neither was the sexual-Revolution. What did women have in meanings of birthing ad fertility that were words missing from, Biology classrooms in 8th gRade and in high-school? The spirit-Bequeathals bRought me onto a liaisoning discipline w intellect. My whirlwind was latent, because :nuclear-Molecular, was not incandescent.

The revolution has, maybe, finally arrived. We are sick oft actually being socialists who are not Communists nor totalitarian, or one ilk-Capitalist: autocrats as I had expected by 1963 and not the death of JFK; or another-Totality, likewise ‘fascist-Totalitarian’. Whereupon, the we-B00meRs bring Justice to the Universality in Berkeley’s ”Revolution-Now” 1969-1971. Revolution happens when we-People are oppressed. The sexual-Revolt happened w the “B-C pill”. Birth control and non-Promiscuousness was my proxy! I wanted. I needed to know far more and far better, at least at ‘par’. While the B00meRs have a legacy in the past they are lax now in a futuRist sense. The tangent is what then can the “we-Boomers” of 1969, now provide for other b00meRs?

Do my need for eye-surgery, for shoulder-Replacement, and for “pseudo-Gout research” to be furthered to full-blown “knowledge” or not? The b00meRs have their collective heads stucko’d uppe-Annus of plutocracy…or merely laziness is Bourgeois-status? When will we-People have a non-sacrificial-Zone accolade against the tyranny of chemicalizationings for Ionizationings?

view/ ‘corbett report’ “Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True19:16 mins. 55,845 views

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Why Always codifice and Edifice over UN-declaRed wArs-wArring neo-Liberalism (19 mAy 2019)

There were many times when mutational for OTR tRukken was indispensable and many times when the phone I was a warbling case of rashes, to those billings dept. attendants on phone calls and on what-ever were those actual amounts, as tRavel was weeks on the Road.charges. The rashness came form my father abandoning discussions w me, and my siding-sisters, and as my realizing that communicating is a part and an apportionment to and of, Universality! Thus, renting and having operations seemed like a compromise as well as an extra-Burdensome conditional aspect, were I not having strength two adult makes, already! If, I had not been strong about renting storage-Spaces, my metallurgy would not have progressed to where I feel, now, I am readied to move into larger building and living-Quarters.

Because, the idiopathic of plutocracy, is not always into stopping “brutality” at the roots of all evil, is a simplistic-Method of non-Exchange. The method actually is subscriptive to allowing the mobsters maintain and continue ignorance for a more propitious-Moment, when graft-corruption-illegal means tRading, drug sales and borders-Smuggling will behest other-Nations, elsewhere. Where would that be? Another endemic “time’. Wow, bRutality then never gets the cure of disease does not please? That bRutality is also a practice of jailers, who constantly mistreat “pRisoners” and of military personnel who abuse and mistreat gRunts, women, captured-humanity as though they were doing somethinGy-Bop: incorrect by living—or make thinking about Life or living! There is a cure for wArs-wArring. Does Justice exist? Guess what STOP means? Are neo-Liberalist Bankors using off-shore accounts to “launder” cRime monies of cIAS as well as of mobsters and gangsters?

Thus, in sum-Mannerism, my being rash was because altho I was getting support, not as many b00meRs were allowing that they were knowledgable that inputting w Universality, i.e. doing my “en-voce`” was apropos the vulnerability that danger was too present and sometimes not enough pretense for surreptitious or nothing-Much overload purposefully! The OTR-tRukkors did lend several anti-War support-Yeas to spelling-out for halting central-Americas: wArs-wArrings, but not many conversations were expropriatory, overheard and some were like “whatever is the ban-the-bOmB symbol, anyhow-Annoying to my challenges on Universality. Sooo, do we want chem-tRails and Ionizationing or do we want “de-Contaminationing: foReveR”?


“the U.S. Constitution put them in the ringeR oR naught!” *19.5″H x 13″W) edited 5-18-19 @ sRC..


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Ecology pRofessed ought not be pRofundity of Excess as found in capitalist-Totalitarianism (18 mAy 2019)

Ecology was awaiting me, from being an outdoors explorer. I was not poison-oak oak trees and black-Tail coastal deer of the California coastal ranges. When in college, first University second, I hailed the need for sobriety as an american-Socialist, one who felt that devouring farmlands to build slurs was, is more than anathema. Whereupon, by 1966 I was starting my gRad-studies, but between sophomore and junior years of four-Year college. That way I could get into my Philosophy of nucleaRism and study of photography and metallurgy well as—side-by-side. Mrs. Elizabeth wRight Ingraham helped me w that disposition, while I was organizing for Colorado Springs 900-plus persons anti-V-C-L protest and march in downtown blocks.

The Ecology I chose was headwaters of theSouth Platte River, about 8,300 feet elevation. That became my first study-Zone in spring, followed by these-Oaks zone of Sonoma County, also 1969, in bitchen-Cal. Yet, I owe $400 to the Geography Dept. at U.C. Davis for helping me secure the venue of attributing mountains to water, of run-offs, and into snowpacks. Alas the mTNS and snow was hard for me to find, because that was in the expanses of state, Nevada. My purchasing a camper for my J-20 was specific to that amenity, as I even stated the retirement would take me down-to-Alaska, being geography is from 6,653 feet elevation here or to 3,350 in AK. Pensively, I am not looking ahead further than maybe getting thru a thicket of obviating chemtRails f00keRville clouds and toxicity to have that happen after 35-years of trying!



