Award Winning Video by One Ocean, One Breath (example)

Altho– this is merely an example of a well edited video, my purpose of leaving here is for a focus…that anyone w a worthwhile video of activist anti-NucleaRist demonstRation or pRotests @ Indiana pRoving gRounds (oR noRfolk pRoving space) demonstRations/marches/vigils, is invited to post–in this space! oR better yet, inside the 287 bloGs.

Secondly, there will be a story on ‘my shaRks worldwide experiences’; faRallones Islands where gReat-Whites may nurse young or birth offspring, was on such pRotest we made both 10-11 feet rubbeR-Rafts…our world oceans aRe too much ‘plastispheRes’ nano-paRticulates discovered on outings of taskful the Ecology group… many ‘pacific-Ocean’s cRossings and needing cool-off swims, later…what shaRks? Please do, stay tuned to “R”s” sToRies.<5-23-15>

Lastly, my worldwide experience w swimming AND w shaRks is multiple and educational. The tiger sharks are most dangerous shark next to nearby shorelines. The ‘white-tipped’ sharks are most dangerous in high seas, followed by gReat whites in both climbs. Seeing sharks from a distance may be okay if you are proven ecologist on species…

"R" Addison

i love swimming, philos0phy, ecoloGy and photogRaphy enough to tRavel the whole continent--on foot--and sought thought-Discourse w some of America's most renown love of women is parable to self-Self: Consciousness...i helped to start Ecosocialism in 1969 and remain adherent of Zen-Existentialism. (8-17-15)

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