nUkiEmOLe iNfo #16/ 06 Feb 2017 Syria, cluster munitions and the Disappeared

nUkiEmOLe iNfo #16/ 06 Feb 2017
Syria, cluster munitions and the Disappeared

1- “Russia/Syria: Daily Cluster Munition Attacks” 08 Feb 2016, Increased Use of Widely Banned Weapon @

Cluster munitions are delivered from the ground by artillery and rockets, or dropped from aircraft and contain multiple smaller submunitions. A total of 118 countries have banned cluster munitions due to the harm caused at the time of attack and because their submunitions often fail to explode and threaten civilians and military alike, until cleared and destroyed. Syria and Russia should join the Convention on Cluster Munitions, Human Rights Watch said.

Human Rights Watch previously documented at least 20 cluster munition attacks by the Russian-Syrian joint operation between September 30, 2015, when Russian aircraft began its military operations in Syria, and December 14.

Two types of the cluster munitions used in recent attacks were air-dropped and another two were ground-launched. Human Rights Watch was not able to determine whether the air-dropped cluster munitions were dropped by Russian or Syrian aircraft, or both.

2- “The Disappeared of Syria” 46:15 mins. youTube– Published on Nov 14, 2016 the official web site:

Here I was aghast that there are that many reported “disappeared “persons” as Assad is as bad as US-miltary and Ohh-bom-bah combined. Yet, both Russia and US-Military practice chem-tRails which is cruel, UNusual, non beneficial: crime!

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