Comprehensive nuclear-weapons usages is NegligenceMarking Hiroshima day’s 70th (8-02-15)

Comprehensive nuclear-weapons usages is Negligence

“Marking Hiroshima Day in Parliament Hiroshima aftermath

August 6 will mark the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, the first time a nuclear weapon was used in war. As a result of the bombing up to 180,000 people died and 13 square kilometres of the city were destroyed.
There will be a series of events to commemorate the anniversary (you can find details on our events page). Before MPs return to their constituencies CND will be hosting a photo call in Parliament to give them the chance to join us in marking Hiroshima Day. The photos will then be released in August.”

Nuclear weapons wastelands, usage-vicinities and despicability ‘reactors’ have not been remediated anywhere near resolute-Levels. NSDU-238 was first used in Sinai Desert by IDF, 1973. We should impose upon ourselves that we are enslaved to PHYTOREMEDIATIONS therapy in the Pacific ocean as well as nev-Testsite and semiplatinsk… “R”

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youTube “Counter Intelligence (Part 4) – Necrophilous”

“Counter-Intelligence is a 5 part series that explores in-depth, the vast, sprawling and secret National Security State that operates throughout the United States–and indeed the world. The series examines the foundations of the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex, charting through to the myriad consequences in today’s world where secret intelligence organisations continue to hijack governments, manipulate elections and commit heinous crimes against humanity–all under the cloak of “National Security”. In the wake of the continued revelations of the NSA PRISM program, this series is now more important than ever to provide a solid historical context to the workings of the rapacious and ever-expanding National Security State…”

–note: posted in full 7-15-15

Oppressive-Rulers of the new-Rome 

We, the people, the we-People, the we-Boomers live in an hegemony-Military/ finance-Crazed/ banking-Amalgam called “the system”. The munitions-Dealor are the worst of all the world’s protected by government, Oligarchs supplied power-Elites and they are a tRuing plutocracy armature as a fixation. However, they are the new-Rome’s rightwing armaments of not-so-depleted uranium-238 thru that concommitancy of the Plutocracy. Thereupon, this ‘dualism’ rules w a nucleaRist-Hand and is run by one-personhood: coRpoRatist ignomancy, amelioRations of pRopaganda-Machine, public-Relations.


The plutocRats are akin wild-Dogs in packs destroying any flesh and blood sovereign-State, one nation after another destabilized and infrastructure destroyed for one-Personhood. The phony pick on little-Guy, is bullying and a power show of chauvinism, after civilians murdered, counter-productive Humanism and punitive cRimes for amelioration of a psycho-pathological immaturity to diplomacy. They, continue as Oligarch-bankors, manipulating the two-Types: nuclear-Weapons, as well as radionuclides wastelands and repositories that are not yet ‘bio-Remediated’.


V-C-L Viet-Cam-Lao was not their first, Nicaragua, in 1932, was; and in this once-Waz: Republic military-Hegemony was seen proper but befittingly-aRcane and inexplicable, socially-Inadept! NSDU-238 was the cRutch of indemnity. That the “chem-tRails” would follow the hollowness of an in-appropriate exploitation of the we-people’s paying taxes and the host of false-flags and criminal maneuvering at political paRties of one-Party: system, and their pRimaries was started long-ago–before the 1945 thru 1957 boomer-Generation. The legacy of plutocrats as Elites had already become a system of corruption and peRveRsion to the three majoR laws  of the once-Waz Republic.


The military-Hegemony incorporates torture-Prisons, cIAS-Renditions, school-of-assassins, police-State, as theirs is blood-lust and schemas of anti-democracy: pluralism, since 1932… while love and political-Parties resplendent has been cast-astRay by the generalist/ apologist, boomeRs, the we-BoomeRs continue forwarding pRogRessive-Socialism and Libertarian lefte—maybe gReens– outside coloRadie, where no conifeR-tRees have been replanted but 10-million in CO & WY are dEAd. But of all five socialist-Parties, where is the ‘democracy-Reknow of all people heard and acknowledged? While ever the space-Program is first foretold, what the military needs are, as H.A.A.R.P. and EMF combinations, these subjectivisms have been fused w CME’s militarizations.


What then is Ecosocialism, which I helped, not abjure, but to bring focus in the public ‘sphere’, 1968 thru 1981–the global-Village of integrated peoples– here on north-Americas continent and around the world, for a pluralism of Ecosocialism.


Integration of us: we-people, and introspection of the criminal-Injustice: system, has placed the fan of those UN-just practices w.i. system in front out nostrils as they, the plutocrats, front show disguises us, in a putative rapprochement, an over-nourished adjunct toward peace and fReedom, pull their heads from act and fan the flames of disgust for soveReignty in our noses, and local banks are nowhere to be found, thus onto a plateau of Morbundity for the global-Village extent, prodding us into the coRpoRate morass i.e. ‘sleaze’ of stench, blood and invasions psycho-Pathologic, tour du force: manipulation that invasion is Defense. What does that inter? What does that ameliorate? What is oppression’s underlying deference, when and while cognizance waylaid yet not adjudicated, mean? Since, when?


The co-version (convert/oversion) and lies/deceits are maintained thru ‘false-Flags’ and public-Relations as well as these oppressive-Schemas. What is the diagnosis of their lies-deceits-ameliorates practice promotes: lack of Medicare practice for all? My blog-scAPe: numbered from one thru 287, en toto are being posted—as will excerpts from my volumes-Nine, wRitings—here: on the nucleaR-moleculaR extRapolations of science and political-Analysis, nUkiEmOLe…dot oRg.


the righteous, “R” Addison (posted 5-31-15)

 nUkiEmOLe RepoRts upon woRld’s NPP’s

  1. 5-31-15 Report fRom Nipponese Archepelago: May 23, 2015 (emphasis added): Risk of hydrogen explosion from leaking containers at Fukushima plant… at least 10 percent have leaks, which could trigger a hydrogen explosion. [TEPCO] reported its findings at a meeting with a study group from the Nuclear Regulation Authority on May 22… there were about 1,300 such containers at the plant… The first leak was discovered in a lid on April 2… Of the 278 it had examined by May 20, it found 26 had some sort of leak or were bleeding from their lids… likely caused by hydrogen and other types of gases that resulted from the water’s exposure to high levels of radiation. Such gases appear to have accumulated in sediment at the bottom of the containers, expanding the volume of the liquid. An NRA official said the accumulating hydrogen poses a potential danger…


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