“bLacK ‘N WHitE HEy BuRn $239 Specials” Batch-23 [3-20-17]

“bLacK ‘N wHitE hEy buRn $239 specials” batch-23 [3-20-17]

"bLacK 'N wHitE hEy buRn $239 specials" batch-23 [3-20-17] Hello moReoveR after post/pReview... 1- B&W "Heinous-action-snagetty-or-not-so-Esoteric-referencing-w-national-foRest-..." (15"H-x-12.75"W) 2- monochrome "no-lullabyes-for-charcoal-mega-Sections-gone" (15"H-x-12.75"H) 3- B&W "What-all-eveR-reasoned-no-gReeneRy-foR-no-air-faiR-tRade" (17.5"W-x-13"H) 4- "Specialty-rock-now-accessible-by-a-no-parking-road" (17.25"W-x-13"H) 5- BW "My-hikes-take-in-to-accoRd-those-prouncements-known-befoRe" (17.25"W-x-13"H) 6- B&W "We've-got-the-need-All-now" (17.5"W-13"H) 7- B&W "pRodigal-chaRcoaL...-expose" (17.5"W-x-13"H)…

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“MuleDeErS Of The WesteRn Sloped Mountains’ Batch22 (3-20-17)

“MuleDeErS of the westeRn sloped mountains’ batch22 (3-20-17)

"MuleDeErS of the westeRn sloped mountains" batch22 (3-20-17) tHis n0t 'bout all you-ese get? No. However, there is another wars on-Goin belligerence...should read and Re-Read my latest poem, http://nukiemole.org/nukiemole-poems-37-20-mar-2017-hegemonyites-conditionalism-and-egregiousness / pleased that you do that! "R" Addison poet-Artiste`

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