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“Chico’s longest anti-War vigil–since 1961–batch-41” (4-07-17)

“Chico’s longest anti-War vigil–since 1961–batch-41” (4-07-17)

Chico CA, one of the longest anti-War/anti-NucleaR vigils in the u.s.a. Here I pRotested starting in 1965, at the invitation to find a foundry weRk metalluRgy wiRks were understood. The exemplariness of the women in the community, as well as all oldeR folks gave an impetus to tRaditions of non-Religious persuasion as much as church-participation ethics. I have lived in Chico twice–second time for an hernia-Operation; first for studying poetry, photoing and reading–relating my interests to the sierra Nevada, as much as to the coastal-Range.

Altho I have many more, these ’17’for a start will suffice from the last time there, as I moved from here to Beale Airforce Base, net ph0t0-session.

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1- “ChoicE-of-quiet-zone…-chosose-non-Violence-always-placcards” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

2- “Why-all-aversion-to-Palestines-people-a-need-for-a-need-of-state-theirs” (17″H x 12.75″W)

3- “Peace-pRonouncements-for-social-Change-on-the-corner-today..” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

4- “the-state-backfires-when-Lobbyists-buyout-political-Discourse-and-leave-the-People-bereft…” (17″H x 12.75″W)

5- “Immigration-undergRound-tunneling-passports-fRom-outsde-Gaza-being-bombed-w.o.-allowing-fishing-rights-etc.” (17″H-X-12.75″W)

6- “the-state-backfires-when-Lobbyists-buyout-political-Discourse-to-leave-the-People-bereft…” (17″2H-X-12.75″W)

7- “Ability-to-have-social-function-peace-w.o.-OCCUPATION…” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

8- “End-apaRtheid-fRee-Palestine..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

9- “Non-violence-sWoRds-to-plowshaRes-are-yet-to-become-known-in-a-Peace-by-the-empires-militants” (17″H x 12.75″W)

10- cRop-“BAILOUTS-for-coRpoRate-Welfare-the-prison-citadel-of-Gaza-UN-lawful-OCCuPATION-w.o.justification..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

11- “behold-a-ban-bOMb-halt-NSDIU-238-symbol-on-Main-street-to-state-warS-aR-not-good-for-US…” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

12- “do-believe-in-people-planet-plentitude-oxygen..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

13- B&W “behold-a-ban-bOMb-halt-NSDU-238-symbol-on-Main-street-to-state-warS-aR-not-good-for-US..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

14- “all-coRneRs-suspect-to-public-space-and-anti-Wars” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

15- “Lets-find-peace-w.o.-wars-warring-and-two-tWeakie-finGeRs…-forward” (17″H-X-12.75″W)

16- “an-attached-sense-w.o.-much-predilection-which-one” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

17- “Habitual-pRemise-sometmies-diminish-socio-empathics-not-his-time…” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

"R" Addison

i love swimming, philos0phy, ecoloGy and photogRaphy enough to tRavel the whole continent--on foot--and sought thought-Discourse w some of America's most renown love of women is parable to self-Self: Consciousness...i helped to start Ecosocialism in 1969 and remain adherent of Zen-Existentialism. (8-17-15)

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