anti-nucleaRist bloG #88 / 07 Dec 2011 no “peace” words spoken today or Universal Human-Rights Day

anti-nucleaRist bloG #88 / 07 Dec 2011

no “peace” words spoken today or Universal Human-Rights Day


Living in this ’empire’s wake’ is contiguously that of many exasperations on the peregrinations of having succeeded in living in the macro-cosm–call that peace w.o. democracy! Lookin’ at the micro-cosm of world-Chaos presented by the idiosyncratic bad-Manners of IMperialism, while having to gauge daily where the IMperium is going w that dischaff of the two nuclearist pOlicy weapon’s headlong into worldwide contamination, is not the type of representation of making Global Village Garden.


no “peace” words spoken today


there’s no “peace” words spoken today… as this is Dec 7th, and I’d rather be awaiting to celebrate Human Rights Day, since thru torture Dec 7th comes back to haunt the u-S military as deaths to Japanese soldiers for water-boarding is now past-History! While the populous is readily, inclined for 99% improvements in not having rights, democracy and Judicial enforcement against cronyist-Imperialism! Paul Craig Roberts on “no need of bill, no need to continue in direction of police-State” video pertinently focuses on this aspect as he discusses CONDONING TORTURE: REPUBLICAN PARTY IS A GESTAPO PARTY/ RT Report @


empire-Building Day –Dec 7th, 1941


The NEO is 95% funded by u-s congress, while being an arm of the ICC . This does not surprise me in-as-much as Libya was bombed by uranium-Bombs and most-Likely NSDU-238—still searching for these reports? I am too! How does such a cover-UP ensume the processes so much that tenets of the differentiations are not known in Europe: the EU? What extols these pre-emptive measures that are dictates from the IMperium’s reaches in u-s and the EU? Is uranium useful because that was used in Afghanistan where no tanks were on the fields of radiologic-Contaminations! Or was there more in the interests of NGO’s. These aspects about Libya, which certainly has “not ended” are yet measures as circumspect as was the INvasion by Japan not-so-Meticulously planned in 1941… view VIDEO report @


the peace-warrior,


“R” Addison @ (posted 9:38 am)


–note: peace-Warrior bloG #41/


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