#25> Will Justice As Peace Is Needed… (17H X 12.75W) Edited 12 22 12 & 4 09 17 @ SRC…

“oRange spoRe dutifulness (6-05-17) batch-59”

“oRange spoRe dutifulness (6-05-17) batch-59”

The death of the “limber-Pines” has come from differing sources, but mainly from weakening of immuno-deficiency levels from onslaughts of ‘aCid Reins’ brought on by CO-2 emissions of 2nd, Red China’s pollutioning, and first, by US-military as scourges movements are addicted to winds. You need dead p-Pines of mature growths for an outbreak of bark-Beetles? No. What you get is outbReaks and that is due to weakening, yet atop mountains where rocky outcRops harboR cRevices for birds to drop pine-nuts aka ‘limber-Pines’ is where you find slower processes but deadly “”oRange spoRes outbreaks”nonetheless. Have a look-see at my recent sojourn into highcountry, at these ugli-gRwths that suck sap from bark.

As w many of my other “batches” I shall add to these columns (which are being prepped for the “folios” until one sees the last of imageSs word maRkeR!

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All purchases will be 5X the resolution-Factor seen low KB’s here.

R-A pH0t0gRapHiCs

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1- “Ohh-how-not-so-demurely-excessive-and-aRcane-disenchanting-fRom-acid-Reinset-al-ski” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

2- “Why-is-not-this-a-fruit-we-can-pick-and-chew-w-animo-acids-and-nonesuch-” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

3- “Deceitful-lil-spores-wRangling-the-winds-of-spiteful-landings-to-begin…death-trippe” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

4- “Does-this-growth-also-pump-chemicals-into-the-air-Ground” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

5- “Much-to-ouR-p-Pines-the-spoRe-is-woRse-w-Limbers..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

6- “In-diRect-liGht-the-yellow-n-oRange-shows-not-black-spring-Red-as-in-shade…” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

7- “A-failure-of-Halting-CO-2s-from-aero-Jets-cause-of-acid-Reins…spoRes-infected” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

8- “Limber-pines-upper-Limbs-infested..w-orange-spoRes-growths..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

9- “Legacy-of-chems-doling-deaths-via-toxic-Molecularizations” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

10- “These-oRange-spoRes-are-so-wonderful-youd-want-them-atop-your-sandwich-w-the-NSDU-238” (17.5″Wx-13″H)

11- cRop “These-oRange-spoRes-are-so-wonderful-youd-want-them-atop-your-sandwich-w-the-NSDU-238 #2” (17.5″W x-13″H)

"R" Addison

i love swimming, philos0phy, ecoloGy and photogRaphy enough to tRavel the whole continent--on foot--and sought thought-Discourse w some of America's most renown love of women is parable to self-Self: Consciousness...i helped to start Ecosocialism in 1969 and remain adherent of Zen-Existentialism. (8-17-15)

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