#28 “Let us see somewhere youR sCuLpTing?” (17.5″H x 13″W)  edited 5-18-19 @ sRC..


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Is Hardship G00d for you and the planet-eRathe, too (17 mAy 2019)

Most of my Life has been appellate to and of tRaveling, for study and for job-Hunts to maintain cheaper rent while part-time tRukken: O.T.R. Was that fun? No. Was that another part-time job? Yes. Did that help me to find a spouse who would-could- but maybe should tRust me? Yes, soooI thought. I am still o-u-t on that last aspect. Factorable seemed to help ascertain deductive-Thinking and buying while reading looks or studying in Libraries to catch-all. After all, I had studied under many affirmative intellectual american-Minds as an american-Socialist! Fundamentally, driving and camping for pRotests helped Ometocodigy “en Voce`” enlightenments and maintain a public input for social-imperative to maintain the contexts on”the nuclear-molecular”. Question is this. Am I tie-red of driving? Period.

The resolve for enlightenment of course turned inward as far as a visual-Artiste` and journalist-writer could allot mind-Scape to become bRainless entropy. Why then, do women not understand that outdoors people, are not always impoverishment and anti-intellectualism is not anti-Feminist, I must ask myself? That fact was imbalanced, in April 2014, while towing two vehicles w my 3/4T J-20. What a sham and shame! I have not-been-able-to regroup, as wRitings in volumes was finalized by copyright more recently i.e. Dec. 10th 2018. The need post 31-years of wRitings was coupled to having a “macula-PuckeR” in one-eye. Ohh, gReat! I put-off that “operation” after EKG and after physical. I await the shouldeR Replacement 20-months, as that has been throes of exasperating suppositions to complete my websites structuring and designs. Do I feel more comfortable, now? Intrinsically, yes.

About Face: Veterans Against the War @VetsAboutFace Where’s the lie? #DropTheMIC #GIResistance #ArmedForcesDay


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Insouciance to Vaginas, I do not think I ever was That (more than three times)

The annum 2014 was a calamitous-Year, one of disparateness due p-a-i-n-s and not having a female companionship connection. Of course, I had often wondered whether my “anti-nucleaRism” made women overly protective of their own needs for sexual-Intercourse in the virtuous-Face of artist-extRaoRdinaiRe. SoRt of, yes. There was no reason that independent women could not e-Mail me on the many “personals” that included those w whom i had conversed ‘online’ starting after my long tReks thru-out u.s.a. and Canada, both 1996 and 1998. How could I learn more about the female psyche` in direct correlation w physical amenities of a Universal stature? Damnable years of parttime, OTR trukken were also long distance commutes, and did they not understand that was gas, money, and how tired one gets in 13-15 days of the roadscape idiomatics?  I had moved to “stop ‘n rest, cabin’ once again in 2001. Dumb fool neglect of my sexual incongruences and neglect of what women c-o-s-t.  Not okay. Because women are insouciant to nucleaRism being the propaganda-Ploy? Yes. That was NOT easy on me!

“leaving-word-for-the-next-pollutinG-geNeRation” 19.5W-x-13H-edited-12-19-11-4-10-19-2-cheerie-Ridge. [part of a pRoect combining iMaGe and poetics…]  

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Death and carnage, is what the plutocrats want to maintain

Impugning illegal-Wars & 3-kinds nuclear-Molecular: weapons remains a degenerate nucleaRism, disease! De-contaminate all ‘radionuclides’. Today is Hiroshima-Day (Japan was obliterated as the fire-bombs had already destroyed Tokyo and other major nipponese cities) and tomorrow is Okinawa “peace-day” celebrated to halt all wars and to maintain the spiritus of global-Village.  I’ve returned home, as today is day #34 since shoulder-Replacement, and I am exercising frequently , the recuperation is going faster by 2-3 weeks. As i cannot field friends to pick-me-up post surgery, the macula-Pucker suRgery, scheduled three times, has now been postponed again! The wArs in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan continue to maintain both: Plutocracy and US-military-Hegemony.  I shall attempt to have banking installed on woo-commerce for purchases of most “iMaGeS”.

OUT-Now-wAr-is-waStE-Resist-war-Chaos-is-NOT-Peace…” edited-7-28-12-@-sRC… Where are e-Mails from ,y sonoma Valley pRoest/vigil acquaintances? were we not friends?

<post #33> 03 Jun 2019  adding tO pRospectus-4  

B & W “The-eyepatch-services-blurriness-and-mental-stress-fRom-condition…“19.5W-x-13H-edited-3-09-19-@-sRC.   ** please see <posts #25 thRu $32> ** please see <posts #19 thRu 24>  ** please see <posts #13 thRu 18>  wArs Invasions US-military does not make us fRee you are american-Hegemonyite **please see <posts # 7  thru 12> Degeneracy is fRee to you because you are an american-Hegemonyite **please see <posts # 1 thru 6> What does word-teRm: predatory-Monopolist Indicate?  

–note: Yes,  my book is:

Edifice on the pRopaganda of nucleaRism, nucleaR-Molecular  eveRywheRe-Philosophy distinctions...      


As anomalous “weather-WarfaRe” continues, IonispheRic-HeateRs, do the climate-waRming: jobbies


         the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison


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